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Full text of "Purnachandra Odia Bhashakosha by Gopal Chandra Praharaj (Preface + All 7 Volumes)"

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{A lexicon of the Oriya langufljje) 

Volume — I (The vowels) 


k Compiler— &* G Praharaj 

Aduccaii, Pat no High Court, Cuttack, B, N, R> Orlssa, (India), 

Willi the help of m body of colleague*. 

Printed and Fafefesfced fcy V Kar 






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The illustrious PATROL cf tfab work 

, E. Sir H. L. Stephenson K. C + S. I , K, C 1. E ty L C. S, 

Governor of Bihar & Orfasn.. 

q-r.'ivii 1 -^^ $Qio«&figi ge- ciq q* qg gsj $30^3^ i 




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■?-: « v 

t\ Si Press, Cut tack, 

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The first volume of tbe 



( Oriya Lexicon ) 

is dedicated to 

J. A- HtffcbACk, Esq. M, A. (Cantab). I. c.s. 
sometime Commissioner of the Orissa Division 

in grateful rceognifjoo of B% sioeere solieiCudc for ffic pa61ieaCion 

of (fie uxsrfi arrcf tfie oaluafile eneouragerncof afforded 6y fiim 

to (fie cause of Oriya literature arxf fiis genuine sympatfiy 

for (fie Oriya* rufiiefi fie^evineecf as Gfiairroar) of (fie 

^rouineial ©anftng 'Enquiry Gomroitfee, 

&ifiar & Orissa, 


September, 1931. 

By his admirer 

The Compiler 


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**■£& ■ 

=2gai ?ftg 


The L*t«- Maharaja 
'urnachutidra Bhnnj Deo of MayurbJ^anj, 

cm- -. ■ ■ a$sg -x, 3 £q 





1 '. S, Press, Cuttack. 


Sir George Greierson in his Linguistic Survey 
of India has grouped the Indian languages into 
7 groups. 

Group L Austric Jamil j (having 7 languages 
and 14 dialects) spoken by about 4£ millions of 
people in the Malaya Peninsula, Nicobar islands, 
by the Mundas, the Juangs and Kols of Orissa and 
the Ohotanagpur highlands. 

Group II. Karen family (having 1 language 
and 14 dialects) spoken by about one million of people 
on the borders of Burma. 

Gboup HI. Man family (with 2 languages) 
spoken by about a thousand persons. 

Gbouf IV. Tibeto-Chinese family (with 116 
languages and 86 dialects) spoken by about 13 
millions of people in the North * Eastern frontier 
tracts of India. 

Group V. Dravidian family (with 16 languages 
and 23 dialects) spoken by about 65 millions of people 
in Southern India, including Telugu, Tamil, 
Malayalam, Canarese, Oraon, Kui, Kandhi and 
Gondi languages. 

Gkoup VI. Indo-European family (with 38 
languages and 402 dialects) spoken by about 230 
millions of people in Western, Northern and Central 

Group VII. Unclassed languages ( with 2 
languages and 19 dialects ) spoken by about one 
hundred thousands of people, including the Anda- 
manese and the Gipsy languages. 

According to the Census of 1921 the above 
7 groups of languages are spoken by 315 millions 
of people inhabiting India. These groups consist 
of 179 languages and 544 dialects. 

Of these groups the Dravidian has no extra- 
Indian origin and was the language of the pre- 
historic immigrants who had driven out the 
aborigines and who in their turn were driven out 
towards the south by the Aryans who came to 
India through the North-Western frontier. Of the 
languages used by the aboriginals we have no 
certain data. 

Western linguists have been busy in investigat- 
ing into the Indo-European family of languages- 
(Group VI) of which the Aryan sub-family branches* 
off into Eranian branch (with 8 languages and 35 
dialects), ' 

Dardic or Paisachika branch (with 13 languages- 
and 22 dialects) and ' - 

Indo-Aryan branch (with 17 languages and 345- 
dialects) . 

The last branch is derived from the dead langu- 
age Sanskrit (literally, refined language) through the 
Prakrit (literally, natural language) and consists of 
the modern vernaculars of Northern, Western and 
Central India, viz: — -Sindhi, Marhatti, Sinhalese, Bi- 
hari, Gujrati, Panjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, and 

We have now to do with the Oriya (pronounced 
Ordia) language. Competent linguists are of opini- 
on that the Oriya language is one of the oldest Indo- 
Aryan vernaculars though in modern times it has 
not made rapid progress like the sister vernaculars 
(e.g. Hindi, Bengali, Bihari, Marhatti). 

Sanskrit ceased to be a spoken language by 60fr 
B. C. but continued to be the language of literature.. 
From that time the Aryans of different parts of 
India spoke Prakrit, and the present vernaculars of 
the Indo-Aryan group sprang from the Prakrit. 

The original language of the Indo-Aryans 
branched off into (I) Sanskrit (with its 2 forms, Vedic 
Sanskrit and popular or reformed Sanskrit) and 
(II) Prakrit, the old vernaculars of India. Prakrit 
branched off into (a) Magadhi (the popular verna- 
cular of South Bihar) and (b) Ardha Magadhi (mixed 
Magadhi). Magadhi later on branched off into (i) 
Pali (the language of Buddhist Scriptures and Edicts) r 
(ii) Sinhalese (the vernacular of Ceylon) and (iii> 
Magadhi vernaculars, viz: — Bihari, Bengali ^Assamese 
and Oriya. 

Ardha Magadhi branched off into Hindi, Giijrati r 
Marhatti, Sindhi, Nepali, Kashmiri and Panjabi 
vernaculars. & . 





So we see that the Oriya like the sister langua- 
ges Bengali and Bihar i has sprung u|?f^ojjM; l|agiJH: 
<lhi Prakrit which assumed the form of Pali. 

v ■? 

The original stock of the Oriya words has from 
time to time been enriched by hundreds of words 
from other languages. Orissa came under the sway 
of the Granga dynasty of kings from the south in 
the 11th century A; D t) and during the rule of 
the Ganga kings (11th to 13th century A. D ) 
hundreds of Telugu and Tamil words crept into 
•Oriya. Orissa came und3r Mahomedan and Moghal 
rules which brought in their wake thousands 
of Arabic, Persian and Urdu words. Then came 
the Marhattas who also added to the vocabulary; 
and since the beginning of the 19th century Orissa 
has been oocupied by the English, and so thousands 
of English and foreign words have been incorporated 
in the Oriya language. Moreover, the ancient land 
of Utkal Ae the Oriya-sp eaking tracts have been 
parcelled out into different provinces by successive 
rulers and administrators, till we find the Oriyas 
scattered in four provinces, viz : — Bihar and Orissa, 
Bengal, Central Provinces and Madras. By coming 
in contact with the Hindi, the Bengali, the Bihari 
and the Telugu languages hundreds of words 
belonging to the respective modern languages have 
been incorporated in the vernacular spoken by the 
Oriyas of these respective outlying tracts. Prom 
a national point of view the Oriya nation has 
become politically weakened by lying scattered 
-under four provinces, but from the language-point 
of view the Oriya language has been enriched by 
a multiplicity of words imported from the above 
languages. For instance, ordinary objects of every, 
day use have got 4 Oriya names in the four provin. 
ces, and thus the Oriya language can boast of a rich 
vocabulary in which respect neither Bengali nor 
Hindi nor Telugu can vie with it. The richness of 
the vocabulary is the index by which the vastness 
of a vernacular can be gauged. The Sanskrit, 
the German, the English and the Latin languages are 
counted as advanced languages as one word or idea 
<san be expressed in various forms through the 
jntiedium of synonyms. 

One peculiarity of the Oriya language has 
charmed foreign philologists, The other sister- 
languages have broken up into various distinct dia- 


lects. For instance, Bengali spoken by 50 millions of 
i^ppl^iai Mnlects, the Assamese spoken by 170 
thousands of people has 2 dialects, the Bihari spoken 
by 35 millions has 3 dialects , the Hindi or Hindu- 
stani has got at least a dozen dialects. But Oriya, 
properly speaking, has got no dialect. The gram- 
matical frame-work or trunk of the Oriya language 
remains constant, though thousands of Bengali, 
Hindustani, Telugu and Marhatti words have been 
incorporated into it in the outlying Oriya-speaking 
tracts by the influence of these neighbouring 

Despite the fact that the Bengali literature has 
made rapid strides In modern times, even Bengali 
scholars are constrained t& admit that Mahomedan 
(or properly speaking , Mogl/al) , India in the 1 4th 
century A. D. first saw the dawn of Bengali litera- 
ture. The history of Bengali literature begins with 
the poets Chandidas and Bidyapati who preceded 
Chaitanya. After Chaitanya and his Baishnaba 
followers came Bamprasad, the bard of the Divine 
Energy (Sakti). Then came Krittibas and Kasiram 
Das the metrical translators of the Ramayana and 
the Mahabharata respectively. Then came the Pan- 
chalis of Dasu Roy and the Tappas of Gopal Oriya, 
and in the 18th century poet Bharatchandra, the 
author of the romantic lyric Bidyasunder, was 
the last of the old school of Bengali poets. The 
19th century saw the phenomenal rise of Bengali 
literature (both poetry and prose), and we have 
Rammohan, Iswar Gupta, Ramnidhi Gupta, Bankim, 
Michael Madhusudan, Nabin, Saratchandra and 
Rabindranath, the modern cosmopolitan poet, phi- 
losopher and prophet. (Mahamohopadhyaya Hara- 
prasad Sastri "has unearthed a valuable manuscript 
from Nepal which he has published as "Bouddha Gana 
O Doha" and which he claims to be the Bengali 
language of the 10th century A. D. But from a 
critical examination of the script and language and 
from internal and external evidence it can safely be 
said that the language is more akin to the present- 
day Oriya than to the present-day Bengali, and it can 
be claimed to be an ancient Oriya book.) This is the 
history of the rise and. growth of Bengali literature 
in a nutshell, whereas the history of Oriya literature 
extends over a period of 17 centuries beginning from 
the second and third century A. D. 

t iii ] 

In the Codes of Manu. (3rd century B. C.) we 
find mention of the Udras as fallen Kshatriyas. We 
find that colonies of civilised and civilising Aryans 
continued to settle here from the time of King 
Kharavela (100 B. C) to that of King Jajatikeshary 
( 500 A. D.). Though* the language of the 
aboriginal inhabitants of Utkal was Dravidian it 
was gradually influenced by and replenished with the 
Pali language introduced by Kharavela ( 100 B. C ) 
and Asoka (300 B. C). In Sanskrit dramatic works 
of 200 to 300 A. B. we find mention of Odra as a 
bibhasha (dialect); .and this bibhasha modified and 
influenced by the Pali ( Magadhi ) became the fore- 
runner of the present-day Oriya, and was established 
. as a distinct vernacular by the 7th century A. D. 

The Chinese traveller Huentsang (700 A.D.) 
describes the original inhabitants of Orissa as dark 
coloured and uncivilised. 

From the stone inscriptions and copper plates 
unearthed in Patia and Bhubaneswar research scho- 
lars have gathered that by 1000 A.D; Oriya had 
begun to assume the form of a special Prakrit and 
that by the 12th century A. D. the Oriya language 
had developed into what it virtually now is. 

The Madalapanji — the annals of the great 
temple at Puri — was begun to be preserved in the 
.temple since- the 11th century A. D. by King Chola- 
ganga Dev. Though there are reasons to think that 
there have been interpolations, additions and altera- 
tions to the original entries, still the language used 
.in them and preserved upto date really shows it to be 
.the bygone fo»m of the present-day Oriya, 

The stone inscriptions of Bhubaneswar of the 
13th century A. D. are in prose. 

Markanda Das, the author of the "Keshaba 
Koili," which exhibits a finished cut of pure Oriya 
^style and high order of romantic poetry, flourished 
in thel2th or 13th century A.D. . This piece is a 
*' Chautisa " i.e. it consists of 34 stanzas, each 
successive stanza beginning with each successive 
consonant. This Chautisa form of composition has 
continued up to the present time. These Chautisas 
paint domestic love, either filial or . conjugal, and 
many of them consist of prayers to different Deities. 
!From the finished style of Markanda Das one can 

; safely infer that there must have flourished much 
earlier poets who culminated in Markanda Das. Then 
; came the Oriya Pur anas. Sarala Das .of the 15th 
j century A.D. was the pioneer in Purana writing 
and wrote out the Mahabharata from memory. 
After him many writers e. g. Pitambardas have 
composed Pur anas either by faithfully* translating 
the Sanskrit originals or in their own way by 
adhering to the main episodes only. 

The Jagannath temple at Puri was completed 

. by tha 12th century A.D. and was the centre of a 

religious revival which amal gamated Buddhism with 
i Hinduism. 

Towards the end of the rule of the Ganga 
dynasty of kings in the 13th century A.D. we find 
the vernacular literature full of allusions to Buddhist- 
ic doctrines trained into the Baisnabic trellis. 
Jagannatha Das, an Oriya Brahman, popularised 
Sanskrit Bhagabata by freely translating it into 
popular Oriya. When Chaitanya — the great Bais- 
naba reformer of Nadia, (who was an Oriya, domi- 
ciled in Bengal), visited Orissa he found a popular 
form of Baisnabism prevalent in Orissa, which, when 
analysed, was found to}be a veiled form of Buddhism. 
Though Oriyas did not faithfully follow the faith of 
the Bhagabata, still Chaitanya extended them his 
embracing arms. T hen the Baisnaba literature of 
Orissa was influenced by Chaitanya and gradually 
Tantric worship and rituals crept into Orissa. Then 
came the Mahomedan invasion in the beginning of 
the 16th century after which Oriya writers composed 
metrical translations of the - Ramayana, the Maha- 
bharata and other Sanskrit devotional works. Then 
came a school of poets headed by Biswanath Khuntia 
who may be said to have laid the foundation for the 
latter-day literature. These poets grafted Sanskrit 
words, compositions and rhetoric into the Oriya languw 
age and introduced various metres (or Chhandas) 
which are peculiar to Oriya literature. During the 
16th and 17th centuries A.D. poets headed by Dina- 
krushna composed popular poems on religious 

Then came Upendra Bhanja in the 18th 
century whose command over Sanskrit rhetoric 
and vocabulary enabled him to compose lyrics and 
ballads which . are full of literary features of &. 


I iV ] 

■- mS»V .'fcU-^ iS 

very high < order,, These poets again drew the 
Oriya language towards Sanskrit rhetoric and 
vocabulary though composing peoms in different 
Oriya metres. In the 18th and 19th centuries 
we find many popular writers e.g. Bhakta 
Charjan, Bhupati, Bhima who composed very 
easy Oriya Ml of esoteric teachings, Tantric rites 
and formulae which none but the initiated could 
follow and grasp. Though Orissa lost its in- 
dependence from the 16th century A. D. and was 
the field of plundering operations of the Marhatta 
and Mahomedan freebooters, the Feudatory Chiefs 
thrived in their strongholds and patronised litera- 
ture and learning. Every Raja had his court-poet 
and bard, and many Rajas were distinguished 
scholars and Oriya poets. Upendra Bhanja was 
the son of a Raja, Krushna Singh, the metrical 
translator of the Mahabharata, was himself a Raja, 
The successive Rajas of Chikiti and Sonepur have 
been Oriya poets and dramatists. Even some 
Ranees and females have been poets. 

Then composition of metres or Chhandas is a 
peculiarity of Oriya. These metres are sung to 
tune by experts, and one verse can be sung in 
more than one metre. The Oriya poets of the 
class of Upendra Bhanja have filled the Oriya 
language with linguistic, metrical and rhetori- 
cal peculiarities of composition, alliteration and 
literary ornaments, which very few modern verna- 
culars of India can boast of. These songs 
were sung by the masses till 50 years ago, when 
it was common to find .Ordinary village people, 
even women, reciting pages and pages of Bhatrja's 
poems and explaining them lucidly. This shows 
that the standard of popular language was then 
higher ■ than now. After Bhanja came Abhimanyu 
•who, while adhering to the ornamental composition 
of Bhanja, made the language very easy. Then 
came the poets who composed Alekha and Nirakara 
hymns which were revivals of the Tantric and 
Baisnabic garb of Buddhism of the old days. 
Then we come to the age of songs. Bhanja had 
: composed some short love-songs, called Sangita and 
Chaupadi, but it was reserved for poets headed by 
Kabisurya Baladeva Ratha to develop the song and 
music literature of Orissa. The songsters flourished 
till' the classical Oriya composition - degenerated on 

the one" hind to masquerades and Jatras in the hands- 
of illiterate poetasters, arid otx the other hand gave 
place to modern prose' anil poetical compositions 
influenced and moulded by English and Bengali 
literature. In the beginning of the 19th century 
when Orissa came under the sway of the British, the 
Bengalis were dominant in administrative positions* 
and there came a time when through the machina- 
tions of the 'intermediary ruling race', the Bengalis} , 
it was proposed to supersede Oriya by the introduc- 
tion of the Bengali language and literature in schools 
and courts. . However, through the unstinted efforts 
of stalwarts like Bichitrananda, Gbmrisankar, 
Radhanath, Madhusudati, Sakirmohan, Fandakishore* 
Sir SudBal Dev, Raja of Bamra, Visvanath and! 
IJamsankar, Oriya has, since the middle of the 19th 
century, been acknowledged to be a distinct language 
Some educated Oriyas translated Bengali and 
English books to be used as text-books in schools- 
Oriya classics were utterly ignored for a time, and 
we find that Bengali which was making rapid strides 
under writers like Iswarchandra and Bankim was 
held up as the model on which young people wanted to 
build the structure of Oriya literature. Formerly, i. e, 
about 40 years ago, like the poetry of the Bhanja 
period, the prose style of Oriya books and newspapers 
was cumbrous and Sanskritic. On the other hand 
the Baptist Missionaries introduced a language 
which could neither be called Oriya nor Sanskrit, 
and was neither the language of the book nor of the 
hut. Some of the writings of Bhanja period 
having been couched in language which to the 
western taste seemed indecorous, English-educated 
young writers, without diving deep into the treasures 
of the Oriya classics, shunned them. However, now 
the laborious and Sanskritic style is being gradually 
abandoned and is giving place to an easy style 
which is used in everyday parlance. The tendency 
of modern civilisation is making itself felt over the 
Oriya literature, and pur young men have been 
devoting their time and attention to the study of 
ancient and classical Oriya, finding out Oriya 
manuscripts and unearthing literary treasures. 
Professor Artaballav Mahanti has been bringing out 
a series of old Oriya books under the auspices of the 
Prachi Samiti. We find that scientific, dramatic, 
archaeological, linguistic, philological and historical 
studies and research are attracting many of the 

tf *v 

Pandit Kulamani Das, 

Ofl$ SJpsS Qk\ 

Ramachanclra Ra 

i aftOQ cia i 

CompHcr and his 

& £;$JS:.fc-S=*=&3 4£3--. 

Gopal Chandra Fraharaj. 

eeitajaog n-491 

Srimati Pitambari Devi* 

• i •'. 

r", *** 

Chajidrasekhar Misra., 











U. S # Prt-iSH, CuLtaek. 




younger generation. Still, one is disheartened by 
the superficial and parochial nature of the products 
* of 'the pens of young writers who lack the patience, 
depth, and sustained energy of scholars of the sister 
vernaculars. Many are exceeding the canons of 
grammar and good taste, and few have been able to 
grasp and utilize cosmopolitian ideas and ideals and 
assimilate them into our literature. 

Now we come to the Oriya script. It has been 
adopted from the Magadhi script which was the 
descendant of the Brahmi script through Kutila and 
Devanagara scripts. The letters were rounded at the 
top through the necessity of writing on parallel-grained 
palm leaves with a heavy sharp pointed iron stylo. The 
copper-plate and stone inscriptions found in Patia 
and Bhubaneswar are ascribed to Subhakar Keshari, 
a king of Orissa of the 7th century A. D. They 
are in Kutila script and the language is Oriya. 
From some photographed pages from the palm leaf 
manuscript got from Nepal by Mahamahopadhyaya 
Haraprasad Shastri we see that the letters Q, Q, qr, 
*, O, 61, &l, and £1 are exactly what the Oriya letters 
of today are, and some of the letters a, Q Q, and Q, 
are like these found in a copper-plate-grant of Raja 
Purusottama Deva of the 15th century. One can 
with some degree of certainty affirm that the Oriya 
script had taken a distinct form by the 14th century 
A. D., and it was the forerunner of the present day 

The Oriya language preserves the distinct 
pronunciations of the letters Q and Q, £i and Q, @ 
and &, @ and 0, 3 and Q, and Q and 9, though some 
sister langua*ges do not observe such differentia- 
tions. The pronunciations of q and & in Oriya are 
different from those in Bengali. So, when we find 
in any old writing a distinction clearly preserved 
between the letters Q and €1, and Q and Q we 
have reasons to presume the writing to be Oriya 
if there be other indications (e.g. use of palm leaf, the 
circular toppings of letters), internal and externa], 
that the language is Oriya. 

From the language of old inscriptions, copper, 
plates and Madalapanji we conclude that the present- 
day Oriya has stuck to the old Oriya form more 
faithfully than many of the modern vernaculars. 

Mr. Beams says that each of the six languages 
(Bengali, Marhatti,Gujrati, Hindi, Panjabi and Sindhi) 
possesses many dialects, while • the Oriya language 
consists of one form only (spoken throughout an 
area of 82 thousand square miles by about 12 milli- 
ons of people in four Provinces) . Sir George Greier- 
son also says that Oriya has got no dialect. About 
20 thousand people in the north-east corner of Bastar 
State in the Central Provinces speak a language* 
Bhatari, which can be called a dialect? of Oriya, 
The Laria, spoken by about 3300000 people in the 
Ohhatisgarh and Sambalpur tracts^ has been classed 
as a dialect of Hindi though it is greatly influenced 
by the Oriya language. 

Sir George Greierson in his picturesque style- 
says, "The Oriya language spoken in the four provinc- 
es covers an area of a little less than Jugoslavia and 
is spoken by people numbering a little more than 
the combined population of Norway and Sweden.'* 
(Linguistic Survey of India Vol, I, 1, page 1466) 

Another peculiar feature of the Oriya language 
strikes even a person who has only a casual acquaint- 
ance with it. In pronunciation it has been said 
before that Oriya preserves distinctions between the 
letters €1 and Q and © and Q which the Bengali and 
the Hindi do not. In Bengali and Hindi we 
find the last letter of a word ending with a con- 
sonant joined to the sound si pronounced as Q»g. 
For instance, Bengali pronounces £1| ft as 'Pan* apd 
not as 'Pana' as in Sanskrit. This is also the case 
with Hindustani ; £)§© is pronounced in Hindu- 
stani as 'Pandit' and not 'Pandita' as in Sanskrit- 
Moreover, the beginner and the foreigner are puzzled 

to pronounce the consonants joined with the vowel Si 
at the end of a word in Hindi and Bengali, which 

are at places pronounced with the vowel and at 

places withoitt it. From a phonetic point of view 

this defect is very serious in the sister languages,, 

but' Oriya is free from it, and has preserved in 

entirety the phonetic values attached to different 


It has been stated before that the Orissa of the 
present map of India is not the Orissa of history^ 
Historical Orissa comprises the present administra- 
tiye division of Orissa (consisting of the 3 coastal 
districts of Puri, Cuttaek and Balasore, the upland 



vi ] 


district of Sambalpur, the non-regxilation district of 
Angul, and the Orissa Feudatory States), and the 
ancient Utkal (consisting of the outlying Oriya speak- 
ing tracts now lying within the borders of four dif- 
ferent provinces) . The Oriya speaking tracts have 
been roughly defined by Sir George Greiersom 
They are bounded on the east by the Bay of Bengal. 
Taking the mouth of the Haldi river near Tamluk 
(ancient Tamralipta) in the Oontai subdivision of 
]\{idnapur district of Bengal as the north-aaatern 
point, the boundary line runs north-westwards 
along the rivers v Haldi and Kaligai upto Bankura 
and then turns towards the south and' runs 
along the eastern boundary of the Singbhuin 
district through Seraikela State up to the plateau of 
Ranchi in the Ohotanagpur Division, then through 
Jaspur State, Raigarh, Sarangarh and Raipur dis- 
trict in the Central Provinces up to Bastar State 
(in the Central Province) which may be taken as the 
south-western corner of this area. Then the line 
proceeds south-east along the Jaipur State and the 
districts and agencies of Vizagapatam and Ganjam 
in Madras Presidency, whence it takes a turn from 
Paralakimidi and meets the Bay of Bengal at Barua 
Bandar (Kalingapatam). 

The want of a comprehensive Oriya Dictionary 
has not only been seriously felt by Oriyas but has 
been commented on by western scholars and philo- 
logists. Rev. Dr. Sutton compiled an Oriya diction- 
ary in volumes in 1841 and Rev. Mr. Miller 
another in 186S. Rev. Mr Brooks compiled an 
Oriya-Bnglish Dictionary in 1874. Rev. J. G. Pike 
prepared an Bnglish-Oriya Dictionary under the 
patronage of the Government of Bengal. Rev. Mr. 
Howells very labouriously compiled an Oriya-English 
Dictionary at the instance of the Baptist MissionSociety 
with the collaboration of some Oriya graduates and 
Pandits, but the book was not published. Babu 
Jagannath Rao, Rai Bahadur Madhusudan Rao, 
PanditMrutyunjaya Rath and Pandit Gopinath Nanda 
have compiled Oriya dictionaries. These dictionaries 
most of which are not now available in the market, 
do not meet: the requirements of an ordinary reader, 
not to speak of philologists, classical and re- 
search scholars. . There is at present no Oriya 
Dictionary where one can find out the meanings 
of classical words, the vocabulary; of the mass, the 


court-languager and even the language used by the 
educated people at home, not to speak of dialectical 
and provincial words used in the outlying Oriya- * 
speaking tracts. 

The late Dr. Fallon in the introduction to his 
Hindustani-English Dictionary defined the scope of a 
vernacular dictionary as follows : — "The wealth of 
the language is the spoken language. The best 
portion of the language can not be left out if the 
language is to be represented in its integrity. The 
agricultural class, the cowherd, the cart-man, the 
blacksmith, the goldsmith, the greengrocer, the 
potter,, the weaver, the carpenter, the boatman, 
the fisherman and various other artisans and 
castes have their peculiar words, idioms and 
phrases. Similarly with the proverbs, songs and 
idioms of different localities. The living dialects 
are the feeders of language; and the paramount 
dialect of national speech must gain in copiousness, 
flexibility and expression in proportion as it is 
enriched by contributions from many kindred dia- 
lects and the various idioms which spring up con- 
tinuously in every class and occupation. Idiom is 
tne characteristic feature of a language. The 
dictionary of a language should include vulgarisms 
so called, — the rustic language, and should include 
the vocabulary of women and of the pariah. It 
should include examples from familiar colloquial- 
isms which float on the lips of men and women, 
but have not yet found place in any writing. * * 
"The integrity of the language, the demands of the 
philologist, the sociologist and the philosopher, the 
perfect knowledge of and mastery over language 
which would be impossible if any part of it were 
kept back, the insight ■ into the minds of the people 
which is obtained by this very class of words, and 
above all, the absolute importance of this knowledge 
to the judicial and executive officer most empha- 
tically call for for the insertion of words which are 
conventionally branded as abusive, indelicate, slang 
or obscene. * * In the various equivalent ex. 
pressions used by the illiterate classes and in the 
rustic, provincial or dialectical varieties of words the 
student may gr*sp at a glance the root, source and 
history of T^OWis; and thus acquire a ready mastery 
over th«t pap«l^ language and the motley rustic 

r?*re also instructive to the philologist- 

'* .'* f 

1 ™ ] * 

A great many Prakrit- forms are still present in the 
rustic language." 

Since I began my humble career as an Oriya 
>riter, i. e. for the last thirty years, I have made it 
.a point to use chaste, idiomatic and homely language 
in preference to polished, laboured and Sanskritised 
,style. Thousands of readers throughout the Oriya- 
. speaking tracts have rewarded me with their appre- 
ciation and approbation. My rule is, "Write as you 
^peak". My writings ,. ; couched in simple and popular 
language, have found favour not only with the people 
hut also with the Sehool and University authorities in 
Bengal, Bihar and Orissa and Madras, and have been 
included in the curriculum from the Lower Primary 
. classes to the highest standard, and for the Indian 
'? pivil Service Departmental Oriya examination. The 
late Pandit Gopinath Nanda, the latest Oriya lexico- 
grapher, has done me the honour of quoting my 
writings as authority under hundreds of words in 
his Oriya 'Sabdatattwabodha Abhidhana'(Dictionary). 
Professor B. 0. Mazumdar has -included my wviU 
ing as a sample of racy and forcible Oriya style in 
the third volume of his "Typical Selections from 
Oriya literature" which is a text book for M. A. 
students in the Calcutta University, 

The idea of my undertaking the compilation of 
a comprehend 6 Oriya Dictionary was first suggest- 
ed to me by the late Mr. W. W. Henderson M. A. 
(late Principal, Ciittack Training College) in 1913-14 
I busied myself in collecting Oriya words and 
idioms from Ganjam, Sambalpur, Singbhum, the 
Feudatary States and from classical and modern 
writings. In J917-18 the collected words were al- 
phabetically arranged in notebooks and memorand- 
um slips. The compilation and writing of the 
present manuscripts were begun in 1919. Through 
the grace of God I got a valuable colleague in my 
.sister-in-law Sm. Pitambari Devi who busied her- 
self for four years in collecting from original sources 
,(i. e., the mouths of the people) proverbs, popular 
sayings and songs, female songs, songs sung by the 
oowherd, the fisherman, the cartmari, the plough- 
man and folktales. Prom her collection I have 
been able to add at least live thousand popular and 
dialectical Oriya words to my vocabulary. In the 
•course oj: time God was pleased to help me by mak- 

ing some energetic and disinterested gentlemen from 
Sambalpur, from tbe Feudatory States, from Ganjam, 
from Vizagapatam, from Midnapur and from Sing- 
bhum interested in the work of word -collection, and , 
they spared no , pains in supplying me with many 
thousands of dialectical words, idioms, proverbs and 
songs. - 

My original plan was to supply the want of an 
Oriya-to-Oriya lexicon by including Oriya words adopt- 
ed from other languages, with their derivations, roots? 
original ' sources from which they came and their 
Oriya meanings; but gradually the sdbpe has gone on 
widening by 

(1) giving the English meaning of every word, 

(2) giving the Bengali synonyms of the Oriya 
words, whenever possible, • 


(3) giving quotations and authority to support 
the meanings of Oriya words, 

(4) adding philological, mythological, historical, 
geographical, biographical, astronomical, medical, 


scientific and other notes on the line of modern ency- 
clopaedias, and lately, 

(5) adding Hindi synonyms to the Oriya words, 
as far as possible, and, 

(6) giving English transliteration under every 

After completing the framework 1 found to 
my delight that I had unwittingly followed the line 
laid down by Dr. Fallon for the compilation of a 
vernacular dictionary. 

Through the grace of the Almighty the draft 
framework of the manuscripts was completed in 
August 1927. Since then I have been busied in revis- 
ing the manuscripts. I found that, if left to my 
individual labour, the revision would take me a 
period of another ten years. So, depending on the 
Providence of God and counting on the liberality of 
the patrons of Learning and Literature I engaged 
some assistants to help me in the revision. 

The revision consisted of ; 

(1) the incorporation of many thousands of " 
dialectical and provincial words used in the outlyino- 
Oriya-speaking tracts in the tour provinces, kindly 


I *ni ] 



supplied to me by my personal friends, residents of 
these localities, * : 

" ■- ■ ' • r ■' - 

(2) copying out, under respective words, thou* 

sands of quotations from classical and modern writ- 
ings which I had already read and underlined 
during the last 15 years, 

(3) supplementing, correcting and amplifying 
the scientific and other notes in the light of latest 

(4) ■ comparing my English renderings with 
those of Rev. Mr. Ho wells in a manuscript Oriya-to. 
English Dictionary of 1500 pages foolscape, which he 
had prepared with the co-operation of some Oriya 
graduates and Pandits in 8 years but which was not 
published (Note — -This very very valuable manus- 
cript has been magnanimously made over to me by 
the Cuttack Baptist Mission authorities at the 
instance of Rev. Mr. Guest and Rev. Mr. Benjamin 

(5) recasting, adding " and comparing the 
Bengali synonyms after consulting several standard 
Bengali Dictionaries (e.g. of Subalchandra, of 
Jnanendranath, of Jogeschandra and the Prakruti- 
bada) and with th^ co-operation of my friend Mr. 
S. N. Roy, Advocate, Cuttack, 

(6) adding Hindi synonyms after consulting 
several standard Hindustani Dictionaries (e.g. of 
Dr. Fallon 7 of Rev. Mr. Graven, of Ramnarayan Lai, 
of the JsTagari Pracharini Sabha of Benares) and 
some hundreds of standard Hindi books which I had 
studied and underlined and 

(7) writing out the English transliteration 
under every word. At the suggestion of some emin- 
ent European scholars who examined the manus- 
cripts, I decided to give English transliteration 
under every word, so that a npn-Oriya can find out 
a word which he hears in the street or in conver- 
sation, and ascertain what it means: This has been 
done to make the Oriya language accessible to 
foreigners and philologists* I have followed the 
system of transliteration advocated , by Mr. John 
Beams, Sir William Hunter, Sir George Greierson, 
Rev. Mr. Wilkins, the Royal Asiatic Society and the 
Bihar and Orissa Research Society. 

After these operations are finished the manus- 
cripts are faircopied and made ready for the press, 

The manuscripts were from time to time in- 
speeted and examined , by many eminent scholars, ., 
Indian an& J European, both official and non-official, 
amongst whom prominent mention may be made of 
the Hon'ble Raja Rajendra Narayan Bhanj Deo, 
0. B. Ei, Finance Member of the Executive Council, 
Bihar and Orissa, Mr. J. A. Hubback M.A. (Cantab), 
I.C.S., sometime Commissioner of the Orissa Division,. 
Mr. G. E. Pawcus M.A., CLE., O.B.E., I.E.S., Direc- 
tor of Public Instruction, Bihar and Orissa, Mr. N.F. 
Peck B.A. (Cantab), LC.S , late Collector of Cuttack 
and officiating Commissioner of the Orissa Division, 
Rev. H. W. Pike, B.A. B.D. (London) of the 
Baptist Mission Society, Rev. Mr. H. A. Popley,. 
Vice President of the National Council of the Young- 
men's Christian Association Calcutta, Rev. Mr. B. 
W. Tucker of Calcutta, Rav. Mr. C F. Andrews, 
Rev. Mr. Griiest, Mr, W. W. Henderson M.A. 
(Glasgow), late Principal, Cuttack Training College,. 
.Mr. F. B. Whitmore M.A. (Oxon), late Principal 
Cuttack Training College, Mr. F.R. Blair M.A. (Edin) 
Deputy Director of Public Instruction, Bihar and 
Orissa, Acharya Kalelkar of the Gujrat Vidyapitha, 
Mr. B. N. Mukharjee M.A , B.L. (Cal) M.A. Educ. 
(Leeds), s6metime Inspector of Schools, Orissa 
Division, and now Principal Cuttack Training 
College, Mr. M. S. Das M.A. B.L., CLE., Cuttack,. 
and Mr. S. L. Marwood B.A. (Oxon), I.C.S., Collec- 
tor of Cuttack. Mahatma Gandhi during his visit 
to Cuttack in 1927 examined the manuscripts and 
made some valuable suggestions which have been 
carried out during the revision. The late Pandi, , 
Gropabandhu Das was one of the ardent admirers of my 
humble labours and watched my work fondly for 10- 
years till he first announced in his paper in 1927 that 
the draft framework was completed. Almost all the 
editors, of the leading papers of the Oriya-speaking 
tracts visited the manuscripts and repeatedly com-. 
menclqct the work to the liberality and patronage of 
the pubjic $nd "of the Government. 

x - , - •- ■ i ' - ' ' 

i - - ■ ■ i - r ■ 

" Wfcen I had advanced upto the letter q (s) of; 
riiy manuscripts, the tfovernment of Bihar and 
Orissa in the Ministry of Education constituted the 
Vernacular Development Committee under the- 





o . 



■ ■ 'j ■■■ 

% p 





■ » - 




■ — 
— ■ 




a ■ 
:■ c? 

£ -■ 



a A 

x - 



u ■£ 

PL 3 










t— ■ 








' 8" 


sfr&&&1!r-£r-St *r^$ -«^1>^: 1^i^^.^--«?1^^=*^^$=JM^«=«^S ^Sr^il^Wf tf £ -S-:* 

[ » J 

chairmanship o£ Sir Ali Imam to suggest means for 
the development of the vernacular languages of the 
province including the Oriya. This Committee in. 
. vited many Oriya scholars from the province and 
from Madras and Bengal to its special meeting held 
in February 1927 , at which the following resolution 
"was unanimously passed : — 

"That a separate Oriya lexicon of the Oriya 
language should be compiled, setting forth all words 
in use in common parlance in all the Oriya speaking 
tracts." This resolution was published with Grovern- 
men't Resolution No. 4913 E. dated 21-10.27. 

After completing the draft framework I ap- 
proached the Government of Bihar and Orissa for 
financial help for its revision and publication. At 
the instance of the Director of Public Instruction* 
Bihar and Orissa, Eev. H. W. Pike (modern Oriya 
translator of the New Testament) made a careful 
survey of the unrevised manuscripts in August 1928 
and reported favourably to the Government to render 
financial help to the Undertaking.. The adding of 
Hindi synonyms and English transliterations were 
not contemplated at that time. Revd. Mr. Pike 
reported as follows : — 

"It is a monumental work partaking of the 
nature of an encyclopedia, built on the line of some 
of 'our larger English Dictionaries. It aims at being 
exhaustive, including words in use in all parts of 
Orissa as well as words incorporated in the lan- 
guage from other languages (English included). It 
includes proper names and gives brief summaries of 
■the history of the more interesting ones in Indian 
History. It gives a vast number of references to 
Oriya literature by way of illustrating the usages 
(particularly unusual usages) of words, and finally 
it explains the meanings in three languages. In my 
opinion the work would be a great advance on any. 
thing now in existence and would prove of the 
greatest value to scholars and students and for the 
comparative study of Bengali and Oriya. There is 
at present no Oriya dictionary which remotely 
attempts at what this work does. As a monument of 
the Oriya language and a standard work of refer- 
ence on that subject, I believe, the dictionary ief 
well worth printing." 

Mr. Fawcus, Director of Public Instruction 
Bihar and Orissa, was pleased to pay a visit to the 


manuscripts in January 1929. He pronounced the 
work to be valuable and promised to purchase 114 
copies of the book, when published, for the Educa. 
tion Department. The Director of Public Instruction , 
of Madras promised to purchase 50 and the Director 
of Public Instruction of Bengal 10 copies. 

Mr. N. P. Peck, Collector of Cuttack visited 
the manuscripts in March 1929, and at"his instance 
Mr. J. A. Hubback, Commissioner of the Orissa 
Division inspected the manuscripts in July 1929„ 
Mr. Hubback was pleased to test and verify some 
astronomical and botanical notes^ and was so pleased 
with the care and research bestowed on the work 
that he, in consultation with Mr. Fawcus, Director 
of Public Instruction of Bihar and Orissa, informally 
recommended to the G-overnment to render substan- 
tial help towards the revision and publication of the 
lexicon. Mr. Hubback was of opinion that the work, 
when published, would not only be welcomed and 
requisitioned by the Provincial Governments and. 
the Feudatory Chiefs, but also by learned bodies 
and Universities in India, in England, on the Con- 
tinent and in the United States of America. 

The Government of Bihar and Orissa, in the 
Mini stry of Education, then directed the Commissioner 
of the Orissa Division to submit a detailed official re- 
port embodying definite proposals and estimates for 
the revision and printing of the manuscripts. The 
Hon'ble Raja Saheb of Kanika, Finance Member of 
the Government of Bihar and Orissa, was pleased to 
pay a visit to the manuscripts in October 1929 B 
Mr. Peck, then officiating Commissioner of the 
Orissa Division, submitted the detailed report, called 
for by the Government, in December 1929, as a 
result of which the Government of Bihar and Orissa, 
in the Ministry of Education, were pleased to author- 
ise me to bring out an edition of 1000 copies^ 
promising to pay half the estimated cost of printing, 
i.e. Rs. 14,200/-, and make an immediate grant of 
Rs. 5000/- towards the cost of revision. 

After receiving the Government order I approach- 
ed the Political Agent and Commissioner of the 
Orissa Feudatory States, Mr. J. E. Scott, M; A. 
(Glasgow) O. B. E., I. C. S. He was pleased to give # 
the work his blessing and initial practical support 
by requesting me to book advance-orders for two 
copies for each of the seven administered Feudatory 


: ■*- -t. ■, 

States. Mr. Scott advised me to approach the Ruling 
Chiefs personally for- support and patronage, and he 
felt confident that the Ruling Chiefs would readily 
extend their patronage to such a laudable under- 
taking of national utility. 

A specimen Jorm of 18 pages was printed and 
circulated with a prospscfcus and order-form, inviting 
doners and advance-subscribers. At the time of issuing 
these in a book form, it had been roughly calculated, 
in consultation with Rev. Mr. Pike, Babu B. S. Das, 
proprietor of the Mukur Press, Babu Visvanath Kar, 
proprietor of the Utkal Sahitya Press and some 
other leading presses of Cuttack and af fer compar- 
ing the printed specimen-pages with the original 
pages of tha manuscripts, that the whole work would 
occupy 3600 pages, Royal Quarto, and that the 
remaining half of the printing and binding charges 
for an edition of one thousand copies, of which the 
government had made a grant of half, could easily 
be met from donations and advance-orders. The cash 
sale-price of a set was fixed at Rs. 40/-, and for subs- 
cribers registering their orders and making full 
payments in advance, the price was fixed at Rs. 30/-. 

As a result of the circulation of the prospectus 
and specimen-pages in and outside Orissa, I was 
able to secure advance-orders and full advance pay- 
ment for copies from Norway, France, Ger- 
many, Madras, Dacca, Patna and Calcutta. The 
Maharaja of Kalahandi, who had donated Rs. 1000/ 
for the revision, subscribed for 25 copies, the 
Ruling Chief of Keonjhar 10 copies, the Raja Saheb 
of Dharakote 10 copies. The Ruling Chief of Keon- 
jhar also contributed Rs. 500/- for its publication. 

Mr. P. C. Tallents, I. C. S. Political Agent and 
Commissioner of the Orissa Feudatory States has 
baen taking a more than personal interest in the 
publication and has been personally appealing to 
tae of the Ruling Chiefs for help. Mr. C. L. 
Philip, the present Commissioner of the Orissa 
Division has been visiting the press and inspecting 
the progress of printing. Mr. S. L. Marwood, the 
District Magistrate and Collector of Cuttack has 
more than once visited my office with Mrs. Marwood 
and made many suggestions. These two gentlemen, 
on detecting some printing imstakesin the English 
^portion of the first volume, have very kindly offered 
to look through^the English portions of the^proof- 
sheets of the subsequent volumes. 

The lata Mr. Henderson, who at first sugges- 
ted to me to undertake the -compilation of 
this work in 1913 came to Cuttack as Prin- 
cipal of the Cuttack Training College in 1929- 
, He had volunteered to correct the proof -sheets of this 
work. Unfortunately by his untimely death I lost 
a valuable co-operator. Mr. F. B. Whitmore who 
succeeded him as Principal was kindly looking over 
the English portion of the prooLsheets. By his 
retirement I lost his valuable help also. 

I attended the 9th sitting of the Indian Oriental 
Conference held at Patna in December 1930 as 
President of the Oriya Section, and while there Mr.S* 
C. Tripathy, I. E. S. was so pleased with the pages 
already printed that he moved H. H. Maharaja Pratap- 
chandra Bhanj Deo, Ruling Chief of Mayurbhanj 
State to substantially help the undertaking, and 
the Maharaja Saheb was pleased to promise a 
help of Rs. 8000/- towards the printing charges. In 
deference to the Maharaja's wish the name of his 
late brother Maharaja Purnachandra has been 
joined to the title of this work. 

Now, on printing the vowel portion of the 
manuscript it is found that the vowel portion only 
has occupied 1200 pages in print (instead of 400 
pages, as at first estimated) and that the whole work 
will cover about 6000 pages (instead of 3,600 pages, 
as originally estimated) to be bound into 4 or 5 
volumes (instead of 2 volumes, as originally esti- 
mated). The revision, fair-copying, printing 
and binding charges will come up to about 

Rs. 60,000/- instead of Rs. 30,000/-, as at first esti- 

When I began collection of materials for the 
dictionary 17 years ago, I had not faintest idea 
of the colossal proportions it has now assumed; but 
as I gradually realised the want, of a comprehensive 
dictionary in our language the scope of my labours 
expanded till it absorbed my whole time and atten- 
tion and obliged me to retire from a tolerably lucra- 
tive practice. I have now in my staff of co-workers one 
graduate, two under-graduates, one Pandit and a fair- 
copyist who are costing me Rs.250/-per month, I have 
to meet my bare maintenance charges also. Considering 
the ever widening scope of the compilation,the prospec- 
tive and actual costs have been continually outgrowing 
•vety successive larger and larger estimate which, 

reasonably be framed. The work is emphatically 





one which requires time and money. Tjhe ampler the 
resources placed at the disposal of the compiler, the 
more satisfactory and thorough will the out-turn 
In the" meantime Mahanta Maharaj Gadadhar 
Ramanuja Das of Emar Math, Puri, has promised a 
donation of Rs.2000/- and my son-in-law Rai Bahadur 
Lokenath Misra of Puri, lis. 1000/-. It is also expected 
that Raja Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Dev 
of Par lakhemedi, whose name will ever be remembered 
in connection with the question of amalgamation of 
the Oriya speaking tracts, as delegate to the * Round 
Table Conference, and whose family has ever been 
known to be the patron of Oriya . Literature and 
Learning, will liberally contribute towards the 
cost of publication. It is a matter of congratulation 
that Raja Bikram Dev Burma, who is a patriot and 
a distinguished Oriya scholar and who at first mooted 
in the Bihar & Orissa Vernacular Development 
Committee the desirability of haying a comprehen- 
sive Oriya Dictionary and has been assiduously 
watching the progress of my labours and supplying 
me with hundreds of provincial Oriya words 
in use in Gran jam and Jaipur tracts, has through 
the Grace of God, come to occupy the gaddi 
of Jaipur in the Vizagapatam district; and it is 
hoped that the deficit of the publication charges 
will be met by him. 

To the good fortune of our Oriya nation 
H. E. Sir H. L. Stephenson is the Governor, the 
Hon'ble Mr. Sifton the President of the Executive 
Council, the Hon'ble Raja of Kanika the Finance 
Member, the Hon'ble Sir Fakhruddin the 
Education Minister and Mr. Gokhale the Education 
Secretary of the Bihar and Orissa Government. I 
would not liave been able to secure a liberal 
Government grant and Government patronage to 
£his national undertaking had it not been for the 
-earnest pleadings of Mr. Peck, Mr. Hubback and 
Mr. Fawcus, which secured a liberal response from 
the above illustrious members of the Bihar and 
Orissa Government. H. E. Sir ILL. Stephenson 
has graciously permitted his photo to be reproduced 
in the work as its patron. 

While taking a retrospect of my humble labours 

I find that I owe the perseverance, the faith -in 

Providence and my habit of labour, which , ifeaye 

-enabled me to compile such a voluminous work 

without lagging in the midst of adversity and want 

to the inspiring example of my preceptor Mr.'M. S. 
Das M.A., B.L.,;C.I.E., Advocate,Cuttack, with whom 
I had the honour of serving as junior for about 10 
years when I entered the bar. Whenever I have felt 
discouraged, whenever I have felt disinclined^ 
I have invoked his picture before my mind's 
eye, and this has inspired me to push on with 
redoubled zeal. To him must belong the credit 
of having turned an idler into a persevering and 
humble son of the Oriya nation. I had thought 
of appending to the dictionary the ha If -tone" 
pictures of the gentlemen who have in many ways 
helped me; but some of them did not prefer the light 
of publicity. I append to the first volume and 
shall append to the subsequent volumes such pictures 
as are available and permitted to be reproduced. 

The minor Chief of Athgarh,Raja Radhanath Dev 
Burma whose father, the late Raja Biswanath Dev 
Burma Bahadur had been a lifelong friend of mine 
and was known throughout India as a Sanskrit 
scholar and a generous and devout Hindu, has been 
staying with me for six months to get his adminis- 
trative training at the Cuttack courts and offices. 
I have been much pleased with his earnestness and 
interest in helping me in his own way. A day does 
not dawn in which he is not ready with dozens o£ 
provincial and dialectical words peculiar to the 
Orissa Feudatory S tates. He makes it a point 
to read portions of the manuscript to any gentleman 
who comes to visit him and takes a personal pride 
in the humble production of his father's friend. 
May God bless him and make him an enlightened 
patron of Oriya literature. 

The first volume is dedicated to Mr. J. A. 
Hubback, I. C. S., for whose genuine sympathy and 
appreciation I shall ever remain grateful. 

The price of a set of the work, wMeh will con- 
sist of four o» five bound volumes, instead of two 
as originally planned, is now, in consideration of the 
increased size and cost of publication, been fixed at 
Rs. 60/-, (Rs. 50/- for unbound volumes), payable in 
advance on or before the delivery of the first volume. 
For subscribers who have already paid the previously 
advertised price of Rs. 30/- in ad vanes, the price 
will Hl^aain the same, and the first and successive rf 
*&a1 treses will be delivered to them on payment of the 
freight-charges, as previously advertised. Through 
the Grace of God the first volume is finished and put 

-[ - xi i ] 

into the hands of the public, anil His Grace, I hope, 
will enable me to place the last volume in their 
hands. I hate got daily and repeated proofs of 
His Providence ■ in securing me helpers in quarters 
from which help had not been expected, and He 
has saved me from many pitfalls, adversities, acci- 
dents and wants. I began my work 13 years ago 
with a prayer to Him, I close this volume with a 
prayer also. 

The abbreviations used in this book and instruc- 
tions for persons using the Dictionary have been 
given in the lists printed after the Oriya introduction. 
On the top of every page will be found some 

instructions how to find out words with similarly 
pronounced letters. 

No one is more conscious than myself of the 
defects and shortcomings of this work. Owing to 
circumstances over which I had no control many 
errors have crept into it. When the kind public 
takes into consideration the fact that at least for 
3 years I worked as word-collector, writer, collector 
of quotations and authorities, reader and fair- 
copyist, and at the same time paid personal 
visits to the outlying Oriya-speaking tracts for 
collecting provincial, dialectical and technical words, 
read and underlined dozens of Oriya, English, Sans- 
krit, Bengali and Hindustani Dictionaries and hun- 
dreds of Oriya, Bengali, Hindustani, English, and 
Sanskrit books and that I had no one to help me 
till 1928, the public will condone the defects which 
are due to the single-handedness of the worker. The 
credit of having improved on the original manus- 
cript and writing belongs to my colleagues, and I 
alone am to blame for all the defects. If the users 
of the Dictionary kindly point out to me inaccura- 
cies, defects and omissions, I shall, if God saves me 
till then, rectify them in the future edition of the 
work. Kind suggestions for improvement will, if 
approved, be carried out in the subsequent volumes. 

Srijukta Visvanath Kar, Editor of the TJtkar 
Sahitya magazine and Proprietor of the Utkal Sahityar, 
Press, Cuttack ushered me to the world of letters, and" 
my literary activities are due to his initiative. He 
has been unremitting in supplying me with books,, 
seeing the work through the press, and securing for 
me help and co-operation. Had it not been for his 
lively interest in the publication, my life's labours' 
would not have so soon seen the light of the day. 
Still, if I am not spared to see the subsequent vol urns- 
published, I shall cherish the fond hope in my death-. 
bed that Srijukta Visvanath Kar, Pandit Kulamani 
Das and my younger colleagues and supporters and 
lastly the Benign Government of Bihar and Orissa, 
will not let the remaining portio n lie unpublished. 

The Oriya language is one of the oldest verna-- 
culars in India, but the outside world has got no idea, 
of the richness of its classics and of its vocabulary-. 
My humble efforts at making the Oriya language 
known, appreciated and admired not only by the sister, - 
nations in India but. by the civilized world of letters,. 
by linking it with the medium of thought of the civi- 
lized world (namely English), with the Lingua franca, 
of India ( namely Hindi ) and with one of the most 
advanced sister-languages ( namely Bengali ), de- 
serve encouragement and support from every true 
patriot. This humble undertaking, pushed on through 
a'period of l^years, has been appreciated and blessed. 
by eminent scholars, both Indian and European,, 
subsidized by the Government of Bihar and Orissa 
and highly spoken of by almost all the news-papers 
and periodicals of the land. Throughout this long 
period of compilation I have kept in view the hope 
that this humble work may serve as c the starting 
point of many a research scholar in Grammar, in 
Philology, in History, in Religion and even in Astro* 
nomy, Botany and Medicine. 

Thy Will be done ! Oh Father of all ! 

Cuttack; Orissa. 1 
September 1931. J 

G. C. Praharaj. 

■ ->■■ _ 


Ttie HoTvble Sir Saiyid Muhammad Fakhr-ud-dip> 

Khan Bahadur* &t. 

(Ecti^tttion Minister! Bihar & Oriswn. 

GIGN9Q Qg *ft v 8W %$$jj&& \ 

Visvanath Kar* 

Editor of Utkal Snhilya, CUTTACK* 

U. S. Pr^as. Cuttack. 

Mr.C L Philip M. A., I. C. S. 

Coniniii*ioneri Orissfl Division. 

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Rat Bahadur Lakshmidhftr Muhanly 

B. L., M. L. C i( 

D>\ ritfildcnt of the Legislative* Ccuncili 
Bihar ■& OfintR. 




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q<3| q©, q°^© qgi (Refined language) ©19^ S©©$ 

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Rajii Sri Bikrama D^v Varma t 

Raj a SaheL of J iky pur ( Vj^iig) 

Raja Sri R a dh umoh an Kajendra Deo T 

Chikali, ( Gan jam J, 

Raja Radhanalh Dev Varms, 

Miner Ruling Chief ut Alh^ir Stutci Ori^nn, 

-V ■ 


U, S # Efcea& Cuttack 

W %^^^: *^3«^<*^^ 

( 1/ ) 

■ Tl iliiln I ■■ i 


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a&g G9SJ 3% 6§>2D qgQ Q9© G9!QqQ, GS^^ 

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giq Q0Q G9!Q ffl£ I 09IQ W3, GW>GQS£> gi§^l-. 


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gijg<5191Gff 9^199^969 $§€1§€llft| g€Q I GSSIGff 
G3 Ql^GQ gi^Q QQQQ® 6OTGQ GQfa§ g& GR^QIQ 
Qeii Q€$GQ I QRQQ aiQ-ilOi «1§ Oft Of* Qg>£) «1§GQ 
q^J gg 9I&GQ 9^ © $l§^ 519i9^G9 ^Gq9© G9Q^Q ) 
€SQ9<3 S^GH, ©19! QlStel S9» <n>G9 1 ©ai§ <I9l 
$83GQ9%G£! ©eSISJIQ a© G3 ? S^© a&II^SllWq 9§§> 
SlQMQ fifly^ 3191, G§9«i© Wlff 9£Q SG^I©! 3iaWQ, 

qqgl \ o$aei 203 £$6© g^ swal gs qaw «§ Q$» 

ft€J§Q g? S\© «H®OhQ SW» €fi» ^GQ GQG© 98 Q£ff! 
©S13IG9, <I9I 39&GQ 2lff 3lff ^^9IQ OIGQ I G^IG» 
GQQ» 9^9 ^ICQ ^g9 QQ^l Q 9Q G9G9 6^20- 

9<^9IQ Q^GGr^O G9IQ2H^!, ©I91Q ©^i QQ G9€J 

wig" i oaia ^10=1 6 m%w ®g$q fl?©9*o 

qgi^l<?Qf ^JslGQ 6^ qgig* flIOl© 5il§;Q^Q9GQ i 

QjgiQ £i!G97 Q^ G9IQ © ?IQ, GSG©GS>G» i^fl Qgi 
G9 G€tif<5 a&GF q^lCQ O^^l© G9lQ^Q, 0191 S^^ . 

:qgioft9© ofliSw «?qsf5r '©e«i^ 4 o 999^ «cj9o ; 

G9^ 1 ; 

"Oriya language used at the time of Upeodra ? 
Bhanja continues to be used now, while Bidyapati's 
{a contemporary of !^ianja) language is diftereiit 
freift the present Beog«IL 

At a period when Oriya was already a fixed 
and settled language, Bengali dftl nit exist. The 
Bengalis spoke a vast variety of corrupt forms of 
Eastern Hindi, It is not till quite recent times 
that we find anything that can with propriety 
be called; a Bengali language (Beams Oompara* 
tive Grammar of four languages Vol. I. p. 119) 

We may place the Hinli with its subsidiary 
forms Gujrati and Punjabi first fixing' their rise 
and establishment as modern languages distinct 
from their previous existence as .Prakrut till the 
12th or 13th century. Oriya must have quite 
completed its transformation by the end of the 
14th century. Bengali was no separate indepen- 
dent language but a maze of dialects without a 
distinct national or provincial type till the 17th or 
beginning of the 18th century. It was not till 
the gradual decay of the central Mahommedan 
power of Delhi enabled the provincial governors 
to assume an independent position that Bengali 
severed itself from Hindi and assumed character- 
istics which now vindicate for it a right to be con- 
sidered a separate language. 

(Beams Comparative Grammar of four 

languages Vol. I. p. 120) 

GSiQsi^sjii^ eioiPl S&JGQ &$® QSiGQ ©agf 
Q^iGft Q\9% ®q, sate g$0 Q£>Qi 9Q aiQ«Sft 

q<ai oflKW a^Q q«ii aft ^o G9IQ aiet Q\Q- f «§. 
giolff oweQ 09) gsi gie^So qgi^iQQ'Q al^i^ 

GQ^ W SI^O 1 ! 9^91 Iff qQOGQ giGOS© QISI9 W 
^GQ G^g S^ ®I^IQ QQ«I$, am C19 9*3 a^PGQ 0I9N 
fflfl q^i| ff ^1, 9113 6§>2fl qi^OiQfJIQ G9GOG9GQ Q^ 
Q£GQ Ofi ! a^Q€l CIQIQlGGj SffOffi G99Q 1 20^9 "Oe^ 
GQGO ©d <S§>S0 9SfG^€lGQ a^H Qffffi W ^1 &€t°9l 

riq 9^g^ i Gsraiffor ^siiGQ 9sra.i ^ai 6 Qm^ 
-geeioi G«m^ *P^«HShS> 1? ww.-'^croi ig^QO^oi 

SQI9% :-<Q »$K*iQ 91^ ©»IG9Rt I' "; eSpffH :C9W 


( I* ) 



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SI^QtfGQ ©GP $i«SNGQ. €?iS^-9ffl^ GG$©.'Kj. 20QJJ 

..©GQ I .€9|^ ...qciGQ Q€>© ©flp©| g£3|g 6s>21) « 6 

6©?>fl ^S^ia^o (idiomatic) gGqciGQ qqai J £©$L 
^%ea »J© $-0 Q% &©£fl si§©h ©sfqi su^QhQ m<$&- 

a§ ©qiG© Q9§, eagjT £>IQ €3 aQSIItfGQ $<3© 

€£i^ Wi 4w£>iq| go- «i©"gaQ Q^qig ©gi©gq" qsp- 

. €«)^ -Swaiqea ^SiQQ ON W^S, ©IQI slR^ asjq 

■€I©ig>1^, «iqi9 6I©ip1 q&GQ ©So G9iQ^q I gi«i3q s<to- 

«ll$ G<»lS*!Q QZIQ §©Q qQ^i^JQ &q© G9IQ?|q, ©I9I 

^§Q awiolo i ©§cfei <mp1ggi sfe gqi^iiq ^V 

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f9a W '9lasil©q^ G©IQ©GQ SIlgJ^Gfii, <9IQ SG2I^ 
gqiefl QgSI® I flIOlQ QgOl^fllG© GQ ©1919 ®i$3 ©QG3§ 
0I91QGQ Siq© GQ ©ifitei ©%^GR, ©§GQ SIGQ9 ©£1©IQ 
G©fa§ -©IQ«fl ffl§ I ©<§» adn^ 6©2IJ q9gQ G©G©© ' 

as?GQ ©i§f@iia g©iq© si.qg® ; ©q, ai^$(©iQ 6 ggtq. ! 

«D§©I G9G» Cj9©aqi§g G©IQ©^ WQ ^9IQ . S>« 

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©§§iq $Q® m^QGi- Qas>G9€i giag ©q?(©i q*^ ; 
^Gersr©. 9. Qiei^ , €iG9<a«i' *}iq- aQ-ceiaasj I to^gg* ; 

'$q© OR QQQQ, G3 GQ3£* q|§©^ G2 WO^GS Q^O 
■4R <SIGQ'3GOT ^^9fQ 0,alGQ I Ifs^, Qlfe 6 91Q?Q-*[a ■ 

S^9K? SJ9€l«i $tl§><£M ?H9I^hGQ GQ€1Q qi^lQ^ GQ^S? 

a&GQ a^Q© G9IQH9, flw G9 $1% qie©M"< a^^ 95a© 

.sG9Ift ftlf? I EIW^I VIQQ GQ^IffQ'Q ^i@©l ©211 a^1??9l ; 

■/GQQas.i-gjsqfliGo ^fliffcq 9i«^ gqgw «ig qi5)g§^ : 

'Jai^^*, ©I9I 9l»?l^ S5§^ fll^.l S%®GQ 8GA9 319IQ 
-^8® ^l§^ ^% G9IQ £IIQ«I@ 

«§«i* €9, GS^© SK?© ^^IQ €lfi^Q«l a^GQIQV 

■■-op -wjfiY^t ■gi<j« 6©«®sq qg© G9ipasi <:^i^g^ 

a^lq^" €1QQ G€!<a.' ^f G^aCl :'.^©. G9IQ: 9^- 

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<]9t^ &®n qi^iq gyjff qg^i^ i skj^ g^Q- 
3^9^ Gsisf^ 5©' sjqi^ qq. aiGQ, ^4© qi^iq 

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qiQQ' q^GQ 6©«ii q<ai^ <] QG€i«^^_ aag qpgq qqi 

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aafiS© §<, 6©saqg1 ^§§q gqgq fly G^ QG4igq qsi 

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akQ flagG^ai^ob. Qg.^ ,_qa«i, q^qsq ^9^q.6 
G^^siqiQ «arQ .q3^i°si, a^GQ ^GsriagteiQQ qvqq, 
oStiiGQ -^fiiisiaQ© eaiQ ■■■QQsi o a w gioto ©1^699 
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eeiW i <§ 9ai« ^i^te ^®m q^GQ gqg© 9h§ gpg©^ 
g^iQ gg* gsiqg ©^e.^ <iaa^ ©i©iq cj^q ©graiQ 
oi^ i Qi9g©iQQ si^yJ aip giote Qgal^ ©^qtGo 
q°^© qisi% -a© a© a© 6f)«i .©igiGQ 99^> ©q^qq'i 
?!B?et q&j a^GQ $q1 qi^i, sj^qgq ©of ©i«ai, ©S^gq " 

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©^©^IGQ S)©lg a^GQ ^Q,C«i« %a 'fclW . ©€1©1Q, 



{ H ) 

G^euaKi \ <i§ g©a9-giqs$t $wi w%®, q°^A 
to«h q$© q^iqiQ s^id 2t$§ <i9 ^esiitf 

4©^^iQ a^i©^^ <%$$$ QQ QQ\%<l : nQ : $Q© SH§©i 

CIQI QIQ QIGQ I 6©«fl .QfU £1$ ©Q 21S|»GQ $9ISI§39I 
■SOSIQ'TOSIIGQ G©G©^.©<] ^Q^^iGQ ^?Dialect) a^^©, 
M G9IQ GG1I?<1 Gflfo$ q<ai%Ga Q?2iD I $§ $R®^ 
»hI©h Q^€ilq qsi ( £211— 9Gf>6>l ? §Ql) QQ 9 <2 s»sq 
^L9l£il®£|9l «!Q 2IGJ3IGQ Q*Q Q Q ^l%Ga aei©§J© G9lQ 
G$TO qg|^3©$ G9iQ SlQ^lg ! QQI9W^a GQ3139 

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et^ff sisqgq fla G3§ 6m q<ai Oq© ?<i : I QGerta^ifiiQ 

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£!ljfi>GQ ^ G9g 6©£0 q*3l G)G» I 9<§fll©Q " &©9* 

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QQ2i% <9> *WL9 6&OU «9 sii^g^ 9?[© 9&«fl'9PaKjL 

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-«Qaio Qi^ t Saaqo, 9^i^ Q^ aiQ^ 3Q© GQ^ ai%lOi 

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q°^0 as? OgGQ ^m!© G91Q?[Q i . TOg^lte " EW$I 

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\eiG9iy «iQaio* fflflGG>" eig< q^io^JQ si§yi^ g^ft 

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g©ia ©ftUGfii, ©^gq Ge GS'S©© a^flitiiGQ dg>^ spq 

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Q^ 'SJIQqJ!% ^QQ^1 ^l«GQ 6f)€!|Q gi^QsG^AIG^ 
OI9l%5^ ~<5$G^ GQqjGQ I <8 ^ ^l^% CQ § QI9lSi 

g°eawo §«q q°si^-aiQ wigm g^q pi9I^ i galq 

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; 99 I9*J9 GGQ^ ^J§dlQ WQQ QQ^G^, flip WIST 

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( 4 ) 


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1 •.-■:■<-' ; ■•:- ,■■;■■;.--;;-, ;■ >■-■ .»■■■-■.,-.• 

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— -vv: 

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( v ) 





■S 1 "!* 1 


^ aieiSte oi^^off g°^Q<?GQ <£<ig© SNiq© G9i« 

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fleifl a°.Q©3 Oldn^AAVti SH££Q ^Q^ ©Q^ I Gg 
^GQ £ $%$ %Q9i. Cfi^S*, ©191 6>^ G^2© I 

G$tei3 Q19** $§tei so^gq ©s© Qi©^ 6 eiQ«$iQ wtf 

©$91 SB9€l<«© .G9G% 2B© a&$ GSG©$.©« 'tlQaiO 3°©©© 

G9IQ«I$, ©191 ^G2J1l (Exhaustive) QG9, 091 £ £IQ$9 

««S I i.9«B Q€l 6 9I80iGQ ^GffQ^Kl a© 6 98% 

QG^iei ( idiom ) €Q«I3I«, 3191 fl©l£T© Gtffa§ WtfUGHSQ 

9G& Oil? I 21GTO 9l?h ( Colloqual ), QQQQ ( homely ), 

GQ€II°€130QQ ( Dialectical ),. q£l©Q ( Classical ) €10 

6 9IQ<il°€l (phrase), 2I£09 91© 91 9i^^9ea < aflOft©« 
Words peculiar to various castes and occupations), 

«GQ© GQS19 6 ©GQ9ICI© 3© <!9 9iQ<iS!IQQ'Q «ef Mti 

6®m Qi^iQQt ^9 Q QiSfQi s>3G$ «i£« Qaqg 3§aio 

©It* 0§GQ ©£& ( £lgJ9, 6©©I, Ml, Q5BQ, G*l©l, GQQS, 

qigrcj," ©<$1, §pfei!, ^©Q> a«i9«i, qs>8%1, ©fl, ai«, 
o^liao,'OGpQfli% ^5M, G©Q, q&% Ql$<3, «9S 
to«?or $i<3! 9h9$© ^GWW^ a© ^G^aiGQ §§ Qi^oig I 

n<$& $l\, ©CIQfllfil, ©1*5*11, <5MQG9, 991Q, 9©, $<a«,. 

q.^ii Gilo, aiq 7 q&«n «bqgq <ja€i ; " as©© a© <S 9iQi 
seqwor 9159GQ aG9, Gfl g^ci «iqiq aef ©$ aqai©^ 

©13 OQlQGWl^L ^ f *"?§ q * G©fliaM GS, GWaqR, 

9IO Q^QGQ gO»© 6©SQ €IQ?llG>QrGQ <!G© flGW 6 969^9 
( Dialectical peculiarities } «lfi Gfil, <!«GQ€l9ISl1 6©3h 
fltGO Slffn GQ€!GQ 9Qft© 6§>«0 Ql<3l ^J QIQ§Olft* I <qQ 
^9I9Q^1 GQ^ < 99«»Q QGWR ^§ ©Wl G51R SJGQCH 
SJG9 I 28§€l ^^ GQflHai<l GSI, ^^ q^lGQ Onomatopoeic 

( asHQ^iQ ) S9 ^G^Q tag, eg gr«iq 6 q<ai 9^991^ 

QOTGO sJ^©tQ€t©8 QG^IQ^ gSiGQ Qs99IQ 9WI j 
©SIGQ G€llf<l alQIGjajl Ojq9l W 9 ^9IQ a«w Q«af§_ 

d^SO^IG^ G3G© G9S ,«IGW 9IQ 6 TOi G^dfllQQf ^99G^ 

«^?ia§, ^ot 5piGc* g^©« gqS QG^alq cjq «fl^ a^ 

4 G3 OT $g>9 ^98 6^28 q^iGi ©9^ G9IQ -31^9 1 
?IG09 ^<3 ^TO ©?Q €lfi? q<aiGQ flG9«.:<3|Q : ..ftq,?ia \ 
■ W»j 2BQ9, ^HSW^ 9lto, qOTQ, G»GQ^ ^ -^GW 
«iqS»K?^ $8®Q Q©^Qt 99^©, G51QQ <^D OT €!«> 

"4©«oqgiQ nw qtoi ^ o q^i i tf3 © 6 e^ ©aw 

«s?aift 6©H^R ^Qgi^ I G^S! GQ§! Q9$ GSI,- G^l^ qp 

^ © w« 6#8 ^igQ o§^@, -GSflio^i^efi 2JetyK?G% 

9! QS)£&a 9i9§© aq<9 €|i>9IIQ $0*1106$ QW> 9IQ9! gjO©" 

<^G9 1 <?§ G^IQ ^JQ G3, 9QHKmft3GlQ$ GQ9>S g^ 

«Q ^^9 4 -aOta Q§9^ C»^9i 9^9m «IG% I G<^Vq«G^ 

G9% 9t991QGQ G9% ^.J^GQ G9^, ,G^€I9G€19G^ 

G9Q, 8WGaSG$ W%- GSS^OIGQ GQ G€llf « €fQ <VI» 

■^i§<3r- W -9HQ9& €9SJ^1 G9€G9, 'OHH ^99 W «»3 

SfCtllQGQ g9 G9GQ 1 9< W, ^ «W, G^R ^SF 
/ principle ) aqqiGQ 91 G$Q Sfi99 (standard) st^jlGQ- 

ciqq «L§ siqS $#1© G99, 0191 ^etaTOWR QQ^?l 

^G9 f ^G*«> 9Q§, 9G^1 ^G^al GQ^ 1 6©^fl Sfai S^! Q% 

aq.^ 6 9^S>GQ ©191 'filRfl^ G99I ^€>© ? GS G«T«l9- 
eiCiyiG^ W <%$ ®ty% Q at«fl5, QI91G9GR GS R^ €!«?? 
9§9iqL^^ G9G9 i ©l©9Ga«3TQ 9*'.glG>9Ga«Q ^®IQ^' 
4^1% 6 ©GKMJJQ S^J>% Qpl 6 3Q$\Q %atg€t© G91Q- 
aw 6 GQ\t< a^ Q<0 Q^j eȤ|Q i\\<3& QQ&\< I G?1IQ 919- 
G9, GQ€ll°€l QOft© 6 Q9Q9Q J9lQ$© €(Q?!fO, SHiltQ^lba 
ai9ISLaGqfllG© ^©IQ^fGQ 91 «l^J^GG| «TO G9lft Q? 
[ aeii— q,^Q (a), 9gJQ (o), GORQ (o), G?1G© (GfllG©) r 

31GQS1 (w?), Q ^ («fiOi goqi (eaq) f si^ci (e*w), w© 
.(«q©) t ^§©Q.1Q (awiQ), 3©^i» (s^fliff),- agaiQ- 
■(oalw), gao (9«fo), aqo^ ( a©^), ©^ ( ©a,), 99 
(<te), ^9 feG»l9J» ^^IWI (aoiQ9l) ] G?l ^®^ aiQaiQGQ 

giQ siQ9i qq© i «ei© Q§ eis>3i©qr ^a^Gi g^i^ «H5>- 

QGGP ©8Q QIW13 GG*l^ G99I R©© I ^Q^ <3Q aG^W* 
WW 6QISI Gft«l Q^^IGQ aa^ Ql% Q§ G«li^ g©«©' 

€)pqL <« , iG9»GG t a*gt GQIQ a^aiQQ ._ : 99i% 919R 

9&GQGSI, Se5 ?6aiO? 2i€l^i G9Q G9)9 G9IQ 0© «6* I 

f Q^© "Qfi? 6 Q«l© ?lt^©4G^ G3R €I9^!Q qi^llQ^SS 
9^9^© G99IQ GQGtigKl, GQ q^)9Q ag^O, 3I^©9 4 
£©0© B^ 93^1^ Q©9I% 3^£> '6 9G^@ 28? Sl39^ 

(' v ) 

' ei9§ : si^ ? wwtcfa, aalffi, Q©G*ea 9H9$o, giofege^l, 
'gsi sqgq s?® 9^9<i 9^G9 1 4 q<aiGWG9 ssg w§o 

€19 g!9 3IQ9 6 ©I SIGO' SiGGf S£g €15? $H^GQ 21££1)Q9!9 

: oi«$§ a^wqpo G9i\ £$9<§> qq ai9G9 I 

f *9§ O g^llQlGQ €19 srg$ 9Q91 Qld^GQ 9IH ^_Q99 

I 9q,Q£t|£! essj si© i.gaiaiqa 6 9©§so3iG9 sigm ssfcJGQ 

9% 0, ^ % 93 % <51<f % QQH 9, 0|Q9h €1, d^QH *3- 
Vtyg a, 9€h 9Q SG99 3Q 20G9? 9$ 93£} ff!§> I <1 
9WIQ qq , ai|,-a§9ld" e f, 9IQ<1 <jq£Q -tt^-.l GQG99 

HK?eQ.Gffia (gsnm), Goto ( 9-w) a§ €199 w>9i§ 

6-Gfflt 9§9I R©9 I GQf? G9§ 99SJ; G£l, GSG9G9G® 

^eiiQi^i qfl^GQ 6 QSIQ3G9 snqqiflor q<giG9 9^ g, 

OW'i €1, Sj^Vl *a, Q, <% % §, Q 6 £> Q QG99 Q§ 9I§" 
GR3IGQ G$ SG9Q 9&9IQ «D9€iH99l Qsua ? qsiGQ 
■GGIIS« 'Q ? , GGII$<] '$' -Gait* V, GGIIf< V, G«tf <1 V 
9$ G£} 6 % % % ^ QOIQ G9GG1 9#«l ©999 09 

*r*99 9#ai9 $aiR G9Q 90$ sreraiGQ g$is9« 

g9l€l ^GQ 6f)«B SjSI 39« G9l£$9 I G9 G9Q, %^\ 

siQy|gg°gi9Q^^ qqqi^^q 3g$ i gsi 9©gq 

£19! ai^q% Ql^l' — 3§ 3$ $.9$Qg19Q9l 9^9H I 
q^lQ^Q 6 Stl^QWIGQ €1Qq|QQ-Q 9^91 6 «iq$Ol 
*i 3l QQ§ I sfellQQIQ q€S» 91 9^919 GSSfoiG9 

319I 9^9 9! «$© G9^|t9l G9$G9 9i9l 3% ^99 QQ 
Q.^0G9 I 

' - "<S©SD q^lQ «§*< ^OGPra' ?l QQO G9GR, QI^IQ 
GCIIf < a^lff ^QI9 ^Q §afi)l G9IQ £ 9§ QQQ^ao^Q 

9%?(a i 9v G9g9«i«> N g^ig© a^jGSj ?i^ <j§> QaG9€i gqq- 
96Q t ido ag*® GQiateta ftQQ' ?i°90Q ^q^ipq aifj^9 
geJG9 g^iq 9§ci^ G99I gq^GQ Ga^ ©a^T ej^Qqi^ g^iiq 

-9§QQ G^IQ^g, G3?[GGl \ ^G0pq@<3 Qigi^OQ© CIS? 
GSliei QCl G9Q?[Q ; §g QIQI QtQ^lQ^ a§ O SP?»€iq«3rQ 

sieiai^q, cflt ^^ ^q^iigq ao-gq^ qqs>\ g«i qcNGQ 

<3|«g|'-Ql5 I 0-Q98 G^IQ 9I?IQ| «ia'| Q§Qq | GQ|f<3 gp- 

flQQ ^QG£19 &®n €1S?GQig STQQff 9^9!Q g%©Q Q\£r 

. ^Q 990 QQ9I G«ll 9SG9 ^g?}9 1 G^q3 ££)§[ qg^Ot 

»«5Si^di, ^2J9gi% aoaig«N, 35teiatoQi, qioi gw 6 

%y% €19 ?rg9 Q€191Q €|§ 8 qgq ^fl9€I^Q, ©!9i 
G^l^ Qlg I G9GQQ gigQn^' 9^ <3 §|Q 99^1 QQ.9I 

^9tG^ ?l^qy $St; *§ €T«)©8 < G^PGG^ Q19i€iq. ^%f~ 
£1$9 Sig^Q G991 G9&ft 0!^" I <iaa g»G0 ^JQQmI <i 

qj^o G99I q^^ Q^ w gj^aq^l ®»9 siQt 6 

qi8©M©q ' 9^|g^ G9«I|Q < ^I9G9I<3'^ 6§)SB q«3IQ 
Comprehensive ( £!QGQIS' ^OGQ 9WiaiQeiQT 9gGQ 990(8 
^Q9 G9IQ Q§l ^Q SI aQ^QQ' ffl^GQ <i ^%9 QlsfiGQ 
9g,GSa oqp© I Q© S^i 9# G9Q W\W QQ €19 g°Q9 QQr 

faifliQfi?qi"ga?i €19 oig^GQ'G^QiSL'*^ q^ i q© l 


^9IQ t" 

G€i9 G9Q I QQ 912JGQ-99IQ 6©9I C!Q|g«^ Vernacular 

Development Committee ( giG9S© gi^QH^9 ( § , ffl Sl9© ) 

^I51G9 GCII$« q9o 31§ «Ja Q?1|^ iiqaQ^GQ eios> 

QG«i 6 v Q^Q ^UI-?9 9|€1<5IQ ^li^ ^G9€)QqL Q@S>Q 
9051 £i$£iQ GQG^P 6ot qgi — V§Q 6 GgiGST^ 9©£J- 

QQ ^919^_ ©?1^^l - 9Q?[G^ I .S>9l«Ha*ei|€l $$$$ 
W« G^?9 9^R ( G^Q* fl9iqi 9^91l < ?' 9qg$ q^GllQi 

^iq°^q s?.qpia§ ) gg!9, GgiGerg^ flsjq qiqq sj^qi^o 
6 siS'WSGa aiA G9Q Gia sag Q@Qqg1 ^^»gq 

?!^9ff9^95©€l9l90?l^ < S) 6©2fl QJ^ GCII?<! ^9^ 

«iQai9 6ot q^iQ «fi^ giyg aip oqi^ wew * 

G^G9G9Q% G^fQ ai^^ 9^ V 3^^ ejg?fe G9tQ- 

sio I Q§ aSaioQ aig^gia^ Qag<s> 9§9S§q^ 

G9«11Q9!GQ G^IGQ <39l% giQQSKpSIQGQ t 
<l^ A 9919 6©€tl QQ$GW?£i W^°\S9 QI^Q 
■ff'Lv ffH9 ( Q ) Q©Q€J«l«i' ^Gfih q9 9 G9IQ^Q I ^Si 
S>W£l$iq ^4I§!9 G9IQ ^ q^lGQig q9$19 Z& ?ll9li3^lQ 
OTIQ'tt^ai QQIg^^Q' 9I9GQ ^Og 9 G9Q I 9919 (SpaiQ 
TOt^g^ CfSl^^iQQ ©QGQ^Q q^ ?HG99^ ei^Gq^^G?! 
9§Q9 91^ 9^iq sj|$g aiQ^(Revd. Mr. H. W. Pike) 
('9IQ9Q OQQ 9^99 ^^S 1 6$a ' SIGJplW <S ©Gd 

6©ai qgi ag 9) g^I99 ai^a gg)9 9^giQGQ 9?3 9^qr 

a^Sia^Q €I94G^^^MIQGR G3, W 9^IW 6©^ft §!<aiG9 
<3 Sj9ai99 aiqflfGQ ■ Sf)91" 9S> GSfa§ SJ9^II9 91^ 
<§ 9^% flSh9lff x gg 1 ^a! G9GQ ^©?fl ^19 G€llf< g^io 

^iq9 a^ G99 6 <i9i €igfii q<ai oar g!§9<( o^la^GQ 

SO'WGq'91 GCIIt< 9% 'WflOgfi 1 G99; 091% %^- 
G91^ J 9 9^ *9^G9ig ? CKht 9M1Q 3IG9 I" " 


( v ) 



Gffl,^ 3)69.© 5lai «fl%§ MOia 9Q 6:G9IG&Q© €fl^QftQ 

'*!§($, <i ^JUdiQ q^ acja©iGQ- caw© <iq gases 

ti<3§§ q© ,g9g»i-q8©q gi^ «$._ $3% gaw- 

"'■(Qeooiqoi, G9W -aai,- s©i©% ^Qg^sqi9,ct<?i9i©- 

9i99i, sterol, si§)5)iwq q&i©©flie© : joig^aflio am 

q9iqi 'eii$ ^d>? qiQeQ ©$©o3g©r sq£[GQ ©isr 
o<?> ow $9QQ ©i©i ©iG^©i§^ai§j$teta G9G©9 srei 

aeP^IQ ^g|)09iGQ G^IGQ G©G©W<1 g^OI GSQ 

G*© s^if^ Q£i?[GG} i gssjw (eijgi aga!) gsiq- 

ai^SQ «©6§>OT GG*«U G€l<a G9Q, G3W SO© G0ia©9 
9I€1 G9l ^9% *l@ G3IG© SIQQ^jg^! QQGi 6 ©I^T 
t. ■ 'qflltf GO < 9&Q flja«?Q| 6 ^aiGQ^©! gs^Q ©Q GfflGQ 

€1€)#G?1^ G^IG© Q^T© q^GQ SQQ!<S] a^ 1 giq 

.©3IQGR G9 *soaa$rQ q<aiG9l<3 6ot qgiQ asjateQief 

€W<i <^©1© G&aiQl©q>6a q<gj© G9©'^69l6i eiQfei*. 

B9aiQ« 'sqpss} l w wfeq^Q G3 ifl^Q adi}©©! 

Gai^ ^igqi^Q qg«a 6 OQflisfoaicf ■ -asrfesiwoi^ 

.gi^© ad" qiw Q^GQ asjgo sog<M' aip^iGQ $©« 

^oa ^Q I <8 ^teiCQ ai^a 3$9Q g^igfg, ©|gq 

-S% se^iei eaiooi 6 ©iq, aaieii©i aiQT'QaGSial ©oti% 

-gs w©^ aei^Q^i ©i& s>a^ gqi§© e99, <i9i§ gsiq 

: ..gaiQ©^iQ ^G9qi <% %Q\m GfliQ si9Qqqi<M 

^aiQflfl9. 6 Gfll £>9Q G«ilQ« aiQ* qfc QQ'ei9 %«Ji GQQ1 

G91Q a©a 6 ^iQa^fliMfGQ -QwiaiQ^^6aiQ$[q 
s a^' gra©i ©a l v^rac«W©Q fliW©oi9ig-Q 39'iq©" 

I^Sfl g©GSI9Q GW G?IIQ ^§19 3961 ©Q GqiG© <1© 9©|Q 
' %&l <]©9I* QIQ ©G£H <iMf ^Ifife QlrfiGQ GqiG© 
|^Q ©QQQ 1 ®^GGi Q^IQQ m<$£> fifl Q9q©g ^9®ia 
[' : Sttl^ (G3 9 6S)€!iQ ^QCf q»HQ SjytAQ 8t§) 2JG9Q 

[cio -^cjri 6 9$$Q gigoigiei Qi^ag g©i ^^!G^i9Qqc©9 
[mi w ogr.i w.q 6@^b gi^o^^Q^r gqiki 6sea 

^©wra' ^® ft ^ «WI ©3G$ a^QS^l S*Q.^GQ, ©g.6ft 

fffllQ ai&Q&HQ G9q.Gdl?<l'^G€l« p%Q$>®& G^l <3QO|GQ 
[;9& ©^IQSI QGQ G3 ^N f iq G«ttSJ, fR%" ^^G9t^ 

isu9CT.\S9G9 i<8 5>^i^ tog$ ©&a qqi^Q qa ©qrQ 

«»I90, flgg Qfltei.qqdi : aj9iq© G^IG9 ^191^^ WGSl i 


«t aa?iio 9g«i9 G9QI aGQ ^ qq^iqq aaiQj. 

9"iq. a^Q^i ©id*i sfiQ^ q?i GQQ I ^Q 6>$ <S©«i gisj<i^ 
^p 9^1 agg g©,<^ ^Q9^i a^ 1 ® 6 snrci aloiq.q^LGOQ 
^ q^lfifo ©ids ^J>r ®Qm& qigGQ ^Qq ©ft i Q©qsjGQ 

G^l ?19©^I9^Q qcy $£# m$<$p Q%&3 J ©g-Gqi 

W$l ga d9(Q «jjo GStiG^i^ g$ ©?ra1 aiflio QgG€i«iQ 
flfl 9:<:g^fife QidnQ aiQ^ais a^ gqiGO wan ©^ 
«5 f G^i ??g, s^9o aig^afliQ g9^,9Q€i 99R 
^RGfla qqraq,©© aQiy© «g «jiqi aypi^'^^i^Ggfli© 

fW|^GffQe*3 Q^^ GQ«!IQ9I ^^9 G9IQ 

ojKa i GfsiWGq; 99 sqsi^ 6 otiq^ ^^iq v 6 

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( v J) - 




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( *v ) 


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India Oriental Conference ) Q ^Qq Si^G9€lQGGi 

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( Hr/ ) ' 

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^cfol QffHl 0A® Q9^jm9Q, 9ld1 Q|Ciqg^?[<l1 ^I^Q 

Q$ag, aitQi aioeiiQi Gg^Q «J^g a^© q^Gqo^ 

€IQ«1 6 fifing 99I© 51IG99 I 

QSWIWQ QG61 ftQ^lM 4 ?JcJq q$ I gq| Qg 

q^iqiff, 99<il^ giaQi<5iff 9^§9iq sjgffl wiqgj < g^q 

Qt^lG?!]^ Q9Q G9Q, ©191 9<$TO ^G^l^l^, ^91^1, 
g^9QQ G9iQ^|? I 

q^\9^\% QQQ GQ^I^iq, QQQ n%\<s?\Q <^|q, GQ§l qg,Q 
G£ll€iQ, G9§ QIONIflC? OIGQ SLQ.Q^ <?^ 39 G9l€t|Q— 

^ ^€5 %€3rff s 9ff N ^G9i9sj < gg 1 ^ 9^ q^eaig^ea 

©l^Q q9i^9^l QiQ* WO!G9 ©Q^OSrO! ai€IGQ ^19^ t 

Ga^qiff^r 93% QQifl GSll^L ^^ <3 98 ^o» 

G99IQ «B€II 'a o €1Q8 EWS1 G9!QSIg, G^I^IQQ' 9|£TGtiQ 39 

O ^l^GQ G99 G91Q Q^QI QQ^ig I <] adn^ GSl^qi^Q" 

ETGtl 91 99 9g€1© G91QSIS G^!^^ S9^IQ <! «igGQ 

g°^.9 G9q <39 $St98 £1191 3191 9§Q© G9Q?[9 ©191 
0Q9^1 fil^lffQiGQ G3IQ Qq^9 I 

G)£CQ 'SJGQQ ^Q9 6 G9I3 Q^QQ I <J9I^_ s£ 
G^l^aSl g^lSf^LQQ ©Q9!^_ ^^Q! 9Q?jQ 3^, ^O^lff^ 

2i^j9Q ©I9I 9Q 2lQ^ QIQ I ^3 g* g^jciiq^iqr <©© 

fll^ ^§! 3IGQ G3, 1 G^l GO^IGQ £>J ^QQIg> I G^IQ 

<Qqi^ eoeii €9, ^ 6©^ ^q^jiq G^<t9iQ gq^ s Qeidb 

^IQ^ ^gq ©I9IQ Qffl a^Q^i 9Q G^i 3Ga<3l g5i©i€i|fi»1 
sjyQQQ q^ll 6 2I&I9SHS|1 9h§ 99fiMQGQ 9G^ G«tl?<] 

qfe 'aQiJiQ TOffiQ Q^"aiQG9 1 ggiq <]§ $rg9 ggiej. 

G^fqei^Gfl 1 6^>qQ ^Qq 9Q9I G9GS) ^£QQ 
GQei^G'Scg©, 9^S>^, 9G^!^<^ ©£JI *i^§> 9^j^ 91^ 

( so gygj?Q Qiq ^q. <i., 9. <i^. 9. 'soq. q ) SL'3%g£a 




' { C-* ) 

i *m .m wm 


<^*^,M1 %G9 «#.W Q§ WflGltW W$Q WSJ. 

' «s^-Qiw€.?teie€i ..■-©w ©Qei ©£$& ©§ ©iqqto^ 

4^S^lig, miQfll^ QW%&% G^WJ, -Qfe^l- 6 
g$J$a£lf|9 W G9<^l ^llC G31 :»G$ aOj--©3€f.-0Q 

g^§© e$toei$ <$ ©w©i% £ GfiWjT ffl&QSi% sStfi 6 

©lids esii ag^ei ^qqq G9IQ2® i g^iq $w gs <£ 

W Wgq siiCq ^g^ ffiffi Qiai-^,«Q§-8&$ai, ,<ai©- 
g$Qi©, speil-Gffqeh a©$a QQ &3S ,6 q«iq?<ii§; 

, '*&IGQ a'^G > • Q<§ q3 <9€l Gdl?<J Q^% .Sffi§ 

sig^i gss set ' jaiet q eii§ i geQ"'f&9 TOlQ q$i."©«iia1 

ai«jj*ffe G^l G£l<3 G99I 3GQ G3 G>GQ . G$l QQ% * 

aiftgiSW© GQ&©a$a6QW> §£R G$a Wlw 

TO«IGQ W «SfeQ <3 9£ £91 GWl. -0«5 £'.S^fl'. «IQq 

A ,3l€te!fcS>fii : S°9G>9. Q$«tGQ .fllfla g1©W3 . --GW 
GIGI £j9G9 3I9GSH 9Q$l8<j} 0<3° 9W,8U5?9$f 3}Q © 3[GR 



681 .^BWCft 2IQ« 

519150. s£-WtGQ E^er® 

©191 Q^IGQ £$€! QC13IW Qlfjf — £ <2[q3©]Q Q0SGQ 

~©sr'«® 01Q* wa^caft* qp&i ?t®§ 3§R 1 

eagjT g^ aaiQ s%a^ ^ :^ ^SOT -<W 
QQt SflQ ai5^8Q Gfiioi G&^ G9IQ aiciq 6 aiw 

a^Q^'-^eti O 9f Q ^^3 3€JG} q^ei ^sfsg GfltQ <J§. : 

61$ «qq^ 1 " - 

^§G€t§GQ. ©G§W <sjg:: © <'S2I«I «f$ e«OQ§ 
aiOQ^IG© .G9^0IGQ ;J3t9l §«tgfltQ ■ €Q®6P ^1 
a§9^9i^Q ;-8fK?r £H9I ^QQI ©QG9 ©191 -. tIQJ9a^© 

s$9iQ ^1 0ffeg to9%i siaiag qq%\ q§$ I 




:( ** ) 





Kirtikar— <S>%3 g^QIQ^Q .'Indian Plants' 

( ^Sl^ §£& ) 
Apte— GSfGOrg^sfleg^Q Practical Sanskrit— English 

Dictionary, (^Q-Q^q^i ^RU\Q) 
Beams^— Beams* Comparative Grammar of four 

Indo-Ar jan languages. ( wp ^ q<g|Q ^q^) 
Haines^ M o gi€W3 . Botany of Bibar and Orissa. 

Howells— a !g1 91691$ *i€9W agoiSo 6©eB-Q°q«a 

Fallon— Qq^ ET IRQ^Q S^glfiWqSI ©^ m<% I 

Sir George Greierson— Linguistic Survey of India. 

Gnuidy-^ajQ g$ q| WW 6©Sfl-Q°q«q e^ , 

wsoi9-^QQ!a 9« g^fta 'wgW i 

*$CM€|QGOl^ i ■ '■ 

g^Q9IQ— flfcfcj qsi^qQ ^enfflQ-iQcj ■ ^fe g©§> Wffi J 
'g$OOI9 SICW 1 ' * ■ 

Qiei^'Qi $q] qgiQ ^q G Qjg | 

QIGfR— 3&e> student's Bengali and English 
Dictionary (9. Sllfigg^ OGfOI-QoqSl aQd|0) 

3WL«n-tf GCQQOia egg qg? q^QI 'go^d "ggp | 

asBiio i 

awf^q— 9QWGQ go© g°$o si^hq 

cj«w s^ai ^leiegiQGQ qmq$q 


W^V-g|o|g Q9 ©93^ 90GQ9 Q#| 

qpgSl— ago sn .^oaSf 9i€i r 
<5lS°9— aqcoi^-siolo qs>i i 

Gdiaiosjl— aaiflft.giolQ ^ i 

caiefii©— agoiffo Qt9^ qo^«iiq ntgQ q§ t 

©et— qe?i?iie99 99? i 


-aqg ©Qiflg] so^a? i 
-^09 oeiQiei 9i€U 

%ogl-^q— ©fijgaq q©| 9«>qewqr^tf ^ogl 9iq^ 

Sol gsii^ sowigq a^icjpiQ i 

<aO<j| — QgOQ q]Q(j| Qjq | 

ew skji— s§iQ% goiSo e9©o a^i r 

OQOGaiQ-^l^ 09 QQ^CIIQ 90 I 
Oiqqd— TO Qiqq^I 9|S1 ( 9Q^ ) |- 

9109^ — git <sioo«a'Qi€i 1 

WfyQ— Q$® gt&& Q%\®qr g^fg© Q9 9j 1 

ateiq,^— fiqgi eiliiPi/g e^^ri 
floio— giol g^Q goi^© aSc€i«ii i 





( w )) 



$>aqg— giolQ q$ QG>qq Qiq ( qai£[<si ) 1 
$. GQ. i-qjww I 

$8 — w g^cag q& 1 

. <gsn— spates ( Qasaiai ) 1 

wiqocw ■- qq sigw «fi cigiqoqei a|©jsp 1 

^10— flioVgffflittiQ w $a© g<nte cgflawqo 1 

WGw-gioto 99 toigw 9is ( flitfesq g.q<s ) 



1 f 

: -Tt V^-v^-*,...^-^ 


£JG€IIQ9— giOlft M SG€I19^ 3°9 I 

tegflq§ 58^®' } ! 

;,q®$£€UQ-9lg£i sfl q©^G€IIQ TO ! 

qyjQtej - qw 3^ qawa qq 1 ; 
qaiGWtf— ©$iq q&i qaicaiTO qG&Q G9Q 1 
qsfois- gjolo q§ qwisi ( 9i£faw§ ) j 
qaeWfQ— qq 91915$ en qaaqrq qq 1 
S<W9Q— Qiote W IfeTCQ ( QSi WQIS ) 1 

afli©-9*9%g9iSe sigi^Q aq,i9as> 1 
wis - ff^SL g9! ^ Q qi ^ a * *' ' 

qiQQI— giOte $$ fllQQI 919 ( G9iqq« ) 1 

q&» G90-sis§iQ q$i ^cflq qs>! ^ 913599 
csjpgs -r- Gwg$ w?iqo ^ siQ§G§)iQq 

§°9 G9Q I 
9GQ$S — $m® 9GQ91 8s I 



Capital Small 

a A 


W A 


Q I 

f i 


€1 1 





$ .0. 


Q Ru 


Q Rti 


5 Lu 



< E 


3T Ai 


*.' '?■■■'■?■■ ° ■ 

€) M 


°K^IQ);-- . 


8 (^d) — 


* (og^^J) r- 





















. N 










■ Jh 








4^h ■ * 

® ■'- 








, $■ ■ 





: , . r , 



Ljj H' ' *+/ 

( ^0 

Capital Small 










Th _ 









N ' 







P h 







Capital Small 










.-.'■' R 








«9^i 9 91 § 


















«9lfi*©«.ei9lfi4©69 9^9$© 9P ^ 
-f agQQtfl— SWQtf QIOhGQ g©<^[ i 
+ BiaiQ|QSl— -aWIQ -9101661 g©^ I 

•«iq$«Qai9K§i« 91 ggwq QiQ^eaqs a© 

^QG>=2D&9 9| stQ€H3&Q WWW 1 

q©i— QSra^qgi i 

Q©«ilQ — Q^9^1 €19 6 69§ €19 $£# 9«(9$© 

*" *ISHr M3IQ I 

-9QQ20=*9©€1 SE9SQ 6 2l3§© Qfl3fii-TOflfl«W 

9m9§© €19 91 q^l I 

■<Q®«9$sitffqr 9198© qsi I : 

~f QQ3 = 9QSI 9101QQ g©«f*j f 
.+ <?<§»©$ 9l©iCQ g©<fcj I 

$ — 3qp9 i 

« , Q€t»$"£| 96^€l I 


v ^sv 


SI. ^sfllt ^ aw I 

Clgj© = Q$Q£l!^G9 • 9H95©, €19 

eif©=Q©€^QQ &ICQ «i$69[ 9^99© €19 91 9I9h I 

91, 9ltti=gi«h 9^9919; fll§© ^©HGQ 0Q9I& €19 I 
6S?Hl9 < a=6i*)l©8€li^6Q 9s98& €19 t 

©o*a©©35jg qaig 1 - 
©i— ©iS^qsii i 

€©=6©fiWL-q«i 1 

93*9 ==939 €II^CQ 9i9?© €19 l 
€9=69€t§ €19 I : ~- 

€93 = 9^9^1 €!9 < q<ai69J<a© €I9$^G9 -. 

9 = 3^ I . 
QI = 9I«9 <JSI I 

aosqpQ6i«y©aq5?Q^6Q si3© 91 $Qi€i© 

91 m 9^1091 €19 1 

q§ ©©=os©©3^ga ^ia i 
oqf.— 9q!?lQ Sier i 





- v 

S ." 


<(v* ) 


5>IS0«©IS0GQ:9h$9© W * 

coi*=qjpo$l so 9<aqe€» sloi i 

£I9<i = GQ9ffl QQmSQ 9i9§>© S0Q1Q 1 

ai=aica v i 
gi=gi^s> q^t t 

giQlQ=giplQ G&9WG3 9i9§Q €19 ! 

GEr=Gg\ 91 gi^GQsi go$9 $j$i 1 

q«qqq. ( ^p^=<3Q9QQ ; ^9=9Q9©^ 

9§9 = 9§9©Ql) 


§ = 9G€1$h 99 I 

9^051^1 = 9^iG>GQ 9s9?Q OlQqflO €19, I 

9<31Q 9^! = 9Ca < a^Q 9G€IS61 I 

G9G9=G9GQ£te q<3J ( ^eii— q ^, «w», sWI, 

Ggtr, 9fift-si«)q[acto €io 1 

G9Q<,Q = G9QmQ Q§ 01 SI^OTOGQ 9iO$© €19 I 
9£>% €$I=»93Q QOHQ Q^Q qqfCWIGQ GSi§K3 

+ qo=%. qo^fflsflq* 

J. Q9 9I©*(GQ 3©^ I 

3. 3. C<3| — flJUOQGCacfl 0*»l«^ I- 

536JI = 96919 €19 91 S*fe SeqsiQ QORiQ« j 

s^ia =€10Q Boeqao »ef 1 

r^-=?W3$ 6 SQlf^i^ ^j^qg'R OhO^q $£iq$i { 

S»flft© v 1 ' 

OT=OTOIfl £|Q 1 

-fgiG2f=€19Q G?lf? «iaGGi W$Q g©^ ! 

S»=§q1 9! gqigra qsi i 

GW^GQg^SjSi 1". 

^i«gafli t?o§ 1 
^q—Sfi^i os§ |: 

*qi=ogq qq^ I 
*ef1 = Q§al 9Qg i 

>9 = §9G>9 t 


+ ( qs )«9QgQ q§ G991 $q ao 01 ai% 6; 

g«H£j siyeo.goi q$'9© 1 
=( qaio )=-ai^d g©<^ 55 91 9$ 39 33 $>i^ : 

G99I €!9 Ol 2ltf ! 

? ( ga )— ^CQ9 s»6$ ; -soq-@© i 

— ■ ( Q|g ) ^SG^' q«^ q>Q$ €IQ-J9| €|q <j si^f 9) 

Etc. = Please refer to the word preceding and 
its following words in this Dictionary. 
gee = Please refer to the preceding word. 
Law = Legal term. 












= Words used in the said 



^v Tar* t 

• t . 

.■ ■ 



: -^&S :^±- ii&& »-i£^_ , ££: 3dt± **»** -"■ -^ 



1 y: 







1 : 

j *a m 


I' "-. 

- . . 






The illustrious PATRON of this work 

H, E. Sir Junes David .Sift on EC. C. S I., K. C. I. E , I C. 5. 

Governor of Bihar & Orbs a* 

wiq Horn 9#$qQ as$9 
iw 9Q cm €BQ9 Sera £Q. 9. 4*. ®Q- t G&. 9. #q. q.. ag. 8. <ie.. 



fk^ .::.- ¥f^%3 ■•"■..■■ ■."..- - 



! " 

. ' . 

. J 


■ ■ ■ 



■ ■ ■ 

■ ■ 






' w 



H. S l J res$, Cuttack, 


oolq <aci (Qi«qqC q-sO 

a-gi?© — 6ciien©©s> g§g© 





*— SlflQ tiP ffQ§»9 99101$ 


9— €ji GciifijQoq aais 



( A Lexicon of the Oria language ) 

Volume — II (Consonants; Ka to na) 

Compiler— G. C. Praharaj. 

Advocate, Patna High Court. Cuttack, B. N. R, Orisso. ( India ). 

With the help of a body of assistants, 

Printed and Ptfblisfied by V. Kar . 







The Late Maharaja 
Purnachandra BhanjDeoof Mayurbhanj 

I «"! - ."r/ 

e.g ■ ^ - 

SSitf^ 'U 9 ft * ' * "% ^2 

jf* J Bl 

T. S* Press, Cuttacli 








The Second volume of the 



( Oria Lexicon ) 

is dedicated to 

N. F. Peck, Esq. B A. (Cantab) I.C. S., C.B.E. 

sometime District officer of Cuttack & officiating Commissioner 

of the Orissa division, 

ir> grateful recognition of Bis initiative arxf sincere solieitude for £f>e pufilieation of fne uuorfi ancf 

fine ualuafile encouragement giuen By film to fne cause of Oriya literature arxf Bis 

genuine sy ropatfiy for tfie Orias uufiiefi fie euineed as Oistriet Officer 

of Gut taefc arxf Commissioner of t fie Orissa €)iuision. 


August 1932. 

By his admirer 

The Compiler 


aew eq«Q ©9as>$ flqg <©. <GT« G9© Q. «-, 

«Q. 9. <Q, §. 9. Q. Q* QI9GQ 4 








J 1 J \ • J ■ ■ 

;j. ^ S- £~3- 5-1 S -A- f R ■ S 

S S S^a-S: &:£:&: &*£-&■»--£ fl £.;p4£3--S-^fc^S=4£^&^- : £-# K S^SMMMJ 












1 H 




























u ■ 




4- jj 

5 * 


1 R 


I £ 

u) :e *s 

GO o 

u 1 J 


* O 

ifi si 


.2 « 

tf U 
» s- 

LlJ b 

. — 

ft. *o 

■ MX 

U. I 

z 1 









"71 _£2 

« c ** 











, o ' To- 

s? *■ 




i£ Or 

* g 

OS & 




4f cX- 










O^ 1 












-S-a-S~G~5-^^-&tft £ tMu'-.S 2 eif S £-i' -If tTif'-if ^-&.^^.^ ^rfr - 





To the second volume of 
The Purnnaehandra OlgiS BhashSkosha 

( Oria Lexicon ). 

Through the grace of the A lmighty Father the 
second volume is now placed in the hands of the 
public. It comprises the first five consonants. 
The letter ' £sha' ( Q ) is learnt by the beginner at 
the end of the consonants as a separate letter. It is 
a diphthong of Ka, being Ka ( 9 )+Sha ( « ). So 
it .has been given in the work a place after the 
letter Ka. 

In the introduction to the first volume the 
history and progress of this undertaking from the 
inceptiprf of the idea to the publication of the first 
volume was traced in detail. 

That this publication, when completed, will 
remove a real want, needs no argument. From the 
following extracts from letters received from the 
German philologist, Professor Dr. Wilhelm Printz, 
Librarian of the famous library, Bibliothek Der 
Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesselleschaft, Halle 
( Saale ) in Germany, it will be apparent what posi- 
tion the Oria language and literature have hitherto 
held in the estimation of the civilised nations. 

On receipt of the prospectus and specimen- 
pages he wrote — 

"Since some years I have tried to increase our 
department of books in modern Indian languages, 
and we have now a nice stock, e. g. of Bengalee and 
Hindi books; but so far, I have not had any opportu- 
nity to buy Oria books. Oriental book-sellers in 
Europe as well as in Calcutta do not seem to take 
interest in Oria literature w 

On receipt of some Oria books and the Typical 
Selections from Oria literature in 3 volumes by 
Professor B. 0. Mazumdar, together with a list of 
hundreds of Oria books of importance, sent by me, the 

Professor writes — 

"I am just writing a small article about Oria 
language and literature for the greatest German 
Encyclopaedia published by Brockharus at Leipzig, 
and I was glad to take new informations from the 
Introduction to the Typical Selections and to mention 
in the bibliography your dictionary and the 

Libraries in Germany, Norway, France and 
England have been subscribing for the dictionary; 
and European book-sellers have been requesting me 
to register their names in advance for the dictionary. 
I am happy to think that the Oria language and 
literature will one day come to occupy their legiti- 
mate position amongst the modern languages and 
literatures and that I had an humble hand in contri- 
buting to the beginning of such an era. 

I hope that the worthy and moneyed sons of 
Mother Orissa will extend their liberality and patro- 
nage to this undertaking of national importance, 
when they will realise the neglected position which 
our mother-tongue holds amongst tfce modern nations 
and will picture in their mind the bright future 
which' is in store for it, in the comity of nations^ 
once its rich portals are laid open to the outside 
world of letters. 

Of my colleagues who were rendering me 
assistance in revising and fairoopying the manus- 
cripts when the first volume was out, Babu Chandra 
Sekhar Misra B. A. has, in the meantime, left us. 
Pandit Kulamani Das, Head Pandit, Bavenshaw 
Collegiate School, Cuttack, Pandit Bain Chandra 
»Bath, one of the workers of the defunct Satyabadi 
Institution ©f Puri district, Samanta losing Maha- 
patra, Assistant teacher of P. M. Academy, Cuttack, 
Babu Golak Chandra Pradhan, the talented author 
of an unpublished Oriya lyric of a very high order, 





Babu Bhubaneswar Mist^a, an excellent faircopyisto 
and Pandit Jagannath Rath, an Oriya scholar with 
a musical and critical taste, have been working wita 
me. Sreematee Peetambar«e Debee, my valuable 
colleague and coadjutrix in the undertaking since 
1919, has continued to render me assistance with 
unabated zeal and interest. I can not but admire the 
^regularity and sincerity with which Pandit Kulamani 
lias been indefatigably revising every line of the 
manuscripts and seeing that the meanings of the 
Sanskrit words given tally with those given in stan- 
dard books of reference. Sri jut Visvanath Kar, 
the Proprietor of the Utkal Sahitya Press and 
the publisher of this work and Babu Padma 
Oharan Das, one of his assistants have been helping 
me in the correction of the proof-sheets 

Mr, C. L.Philip M. A., I. C. S,, Commissioner 
of the Orissa Division and in his absence, Mr. S. L. 
Marwood,,B A., I. C. .S., late District Magistrate 
and Collector of Cuttack, went through the English 
portions of a great number of proof-sheets of this 
volume; and the author acknowledges with pleasure 
the assistance rendered by them. It may be men- 
tioned here with gratefulness that Mr. Philip volun- 
teered to go through the English portions of the 
pr flowsheets, and he has very cheerfully managed 
to devote at least one hour daily to going through 
eight pages of proof-sheets and make very valuable 
suggestions and corrections, but for which the second 
volume would have had many serious blunders. 
Amidst the multifarious pressing official duties 
-which devolve on, him as the Divisional head of 
Orissa, he has found time to go through the proof- 
sheets with regularity and precision. 

My friend Babu Satindra Narayan Roy M. A. 
B. L., Advocate of Cuttack has been helping me, as 
before, by supplying the Bengalee equivalents of 
Oriya words; and recently I have enlisted the 
eo -operation of my young friend Babu Sudharasu 
Mohan Mukherji B L. } pleader of Cuttack in tile 
-supply ot Bengalee equivalents. Pandit Ramlochan 
'Saran, publisher of the Pustak Bhandar,Laheria&erai,« 
Darbhanga, has been helping me in finding out the 
Hindi equivalents of many Oriya words 

The first volume dealt with 13 vowels; the 
second volume deals with 5 consonants and the 

diphthong *Ksha\ Still, there remain 28 letters to 
be fairoopfed and printed in the succeeding three 
volumes. When the first volume was published in 
September 1931, it was calculated that the second 
volume would be out by March 1932; but on account 
of paucity of financial support from the generous 
donors and subscribers, by counting on whose libera- 
lity this gigantic compilation had been undertaken s the 
printing of the second volume has been unavoidably 
delayed by about 4 months. The financial deadlock, 
through w/Jiicb the world has been passing, has 
affected the Government, and the rich people, more 
than the poor. Naturally the Maharajas, Rajas and 
other patrons of literature and learning, the sons of 
mother Lakshmi ( the Goddess of riches ), were 
not able to respond as generously as some of them 
had done before. That flowing spring of liberality 
having dried up, it would have been impossible to 
bring out the second volume even now, had not some 
well disposed creditors readily lent the sum of seven 
thousand rupees on the security of my residential 
house, and thus enabled me to push on the revision 
and printing of the second volume. Matters have come 
to such a pass that many of the generous subscri 
bers who had promised to purchase more than one 
copy of the work, when published, have been 1 obliged 
to curtail their orders and purchase less number of 
copies; and some, even, have not purchased any copy. 
The Government of Madras, who had promised to 
purchase 50 copies, and the Government of Bengal, 
who had promised to purchase 10 copies, have, on 
account of the present financial stringency, rescinded 
their orders. At this time of financial distress I 
have hesitated to approach generous personages, to 
save them from the mortification of returning me 
from their doors empty-handed. It is hoped that 
better days will soon dawn and the undertaking wiU 
be pushed on with speed and vigour, with gener- 
ous help received from the patrons of learning in this 
land and abroad. 

Up to date, besides a sum of Rs. 7000/- received 
from the Government of Bihar and Orissa, the 
Maharaja of Kalahandi, the Raja Saheb of Chikati, the 
Maharajadhiraj Bahadur of Burdwan and the Oriya 
Sahitya Sangha, for revision and faircopying of the 
manuscripts ( acknowledged in the first volume ), a 
sum of Rs. 20500/- has been received from the 

( Hi ) 

following sources t© meet the cost of -printing. The 
Government of Bihar and Orissa { half of the then 
estimated printing charges ) Rs. 14200/-; Maharaja 
and Ruling Chief of Mayurbhanj State, Orissa, 
Rs. 4000/-; Mohant Maharaj of Bmar Math, Pari, 
Rs. 1000/-; Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of 
Keonjhar State, Orissa, Rs. 500/- ; Rai Bahadur 
Loknath Misra, M. L. C. Advocate and Government 
pleader of Puri, Rs. 500/-, the junior dowager Maha- 
ranee of Mayurbhanj Rs. 200/-; the Raja Saheb and 
Ruling Chief of Kharsawan State, Orissa, Rs, 100/-. 
Besides the above, a sum of Rs. 5500/- is expected 
to be received from some of the doners who 

have made part payments out of their promised 


Raja Ki shore Chandra Deo, the Raja Saheb 
and Ruling Chief of Athmalik State, Orissa, was 
pleased to pay a visit to the manuscripts recently 
and examine them with great interest He promised 
a donation of Rs. 1000/- towards the publication, 
and^yrfnsed into the mind of the compiler new 
vigour by assuring him that this work of national 
.importance, which has been once begun, will be 
completed. He has, in the meantime, sent his promised 
donation on learning of the present financial stress 
though which I have been passing. I am very 

grateful to the Raja Saheb for his generosity and 


Raja Madan Mohan Singh Deb Bahadur of 
Dharakota, Ganjam, the worthy descendant of the 
Oria metrical translator of the great epic 
Mahabharata, and himself a well-known patron of 
literature and learning, has subscribed for 6 sets of 
the dictionary, He visited the manuscripts and has 
.promised financial help to the work. 

The Maharaja and Ruling Chief of Mayurbhanj, 
Pratap Chandra Bhanj Deo, whose promise of a liberal 
donation enabled the compiler to connect the diction- 
ary with the name of his illustrious brother, the )ate 
Maharaja Parna Chandra and who by supplementing 
the Government grant, enabled the publisher to go 
to the presa, has continued to take a paternal interest 
on the progress of the work. 

The Hon' ble Raja Rajendra Narayan Bhanj 
Deo, O* B. E, Finance member to the Government 
of Bihar and Orissa, whose tenure of office will be 

fondly remembered by the Oriya nation in connection 
with the Government grant to this national monu- 
ment, has promised financial support to the work. 

The late Maharaja TJdit Narayan Singh Deo, 
Ruling chief of Seraikala State,Orissa Agency gave me 
a very kind and patient hearing when I paid him a 
visit last year with an introduction from Mr. P. C. 
Tallents, I. C. S. I had great hopes of enlisting his 
support as he was himself an Oria writer of consider- 
able merit and a patron of Oria literature. It is hoped 
that his worthy successor, Raja Sri Aditya Pratap 
Singh Deo, the present Ruling Chief, a man of letters 
himself, who has been following the noble traditions 
of the family, will bestow his patronage on this 

The Raja Saheb of Parlakhimedi, Raja Krushna 
Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deb, who will be long 
remembered in connection with his labours for the 
amalgamation of the Oria speaking tracts,as a member 
of the Round Table Conference and of the Orissa 
Boundary Commission, and who has followed up the 
time-honoured liberality of his family by patronising 
the publication of various books, was approached 
during his visit to Cuttack in connection with the 
sittings of the Boundary Commission. He has .pup- 
mised his support to the work. 

Samanta Radha Prasanna Das, the son of the 
iate Rai Bahadur Radha Charan Das of Soonhut, 
Balasore, whose {amily has been known throughout 
India for extensive charitable and religious endow- 
ments and gifts 3 and who had been devoting himself 
to the oultivation and advancement of Oria literature, 
has expressed a keen appreciation of the work; and 
it is hoped that some of the future volumes will be 
connected with the name of his noble father who was 
a personal friend of the compiler 

I Maharaj Bikram Deb. Burma of Jeypur 

Vizagapatam, as has been stated in the introduction 
to the first volume, has been a staunch supporter of 
this undertaking from its primary stage, when he had 
not graced the gadi of Jeypur. Since he succeeded 
to the estate he had been engrossecr^with many 
unavoidable complications in connection with his 
succession. Now that, through the grace of God, 
these tangles are clearing up, the hope of getting the 

( iv ) 

expected substantial support from, hirfi, for the publi- 
cation of the remaining volumes, has brightened up* 

The hope of getting practical ; support and 

encouragement from various other sources, e. g. 

Maharaja Sir Biramitrodaya Singh Deb Dharmanidhi 

Gyanagunakar, K. C.L E,,M. R A* S., Ruling Chief 

of Sonepur State, Raja Bahadur and Ruling Chief of 

Hindol State, Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of 

Dhenkanal State, Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of 

Baud State, Raja Saheb of Puri, Raja Saheb of 

Bodogodo, Ganjam, Raja Saheb of Madhupur, 

Cuttack, Sreemati Chandramani Patmahadevi, late 

Ranee of Madgula Estate, Vizagapatam, Babu 

Parmananda Sahoo, proprietor, Aska sugar factory 

and Babu Khetrabasi Sahoo, Zemindar and Mahajan, 

of Cuttack, has been entertained, and in some oases 

Chowdhury Mrutyunjoy N. Praharaj, the 
minor Zemindar of Irda, Balasore, who is a promi- 
sing young man and whose estate is now under the 
Court of Wards, has shown his anxiety for seeing 
the publication completed, and has watched the 
progress of the work with a sincere solicitude, befit- 
ting the son of the late Chowdhury Ramnarayan 
Praharaj, who was an Oria and Sanskrit scholar of 
a* very high erder and who had, more than once 
in his life-time, pressed upon the compiler the desir- 
ability of taking up the compilation of a compre- 
hensive Oria 'dictionary. 

The Raja Saheb of Athgash who has now 
completed his course of administrative training 
at Cuttack and* will shortly be installed as a 
Ruling Chief, has never flagged in his earnest wish 
to see the revision and publication of the labours of 
his father's humble friend, pushed through. 

My classmate of good old days, Dewan 
Bahadoor Srikrushna Mahapatra, retired District 
Superintendent of Police, has encouraged me by 
various efforts at securing support from various 
sources for the publication of the remaining volumes. 
Rai Bahadoor Lakshmidhar Mohanty, B. L,,M. L C, 
Advocate, Deputy President of the Legislative 
Council, Bihar & Orissa, who has spared no pains to 
further the progress of the ,"work and to secure 
support for it from the Government and from the 
public, has been as vigilant and helpful as before. 

Mr D.P. 8. Sharma B. A, L C. S., the pre- 
sent District Magistrate and Collector of Cuttack, a 
nian of letters, a big landlord and scion of an ancient 
leading family of Bihar, recently visited the manu- 
scripts and the printed portions and very carefully 
examined them. He has been so much pleased with 
and interested in the work and specially that phase of 
it which aims at establishing connection between the 
Oria and the Hindi languages, that he has volunteer- 
ed to bring the work to the notice of the leading 
men of light and learning of Bihar. 

Babu Bamdeb Misra B. A., Dewan to the 
Ruling Chief of Athmallik State, has,in the meantime, 
supplied me with more than a thousand provincial 
and dialectical words in current use in Sambalpur, 
Bamra and Athmallik States and Jajpur, 

Dr. Radha Char an Panda L. M. S,, a Medical 
nicer under the Puri District Board, who is a 
keen student of the antiquities of Orissa and a rising 
author of exceptional merit, has been supplying me 
with hundreds of dialectical words of Ganjajt^and 
Vizagapatam and words of antiquarian interest. 

Sir. H, L. Stephenson, tho late Governor of 
Bihar and Orissa, kindly permitted me to reproduce 
his photo in the first volume, as its patron; and it is a - 
matter of congratulation that his successor H. E. Sir 
J. D. Sifton who, as President of the Executive 
Council of Bihar and Orissa, had a large hand in 
securing for it liberal Government support, has 
kindly permitted his photo to be reproduced in the 
second volume, as its patron. 

The first volume was dedicated to Mr J. A. 
Hubback, M- A., I, C. S., sometime Commissioner of 
the Orissa Division and President of the Bihar and 
Orissa Banking Enquiry Committee, and now 
member of the Board of Revenue, Bihar and Orissa, 
whose labours in connection with tbe work have been 
enumerated in the introduction to the first volume. 

The second volume is dedicated to Mr. N. F. 
Peck, L C. S.,C. B # E , sometime District Magistrate 
and Collector of Cuttack and officiating Commi- 
ssioner of the Orissa Division, and now Inspector 
General of Registration and Commissioner of Excise 
and Salt, Bihar and Orissa, whose labours in con. 
nection with this undertaking have been enumerated 
in the introduction to the first volume. 

yT ^^^^^^3&^^i^r ^^y^^iy^iw *»s^. ^^^r« 


Maharaja Sree Brajamohan Deb 

Hull rig Chief of Kalahari, Slate (07HSSA), 




»* ««W 

v^ *r«ww«»3 

U. S, Press, Cuttack 



Mr. a. E. Fawcus, M. A., C. I E„ O. B. E., 
V. D, I. E, S., Director of Public Instruction, Bihar 
and Orissa, , whose primary promise to purchase 
125 copies for his department, after inspection 
of the manuscripts, made the passing of the 
proposal of Government subsidy in the Council 
easier, has continued his interest in the progress 
of the work. Mr. H. Lambert M. A., L E, S., 
sometime Principal of the Ravenshaw College, 
Cuttack and officiating Director of Public 
Instruction, Bihar and Orissa more than once, who 
had set the ball rolling by causing the manus- 
cripts to be examined and reported upon by Revd. 
Mr. Pike and other experts and thus brought my 
humble labours to the notice of the Government, has 
been watching its progress with great interest. 

It is hoped that the construction and comple 

tion of this national monument of Oria languag- 

and literature, of which the foundation-stone hae 

been laid by the Government of Bihar and Orissa 

with two such distinguished and august heads, which 

has been associated with the hallowed name of 

the late Maharaja Purnna Chandra, son of the 

illustrious pole-star of Utkal, viz. Sreeram Chandra 

Bhanj Deb, which is guarded and fondly watched 

by four stalwarts on the 4 quarters of Orissa, viz. 

the Maharaja and Ruler of Mayurbhanj on the north, 

the Maharaja and Ruling Chief of Kalahandi on the 

west, the Maharaja of Jeypur on the south and the 

Hon'ble Raja Saheb of Kanika on the east and which 

has such a brilliant galaxy of present and prospective 

supporters, as above set forth, to light it, will not be 

left incomplete for want of proper encouragement 
and support. 

The Government ofjBihar and Orissa have 

already purchased, at half price, 125 copies, which 

they have supplied to the Colleges, High and Middle 

Schools of Orissa. The following subscribers have 

purchased more than one copy: — 

Maharaja and Ruling Chief, Kalahandi State } 
Orissa, 25. 

Raja and Ruling Chief, Keonjhar State, 10. 

Raja and Ruling Chief, Baud State, 8. 

Maharaja and Ruling Chief, Sonepur State, 6. 

Raja Bahadur of Dharakota, Ganjam, 6. 

Raja Saheb of Madhupur, Cuttack, 6» 

Mahant Maharaj of Radhakanta Math, Puri, 3. 

Seven States which were under Government 
administration in 1930, under directions of the Politi- 
cal Agent and Commissioner Mr* Scott, 14. 

Mr, M. S. Das, C. I. E„ Cuttack, 2: 

Raja Saheb of Surangi, Ganjam, 2. 

Prof. Dr. Sten Konow, Librarian, Ethnographic 
Museum, Oslo, Korway, 2. 

27 copies have been subscribed for by Euro- 
peans, Christian missionaries and subscribers 
outside the Oria-speaking tracts, including Bihar, 
Bengal, Madras, France, Germany and England. 
30 copies only have been subscribed by persons of 
the Oria-speaking tracts and the District Boards 
of Puri and Ganjam. Altogether 266 copies have 
been sold and 24 copies have been presented to 
distinguished patrons, well-wishers and associations „ 

When the prospectus was issued in 1929 it bad 
been estimated that the whole work, when printed, 
would cover 3600 pages, bound in 2 volumes, and 
would cost Bs 28400/- ( Twenty eight thousand four 
hundred ) for printing and binding. So, the pre- 
publication price had been announced as Es 30/- per 
set of 2 volumes; but when the 1st volume was prin- 
ted it was found that the whole work would extend 
to 6000 pages, bound in 5 volumes, and the cost of 
publication would come to Rs 60000/- ("Sixty 
thousand); so,the price had to be enhanced.1250 copies 
are struck for the 1st edition. The pre-publica- 
tion price of a set of 5 bound volumes has now 
been fixed at Rs 50/- and of the unbound volumes 
at Rs. 40/-, payable in advance. For subscribers 
who prefer to purchase each volume, as it comes out* 
the price has been fixed at Rs, 15/- for each bound 
volume and Rs. 13/- for each unbound volume. The 
subscribers will have to meet the postal, railway or 
other transit charges for sending the books to them . 
For subscribers who had remitted Rs. 30/- in res- 
ponse to the announcement in the prospectus, the price 
has not been increased; and they have been supplied 
with the 1st volume and will be supplied with the- 
subsequent volumes without further demand. 

\ • The printing and binding charges ' for the five 

volumes of the 1st edition will amount to Rs 60000/-^ 
as stated above. Out of this amount a sum of 
Rs 30000/- has been provided for in the shape of 
donations and subscriptions already received and 

< vi ■» 

promised. So, a further sum of Rs. 30000/- has 
still to be found out, besides a monthly recurring 
expense of Rs. 200/-, being the allowance of my six 
assistants and my bare sustenance, for 2 years more. 
The subsequent 3 volumes will be out at intervals 
of about 9 months each. So, the whole work of 
5 volumes will take about 2 years more to be 

This work of national importance has naturally 
its claim on the bounty of every enlightened and 
well-to-do son of Mother Utkal. As it aims at 
establishing connection, between the Oria language 
{ the mother tongue of 1 millions of people ) and 
the Hindi language ( which is intended to be the 
vernacular medium of exchange of thought through- 
out India ), this undertaking has it claim on the 
liberality of Hindi-speaking persons, the Nagari 
Pracharini Sabha and lovers of Hindi literature. The 
Oria nation has been in intimate contact with the 
Bengalee nation in the fields of religion, litera- 
ture, social communion, commerce and politics; 
and there has been exchange of thought and 
culture between the two nations for the last 6 
centuries. Orissa has given some of its tost to 
Bengal and vice versa. This work is a sustained 
and •systematic endeavour at linking the Oria 
language to the Bengalee, and as such, it has 
its claim on the generosity of every son and 
patriot Mother of Bengal. 

As an humbly return for patronage bestowed 
on, services and help rendered and encouragement 
given to this undertaking in various shapes, I 
decided to append the half-tone pictures of its 
patrons, supporters, and helpers and acknowledge 
their services in the introduction. 

In the 1st volume were reproduced the photos 
which were available at the time. In the 2nd 
volume the photos of the following supporters hav e 
been reproduced. 

1. H. E. Sir J. D. Sifton, K.C.S I , K. C. I. E.,. 
I. 0. S , G-overner of Bihar and Orissa. 

2. J. A. Hubback, Esq. M. A., I. C. S., 
Member, Board of Revenue, Bihar and Orissa. 

3. K. E. Peck Esq, LC.S , C. BE., Inspector 
General of Registration and Commissioner of Excise 
and Salt, Bihar and Orissa. 

. 4. G. E. FawcusEsq.M. A.,C. I. E.,I. E. S., 
Director of Public Instruction, Bihar and Orissa. 

5. Maharaja and Ruling Chief of Kalahandi 
State, Orissa. 

6. S. L. Marwood Esq I, C. S. late District- 
Magistrate and Collector of Cuttack. 

7. Revd. H, W. Pike, B. A., B. D , sometime 
Baptist Missionary, Cuttack. 

8. Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of Athmallik 
State^ Orissa. 

9. Rai Bahadur Loknath Misra B. L„M. L.C 
Advocate, Puri. 

It is intended that the other photos of its 
present and prospective patrons and supporters will 
when availablle, be appended to subsequent vohimes 

At present the compiler's chief aim is to 
provide the wherewithal to get the work published 
by means of donations, grants and subscriptions 
received with advance-orders. So, the pre-publi- 
cation price is fixed to cover the publication-charges 
only without bearing any margin. 

The price of the whole set may be increased, 
So as to leave a margin of profit for the compiler and 
the book-seller 7 when the complete work is published. 

Seeing the expansion of the size of the work 
in comparision with the first estimate, many of mj 
well-meaning friends have been suggesting to me 
the desirability of curtailing the number of words 
by giving one form only ®£ a word which is used in 
more than one form, and by leaving out most of the 
compound words. The utility of a dictionary, as a 
book of reference, lies in a stranger or learner 
readily finding out the meaning of a word whiah he 
conies across in a boofc or in the mouth of a speaker. 
By following the advice of my friends, the size, and 
necessarily, the cost would be much lightened; but 
from a philological and practical point of vieWt the 
primary aim and utility of saoh a compilation would 
be frustrated. My only reply to these well-meaning 

( vii ) 

friends has been the same as would be given by a 
mother of many children, whom she feels it very 
difficult to maintain, when asked to do away with 
some of them to lighten her burden, and to retain 
as many of them as she can maintain without 
straining her nerves and resources. 

"I have devoted the best portion of my life and 
energy in bringing them out to this world and have 
drained my life-blood to sustain them. Each one of 
them is equally dear in my eyes. I may suffer, I 
may be obliged to beg or break stones in the public 
street to maintain them. It may be that I may fail 
in my attempt and all of us may perish; but I can 
not brook the idea of parting with any one of these 
dear little ones. We shall live or die together." 

On the other hand, I am every moment realis- 
ing, to my dismay, that for want of time, of money 
of research, of sufficient sympathy and encourage-, 
ment, of proper bocks of reference, of extensive 
travel, of .proper response from various quarters and 
of inspection of thousands of palm-leaf manuscripts 
lying hidden and neglected in the distant corners of 
the four Provinces, I could not collect thousands of 
words used by the Orias in the various tracts of the 
ancient TJtkal or Kalinga country, of technical words 
of science, trade, art, mythology and history. So, 
when my friends want me to apply the pruning 
knife to the few words which I have been able to 
collect, my pen refuses to obey their mandate, well- 
intentioned though they be. 

May a time come when some monied patron of 
literature or some financially strong body of men 
abler than the solitary and weak compiler ,will take up 
the subject in right earnest and institute a thorough 
search in every creek and corner of the formerly 
Oria-speaking tracts, now lying in four Provinces, 
from the Godavari river in the south to the Ganges 
in the north and from the Bay of Bengal in the east 
to the table-lands of the Central Provinces in the 
west, and collect all words preserved in palm-leaf 
manuscripts and used by people whose mother- 
tongue is or was Oria. Unless this is done, thou. 
sands of Oria words will be lost, which still lurk in 
the mouths of old men and women of the outlying 
tracts and which are gradually disappearing, as the 
process of denationalisation of these people pro- 

ceeds apace, and as persons, who were originally 

Oria in culture, in sentiment and in language 

merge in the virile dominant races of those tracts. 

This is not the work of a jsingle individual of slender 

means and scanty acquirements, like the present 

compiler. The New Standard Dictionary of the 

English Language, in 4 volumes, recently published, 

represents the labour of over 380 specialists and 
scholars, 400 professional readers and the expenditure 
of over 40 lakhs of Rupees, as given out by the 

The courts of the Rajas of ancient Orissa were 
reverberating with music, with art and literature, and 
were the asylum of men of letters, research-scholars, 
philologists and philosphers. Let their descendants, 
some of whom are still burning with patriotism and 
genuine love for the mother-tongue, take up the 
subject of word-collection and philological and 
archaeological research in right earnest on the lines 
adopted by the successive rulers of Mayurbhanj State, 
including Maharaja JPratapchandra, and thus save 
thousands of Oria words from oblivion and extinction. 
Thus and thus only they will contribute to the 
Renaissance of the Oria culture, which had one day, 
emerging from Kalinga, carried the message of 
civilisation, of religion and art and of universal love to 
the farthest corners of the eastern hemisphere*, to 
Nepal, to China, to Burma, to Siam and the islands 
of Java, Bali and Ceylon and the East Indies. 

May that day come, when the civilised world 
will realise howjrich, phonetic and ancient the , Oria 
language is and when the Oria language will be given 
its legitimate place of honour among the cultured 
modern languages. 

The humble compiler, while drawing this hope- 
ful picture of a glorious future, feels happy at the 
thought that though he may not be spared to see the 
glorious day, it has fallen to his lot to now sow the 
tiny seeds which will one daj germinate and spread 
branches and bear fruits, to the aggrandisement of 
the Oria nation. The 'Prachi' Sun is rising in the 

Orient. May the full flood of light illuminate the 
^ace of the earth. 

Bhashakosha Office, 
August, 1932. 

Gopal Chandra Peaha&aj. 

qpi gf in di swi^q^ gw 


Raja Sree Kishore Chandra Deb 

Kalis Snlieb &Rulin« Chief oF Athmatlik State- (OWJftSA) 




s, Cut jack. 

l o 


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9§9 69I9«9 I 9*3 69ag 91% (Halle) 9999 G*- 
9<rtl©*5g9!9l9 ^Bibliothek Der Deutschen Mor- 
genlandischen Gesselleschaft ) q ay$ ( Librarian ) 6 

gi9i9<ai989ai99 63160*9$ 9i$9 9*969%. iff© 

(Professor Doctor Wilhelm Printz) <@ 9j<ai69l«9 

oq9l 6 a«5<|i9ei9 aiQ Gfli s>9t$ Q"G9«IC9 ©jftSo 
g<S69 ap G934G9— 

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696 «* ai$l9i 9«9GQ 6§>?D q<319 <^ SH891Q fla'IWI 
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<Qrf^^ 9»9iiaH 9%®2§ t <S?>€II §9199 999G$ A9W9 
^iqg 8. -CO. Sao ^IG99 6 9^99 ^90,^ ©J ^«ll©6f * 
6 969^9 dqg <«!• <R.. .«9RO 91G 99, 9Q9 QI99<i 
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C^IOWQ ^GMS^ 391$© fll 3§ SI936£)l9q 3°9 699 

a<fc*l, ^|©%«il©9> K^O. I, E. F M. R. A. S., qj§©<(9§©, 

qp®%, grai ©i©6©g;9 ^sr v ©et qgi 4 96QI90Q 

SI999 990Q9, <aG©Q©QI9 q©©§, $©l©©9©, ©&1Q, 

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©991© QIQ 6?)2B Qgi9 &©9i3G9 $9$9 9§ I 

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C9G9-G9N ^9 G9IS ©I9l§ I 9SI91G> <^8g 9^9 
391^9, QG^a©!^ ©1§^©QW!I ©9 9IQT9I3 G9«9 6 

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G^?!f9Q STG^I 9§,fil© G99 6 G^^?ll9QO|^ Q^ WfiW 
9©9, GMQS £TG$» 099^1 «!§?)i9QiG9 99691)9 G99 I 
9191, ^GBi^© i W^SW 999^1, 9Q190§9 j. 
g§©ftia 399^1 ei99 G«l9a§)C9 S9G9§Q G99I9 9^91 
»8 6 GS^aiQ Qa©9ei?ll9 gq^9 G9^ai§ 1 

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G9©©R €91^9 €«Htf 4iqg Gfl. 4, 991© 91G994 
9I9IG9 339 «19 ^99^ G9iQqffiit I 9^9 ETG^I €)ggg „ 

• *♦*<( * - ' " : < c» fr eoMJl** 

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j * < c : r ■: ■: : ■-■ : * * : I , 

•■ : 





■**"■ i' v * 

o.- : . 









The Compiler of the work* 

C. L, Philip ML AJ.CS, 

Cumiiii5.:.iuii£r p Ori$3B DiVifiiuil 


Srimati Pitambari Debi, Colleague, 

flit]® tilQiH<*j G^tf, wSal I 


■ j ■ i r 

■■'Li . 

•r J- **~v •^ y ■. 


. "■ 

■ - 

■ ■■' 




: ':•'. ; ; . ,•; ; r ; rr/\-': rrr-^ri-ritr^ir^nnrr: ; . . - . =■=■■ rvra-vi- 

.■ • 

17, S. Press. Cm tack. 

( 1/ ) 

*./,'.!--. ±..~;r. ■-.-■■ g. is::, -a.....'. _.■■■_■ :„ .■»■,*. _vj ,_tt v.v-a:^^j^^:l^-^ 





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gfitfi <* §oq eigeQ 919 30$© wnku i 9*99 ©jV 

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gmqoico «9£9 9W 963<aq9G9 $9gi§9 69iQ «$3" 
6sw9or% q§^ 9t9t£h 9»9t $Qi99 ^9919 9Q$|69 6 

969 6§3l QQJQ9 9§9ft§ 691 Q 999l<3! ^969 OQJCfiKKF 

a*|69 o 9519$ ^° «iei9 9G$ 1 wQQi < 9$%a 99i$s 9$ 

6QI99 3Q9<i $9«t9€9 9Q9<§>9 69lCfcl§ 6 699$ 9§ fiar 

oqetQ ®iQ69^§ siq$ ct99 91699 69$ ■ w eqaa 9Q 
3169 6 itqg 9919^ 916999 $9<i969 £11919 a96qj9 * 

G9I$?19I, 699 916999 GQ^I^iq 9191 ass© 6991 I 69 
9913^ 9^9|ft 99I9-&93I9 99SI 6 3t99iq 9QSI9 
9§9ft§ A €9©6«b 9ft Q^99 Q^Q^^l 69G99R 99G9 
2091ft l<3^ G!§ ©190 ftl9GQ $419 ftQQQ 6 919 
er6*l «3169 9^6939 69Q I 

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. • G9G9G9G9 ^-qpatWIS Q.Q 90^99 9%^9I 
$<3£j 9iai9«S€9 S$919 69tQ ft 3Q 6 96ft 69 <J9I 991S© 
699, -S99 69fa3 99 31131 91 ft$99' ft $Q, ai^Saift 
STOft 999)9 9S£[ eglft 999I9IQ 6S696969 £ €>§9 
G9IQ ,09 $0, 69696969 9»I91§9 %^ a v ©ET 99IQ9 

SetWP atjflooQCQ t toox, 9(9i9«i90g69 4 qfi 

69699ft 969. J* «* 9£ 9^9191 Q 899 9Q OCXC) 6969 I 
9199 39^9 qjP%9g« 69IQ 9(0 ft $91% 4$ $$G9 
W99« G9$l I 

m ^SQ 9^1 G9tQ $q^ g9lS9 €991 <39 919 
SS'Q S9ISI Q^GQ G9^ «Qfl «3 (prepublication price ) 
* +»^(9V ^^0 ^^®G)| ^Q 9^SlQa§ I ©3^ 9I999IG9 
WWM 9§ GftG9 G99lftijr 39 9 $*«><; (^oa *9l) G99l<g 
G99 I G3$*3IGft WQQ ^ €991^^99^9 eJiQ 9913 G991 
qsa 9GCf SQ «l§ 9tfj9|% Q9I 9QG9, e«MlW^fl©«9 991 

q$$ aiQ s ^*^ (8Q9 *^ij 6 2»9«i q^§9 aiQ* ^ t*^ 

(G99 S?I)'G99I% U^v I 9l999lft9 @9$GQ 9^09191 
91^ 9l99«lGft 99ft 99G9 I 9^ «^ 99KI Q^ 
<199l»lft 2199 fl^ft 6991 gi999teft 9g98 <1 9^9 
99I3G9 91919*1 9Q69, og 9^^^ G9«ift^_ MlW 
9<S! SiGQSI 9^169 9^091 9iig«i 6 9fif9 I <^ ^9«G9 

<.>*<> 5i|$ s© iai G9^a$ i an <a§G9 99ig ^^*» eeii9 

^I9<19 <19 919 9^ tJtW a^»> 9i^ 91^ * *°^ ^^G9 

9^9199 919 <& qgWWfif 939ft CSHQ 9G9 9JG9 9^9 
91^19^1 9?«a «g98 S -9*<* G99I €J©9 I Gi3€f 9l995tlGft 

g© -«9 ftei9 «aeftG9 €9flift9r as^9 €«€«>§ ;^§ aiai 

9^19 »S ; ^ G^Q 9i999IGft 99g <ag S9fa €99! 
a<?%a99^ G9G9, 699IGft G99Q q9 $119 9«^ G9Q 
<i 9S* aiQ9€9 I * €t§gi9 9S 1 $Q1 9Q9( 0G9 <J9 919 9$9 

< 9£9 9S999 ^^ G99I9 G9^ G3I9 9^99191 

9^% Qfiyiico 9i9aiQ «jcqa 6 ^p9| 9%aagj 63, 

«9<?«il 99IQ QagiQ, <39W9 «I9I9G9 9<19?9 a99iftfiif9 
G«if<l 9I§) 3919 93191$, 9^9 q^iG9 6 G9«IG9 Q5)- 
09 39I9G9 9i9§9 4J99I99T9 9^9%j 919 9Sigi$ 6 
^919919 G9G99 99 fl^ 92831^; 9^ £ ^99 99 
9i«J«l§G9 glftG9Q^9l €9fa§ 99 QOIQ C99I^LGSi 
9J9 £U$ fttg* ! 9$9^lftC?_ €Qi€9iafQ P ^851 G^fl 9%^9l 
G9f^l§ SMOK^eaeQ «9KMIQ0Q*J 6 ^€tqQ9ld* 9^lft" 
OlftG? Sil%G9G99€^99 G991^9l A899G9 aiQ €991^ 
$eiG9a 9^1311, 9191 G9G9 9191 69 $3693 QlQft 9Q 
9IQG9 % ? ©9 G99% 9«9^ 9g9t£j 9Q, 3191^0^ 
G9Q^9€), G9G9 $8$ QIQ, 6969 ^0919 3§, G9G9 
?*Q<i\Q 95J19 !3l9i^ 9)9 &$?&§, 919 OiU% 69$ 9^199 
©S 6^6991% 919W 919 99 t ^^^ 9969 9 9^ 9^)ft 
991ft 6 a$ *ft; <3GQ 69^69 91919 9969 3191 $^9 
6991 9499 *f G9I 9® 9lft9 ft9Q<99%6a 69g9f $<^9 
69$^lfi : — 

**G969 9^ QtQ, «B9ft9 «ft1 99g 391, ^51, 9^ft 
6 $3l&ft69 99iffi9 69Q, t* 9Q9IA 99919 9Q 6^1$ 
9lft9^aiQ39 6 9«faft 99 9IQ9 ««, 9* 969, 96^ 939 
091*33 9<f, $919 $69, SjW H|<f , g91 916*, «lft *6fe 9969, 
919 92a% 91910 9« €>SG99I%G9| 919 ^9 ftl^ f 919 
«B9ft69 691 919ft, 919 99369 691 993 l" 

99« *■$ 9§ 999 W q[ 63ia 90 919^ ftl^ 69i(R 
6919 9^9*1689 9^9Q I 99^1^9%, aftiq9% $QQg 9^1 

6 9991Q aq9vj, $at9 6 9i9igH aq9%, q&ai 6 %6^ta 

^9%, 69369 30«ft9£ 6 q.g9!9l9 «q9% 9$ 933 
9633 39, 69ai°QgQ99 39, Q$ 09 9i9^l^ 6 94|»- 
9999 39, 9$lft3 6 ftlftl 9919 9t4$39 39 ^ -zjQV 
90 9IQS* 91R, $§9$<a1 3I»9 9.99^9(9 $Q 9lQSi QIJ^ 
$$d ^169 ^9 9 99^ qL J9 91Q 910^ ftt@ 9 9^* 
UI^Q ftl$"- $$^^1 €13969 969 969, 91 <f 9i<3* 9tQ9f 
691^ 69t9 «tt$^9t 6 $9 ^%^9i 993 99§ q%3l 69i^ 

•.ft-**- v ■ " :. !■ 

:^4P^^Ht^=^4t533'-3^'^^S= B5-£^ fi" 3= S:t^3^S=S=^-&- ^3-3f-^P-£-< 

S L. Mar wood Esq. I, C. S, 

Lnt* District Magistrate & Collector. Cultack, 

Q%QGl W®9 M^i) ?il&C5* 6 OfcQSfcQ 

G. E, F&weus Esq, M r A,, C I, E., 

O. B r E„ V. P., I. E. S. 

Director of Public In-ntriictiarh Bilinr & Orissn, 

4. €>. Q>, CI Q^ %'Q. Q. 

Visvatiath Kar 

tJilur of Ulkal SahiEyji,. CUTTACK. 

srqa WOW <?Q i 

Reverend H W. Pike B A., B. D. 

SunitiliniE^ R is pi h -it Mis&ionnrVi Cn flock 
oF the Unptitt Mission Society. 

i§QBO ^qg <IQ : W%1 AIQ9 «Ml$. . 

9SW ™i*ai SNora, q*g> 

Rai Bahadur Loknath Misra 

Advocate-, Government Pleader < Puri. 

2LGjG$C5>*,G3*€Stfli | Q$, q.g 


U. S, Prcs* CuLLit:k. 

( IV ) 

K » w4fr' a itt fc *jft0iwiBfr rffir i « a »ciiftis" i ) T i M^^ i 



G9§ QIQQ ©!§; 9erq<al * solq*1- *www> $«* S6W 
<S$«a 399 9cr»i * §ol 9®€i9 OTQ at$«* 9if- 3»< fl 

$aG9 g©9<3 qsiQ 9^?, 6 s>9« «* 9©99 W q*i' 

Q8C9 0fi9|1 QSIQ 9Q9 69«!Q 3IQ^ ©l§ ; &§>« 39- 

ascy 9Q 4 QOQISI g«i© aiQ9iaiG M 4 ©, gt<$9 6 am 

Q<3IQ gifllS© «NO 9&QOT MGQOQI 9© 0!$^ 9I£. 

G^aio, cfo, si9i 6 Q«^1a a €hia, ©$H * 9i€*V©a, 
aqa 6 ew sdq G9asi9 qsi9ifiGQ 69Q 6?a wcr) 

39h9(Q $TS9G9 V&QQ, G$ G9€M9QG9 6 9Q© Qsigq 

6<?a qei ©'©a ap'aiQtae, <9i |£q 9© ai©Q ©ig i 

9^ 99§— 99 a% Ca^QQ QQ©9 g©99 QSh 

flioQf-flacQi^aqw €9G<a siqTq, C9G9 W9?», 
G9G9>$9 6 ara^iaa*, qflWftio^W^iOQQ oi -we^ 
«9Q9 *rag1, © afta©, © 9©cn©, 9 ssrsw, © w«(, 

© W>IWil, 9 3«*9fti, 9 ©S9»i, 9 919, © 9?$$, 
© g£Pl f © 9l99v * 9©SLI€H%, © G9il©S, © Q99I9, 

© a^G99, © a^^9, © aspfo,. © 9«ii99«, © «Mri9, 
a^cspwi^a g<aiG9 © 9 gM 98wcq90%q 
sicciioqgs 9ft«s, ieaaiGft sitite 9©Gf%9i9iQ G9a- 

9G9€i6Q, ■ 3i9flS(9,Miai$fi«l © 39191 6 © S$|9 

9glQ 9© 9 ?Wtel g^9 9©aiQ»8§, «9I G99tt 

qownl 995, G99» gioi. agoflgal 095, coffa 
8i%.oi*agwgo1 «J9§, 9^9 9919999 ©^^»«5»1 


■aflTTOrf W i flririfHir^T " i ■ iri 1 '■ t^rvm Wfcm w - — 

21999 99 Q<3I <$ 3I§»H9CI9G9 & .WHTO6Q 6$>a 

WH%>'** a ^no^qt, oai <£$a Qi©^Qiqr gia* ^9 

m$ G99l%. S$° €9^9 9I§* I O 90 9G9 9$q a§9 1 

eg 99 « ■ejtewa, 9GI«SIs 39199 <i ©qtG9 €9Q, 9$I$9G9 
G9Q, G9QOIG9, 636? WgiGQ, G^I^ ^ aiw 9Q 
99i9IQ ^9, G^ 9; ©19 Q WJI <I9I G9^t QQ^ Sjfll Sl^9 

9©q9i £fl« €^9^%a w a^, oi«i,..a«9, qa 4 

era q9IQ.91«ij €.«.-9l 9IVI9 «ii Q<£\$ Q§ 9ft aGifliqiGGi 
*W» .699- I 

6^a q^i "«94j|9, w#9 6 q9g^9GQ ^y^g 
qQ9^ eiGff 9 Q^!Oi% ^^ 6G9 I i^aqgisj a^9^ 

qQG9 2JG09 »99 q«t9 Giq^lP $)2aG9l6 ft $Q, <i§ 
q.<iH G9« 9^afe«99, A9I99, «910§9, GShl©€9» 

q«i©999, «w9fli©t, Q9i€i^Q , 09 woggawwQ- M^8, 

9^9 4 ^»l^a 4Q t <9I »Cl© 9l3 9S9 gql^O G9^> I 

69a 9r©sj gtol© 9QMOI GQCjTaQ 999cq6aeq9«] 

gQ^ 9G9 Q9*«0CQ ^&1 G^§aQ 2flGQ9?l^ G99 I gioi 

tQsQ gioi GiaQG^'giole©*!^^ ^q" ^919 a* .(rs^"6 
(S # .9.999 . 1 

"V *>v 

qpaiGSisMW, 9S9 

i $\ GQIOIQOm; 99QI9 I 


( u ) 

a.4oo (Seen qi@i6Qi€ QQ'QoeQ qmq$© a§©iogg, 

M. W.— fls>a@ f sjangsj o© e<a«Kj«qs> g>®c>i<a i 

Kirtikar— ©^§ «^Q|Qs5fQ Indian Plants' 

Apte — GgiGffSS SGGgSfQ Practical Sanskrit — English 

Dictionary (g^«-Q<»$j9fl «lQai©) | 
Beams— Beam's Comparative Grammar of four 
Indo-Aryan languages (qsqqr c^qg|Q 9*119^) I 
Haines — 9I4Q SIG9Q9 Botany of Bihar and Orissa 

Howells — ara 9S9P aiG9W agsilfo 6f>a-Q*q«] 
a$aiQQ aigp§ t 

Fallon— O^QfflfiVWrQ §QgW-Q d Q«n QQQ\<% I 

Sir George Greierson — Linguistic Survey of India 

OruHdy— qi© $§ gi£9Q<3 i^a-Q^Sl Q§ Qiq I 

®GQg — sgiGff<3 Gfliw qiss sew qsiQ aoaia ( 
©«.G9i<3— QGCiQQia Q%«? s«al© scroi ^Geis' 1 
caiewg— q^ 9I9i$q csncwj ^j Wiiew £9$a 

'g$©w mm 3 1 

Q9Q GQI3 t 

clIQg^— The Student's Bengali and English 

Dictionary (§. Client 9Sr3WqS8 aftillSO \ 

gviqa— * »G«g»i2) gso ^99 tobi 'so^ fiai* i 
rafcera -qpi qai9i$ cwr ?iq aqiS© w»i 'sfleT 

aos%g s — QcriaQGQ q$© $3 © sew i 

216*©, 2IQm©IW — 9$Q ©«Q G0ai»eil9Q 99$ 

«©3 g>§— yfjq qq 91915Q aeqoo, 91$ t 
ae*sK£i - giolo 99 siQq»H siscje 9N i 
Q§Q-$i§«h — tffi ©wia 9Q9 g»i9o sits as i 

q^fti; ^$»!q?iq — giqg q§ai$aiq G9Si 1 
$»s»8 — a§© 31 $Qfl2 Qia i 

aerial— S«lq 99 cisfiaQ ctc?q i 

QlflQ^— 3i9lQ 99 9I3Q3 Qiq 1 

GQW Ml — §§£Q^ SWlS© GQ©9 9p 9) I 

05UJ©— ©*© GJ©Sf^Q$HS)9 g<?!&> 3^91 I- 

a1«^Q— 99 aloi^ Qjg (o?9 q.Q«i) 1 
aloi^g— gflflg aloi^q g^ i 

g«ia— sigS ^9o gsilfo altG€wii 1 



giol — oto giotaSQ goia© g^ais* i 

Q^I^SSilW— ^d1q QhI<3]CSI90 «l^fl*l I 

ooqa— gioto 09 ooqfl QW .(Qfll^) 

9. 60. q..— 99 G0Q<3] W« 1 

qoisjo— a§© tin 90i£[o 9s i 

9«wna— giolo 09 9«i/m «5ra (q©9Q5ii^) 

sijsqw qg<a -giol-ggwi i 

oeaia— §0Qia 9900019 goto W©w I 

Qg9is, q§oq«si— giolo 09 $§€>Q«a oia i 

$&— 99-sgi$ Qcag «« i 
^jcii— qsftiflOQ (oatQtat) i 

■Qorcaow— $q 9i€9o ai aoiq©Q*i. a|oi^o i 

3po — gto! gggiQiQ 09 $09 g«ite egflfltfto t 

sioogtoq— digg s)90G3i90 a|Oi£[o (oefoifo) 1 

S9IG9Q— giOlQ 0©, S9IG90 913 (flltfc^q qq«) | 

aG«uo$--gi©1o 09 aG€iiQ$ §°9 i 

<GgsQ§ s^ciloi) i 

qOW€HQ— OlgQ til qOSCSIQ OQ I 

qaiQia— owq 3«l£j qaioia ^ t 
qww— giote 09 qs9isi 19|£W«1Q§) I 

Sqswo— giolo 99 3««Q (wi .ociora) i 
goi^i^— oto^ goilto sigi$o $wa$> i 
ssie— o%o% goilte aigi§o qqjoap i 
$9919— o$o^ gotSe ai§o a^ei i 

3!9»l— giolQ o© QIQOI 9W WI^O©) i 

qpa ew— owgiQ qoi yflq qei 9§ 9iqg99- 

^QQ G99 I 

§ q 9 G99 i 

9€Q<J8— W9Q© 9G9$1 §3 (99*) I 

4&a «qsii«» 3©iQ«fcQ # qa:a«jeQ a^Q©QlQQ€iGQ qhq^q Qgaiee aqoq i 













































S) • 



« (9*0) 

■^ ■ 



* (0Q9Q) 

t — 



















































( V ) 














































Wi 9 91 9 


w or v 


























< Slgesj qh99© giG*©o a^Q 6 q^aioq 1 qqq^ i 


aQi^Q=:gQi^©eQ 9s9$« ao Ql Q$i i 

.-|-*I$I99«^2K|9Q<SI 9Iq 6 igq gon^ I 
-f-SIQIQIQ =881919 9IQiCQ g©^ i 

a«)9 — 92H9|^I€Q 91 GS*«IIG9 9H9$9 31$$ €19 

91 QQIGtf I 

*BQff — SflQO 91 S Q€II3.G9 9i9$« €19 I 

Q»=»Q°q«B q<ai 1 

QOQ — QQQQMH^ €19 91 Q€l I 

qoj— Q»i«iq qsi 1 

QOHiQssa^PQ^I a© 6 63§ aoqg a9«« €19319 i 

6=*<$§>eo qgi 1 

9©qsi=«9©q a9GQ 6 »S5o QGas*-cs*6iiw 

919-gO 39 91 q<ai 1 

9$».Q<&9iiaQr 9^9 $q q<ai i 

+ Q$— Q$ 9IGHG9 S9nq I 
+ 9^^910SCQU9M^ I 

9*11=9*119^ S9IS ( 
€91^»€9l%tq^l I 

§—§sjaQ 1 

3, 93«§gji Qca«atfi 1 

sl-sMi» 1 

afl©=a3©€ii$G9 9*19^9 €19 I 

a|©=Q©Q999T W9 31969 9<I9$Q €9 9 1 9l9i I 

q-W*1 Q«l i 

gj. g|0«!=>gig«t 9m99I9 ; fllff© SI§91G9 9Q9I& 39 I 

©*?=•©*> G9€tQ qai i 
G9W4""CQ"lietflMQ-9i9f9 39 I 
©Cl«a3©$ 39QQ 91 9919*919*1 I 

9l=~©fia q<ai I 

$©— qOQ\ 99 I 
€©— Gtt^QaM 

Q& B .Q& WGQ 9i9$© «9 I 

€Q = €^29 €19 I 

««■* WQ$1 €19 < QSI€»I<3Q €f9$3G9 

Jaaigl9G9 G«l» I 


gi=<2i<a© q<ai i 
ai. ai$— sa© ai$j 

yg,£>Q33=a£>Q 3Q9Q€IC9 «3© 91 $9|Q© 

91 aa 3$iflM €19 I 

OS Q9«9$ ©©JWJ? SOT I 

oy.«9g?Q9 stcr i 

( W /) 

;*-< £■. j- -f.-nf i *4^- . -x.'JUtt** H-i*iw - ■■ 

r. -y. -T* -^Jj 7 . . J < l M J t J W J 1 ,fc.« .^ , *■<>*-> 

«^^^-*—~~»*~.«^m .-..., 

h +J -■ ■■*;iii .n 



oi%9=^oi*969 9m9§© qjsrji as i 
69i\=*aw<$1 sq ©«^cq *tei i 

6Q69 9aigser69 qsis 699i gi^iSfQ q§ i 

Q9«« = 699» Q9«i€Q 9i9$9 S89IQ I 

a$ — a$Qte q<ai i 
ai=»ai<£j q«i i 

fli—gi^o-qfli i" 

Sid©— Siote 9£fli9$rG9 swgoaapi ©9» sq i 

gi69=giG$S9 91 G9SI S96€l<a SQ©« 39 t 
[ CSS* S£Q 318969 4 €15? 9i9$9 GS Sl8«fl!QQT 

qis 9$«i fl&iGQ se>a €9iQ«ti'"i" aa:— i fli€Q 

(QS9) — 9*9 ©SIGQ 9«t9§9 giG9SQ €IP ] 
ffl = OTQq1 9| QiQq^t 698 gQ«9 qj<8l I 

Get^g^'91 ariff 69si g©«9 qsi i 

9="9©G> ; ( ^9 = 09909; ^9=^99^ 


9 s =9er»i q<ai i 

9?. 9. = 9$9Q9 I"'" 1 
9 — 9639*1 Q9 1 

Q^!ftaQQtgi = 9»69 9h9§9 t 9IQ^€9 €19 I 

§3 — 96«SN3 09-1 

9319 9« = 9GSSS9 96SSS1 | 
9Q<S]9=a6S>l§ «©Q 9a ( 3aoieTG9!a9 ,.S9 i 

GQG9==G^GQa9 q<ai (mi— c°q«, aswi, ffi«rfl, 

m 6£f$ * ©<S© afe ) Q SJSI9 £19 | 
C^iQ^-cSwe 9£ 91 $&S|63*?6$ 9*9?© S9 I 
9©Q; 9£>1=«9§9 QC*9 $$9$*^ 49M6© 69l§< 

9©i9 $g^ 6QQ9r 9%© q«ii t 

+Q9*»<. §M&S©<% 
>. $9 9l©i69 g©*!^ i 

a. a. 6<g— fl*raQ6«wl o&lfi^ i 

a«l=0Gtfl§ a0 ^' c€ ^ 96^9 ^9i9Qtf i 
3Qa = SW,Qq.9 6 S©S9Q «H»69 9fC§9 QQ^t \ 

+<am =*^ef g©^ t 

gsp—qwis a9 i 

g9©Q=<]Q§) $| 43Q 969 TOI S90Q 39%6a 

qi<5i»1^qi<§iafli9$r qqo qqi t 

+ Wef-"fl9Q 6Ste© «efe«* 9<*9§© g©^ i 
§=§0l 9.I gQ^W q«3l I 
699 — 699.QSI I 


«qi— 0«J 9Q§ I 
^9»<199©G> | 

4- ( 38 )=«a9i9 4.9 6991 99 to 91 ai^ 6 

g«^$(y€9 Q9l%§ 09 I 
=( m$ )=* ai% 6 g©i£| 9§ 9i ^q a0 9S 9iq. 

6991 a9 9) acT^i-a^q aef i 

t ( g« )=-S6Q9 Q«69 g9^ €>^i t 

— ( ©m )«aQ9€i 39*9 9Rt «9 91 «I9 6 «rf" 9! 

^Qf qO 9&J6Q .OHftflCtQ ©® I 
Etc; etc. ~ Please refer to the word preceding and 

its following words in this Dictionary. 
See = Please refer to the preceding word. 
Law = Legal term. 










= Technical words used in 

the said Sciences 


ii -pmmin pi Mi i P i 

.-- "• 

- , 

\# - 


The illustrious PATRON of this 

Raja Sree Narayan Prasad Deb 

R*j* Saheb »nd Ruler of Bctudh Slat* ( Oritft) 

si m di qp ff i^S 4 sgi(51 ' 6W 

S3 f W -W 

U, §. Press, Cuttack, 

S J 





I B 




Q9lq <aq c mq 9^ ©-a ) 

*— 0§O till Q51QQ Q2J 
v— g§0 €fi ff£$°§ 99I9I3 1 
*— ^ Q9GOTQ AS 


* * 


( A lexicon of the Oriya language ) 

Volume — HI (Consonants Cba — Tha) 

Comp«7er-G. C. Praharaj 


Advocate, Patna High Court, Cuttack, B, N. R. Orissa (India ) 

With the help of a body of colleagues 

Printed and Published by V. Kar 

SS^*^" 1 


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1. Messrs Luzac & Co. 

Oriental and foreign^ book-sellers 

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2. Mr. Otto Harrassowitz 

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4. The Bhas ha kosha Office 

P, O. Chandnichauk, 


Orissa, India 

5. The Students' Store 

Berhampore, Dt. Ganjam. 

6. The Pathasala Press, 

Bankipore, Patna, 

Price Rs. 16/- er volume 









The third volume of the 



( Oriya Lexicon ) 

is dedicated to 

Raja S*ee St ee Sree Narayan Prasad Deb 

Raja Saheb and Ruler, Boudh State 

in grateful recognition of fiis sincere solicitude for the puSlieation 

of tfie worft and tfie ualuaSle encouragement affordecf 6y fiiro 

to f fie cause of Oriya literature Sy a li6eral donation of 

Rupees Kgfit thousand" towards tfie pu61ieation 

efiarges of t6is uoluroe 

Cut tack 

May, 1933 


By his admirer 

The compiler 
C. Praharaj 

til £1 til Qiq^fl gqiQ CW flG9l^<? aiSWqQGQ 
O 989. CSlSj <SL§Q W 6 Si© 3WIGQ Q^d QQ I 




ff *fi»' 









»■ 4^1 V"^^*^ 




Raja Srec Narayan Prasad Deb 

RaJH S*hcb and Ruler of fteiidh Si Ate 
( lo whom thii volume ii dedicated ) 

< $$ 


^ pj 


* ^i 

/i Ki' 

i. S- Pros, Cuttuck, 


to the 3rd volume of the 


The contents of the 3rd volume. 

Through the never-failing Grace of the Almighty 
Father the t&ird volume of the Oria Dictionary is 
now placed in the hands of the public. It covers 
"iTconsonants beginning with the letter © ( cha ) 
and ending with a ( tha ). The Oria language has 
got 13 vowels and 34 consonants, including the 
compound letter s ( ksha ). The first volume 
dealt with the 13 vowels, the second volume with 
the first 5 consonants and the compound letter fi 
Vksha)^and the third deals with 12 consonants. So, 
up to the end of the 3rd volume 31 letters will 
have been treated, and there still remain 16 letters 
from $ ( da ) to 9 ( ha ) which are estimated to 
occupy the next two volumes. 

Certain devices for saving space. 

In the third volume have had recourse to 
certain space- saving devices. Two phonetically 
similar words, having many letters in common 
and differing from each other in one or two letters 
only, have been treated as one word by the use of 
brackets. For instauce, instead of writing C©lGi!Q9l 
( Jokhaiba ) and GftiSGlQQl ( Jokheiba ) as two 
separate words, they have been written as one 
word, G9ietl(C<Sl)Q9| [ Jokha(khe)iba ]. ( vide page 
3040, 1st column ). 

In many cases words derived from a 
have been noted below the word and their parts 
of speech noted againsfc them, instead of each being 
treated separately. For instance, under the word 
©CQQI^I ( Tadekatma ) which is an adjective, its 
derivative noun form ©69©l%9 ( Tadekatmatwa ) 
has been noted below it, instead of being treated 
separately ( vide page 3338, column 1 ). 

In the case of words used in more than one 
form , one form has been given as the principal 
word and the alternative forms have been noted 
below it. For instance, @H19»QQ ( Damadaula ) 


has been given as the main word and its alternative- 
forms 90l€9l£t ( Damadola) and @aie@lQ (Dmgdaula^ 
have been noted below it, instead of being treated 
separately ( vide page 3222, column 1 ). 

By means of these devices there has, I think 
been a saying of at least 200 pages in the matter 
contained in this volume. 

Suggestions have been made to make use of 
the spaces left vacant on the right of the Oria 
and English meanings, by continuing the matter 
of the lower line in the upper as one line. This 
plan would, no doubt, save much space; but as it 
has not been followed in the previous volumes, the 
deviation would be resented as an innovation by some 
users and would be confusing to many others. 

In the fourth and succeeding volumes it i& 
proposed to discontinue the use of head notes 
occupying the top of every page, as the users of 
the dictionary must have become familiar with 
the directions given in these head-notes in the first 
three volumes. Only at intervals of, say 50 or 100,, 
pages, and on the top of the beginning of every new 
letter will these head-notes appear. This will 
certainly result in a substantial saving of space. 

The number of words in the lexicon. 

To satisfy my curiousity I had the words 
treated in the first three volumes counted. It is 
found that 62 thousand words find place in these 
volumes. It is "expected that there will be 60 
thousand words more in the subsequent volumes, 
thus bringing the number of Oria words to one 
hundred and twenty thousand, or at least one 
hundred thousand. The Hindi Sabdasagara 
( Hindi dictionary, compiled by the Nagari 
Pracharim Sabha of Benares ) appears to have 
93 thousand words- Babu Jnyanendra Mohan Das's 
Bengalee dictionary contains 75 thousand words, 
Webster's English dictionary originally contained 
80 thousand words in the 1847 edition. 

L.' 1 - 



■ J* 



Still, some thousands of provincial or dialectical, 
technical and classical words have not found $>l$cd 
in this compilation, for want of assistants and resour 
oes required to compile them. Now that a tolerable 
ground-work has been laid, it is hoped that energe- 
tic young men and societies, commanding resources 
and workers, will supplement the number by collec- 
ting words from every conceivable creek and corner; 
and then Oria will be pronounced to be one of the 
ricfeest a rid most phonetic language^ on the face of 
the earth. '~ 

Books of reference. 

I take this opportunity of repeating here, with 
gratitude, the valuable help I have received from 
the English, Hindi, Bengalee and Oriya books of 
reference, the names of which are mentioned in the 
list appended at the end of the introduction. 

Incompleteness of the vocabulary 
of a living language. 

It may be noted here that it is impossible to 
compile a complete vocabulary of a living language, 
as it is to compile a complete biography of a living 
person. A living vernacular is being every day 
-enriched by dozens of new scientific, technical and 
professional terms which are coined from day to day 
to suit the exigencies and requirements of the times. 

Preliminary stages of publication. 

As has been stated in the introductions to the 
previous volumes, the alphabetical compilation of 
the Oria words has been completed and the manus- 
cripts once revised by me. Fair copies of the manus- 
cripts are made, which, after revision and necessary 
additions of Hindi and Bengalee equivalents, will 
. be ready for press. 

The prospect of the publication 
of the complete work. 

As the printing of successive volumes advances, 
the prospect of the publication of the complete work 
becomes brighter and brighter, and I hope that God 
will not let this work of national importance, once 
begun, remain incomplete. 



My valued colleagues and assistants' in 
the compilation of this volume. 

My valued colleagues and assistants in the 
course of the preparation of the third vplupie have 

been: — 

. (1) C. L., Philip Esq. M. A., L 0.. S, C.:I, E., 
Commissioner, Orissa Division, recently gone home 
on leave, has very carefully gone .through the 
English portion of most of the proof-sheets of the 
third volume, as he did in the case of the second volume. 
"Whenever he was at head-quarter# Ite insisted on 
the proof-sheets being regularly; f Btobj»itted ,to 
him. Towards the close of the printing of the' 
third volume he left for England, and from 
what I have seen of his successor Mr. E, &■. Hoernle 
L C. S, a man of high literary acquirements, I am 
justified in entertaining the hope that he will, to a 
great extent, fill up the gap made by Mr. Philip's 

(2) The continuous and lively co-operation and 
sympathy of Sreemati Pitambari Devi , my sister-in- 
law, have enabled me to sustain the fatigue and strain 
of incessant daily labour for 12 to 15 hours. She has 
helped me in exercising the manifold activities of 
lexicographer, reviser, f air-copy &fc, 'proof-reader, 
compiler of quotations and dialectical words 
and searcher in hundreds of books of reference in 
English, Hindi, Bengalee and Oria, off and on for 
the last 15 years. She has cheered me' on wher- 
ever I have seemed despondent, she has braced me 
up whenever I have become tired and she has goaded 
me on whenever I have lagged behind. In a word, 
she has been my inspiration in this arduous task 

these 15 years. 

( 3 ) Srijukta Viswanath Kar, my preceptor in 
the field of .literature, Editor of the Utkal Sahitya 
magazine and proprietor of the Press in which the 
work is printed 5 has personally supervised the printing 
and proof-reading of the forms, even when 
he is too ill to attend to other duties. 

( 4 ) Pandit Kulamani Das, Head Pandit, 
Bavenshaw Collegiate School, Cuttack, who has been 
kindly permitted by the authorities to work with me 
for one hour daily, has not only critically examined 
and revised the fair copies, but has embodied many 
valuable notes and additions in the body of the book, 
after consulting many standard works of reference. 


I v ] 

(5 ) Babu Krishna Chandra Misra M. A., JJ. I<» 
of C attack, eo me time my junior in the bar, has 
recently volunteered his help to go through the 
proof -sheets and press-copies, to lighten the strain 
put on me. Since I began word-collection 15 years 
ago he has now and then rendered me help in various 
ways, but towards the close oi the printing of the 

* third volume, when he found me despondent over the 
prospect of losing the valuable co-operation of Mr. 
Philip and anxious to find a helpmate in his place, he 
came forward with an offer of his daily service for 
2 or 3 hours, which I gratefully accepted. 

' Jt-6 ) Babu Satindra Narayan Ray Mahasaya, 
M. A., B. L., Advocate, Outtack, has diligently gone 
on supplying me with the colloqual Bengalee equi- 
valents for many Oria words whenever he gets a 

•'little leisure from his professional preoccupations. 
His labour has been a labour of love throughout. 

( 7 ) Pandit Ramlochan Saran, publisher and 
book-seller, Patna and Laheriaserai, has very gladly 
supplied me with colloqual Hindi equivalents of 
many Oria words whenever I have required his help. 
He has even, in this connection, undertaken journeys 
to Outtack. 

(8) Pandit Ramchandra Rath, the rear-guard 
of the once famous batch of Satyabadi educationists, 
has clung to my staff with a tenacity of purpose 
which has elicited nothing but praise from those 
who have seen him prepare the fair-copies from the 
manuscripts. He has worked for the last 3 years. 

(9) The extraordinary sharpness of Babu Padma 
Charan Das, Assistant of the Utkal Sahitya Press, 
Outtack, in detecting mistakes in the proof-sheets 
is unrivalled. He has, at a glance, detected scores 
of printing mistakes where 5 or 4 proof-readers 
preceecjiug him could find none. He has spared no 
pains in thoroughly going through the proof -sheets 
and watching the printing of the forms with, the eyes 
of a zealot, in the course . of the publication of the 

-three volumes, 

( 10 ) Pandit Narsing Mahapatra, Assistant 
teacher, P. M. Academy , Outtack, insisted on working 
in the staff, when he found that I , would not 
be able to pay him even the scanty allowance which 
I have been wont to pay to my assistants. 

(11 ) Babu Bhubaneswar Misra has been 
un my staff for the last 2 years. 

( 12 ) BabuGolak jChandra Pradhan, an Oria 
classical scholar and a talented^ Oria poet, who has 
devoted his attention to t^e composition of Oria 
poems in the style of our classical poets but in simpler 
language, has been working in my staff, off and 
on, for the last 4 years. 

My supporters and well- wishers. 

Besides these gentlemen who have been 
regularly assisting me, I am indebted to the follow- 
ing gentlemen for their co-operation, support and 
patronage . 

Babu Bamdeb Misra B. A, Dewan, Athmallik 
State, has supplied me with hundreds of words 
current in the Orissa States and in Jajpur. 

Babu Batakrishna Mahanty B. A, Dewan, 
Boudh State, has also been profuse in his supply of 
words peculiar to Boudh and Dhenkanal States , 

Rai Bahadur Jugal Eishore Tripathy, M. A, 
Dy. Magistrate and Dy. Collector, Bihar and 
Orissa, Dewan of Keonjhar State, has evinced a 
keen practical sympathy and solicitude for the publi- 
cation of the remaining volumes, by bringing the 
work to the notice of several distinguished 

Srijut Harish Chandra Baral B.Sc, I. S. R. S, 
Assistant Traffic Superintendent, G. I. P. By. 
Jhansi, a rising Oria writer of versatile talents, has 
favoured me with many valuable . and welcome 
suggestions and criticisms. He is one of the first 
batch of ray advance-subscribers and has found 
time, in spite of his onerous duties, to go through a 
large portion of the published volumes, to find out 
how cost and space can be economised in the remain- 
ing volumes. Though I have not been able to 
follow his advice on every point, after having 
conducted the previous volumes on certain lines, I 
have tried to benefit by his suggestions, whenever 

The Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of Athgarh 
State, whose deep sympathy with the labours of 
his late father's dear friend has been alluded to 
in the first volume, has now been installed as a 
Ruling Chief. I have sure indications that amidst 
his state duties he is keenly watching the progress 
of the work. 

[ iv ] 

Rai Bahadur Lakshmidhar Mahanty B. L., 
M. L. C, Advocate, Cuttack,* and Deputy 
President, Bihar and Orissa Legislative Council, 
has been as vigilant as ever in watching the 
progress and financial outlook of the publi- 

Babu Chintamani Mahanty, the. poet, mentioned 
my humble labours in his presidential speech 
at the la&t anniversary of the Utkal Sahitya 
Samaj, Cuttack, and after visiting the manuscripts 
published his high appreciation in some papers. 

The editors of the Daily Ash a, the Samaj and 
the Utkal Dipika, the Pallibaai, rt the Gurjat.basini.and 
other papers have from time to time [encouraged me 
by their appreciating editorials. 

The Raja Sahebs of Boudh, Athmallik and 
Keonjhar have honoured me by publicly eulogising 
me and vay humble labours. 

The rising Oria poetess Aparna Debi has 
been a sincere admirer of the compilation and of the 
compiler. It is hoped that she will be one of my 
valued colleagues in near future- 

My valued patrons 

His Excellency Sir H. L, Stephenson, late 
Governor of Bihar and Orissa, and now Governor of 
Burma, who was the patron of the first volume, hag 
continued to have an eye on the progress of the 

His Excellency Sir J. D. Sifton, the, Governor 
of Bihar and Orissa, who was the patron of the second 
volume, has been as sympathetic as ever, and has 
most readily granted me interviews and permitted 
me personally to lay my wants and requirements 
before His Excellency without reserve. His Excel- 
lency has condescended always to speak a word in my 
favour before prospective, patroris and doners. 

The Hon'ble Sir Courtney Terrell, Kt, Chief 
Justice of the Patna High Court, who is intimately 
connected with many a movement touching the wel- 
fare of: this Province and had occasion to see the first 
and second volumes of the dictionary at the Patna Uni- 
versity Senate meeting on 26-3-33,has been enthusias- 
tic over it. During tlie Cuttack Circuit in April last 
he found time to pay a visit to the office of the die- 
tionary, This visit has infused new vigour into me 
and my workers. This introduction has passed 

through His Lordship's hands. I am grateful to His- 
Lordship for his keen interest. 

The Hon'ble Raja Saheb of Kanika, to whom 
the compiler's labours have been known for the last 
15 years, has always blessed the work with words* 
of encouragement and appreciation* 

G. E. Fawcus. Esq. M. A., L E, S., OJ„E.;VJ>,. 
Director of Public Instruction, Bihar and Orissa. 
has evinced a more than paternal solicitude. His 
initial promise to purchase 114 copies for his Depart- 
ment in 1929 made me dream of seeing the work 
published. 1 His commendation of the undertaking , 
strengthened the recommendations of the Hon'ble 
Mr. J- A. Hubbaok and of Mr. N. F. Peck to the- 
Government of Bihar and Orissa for a liberal grant. 
Not content with what he had already done, he. 
recommended to the Patna University Syndicate and 
Senate the proposal of a University grant of Rs,5000/- 
for the publication; and the smooth and unanimous 
passage of this proposal through the Syndicate and. 
Senate was due to his initiative. The charm of the 
fact is that he did not, till the proposal was finally 
passed by the Senate on 26-H-33, let me know that 
he was at the root of this proposal, which was put up- 
before the University without my having approached 
the body for the grant. This grant will en- 
able me to start with the printing of the fourth volume 
just after this third volume is out. I owe to him my 
introduction to the centres of learning in England, 
and on the Continent; for it was he who supplied me 
with the names and addresses of persons and centres 
of learning, to whom I sent my prospectus and 
specimen forms, and many of whom have subscribed 
for the work. I am grateful to all the members of 
the Patna University also and specially to Babu 
Ganjendra Prasad Das M.A., B.L # , Advocate, Patna > 
who movflcfikhe recommendation of the Syndicate at 
the Senate meeting, for this windfall. 

Mr. M. S. Das, M. A, B. L., C I. E."the Grand- 
Old Man of Orissa," whose connection with the 
compiler has been gratefully referred to in the intro- 
duction to the first volume, has watched the work 
with the loving eye of a foster-father^ though as yet 
we have not had the previlage and permission ef 
publishing his photo. 

In this edition 1250 copies. have been struck off. 
The cost of bringing out each volume of about 1200 
pages, including the cost of binding, amounts to 




- ^- I ■ 

as&^ " 











































. '! 














rupees 12000/- (twelve thousand). Besides this, a 
monthly recurring expense of Rs. 200/- is incurred 
for the staff of assistants for making the fair copies 
ready for the press. Besides this monthly charge 
for 5 years (which works out at Rs. 12000/-), a sum 
of Rs. 60,000/- (sixty thousand) is required to bring 
out the complete set of 5 volumes by the end of the 
year 1934. On account of financial stringency, which 
has, for the last few years, affected the Government 
as well as private persons, donations and advance 
subscriptions came in so slowly and discouragingty 
that I had to borrow Rs. 7000/- (seven thousand) to 
bring out the second volume 

Financial outlook 

The financial outlook has been so serious that 
the Government of Madras which had promised to 
purchase fifty copies, when published, and the 
Government of Bengal which had promised to 
purchase ten copies, in 1029, rescinded their 
promise when they were informed that the first 
volume was ready. I was in a fix how to start with 
the publication of the third volume,andI approached 
the Raja Saheb of Boudh State, Orissa, and 
laid my difficulties before him. He had already 
subscribed for 8 sets of the work. He was so pleased 
with the production that he made a grant of rupees 
five thousand for the nonce and promised to 
consider the question of further contribution for the 
publication of the third volume. The prompt 
payment of his donation enabled me to push on the 
printing of the third volme. This has been 
supplemented by the payment of the balance 
donation of Rs. 4000/- by the Maharaja of 
Mayurbbanj, Rs. 200/- towards his promised 
donation by the Raja Saheb of Chikati and fresh 
donations of Rs. 300/- by the Raja Saheb of Keonjhar 
State, and Rs. 300/- by the Raja Saheb of AthmaJlik 
State and an additional donation by the Raja 
Saheb of Boudh. In addition to the sums received 
from various patrons for the revision and public- 
ation of the work, which were acknowledged in the 
previous volumes, I gratefully acknowledge receipt 
of the above sums which have enabled me to bring 
out this volume without undue delay. 

The Raja Saheb of Khallikota, G-anjam District, 
wnose naire will be ever connected with the 
Secretary of State's announcement of the creation 

of the new Orissa Province, has in the meantime- 
promised a donation of Rupees one thousand. 

As an humble return for the substantial 
encouragement given by him, this volume, is, with 
his kind permission, dedicated to the Raj* Saheb- 
of Boudh State, who is also constituted its pitron. 

The recent grant of the Patna University 

While the printing of the third volume was 
nearing completion I was wondering what was in 
store for the publication of the fourth volume, when 
to my great surprise and relief, I learnt that the 
Patna University, had as stated above, made a grant 
of Rs. 5000/- This grant will enable me to start 
with the printing of the fourtti volume, and Provi- 
dence will arrange for the receipt of the requisite 
balance of the cost of publication of that volume. 

The expected he!p from the Raja Saheb of 
Jeypur, Vizagapatam. 

The Dewan Saheb of Jeypur State, Vizagapatam 
District, has informed me that the Raja Saheb of 
Jeypur j Rija Bikram Deb Varma, Sahitya Samrata r 
whose intimate connection with this undertaking 
since its inception has been gratefully acknowledged 
in the first and second volumes, will favourably 
consider the question of making a substantial contri- 
bution towards the cost of publication of the fifth 

Thus, it will be seen that the prospect of 
starting the publication of the succeeding two volumes 
is becoming brighter and brighter, forcibly reminding 
me of the truth of the prophecy of the Raja Saheb of 
Athmallik that this work of national importance- 
having once started, God will not let it remain 

Receipts and requirements 

Up to date a sum of rupees forty six thousand 
has been raised or promised, as donations and 
advance-subscriptions, towards the publication- 
charges of the five volumes, besides the amounts 
raised for and spent in revision and faircopying of 
the manuscripts. Still, provision has to be mads 
for a further sum of Rupees fifteen to twenty 
thousand before the fifth volume is placed in ti$B: 
hands of the public . 




Reiteration of the already expressed hope of 
completion of this national monument 

I take this opportunity of reiterating the hope 
-expressed in the introduction to the 2nd volume 
that the construction and completion of this national 
monument of the Oria language and literature, of 
which the foundation-stone has been laid by the 
Government of Bihar and Orisaa with such august 
Heads as Sir EL L. Stephenson and Sir J. D, Sifton, 
and which has been associated with the hallowed 
name of the late Maharaja Purnna Chandra of 
Mayurbhanj, and the progress of which is guarded 
and fondly watched by the following distinguished 
^trray of stalwarts and patriots, will not be long 
delayed or deferred : — 

The Maharaja of Mayurbhauj, the Maharaja 
of Kalahandi, the Maharaja of Sonepur, the Maharaja 
of Seraikela, Raja Saheb of Boudh, Raja Saheb of 
Athmallik, Raja Saheb of Dhenkanal, Raja Saheb of 
Jeypur, Raja Saheb of Parlakhemidi, Raja Saheb of 
Khallikota, the Mohanta Maharaj of Emar Math, the 
Hon'ble Raja Saheb of Kanika, Bhuyan Bhaskar 
Chandra Mahapatra, the father of the 'Prachi' 
movement. Bach one of these worthies is reputed 
throughout the land as being an illustrious patron of 
literature and learning, and any one of them can 
contribute singly the necessary amount, if he only 
takes up the matter in right earnest. The compiler 
feels confident that the undertaking which has 
progressed so far will advance to its completion with 
the help of some at least of the above patriots. 

Publication of a Supplementary Volume 

if necessary. 

After the fi fth volume is out it will have to be 
considered if the publication of an additional volume 
as Supplement, will be necessary to embody the 
words which have come to our notice in the mean- 
time and words of the last letters of the alphabet 
which will be left over in the 5th volume. 

Number of Copies sold and presented 

to subscribers and patrons in and 

outside Orissa and in Europe. 

Up to the time of the publication of the second 
volume (August 193:5) I had 266 copies of the work 
*old. Since then 50 more copies have been, sold, thus 

bringing the number sold to 316. Up to date 30 
copies have been presented to distinguished* patrons 
well-wishers, assistants and prospective supporters. 
This book counts as its subscribers learned person- 
ages and bodies in Norway, France, England and 
Germany-, and booksellers in London, Germany, 
Prussia and France have been securing orders for it 
from abroad. 

Appreciation of the work in Europe 

Mr. Otto Harrassowitz of Leipzig has adver- 
tised the publication in his catalogue of oriental pub- 
lications which is distributed amongst 3000 clients 
all over the civilised world. Messrs Luzac & - Co. 
booksellers of London have already secured 5 
subscribers and expect * to secure more. Mr. T 
Clinck-sieck of Paris has also acted as my agent. 
Mr. Guiseppe Tucci, member of the Royal Academy 
and professor of religions and philosophy of India 
in the University of Rome, intends publishing his 
appreciation and review of the work in the official 
organ of the Oriental School of the University of 
Rome. Thus, it will be seen that the Oria language, 
which was, until lately, not known outside Orissa, 
has been gaining publicity and appreciation in 
centres of international culture. For this service 
I am grateful to the above agencies. 

Award of the Kaiser-I-Hind 
medal to the Compiler 

To the recommendation of His Excellency Sir 
J. D. Sifton, the Governor of Bihar and Orissa 
who is my Patron, and of Mr. C. L. Philip C* I. E. 
Commissioner of the Orissa Division, who is a valua- 
ble colleagues of mine, I owe the graceful recogni- 
tion of my humble service to the cause of Oria 
literature by the bestowal of the Kaiser-I-Hind, 
silver medal, on, the last New Year's day, which, to 
a bumble worker like me i means a passport to the 
patrons o£ literature and learning wliom I may have 
to approach for help in furtherance of this national 

The present price and the price to be fixed 
after completion of the whole work 

In the prospectus issued in 1929 advance-price 
was advertised to be Rs. 30/- per set of 2 volumes; 
but after publication of the first and second volumes 

J /*■ 

[ vii ] 

the advanoe-price was enhanced to Es.50/-when it was 
found that the work would occupy 5 volumes; and 
the cash price of every volume was fixed at Us. 15/- 
Now in consideration of the increase of size and 
cost, the advanoe-price of a whole set of 5 volumes, 
payable in cash, is fixed at Rs. 60/-, and the cash 
price for each volume is fixed at Rs. 16/-, The price 
may have to be further increased as the publication 
of the succeeding volumes advances. Those, however, 
who have already paid the full advance-price accord- 
ing to the then advertised rates will get the whole 
set without any extra demand. The increase of 
price has been necessitated by the unforeseen in- 
creasy in the size, and consequently of the cost, of 
the publication. 

The expected time-limits for the publication 
of the succeeding volumes 

The fourth volume is expected to be out by 
March 1934 and the 5th volume by December 
1934, or by the beginning of the year 1935, 

The connection between the formation of the 

Orissa Province and the compilation 

of this national monument 

Since the publication of the first volume the 
picture of a glorious future for the Oria nation, 
which I had formed in my mind, still inspires me; and 
the idea that the humble compiler has contributed 
his quota to the dawning of this glorious day makes 
me satisfied that I have not lived my life in vain. 

It is but meet to mention here that in the intro- 
duction to the first volume ( September 1931 ) I had 
referred to the fact that the Oria-speaking tracts 
lie scattered in the borders of four provinces. By 
the time the second volume was out (August 1932), 
the question of amalgamation of the said tracts was 
on the anvil at the Round Table Conference. Now, by 
the time the third volume is out ( May 1933 ), the 
declaration of a separate Orissa Province has been 
made by the Secretary of State for India in Council 
at ,the conclusion of the third Round Table Con- 
ference. It is hoped that by the time the two subse- 
quent volumes are out, at intervals of 9 to 10 months 

each, i.e by the end of 1934, the creation of the 
Orissa Province will be a settled fact, after the satis- 
factory solution of the vexed question of boundaries 
of the new Province, which has been sorely agitat- 
ing the minds of 12 millions sons and daughters of 
Mother Utkal, since the memorable declaration made 
in the White Paper. From this it will be seen that th3 
fruition of my individual aspiration is contempora- 
neous with that of the national aspiration of the 
Orias for administrative union. 

The fond hope of connecting the final volume 

with the sacred name of His Majesty 

the King Emperor 

In commemoration of the creation of the 
separate Orissa Province the compiler, on 
his humble part, aspires to dedicate to His Most 
Gracious Majesty, the King Emperor of India, the 
last volume of this work, the result of a lifetime 
of labour and application, as a symbol of sturdy and 
unflinching loyalty of 12 millions of His Majesty's 
Oria subjects, who had been, for the last half a 
century, cherishing a dream and praying to be 
brought under one administration. 

Thanks to my past, present and prospective 
colleagues, supporters, sympathisers 

and patrons 

To all my colleagues, supporters, sympathisers, 
critics and patrons, actual and prospective, I again 
tender my heartfelt thanks for all they have done 
and will do; and I invoke their support, patronage 
and blessings for the completion of the work. 

Tribute to the Almighty and Benevolent Father 

and prayer for His Grace 

Lastly I tender my gratitude to the Great 
and Bonevolent Being who has brought me 
and my Dictionary safely up to this stage, and 
pray that . He may give me strength and support 
to finish it, 

His will be done. Amen. 

Bhashakosha Asrama, 


May 1933. 


Gopal Chandra Praharaj* 



Raja Sree Ki shore Chandra Deb 

Raj* Saheib and Ruling- Chief of Athmallik Stile (Oriata 

^J^fl^SiikQ q$i tf Hi tf $G€I!QG2 Gv$ I 

Babu Bam a deb Miara B A. 


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QhWh %%\QQq gsq ecodl^ fl9W© a§©qiftsj 

6§>?b ©I© gs§ awalaiG*?roiGQ ©qw q<sil q§9 i 

q©gi«GQ o g@Q q c gi§QQ wye 

gsiq <8 ^5 go^i see qqagcis <§ qQA N Q<fijr <$%gq 

GQSQ-Q-§Q^ aw to$ I -<l asai©©, ag«i|lto 6 SIftlQQ 
q&Q*IG>Q flQSQ WIQ 6$€IQ GIQ$€) fl|ft«»9Q, S1Q G93S 

5HG99WQ qjai^a wifliQ q^C WfliQ^roieQ <jq* i <i' 
qsmiQ gsiq eps»; <i9i stag <&9«i ©!©q i <i s^iftQ^sj 
€?il€i < sqgqis %a §©$» agco. 9^q® qq <i^q 

G9<3 G£ « ©!"£!£[ Sl^GSlfeiQ, ^^ SHOTiaicf <£ CQ9Q 

9Qifti 9Qg#flift<? agGQ epMcaai 9090, §i9GQ a© qq 
aiQ9> q\q$, <q awjiq Qisiq a©QQ aiQiaq G39i«© 

fildl flq GQQ I G©G9 q «OISQ <JQ$ Gfl| qQSIIQff Q§ 

«tfj» GQ gqsr $ai^_ < sisiq GsfaQ qj sq gtOGQ 6 

9OTIQ 0999 QQ^ O G9G£i Cfll 6$a ^QSIGQ 6 
<S?«i 919 G^ 2fll9IG§ G$Mft£ SI3i «i°«l%9iQ G9G9 ftl§ I 

o 98Q geiq §qi^© qj^ 6 ©<$"q g a §— 

< 9SQ fifll ®$ WQ51 G99I 0^% GQ^' TC<|l£W 9I9JQ- 

gQ, q«g -ge slq qaGQ6*?»» q<|i6Qggig-699 

6 Q§Q ^^9GQq «jg § *°<; G9ia OfeSQ 9CI9 
69IQQO; «§ 3351 6 ^^^ QQ flQi G9QG9«% G9«HQQ 

<qaicT «flg g£Q aff « 5«! a«(9 sqi 6 gg qeiQ 

^iq GQeii ^iq^'S oa, aro^o a©l^ 6 9^ ^b^q 909 i 
sj©<19 -<iS« 99g * £9 9£ aiQ q^iq G9£[ egq ^ 

Q^QQ I GSQ" gi9Q ^gq ^ G9G9, G^ 9^9(1 ft C£h$ 

HWiS© q€i9ift gecr qGQ" aiQG9 6 «99^ <$q qci g$ilfe 

G99l«ipGQ 9IQG9;! G« «9*l Qfi 1 Gff9I^Q8l SQG9, Qltj. 

^g g^ qiq" eg q G9^ « v «a ^ *»s 6 sg^s* c^ aiQ*~ 

ftGK? ^j S<.v<,eQ9IQ,G99 I ^^©GGl ttflh Qq^llO gQlSO 

6 Q^aft aQqiGQ ^g g& ai<a* ag q ^ aai$Gfl % m °^ 

9l*°^G9£tgiW Gfl«1^9 G9IQaa§, G9?iift^0l^ CDQ 

a^lQi <gjg ^ra 9q ft siiq G^ift^G^a^Q^^SQ qsig; 
g^ Qsjj oi^d 6 39 1 eoe^i * q« a©(S» G9q i 

QQ^KI $\€}><Z\Q S^I^Q e^QIQ qh©^i^— 
aiq 9K<i**eift«R fltt q^i gQiS© gw G9i^ai€ti' 

^3 QgQ OfjQ Ctq,^— 32jq q€IQ aQQQ&©IGQ C 
<&®m 9)QQ GSIQQ^ft ^gi^Q^ftl QQ^Q, g^ ©9 a©- 
aA^Gfll ^9 ft£[ft'GQ QQQQ Q^«IS I <]OIGQ 8DQ G«li1~<r 

»2I!Q aQQlQ^f ^%sig i ga^ qei 3^lS® G99t siacjSQ r 

(\«*^ G^Gaq,Q) 4@sflqg1 smaaift q^QQ v? ^q^» 

SG9QGQ G3G»Q G91Q 3^^919 ^ ^? ff| «Q^QI§SI^. 
QGt g9i«o G99I qqq^L (^V** aGiqi) ?q©Q §9isj ^SQ!J V 
G$9S^ ffft ETGQft^GQ 98 Q 6^20^^! «IH»5t[ft«5Q- <^r 
5?Gl«R Sfl€l! ^9Q G9lQ?t^ «W 1 9^^lft <lg ©£Kj qci 

gwi?.© G9Q. G9fi5^L ( ^t™ eq > «^i°a Qg>«qg1 
^i<a«ii ©si^ qQ^G§9fi^ ©cs.EfGQft^ qQQQ ;^^ 

G^IG^GS^ $Q 9IQ«l9§i I «S! «^sai< G3, < SffQ' Gfl« 
qci gQ|3© G^qG9fl^Uft** ©l^Cl ^Q«) <19G9(? 

d^a ^i^iftQr gi^G* gi^ QQ^%<n^ji9i ft©ft 6§)st 
6 sigiscy §iq ^G^9TO%Ga . 9lsii c f o g^iq ft©ft 6^€ii- 

gGQ^l Ctd<5> G9IQ^9 I «IO<19, <q% GQ«tl99 G3., <3^- 

■grqoia1oG99iaiQ*'6pa ©iqq q© aqa 9«Q aaGQiQft, 
^iftegfy ®S^i«fc g& a€J G9iQ09 1 

q^iffw : "imj ©1q _ «q-a°ea©9Q ©«i« @ 

©^©1— ct© *° 9^q siiai 6 ^a aa^a G9IQ <a©^ (5^€i) 

gGQ€1 GlS© G991Q 9IQ9 <J9" <© GSfS i§>e8^f Gi^Q 6 

a^ffi) ^&$g-Qt ©^fift <S Gfli «B9ft9 , <ia1 aQ^q 6 ©a^i- 

q^si G99©i, m$w qQ«»qgi w fl9^ ftl^GQ ^a« 
©Q9i% ««ii ©l«J_ ©§^ a.iGaw^oa 9Q^ QQ9tq_<J 
qgs* M^L a 5?® aiQ9 G9,s * ^^g CQ«asi" 

q9tg^> di' ggiw «4SQ 9G9 9$ mi ^q^ -wj-'l 



ojpoo, 9^sia 6 qsi 333 qwfll, S9i£}9, aw^OQisi, 

Q98QI ^|QQ Q^plg <19 <1 Q^qiai 9$ 3%e%69 SQ9| 

aid «£ cwiwq *dw>, siw 4 slwigq cm 
9%?j§ i -4 $£§9 aQQ£© sisg $£, «cr9is> 6 §a- 

231919 OICT i GQl<3l 6 91$ fltt; ©§ <1^SQ GSG9 «g 

ga°9! 6 GafQQQ 9<3£| a«, ©I9i C99» cat swfl- 

3IQS «$Q9 S19G3I9 GSltf 3^9 CVIQ a|Q2l© I G3Q 
W^fllCQ <l 9£G9 flQQge * J f §51 6 Sq|Q«lQ G3/G© 
G9«I|Q €969 i GSStlft qjifrflfiq 91 VQQ^ «^QQ Q| 
399$l 3WIGQ 3G3iaQ 9Q9 6 <j^q3 £ Q§ 9^- 



L v ] 

¥— ** 

«Q|Q 9%6I GSIG© 6 Cfll 3<3IG9I9$_ ©90GQ «M O^Pi 
3!«9 * GSIlf aiQfi^-eS fl£h$ Sl3 0*OTIQ<a«», 9i«5T 

enQMG9 £ 9§-a& ad«a 9%ag, 6 <i§ awia^ «WQ 

agQWi'Qa 9Q9I QIQ* 6 G«i Q$9«* fl*«Q fl&Sl S$G9 

S9S9I aid cfliG© Qogg a§. 9i9-Sh, Q3I9 6 W 9a§ 

G91Q 9!QT *OQ«GQ ?9t»SWGQ Q3I 9%ag I ©«9 
9»IQ 6 «*G9a QQQiOO G9Q I 92jig I 

6* eifp $l§8 €Hfip I QQ j 

QSIG9I9 tSflfl, 9*9 


ai caiaiaM, 99q», 
srgi99 i 



Prominent supporters of ihts works 


Mr. G, E Fawcus Esq MA, C I E , 

O.B.E. t V.D t I.E.S. 

Director a F public J n «t ruction Bihar and Ori»*a. 




Rai Bahadur LaksHmidhar Mahanty 
B. L. t M* L, C y Advocate. 

Dy. P resident of the LegbiMive Council 
Bihar and! Qri**a, 

Mr C L. Philip M. A., I.C.S ,C,LE 

Viswanath Kar 

Editor of the Utkul Sahitya, Cuttack. 



dl^g QWNd S3 : 

Babu Batakrishna Mahanty B. A 

Dewan, Baud h Stale, Or i»ta. 

U. S Press, Cut tick 

T3rnffi$ J 





[ "W ] 

M. W. — q©tao * faasisc? ga s§Q-Q°qe ©eoig t 

Kirtikar — q^§ SlSjQIQQfQ 'Indian Plants* 

Apte — GgiG839 #IG§tQQ Practical Sanskrit— English 

Dictionary (a^O-ft°q«| TOHIQ) I 
Beams — Comparative Grammar oE four Indo-Aryan 

languages (qsq SIG9QQT S^SW QiiQ33l) I 
Haines — 9KQ v $||G9Q£j Botany of Bihar and Orisaa 

(99IQ-69SHQ qSw$) I 
Howells— a|^ 9G9S$ N 3IG9QS sigsilte 6§>2ii-Q 9 q«fl 

lion— ©^q eti^q qt€9^ ^qgiswqsn o^w » 

Sir George Greierson — Linguistic Survey of India 

(9l£|9^ SIGW3T. qQ9iq qSISGlQ) t 
Grundy— QjQ ga qiG99fi? 6©^-Q°qsi! QQ PR I 

sew* i 

^cog— 3iGQg Gfli9o 9w <?cr»i QjsiQ aoai© i 



9WI9 — QSaC|ffl2l <?W g«1o'9fipQI '90fi9Kf I 
f W WG9IS' i 

gtjQ9iQ— fliq.§ ^^flo ^qmi>»s?iq^ £j<sil© step 9£rG»f 

*g$QQiQ SQyiQ 7 ! 

§ol flpgiciQ— Qidl Qioqgc^al ^^r griefs* eol Q^iQ 

310T&— The Student's Bengali and English 

Dictionary fo. Cilery QCTaWqSi] SIQaiP) ! 

A. T. Dev —angora S9PS? Q°g©-93r»I 3QaiG> i 

69a w^, 9SQ^|— 9$qs? 9S^i 9s^ g^iq^i i 

Wilson— ^MG 3IG993T $3 ?^S> TOW I 

Q^QG> dffel §j9IG©ISGQ 6)90 3^g3qiQQ gg©IQFII®»Q ®I0 & 316*©© ©^ 

a»£| oq,— ^«1q qq Q1919Q aeqoo, qw i 

€j8» caw- wwaq^ goiS© 6p a ^a§ 1 

S® c, i S® 01 ^ 1 ^ "^ q<si %$ Q i$?i3 G9SI 1 
^Qfl3— a§© 3! q»gii 9i^i 1 

ctcnaQ— ^Qlq ©Q cicriaQ G3G9Q i 

6CIN9— agVl3» «19h QQSQSIiQ 2Ja3>Q 99 I 

©«?— ciOT miq qs$ qi^si qstgiew i 

Ofliqia— Q399 s*ei^i2» <?ia l 

9fflfe<?)Q QW— QSQQ ^le^r €J90 Q9«? I 

S9S)Q «kii— g§sL^g^i3a G^»^ a?9i 1 

OQ9CSI1Q— ^QliJ ©^ Q^^S^IQ Q« i 

a^i^o -9S9 GJ^cr 9WW S^lS® a ^^i 1 




t -i j 

giol— W gioMte g9ifio g^ciioi i 

wicp— a£© di 9Qiep 9s i 

9<w>ia— giote w w«»ia «3eo (9943011341) i 

9|€Qaqgg«— giol-g^flioii 

9§<?i9, QgOGw— giote $9 qsjqqsi qw-j 
TO— M-sg^ea©, to t 

-QQJQOCW -qq 9IG9Q tin QOTOQd OjGiqp'l .:■ 

ww— gioto $9 sis/cw 9ig (wfcgq wO i 

flgsw— §§w ^1f q l^ ff 3<$ I 
lacaiog— gtel© w sgsiq^ <?9 i 

(Gga^g 5$a1©i) i 

qyiQia— q§9Q gcPlq qai^tei q«j t 
qatcfliw— ©9«Q qei qaieaiw qeoo^w i 
qsQisi— giote 9§ qsrora t^i6©i«^) i 

«io«iqflicjQ - qsqgj. g$i"S© sigi^Q sai9a§> i 
aai&-6s«^gGi9s gigi§9 w\pa$ i 

siqsi— gioto w giQ»i 9» (S$f$Q©) 1 

1©Q 69©— QISigiQ qSH q tlq q©| q§ 9I«L€Q9 JG?~ 































a («KjWQ) 



■ — 

*(Q§9Qj — 




m *j^ 



















.< E" 4 










. N 













o - 























[ "i/ ] 















































8I9& 9 91 $ 


w or v 




















Bh : 


! • 






^ii^— «©!©©€© 6 ©^©^qc©;©^^© a©©! ^<ai I 

■ + *W?CMI»««$|©9d 9!©«tGQ g©«i£[ I 

«s%a— §a^§ ei9© 09 aei© ©hi Qg. 

Sia9iQ© aQH 39 I 
«4q --©a|©|$IGQ 91 6©«I6© 9**99© 9$.$ 39, 

©t©i ©i Q©f©« i 
-a©©— bi©S!.©i a fi%WQ 9<j9$© «P 

witf— aqiq-G©a©q3i i 
$° - ©°©«n q<ai i 

Q©Q=Qe>Q©Q 9*<9§© 99, §j<ai 9) Q©l©tf I 

©©i($i)«Q«q^<ai i 

Q€h|Q=s=S«fe§| €19 <§ G3Q Q©9$ «©H «©$H© I 
% Q©=-Q©^ai t 

©©QBI — 9©€1 2&QGQ 6 «l&§© 9©i©-G©«ll©Qr 

9i9§© €19 91 QSI 1 

■©«, €JQ — ©®9|QS 9^9$Q <jQ q«| I 

+©9<a— 9©<a 9i€*CQ g©i£[ i 

■+ ©<§ = ©<§ ©l©i€© fl«i^ I 
+ Sfl— ©fl ©»MGQ fl©«| I 
-«ftj|»Qftll©qttliq 1 
■eftia1=C©3g©©© Q9©21l 1 

C©|<fc»C9l9tf|GQr 9m9§© SjSI I 

$ — ^QQ | 

§. 90 »§£[l 9G€JS«t i 

gfl. 0=*sfl<|i ©©© 0919 I 

©3©— ©9Q€inG© 9<«9§© €19 I 

€I|©=>Q©©©Q<? S&JC© ©!©G© 9m9$© €(9 91 9l9l I 

g'l ; gifli»giQh ©i©©l©j Slff© qi8©^GStOH9lfi' €WJ 

til; ©1© x — ©liGQSQ $Si I 

Mltii, WO— flKfl© &% n G$QQ 0©©-* 

Ofl©^©fl© G9S© q<8l 1 

GQH|Q<a«GOT©8€W© 9«*9§© 39 I 

©©, 90©, g9©©=-G©te© g©0© 91 g9l©-9l©M I 

Se^qp—qwig §£j© 3s>$ 9i gG*§9© %a i 
o©=©cg^<a ssis i 
©i=»©iftiq«ii I 

q©-=$©©i ©© i 

€©=€©©& QSI I 

©&?=—©£© flt^G© 9*(9?9 €19 I 

G9=G©ei© Q© I 

G9S^OT9$I €19% <3 q<aiG©I<3Q €I9$SG© 

aai3i©G© G<ai©T 




[ •v ] 


*©«(£©©$)» a©$ fl&QQtilGQ «6Q 91 QQIQ© 

Q8 o©a©« ©©g^g qqiq t 
<W.— <wa© qgt i 

ft \$Q a. ff ItQSQ 9<*9§© q$| 9| €IQ | 
Oiq=giQ Qi 9*t^9G€l<a$r 0151 I 
G9l*j-qjP9$1 SIQ 99£[GQ t1©| I 
OmIS}^ V. QmICJQI^ J'. G9€ig©Q© G<5f©© 900 ©I 

ggig© ©aigsicrGS qua €991 giflfiie q§ i 

AQq^l — OTM9G© 9i9$© a|§q§© £19 I 

ai=aiQ q<ai i 

fli—fli<8© q«u 

gi©1o s =gi©1©gg k siwe© 9«*9§©, «a©i 9Q©«I9 I 

giGQ— giG9&© aai© wara. §G«i9G© g©Q© 

[ G9Q G3Q 8$ftGQGS^ €19 9H9gQ GS Sl*ft9ll©qr 
Olfl 9$SI 9l^eQ 90© G9IQ3© t 92II : — gtG© 
(©$©)=•©$© ©SIGQ 9i9§>© giG9ff© CQ ] 

ai=~aw1 91 aiQSi C9«f goo© qisi i 
Ger^Ggst 91 gio G90 g©«© qgj i 

9=90Q. ( ^.9-«<Q900 i *9— SJQ909; 


>««9fircst '0^1 i 

9$. 9.=9^9QO \ 

Qw^ea^ Q9 i 

9^!OaOTai = 9@|OSQ 9f9$© £llQq€© 39 I 

9<a— 9Ga9<3 Q9 ! 

§3 Q^» 9G«$<31© 9G€tg^l I 

$gq©— ejoti^ €19© easi©iaG9ia© 39 f 
G9G9=G9CQlf© qq ( aai— rQ°q«n, a^ etiq^ 

Gg\, ©3ig 219 ) % SOfitO «9 | 
W^*G§^9 QS* 91 a^GV9*Q 9t9f© <St9 i 
9©Q; Q«1; Q©§>=9§9 q&iQ Q^QS? G©!£IGQ 
G9I^<1 9Qiq (j€«ng GQ9S ©^© q<3| I 

+q©«^. q9ia g©tq- 

A q© 9,'Q^GQ g©M^ I 

g— s©9$1 qsi i 

a. a. GQ=saaQG6ia1 ©ftuo^j i , 

SS|=»0G9>|g €!9Q, ae© 91 gG«|©3 QQI953 I 

$saae ^39© sig$§© as i 

q$a— gq^Q 6 8©9©9 a*QGQ 9*i95© , Qaq , ai I 
.34909, aqjal©,-flqft«Q— S^fliffQ? aG91©®0ia 

G9IQ99I 91 Sqjllfffijr Q0I51© 9©0 I 
« = «*© ^j^l I 

scrl©, giete sicrlc-giol© (§9211 qerl© i 

q^QQ =* <a<$Q<3 gfijq^a <]^^ 91 <io cigq^qv 
qi^ioI = 0191001 oor ^?^© qsi i 

■ G9?=G99^q^ll 

•q«©si£j 9Q^ 1 

*q1«*8t8?f| 9Q^ I 

t© ss -<3©90Q I 

^9=9900 I 

+ .(9g©«)-WilQq§e99I^Q.afi> 91 bl^ * 

g©iq 9!&iGQ ?[9l g§©« t 

"■(ifliwiTO ©Q)«ai^ 6 g©^ §3 91 $q a^ 

93 ffiQ G99I ao 91 91©^ ®£ $% at%ei sa r 1 
? (ga 5©© ©©)«qGQ© gfflGQ g9^ ©© [ 

— (9i^)=-a©!i9 39^ §Q*.€!.ei 91 aQ 6 .aa 91 

! (9^^ 9©) = 0^9^1 9I©«(, €19 ©I 9^ 

Etc; etc. — Please refer to the word preceding and 

its connected words in their proper places in 

alphabetical order in this Dictionary. 

See — Please refer to the preeceding word. 
Law — Legal term. 

Algebra ^ 










Philosophy / 


= Technical wordB used in 
the said sciences r . 

The Compiler and his colleagues 

- : 





The Compiler 

Pandit KuUmani Da* 




Srimati Pitambari Debi, 

Padma Charan Das 

i.— >'*»]*■— ;»—J 

Ramchandra Rath 

U.S. Press, Cuttack. 

The illustrious PATRON of this work 


EC Gibson Esq C,I E,l C. S. 

Ag*nt w ch« Governor Genrral* E**t*in Slate* Agency, Burnetii 

£♦ '.v. 







U. Sj. Press, Cut tack, 






ag?QflQ§i— t^iSg atewa cq^i 


L >r- 

■a§Q d qfleq Qa 

gfi QQQQ3 Qia 
■a§© sn OQS9 991319 

?*'■ ■ r -*- m £X~*J*' + 



* * 


( A lexicon of the Oriya language ) 

Volume— IV (Consonants Da— Pa) 

Compiler— G. G Praharaj 


Advocate, Patna High Court, Cuttack, 5. N. /?. Orissa f //?<rta; 

With the help of a body of colleagues. 

Printed and Published by V. Kar 







aja Sri Sri Sri Vikram Deb Varma 

R*j* Sahcb,. Jtypoie E At Ate, Di*|, Vj« j, 

3©N ©ffolQ, eiffclq. 

aistoiaaig «i §qagqq qp'i 

U, S, Press, Cuititik. 


1. Messrs Luzac & Co, 

Oriental and foreign book-sellers 

46, Great, Russell Street 

London W. C. L 

Mr, Otto Harrassowitz 

Querstrasse 14, 

Leipzig C 1, 


3, Librairie C. Klincksieck 

11 Rue-de-Lille 

Paris 7E 


4. The Bhashakosha Office 

P, 0, Chandnichauk, 


Orissa, India, 

5. The Students* Store 

Berhampore, Dt, Ganjam. 

6, The Pathasala Press, 

Bankipore, Patna. 

Price Rs 18« per volume and Rs. 80/- for a 
Complete set of 6 Volumes. 

























".'"■ii^t,! 1 




4 rd d 

ta & 2 

o ta % 
M C ■ 


t y 

C* 1 


m m 















The fourth volume of the 



Is dedicated with kind permission to 

Sahitya Samrat Raja Sri Sri Sri Vikrama Deva Varma, 

Raja Saheb, Jeypore Estate, District Vtzag, 

WfioisYigfiflybofied" upon as ffie ^iGraroadifya of ^IfGal, wfiose 6urning patriotism 
fias impelled fiim Co cfcuotc fiimself fo lifelong service in f fie cause of ffie Oria 
nafion wltB a rare tenaeif y of purpose, u:fio fias, daring ffie last 40 years, 
identified fiimself voit fi ffie movement for ffie unification of ffie Oria— 
speaking f raefs, u£ose eaffiolie irunifieenee in ffie cause of education 
and for ffie all round progress of ffie Oriya nation fias made fiim 
ffie pride and glory of fen millions of Oriyas, u?fie 
is fiimsel^Xgreaf poef and auffior ot renown 
and wfio has Seen a sf aunefi and aef iue 
supporter of ffiis lexieon, 




June, 1934 

In grateful regard 

his humble admirer 


C9fQQ-9_Qq. wSo sqQ«Q§, <a$9«$ oo-^jta <<&<& sw>igq €a w H«a Q^ C9Q 
«H-gw v©G3ici oaaa§, aisiors q<?iq oqi 6 333 wki g«H wao saat^s ^?oq 
©isiq o*race g|o§ioQG€j os© G9IQ qsg, q©MQ app ai9WOI% «ew> 
qgiOQ 43 qoiGeraQ gs?»a aiQ 3G2i^i Q$i9 QQ ©a aoi%©i C9IQB&; 

qoQ9fleg§, 9$sii9©««9% QCMigoi^gi*, 

flew© so a ai $sfl 6®o Qfj| 

^G9t9qfi5T «9«iq QQQSftCQ dQQ SH§39 a$3Q 39 qS'G^ISQ G>3? ^3 ««© C9Q I 



Gdtaift i 




Q tn 

a ■£ 

J3 < 

ft ? 


55 o 

(J fe 






M ° 

J? i 

Q S 

SB tj 

g ^ 

■- e 

■ 3 





en 2 

^ Or 



.■>- V-p^*^--. 


to the 4th volume of tjie 


The reason of delay in bringing out this volume. 

Through the Grace of God, I am now able to 

"place the fourth volume of the Oria lexicon in the 

bands of the public. Though it had been contem- 

plated,while bringing out the third volume, that the 

fourth volume would bring the word -collection to 

t he end of the letter Q> (Pha) and would be out by 

March 1934, this volume could not proceed further 
than the letter a (pa), and its publication was 

delayed by about 3 months. Each of the previous 

volumes had covered 1200 pages on the average, 

but the 4th volume has covered 1600 pages in 

finishing the letter €3 (pa). So the additional pages 
have taken a longer time to print. Moreover, I 

was beset with serious financial difliculties. The 

unhampered progress of the work depends on the 

liberality of patrons of learning. When generous 

personages of means were approached for help, some 

of them made generous promises and were prompt to 

redeem them. Some others promised definite sums 

hs donations and some raised high hopes in my mind 
that they would contribute quite liberally, but 

when the time for fulfilment arrived they turned 

deaf ears to my repeated entreaties of distress, so 

much so, that after making part payments some of 

them refused to redeem their promise in full. So 

there was ro other means, of pushing on the 

publication, left to me than to approach creditors, 

who, in this time of financial stringency, are very 
shy to advance loans. The ungracious and 

unbecoming failure of some eminent personages to 

redeem their promises and to fulfil the hopes 

raised by them has been one of the principal reasons 

for the delay in bringing out this volume. 

The contents o! the 4th volume. 

The first volume dealt fc with 13 vowels, the 
2nd with 6 consonants, the 3rd with 12 and this 

volume with 4 consonants, thus bringing the word- 
collection to the end of the 35th letter. There 
still remain 12 more letters which are estimated to 
occupy 2 more volumes. 

The space-saving devices. 

The space-saving devices followed in the 
3rd volume have been rigorously followed in this 
volume. Moreover, the explanatory head-lines, 
which had appeared at the top of every page in the 
previous volumes have been discontinued in the 
volume, except at intervals of 100 pages and iu 
pages where new letters have begun. This has saved 
considerable spetGerto be utilized for the dictionary 
matter M Suggestion has - been made to save 
space by discontinuing the printing of the different 
meanings of words, one below the other, and 
by printing the successive meanings in continuous 
lines. Though I have disregarded the suggestion 
till now, i fear that in consideration of the financial 
deadlock by which the poblioation is confronted^ 
I shall have to follow it in the subsequent 

The number of words in this volume. 

The number words in the 1st three volumes 
are 62000. The 4th volume contains 34000 words. 
Thus, the 4 volumes contain 96000 words up to the 
end of the letter Q (pa). 

Books of reference . 

Besides the books of reference used in the 
previous volnmes, a few more books have bsen 
used in this volume and their names have been 
incorporated in the bibliography attached to 
this volume, 


O 7: 

fl J 

-fl < 


DC u 



O r u 



CO f% 


-.* ■■ 


2 i 

d « 

Z « 



§ S' 

on 2 
^ or 




( ii ) 

Incompleteness of the vocabulary in 
this compilation. 

A living and spoken language which is daily 
coining and assimilating dozens of new words 
from Sanskrit and foreign and sister languages 
with the advance of civilisation, learning and 
culture, can not have a dictionary which can claim 
to be exhaustive, Moreover, I have already, in 
the previous volumes, stated that thousands o£ dia- 
lectical, technical, classical and colloquial words 
have not found place in the lexicon. Still, when 
any new word is coming to my notice I am having 
it incorporated in the manuscript, if the printing 
as not progressed so far, and in the case of words 
beginning with the letters already published I am 
noting them in a se parate book with a view to 
bring out a supplement. I am neither a specialist 
in any branch of learning nor do 1 claim my work 
to be an exhaustive and authoritative book of 
reference on any particular subject. I have given 
the Oriya and English meanings of words and, 
whenever possible, I have added notes aud allusions 
in the case of words which seemed interesting to me. 
I am not infallible, nor are my sources of reference. 
It is not to be wondered if mistakes have crept in 
at places, To gentlemen who have pointed out my 
mistakes and to those who will do so in future I 
shall ever remain grateful. I shall try my best to 
correct the mistakes. For instance, when my at- 
tention was drawn by the D. P. I„ B & to a 
mistake -in the meaning of the word SJ®|°£| 
( Akshamsa—latitude ) in the 1st volume, I got it 
corrected with the kind help of Professor H. K 
Das, M. A., of the Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, 
while dealing with its correlated word Q|Sto| 
(Draghima— longitude) at page 3931 of this volume. 

My valued colleagues and assistants. 

Of the colleagues whose services have been 
acknowledged in the 3rd volume, I most keenly miss 
Hon'ble C. L. Philip. M, A., 0. I. E., I. C. 8 
sometime Commissioner of the Orjssa Division 
whose valuable collaboration I have lost by his 
transfer. The gap made by his absence has not 
been and can not be filled up. 


My e*bar : yolleague?, vi Sreematee Peetam - 
baree Debee, Sreejukta Viswanath Kar, Pandit 
Kulamani Das Kabyatirtha, Babu Krushna Chandra 
Misra M. A., B. L., Babu Satindranarayan Ray 
M, A., B L t Pandit Ramchahdra Rath Samant 
Pandit Narsing Mahapatra Samant, Babu Bhubane- 
swar Misra, Babu Golokachandra Pradhan and 
Babu Padmacharan Das, have worked in their 
respective capacities in this volume, as before. 
I am fortunate in securing the services of two energe- 
tic gentlemen who have supplied me with almost all 
the Hindi synonyms appearing in this volume. 
They are Babu Rameawar Jha of Darbhanga, 
Headmaster and Babu Truptinarayan Thakur of 
Mozaffurpur, Head Pandit of the Fawcus Yaisya 
Yidyalaya M. E. School started by the Marwari 
brethren at Cuttack. Their labours have been 
labours of love, and to them mj sincere thanks are 
due. Sj, H. C. Baral B. Sc, I, S. R. S. Assistant 
Traffic Superintendent, G. I. P. Rail-way, a talented 
Oriya writer of versatile parts, has found time, 
amidst his onerous duties in the far off Bombay 
Presidency, to supply me with hundreds of 
dialectical words peculiar to Balasore. Dr. Radha- 
charan Panda L. M. P. has been supplying words 
peculiar to Ganjam and Yizag districts. Sreematee 
Aparna Devee, poetess of Puri, has been supplying 
me with hundreds of dialectical words of Puri. 
Babu Bamdeb Misra B. A., the Dewan of Athmallik 
State, who is more than a brother to me, has been 
an indefatigable supporter of this undertaking. 
He has continued to supply words peculiar to the 
Orissa States and to secure subscribers. Babu 
A. B, Dey M. A., B. *L., Asst. Superintendent 
Bamra State, has not only been supplying 
dialectical words but securing patrons and subs- 
cribers. Babu Batakrushna Mahanty B A., Dewan 
Baudh State has , been a sincere supporter of the 
work. To all these colleagues and workers I 
tender my sincere thanks. 

My well-wishers. 

Pandit Sree Ramchandra Misra Sastri, whose 
birth place is village Mahillo, P. S. Jagatsingpur 
in the district of Cuttack and who has taken •*> 
asceticism and has dedicated his life to the study 
of Hindu philosophy, theology, philology and astro- 


The indefatigable supporters of this undertaking from its 

< 9£Q flli^G G^lirSiercW! 

The Hon'ble J. A- Hubback Etq. C. 5 I'. I, C. 5. 
Sometime Commi**i*»ner at the Oritim Divi*ion. 

' « 

C. L. Philip Esq, C. I„ E , I, C. 5 + 

Sarnrtimr Cn-mmnfJDllCT *}• t«e OrJAAn DiVJiiOn. 

3$$IQ $«%$* QflgGQ f 

G E. Fawcus Esq, C. 1. E„ I E. S 

Director of t*ubl»c Instruction, Sihnr and Orii**. 







*r*" ■'■ 


U- S* Press. CuLlairk. 


S 5, 

a n^*" ii C* £ --t^-*C^P 3 - 

p^ lfrJ >kS5 

■ J- I* . , M~. ■*^^> 

^ iii ) 

logy and who by bis deep erudition and spirituality 
commands the devotion of thousands of disciples 
from one end of India to the other, has graciously ' 
expressed his high appreciation of my {humble 
labours and pronounced hi a benediction on the 
undertaking. He has been bringing the work to the 
notice of distinguished personages of Bengal, 
Bihar and other province s and has been prayingTto 
the Almighty for the completion of its publication. 

Sree Biswanath Baba Abadhut Sannyasi.of 
the H^ahimadharma persuation who is a person of 
great learning and piety and has compiled a very 
valuable work on the tenets of the Mahimadharma 
religion peculiar to Orissa, and owning many lakhs 
of devotees in its fold, has been invoking the Grac9 
of the Almighty Alekha Brahma ( God ) for th e 
completion of the publication . He has also supplied 
me with many words peculiar to the Mahima sect. 

Sj, Ramananda Chatterji M. A-, Editor of 
Modern Review of Calcutta, very kindly paid a 
visit to the Bhashakosha Office during his visit to 
Cuttack on the Rammohan Centenary celebration. 
He has published very appreciative and flattering 
reviews of the first three volumes in the last April 
and May issues of his magazine. 

Sj. Niranjan Neogi M. A., Professor 
Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, who had examined the 
3 volumes, has, in the course of public lectures at 
Cuttack and Patna, expressed his keen and sincere 
appreciation of my humble labours. 

Dr. R. P. Paranjape, Vice-Chancellor of the 
Lucknow University* paid a visit to the v manus- 
cripts and expressed his high "appreciation of the 


A. R. Toplis Esq. L C. S., Commissioner of 
the Orissa Division, has very kindly gone through 
this introduction and made valuable^suggestions for 
which I am thankful to him. 

A* P. Mukharji Esq, I, C. S. District and 

Sessions Judge Cuttack paid a kind visit to the 

t Bhashakosha Office with Mrs, Mukharji, and they 

both encouraged the compiler and his colleagues 

with their appreciation and admiration. 

Sj. S. B. Rath, Editor of theOriya daily Asha, 
Berhampore^ District Ganjam, Sj. Radhanath Rath 
editor of the Oriya ,daily Samaj, Cuttack,Rai Saheb 
BimatarCharan Chowdhury and Babu N. C. Sathia . 
B.A., organisers 6f the Oriya magazine,Rasachakra, 
have laid me under a great obligation by alluding 
to my humble labours ( and invoking public 
sympathy on it. 

Rai Bahadur Lakshmidhar Mahanti B. L. 
M. L. C, Advocate, Deputy President B. & O. 
Council, has been a sincere supporter of the under- 
taking since its inception, and his interest in its 
progress continues unabated. 

My revered preceptor, the late Mr. M. S, Das 
C I. E., to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude, 
is no more in the land of the living to encourage 
and guide me, I cherish a living faith that he has 
been blessing the work from heaven and pleading 
for its completion before the Heavenly Father. 

My illustrious patrons. 

E. C. Gibson Esq. C. I. E„ I« C. S<, Agent to 
the Governor General Eastern States Agency (now 
on leave), has expresesd his appreciation of the 
work and extended his patronage by officially sub- 
scribing for a complete set and by according 
me permission to constitute him the patron of the 
work and reproduce his photo in the frontispiece to 
this. volume. I am grateful to him for his sincere 
appreciation and solicitude for the completion of the 

Sahitya Samrat Raja Yikram Dev Varma, Raja 
Saheb Jeypore Estate, Yizag, whose name has 
become a household word throughout Utkal and 
who is universally respected and loved for his 
matchless liberality, erudition, authorship and 
national service, has been a staunch and indefatig- 
able prop of this undertaking for the last 15 years r 
His intimate connection with this work has been 
repeatedly and gratefully acknowledged in the pre- 
vious volumes, When, after the completion of the 
draft manuscripts, a printed appeal for help was 
circulated to the Maharajas, Rajas and noblemen 
of Utkal, and before he had adorned theguddee of 
Jeypore, he very gladly joined in the appeal as 


NMk4£*fcfc£j$ A: 

;J£i&£: Jt-- 

5t-3t4J:-S^S- r S^S;4fcr-^-C^: £^£r#:4i:3fc3fc 4fc4jj 

The Compiler and prominent assistants of the work;* 

The Compiler 

Sreemati Pitamhari Debi 

Padmacharan Das 

£= eisqssi qui 

Pandit Kulamani Das 

Ramchandra Rath 

31 qaag Q2i 

r < ti. Press, Cut tack. 

( w ) 

prominent signatory. His photo was appended to 
the first volume* By according me kind permission 
to dedicate this volume to him he has enablsd me to 
Ciiseharge, in part, a debt of lasting friendship and 
deep affection spread over the last 30 years. It is 
no exaggeration tp say that so long as he is there in 
fche guddee of the premier Oriya Estate to patronise 
literature, art and culture, this national monument, 
dedicated to the Goddess of Learning, will not be 
left without the coping stone being set to complete 
t, May Mother Utkal be glorified with his 
Raja sr ee (royal effulgence). 

Mr. G-. E. Fawcus M. A., C. L E„ I, E, S. 
Director of Public Instruction Bihar and Orissa, 
has been the helmsman of the undertaking since its 
inception* With him at the wheel the Bhashakosha 
has weathered many a storm and fog. His great 
appreciation of the manuscripts strengthened the 
hands ot the Honble Mr. J, A, Hubback to recom- 
mend to the Government of B & O to contribute 
substantially to the publication, revision and subs- 
cription of the work. It was he who succeeded in 
prevailing upon the Patna University to make a 
generous grant. His advice and help enabled the 
work to secure publicity in Europe. He has still 
kept a vigilant watch over the progress of the 

I deem it a pious duty to allude to the sincere 
support and patronage which this work and its 
humble compiler have secured from the Hon'ble 
Mr. J. A. Hubback M. A., C, S, I„ I. C. S. some- 
time Commissioner of the Orissa Division, now 
member of the Board of Revenue B & 0, on leave. 
To him the first volume was dedicated -m an humble 
token of the author's gratitude for what he has 
dona to give the publication a good start by 
strongly recommending for a princely ^Government 
grant. During his visit to Cuttack, some months 
ago, as Chairman of the New Orissa Province 
Enquiry Committee he evinced great anxiety to help 
me in completing the publication. The debt I owe 
him is beyond any hope of redemption. 

The Hon'ble Mr. 0. L. Philip M, A., C. L E. F 
I. C. S, sometime Commissioner of the Orissa 
Division and now member of She Board of Revenue 

B & O, had been of immense help to me in correc- 
ting the proof- sheets of the 2nd and 3rd volumes. 
Though he is no longer amongst us, he has 
testified in no uncertain terms to his solicitude for 
the completion of the publication. Love for the 
Oriya nation has become ingrained in his nature. 

Raja Narayan Prasad Deb, Ruling Chief, Baudh 
State, Orissa, was constituted patron for the 3rd 
volume, and the same was dedicated to him in ack- 
nowledgement of his liberal donation, but for which 
it would have been impossible to bring it out. He 
has still a kind and watchful eye on the progress of. 
the publication. 

Raja Kishor Chandra Deb, Ruling Chief, 

Athmallik State,Orissa, has been prompt in relieving 

me whenever there has been financial strain in the 

course of: the publication of the successive volumes. 

I have never approached him in times of dire 

necessity without getting a noble and spontaneous 

response. Whenever he meets any person from 

Cuttack, his first eager enquiry is about the 

progress of the publication of the Bhashakosha. 

The words of encouragement and assurance he gave 

me two years ago are still ringing in my ears. 

Even when he was confined to bed in the Cuttack 

General Hospital after a serious gun accident last 

month he used to enquire of the progress of 

%e publication from persons who called on him 
there # 

Raja Radhanath Bebarta Patnaik who now 
graces the guddee of the Athgarh State, Orissa, as 
jts Ruling Chief, has been as solicitous as before 
about the progress of the publication of the labours 
of his gifted father's humble friend. 

It is hoped that the enlightened Ruler of the 
Mayurbhanj State ,Orissa, MaharajaTratap Chandra 
Bhanj Deo, whose generous response to my appear 
for help made me connect the name of his lat e 
lamented brother, Maharaja Purnna Chandra, to- 
the title of this lexicon, will continue his patronage 
of the work, and that the Maharaja himself and the 
spirit of the late Maharaja, from above, will not let 
this national monument remain incomplete. 

Maharaja Braja Mohan Deb^ the Maharaja 
of Kalahandi State, Orissa,who was the 1st person 



to help me with a substantial sum to meet the 
charges for the revision of the manuscripts before 
the world knew anything of my labour e, and who 
is the biggest advance subscriber to this work, the 
Raja Saheb of Parlakhemidi^ the Raja Bahadur ojt, 
Dharakote, the Raja Saheb of Khallikata and 
Athagada, in the district of Ganjam, do still bestow 
upon the undertaking a kind thought and good 

Number of copies sold and presented, 


Up to date 350 sets of the work have been 
subscribed for and 50 sets have been presented 
to distinguished patrons, well-wishers, assistants 
and prospective supporters. I have been receiving 
advance orders from Europe as before. 

Bestowal of honour on the compiler. 

His Most Gracious Majesty's Kaiser- I-Hind 
silver medal, referred to in the 3rd volume, was 
presented to me at a Durbar convened by His Ex- 
cellency, the Governor of Bihar and' Orissa, at 
Ranchi on 16-9-1933. 

On 15-5-1934 the 2nd sitting of the All 
Orissa Poets' Conference was held at Berhampore, 
District Ganjam, under the presidency of Eaja 
Madan Mohan Singh Deb Bahadur of Dharakote 
and was attended by Raja Ramchandra Mardaraj 
Deb of Khallikota and Athagada, Eaja Purnna 
Chandra Harichandan Deb of Surangi and Raja 
Radhamohan Rajendra Deb, the retired Raja of 
Chikiti, District Ganjam. It was attended also by 
several hundreds distinguished Zamindars, 
advocates, pleaders, merchants, authors, poets^ 
artists, dramatists and lovers of literature and 
art and students from all parts of Orissa and 
specially Ganjam. The Conference presented to 
me an address couched in nattering terms and 
. alluding to my humble labours in connection with 
the lexicon. The next day the Conference passed a 
resolution recording the sympathy of the people 
and of -the Rajas and noblemen of Utkal with the 
undertaking and wishing its publication a speedy 
. completion. This has convinced me beyond a sha- 
/dow of a doubt that my countrymen have appre- 
ciated my labours and are anxious to see the work 
published without delay. 

financial outlook, receipts and requirement*. 

Each of the 6 volumes is costing 
Rs 1200C/- for printing and Mb 3000/- for revision 
ftBiU4|i§^opying. Thus, the whole work of 6 # 
volumes is estimated to cost Rs. 90000/-. 
Towards the required cost of publication 
Rs 41800/- has been secured in cash and promises 
including the sums paid by the Government and by 
the Patna University and Rs. 7200/- has been 
contributed towards the cost of revision. A sum 
of Rs. 8000/- has been raised in the shape of 
advance subscriptions and a sum of Rs, 10000/- 
has been borrowed. Thus, up to date, provision has 
been made to the tune of Rs. 67000/-, and a sum of 
Rs. 23000/- is still to be provided for before the 
last volume is out. For- this I depend upon the 
generosity of a few of the patrons of learning of 
whom mother Utkal is justly proud. 

The present and future price of the work. 

Before the printing of the manuscripts had 
been undertaken it had been estimated, in consulta- 
tion with 3 specialists, that the whole work would 
occupy 3600 pages, bound in 2 volumes, and the 
advance subscription was fixed at Rs. 30/ per set. 
As the printing of the successive volumes has 
progressed, it has now been found that the complete 
work will occupy 8000 pages, bound in 6 volumes. 
So, in consideration of th&xise in the publication 
charge, the price has been gradually enhanced. It 
is- now fixed at Rs. SO/- per set of 6 volumes, and 
the cash price o£ each volume is fixed at Rs. 18/- for 
the present. When the cost priceof the 6 volumes is 
taken into consideration, each set costs Rs. 90/-, and 
after keeping a small margin for the book-seller 
and the compiler, the cash price of the 6 volumes, 
when published, will never be below Rs. 100/- It 
may be stated here that no further sum is charged 
on advance subscribers who enrolled themselves 
as such by paying in full the advertised advance 
price for the complete work at the time when th e 
offer was'open for the lesser amount. 

The expected time-limits for the publication 
of the succeeding volumes. 

Unless there is insuperable financial or any 
other difficulty, the 5th and 6th volumes will be 


. . & $1 3- <£ S?4£$t& &.4fc-$=3££- 4^-S-^ *£# 4£^^4>.'^C--&^-' ■& & C-'^-S: 5; ^' 3= 3= ^ S=* £ 

:£^S» 5-fr$: £.-$? 

The workers in the publication 

Krishna Chandra Misra MA BL. 

Samant Narsingha Mahapalra 


Satindranarayrtn Ray MA., BX. 

Bhubaneswar Misra 

Goloka Chandra Pradhan 

U. S. Pre$s ( Cut tack, 

* * 

( Tl ) 

published at intervals of 10 months each; and it is 
hoped that the publication will have been complet- 
ed by the end of the year 1935. 

The compiler's fond dream of connecting this 
work with the sacred name of His Most Gracious 
Majesty, the King Emperor of India, has had to be 
given up, as some of the distinguished patrons are 
of opinion that the previous volumes having been 
connected as patrons and dedicatees, with the 
names of personages, occupying lesser position than 
His Majesty, it would not look well to dedicate 
the last volume to His Most August Majesty. 


Many friends have expressed disappointment 
that- the high price of this work makes the pur- 
chase of it beyond the reach of men of moderate 
means- To console them I beg to state that it is 
in contemplation to bring out cheaper editions 
extracted and compiled from this work ^( e, g. 
Popular edition, Student's edition, Pocket edition, 

Mythological dictionary ; Ayurvedic dictionary),, 
after the publication of the last volume. These 
cheaper editions will be within the means of all. 
No attempt has yet been made to bring out the 
cheaper editions, as attention diverted thereby 
from the main work may result in delay in 
its early completion. If any publisher is desirous 
of publishing any cheaper edition by extract- 
ing from this work, I shall be ready to consider 
such proposal from a business point of view. 


Lastly it is hoped that the Grace of the 
Almighty Father in Heaven, which has brought^ 
the publication of the Oriya Lexicon and the 
proposal of the formation of the Oripsa Province to 
the present stages, will bring both to completion 
side by side, and that the Oria language and the 
Oria nation will occupy their legitimate places of 
honour in the eyes of the civilised world. May 
God's Will be done. 


June, 1934. > 

Gopal Chandra Praharaj, 


" t-' f -T- 

M : &&■&.& 45^fts te to &i-&j£s&s$:4£3=$:4£3?S: £:£::£::$=£- 

Prominent wellwishers and volunteers of the undertaking 

Snjut Viswanath K.air, 

Ai Bahadur Lakshmidhar Mahanty ; 

B, L,, M. L. C.i Advocate. 

Babu Bamdeb Misra" B. A, 

D v wan, Athmeitik Stale, Ortsm. 

Babu Batukrushnu Mahanty B, A 

Uewan, Baudh 5 titer, Orison. 

G3WG, goto 64$, 6^01 
U.S. Press Cut tack. 

Babu Amarcndra BalUbh Dey 

M A., B L, 

As it. Superintendent Uimra Si At*, Or-asm 

Qt$ afl€$®<?ts qq, m, < t , $. <r 
oQf !4- 98fiMjn W"9I e % &9 in 

** .. 


d^ — ' 


0©8J C1€JQ eiQ©Q€1QI 

QQ9gai^ q«ig9isq q§£ d§ g©i£te 

* €9Q i < <s§gq *er' assess G99 6 -491 etLwv qtQ 

9t© OTGQ g$l£te G99 G9iQ. ©Q^ 3§Q g9l€l gfl^GQ 

'WSIQ Qq £H£$GSiG9 G>%£f «t€jGQ V a$$ $119 qflig 

G9Q 6 <9IQ S9IS QIQ «^QI * Q\% C1§> QQ I QSIGQISQ 
SWQ1 «gfllff 91Q9IQ ^«° qqi GMkT Q^IQIQ P€K 

qq ; §g ©%a «i§gq V 2JSQ Qejj qgq ai$, f a* ass* 

< 3§G§ *°° qqi a^QI Q€i<3 I «©<!9 . g^«p atSS} 

0§ G«>Q OT 9© QQ I 

©q SUGgQI ^o SH 8£t9G§) 

<9I SQi < «9Q adgglft 9IQ 92h QG9S $$«$ 

£991% G9lftSig 1 QJP «4PWS} aQQQStolGQ qflQ SgQ 

^jeT sot §<aq ^90 ctiqbs i awp&iro gs3g<3G9gs> 

$Q © G9IQ W gC3, GSG©G9GS> 99IQ 6f)31 QQ§GM? 
QQQ«G^ q9IS$ 9WQ 9$9S1 Q9Q€I 9Ga<a#Qr 

aqq&Q ®%qg> ©qaiQsiQ eg gag go,® g& $q qkigq 

^ sn^oo qqiCQ S919 G99 <9 ©#Q 15^1GQ -«"- 9©|Q 
«j£i 39 %SI <*$9 I <§ 9G9GQISQ 99i$ 69SI giq|gswi 

«b® $G£t i 91© eia^ flipq^i^qal asi99i£>Qr wiOhoi 
BGi^i ©ot— <s aaiM 33* qisiM 99€aa Qqctst t 
«^ gaa «§ ggo G99I ogq ^oa* G9<si qq gq — 

gqg g^© g$ 2I$©8 $> 9£|Q qglG^ 6 ? «i$GQ Q9ig 

G99 <!9* <?IQ qg*IQ 9*^GQ ^iq Q€9 99IQ ^£J! q3q.| 
9^1^ 393 SSII€}%6 QG€tgS8 filQflGA^CSI^ ^%9 3a- 

W^ s§> as, G3ff GOT 99IQ 6©3! ciQiG^t^^Oi^ 319 

QQQI^ Q9CI& & G9SQ g|^©iiQ^c(l 99I^m Q^SIIMfOI^ 
OTiai 9© S9i <! W3QI9Q Qai^l^Q Q ^91^ Qq?}]©(5r 

qg99©i QQGQ *oai 6 QQQiff^r «iaQG?iq ©%«i qqgq 

i «^Q WW glTO ©51 <flW 990.Q ?fl© CVJt^ ©aiQQiqt 

S9^ 319131 291) G$$W 9*[l% SJq QQS 99IQ SQIQ 

egiQ ®qq ^a§ 6 ai*«i ^«i99**is^^ an 9©iq ^or! 
a^ ©allots ^^€1^:6 "qqgq qiqci^^ gq^ 

«88f i CfcfllW ©©§GQ ^agO G91Q OTIQi giaffi 
9WIGQ GQG^Q 9?^ 9^ gg9g G9IQ SQS«d 
8(^-/ A «^- Wi aQQMl£»J^.. TOWi G9GSI I G3^ 
G©G©ft <?10l ©?1 9I9IS3"* . G99t^_ a©^ © G9G^ 6 G^S 
G9G0© 919 gi91diQ 9€i5li« geig Q* ©Q qi^dH 9QGQ 
CQIQ 9Q0 6 «D3I G9Q?iGQ, G^ICHST ?id«*% G©G®»«1 
0© 9©€i gQS9 Q91 QM ©18, «n,l ©Wl%q?0 G9G«i 
91 W^ ©Gfii I <$<$ Q, G©^ G©^ QIOI SQU © ?H9i3sSi 
G9G©» a ft « G99I QGQ 91* a°« GWI^fflf 9dG9GS^ I 

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6 Q@fi>Q 9»9I^_ 2Q9Q, q^l QQ <1 9«tq $QQ91 S9l 

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9^^ 9*1^19^ *<> gtQ gg Q99I9 9aisarQ a© i qca^ 

^g^m QQG^a ai9 GQQ^ < 9£ aiQ a©9 <^ ag q.SQv 

Qlfl a°GQI9«Q ®^Q! — 


9§ oSqi ^Gai^9 aq?!€i G9Gfii Gsa < ^gi 

W9^1 <a^l9 fl9l«§fl QIQS «2I**5T ^SaSi ©^9 39I" 

( w ) 

€}€10 O $IQ- 

set gsg© 601? slw ^ $<% q°w* ( aat— «p- 

SNWlrfi 9^Q«, QCQt WJd, GQlqSO €tQ3£IQ 3$Q«3, 

TOaQ q&q Slai <3$9 <s& aasiG^ ®§6Q so© asis$ 

?f 9$GSa ©$ 01$ I €9$9 GQ£ 94ti| SQIOO (9<£ 33) 
< 9£%3% Wfcfl QIQ SIQ.W QOTKJl 8D6QQQ 3Q§, 
QiQflKJ <}%£€} 1 GS saW*)L 0G9CM 9OT% S§© *© I 

siggQ G9IQ <1 Q&9 S«1Q TO«8, CS@ 9Wj^W 
^Sc^'SL^S V1^l«<3 «§« G9IQ o$©g ^SIGW STO«>£} 
6 ?M 3G9S C109Q 9^ qflQIfl^Q GQQ I 6^?8 OIQ 

6 &$n q«i ^0^.910 6 qc%-qqi %ca M&CQ0Qqi <3«* ( 

6 fllS}* €l|£}8 €ll§8 t 

Qj$IGQi3 «tf3 

4 ^ 

eQiais&oa g$qa 

( u. ) 

^400, &m 0816018' 3TOOGQ QIQSj© a§»l6SI8 3 

1 ggOIQfllOQQ ©l?l <S fflGCJW ©$ I 

Kirtikar— 99Q g§$«HWQ 'Indian Plants' 

Apte— GSIGSWa ..aS9«Q Practical Sanskrit— English 

Dictionary ( e^Q fc Q QSn TOaiQ ) I 
Beams- Comparative Grammar of four Indo- Aryan 

languages ( qqq aiGWOT G^SIQ QhIQQ^I ) I 
Chambers' Twentieth Century Dictionary— 

gc*wq §°a a«ifi?Q Q°qsn siew i 

Haines — Q|<1Q qiGOTQT Botany of 'Bihar and Orissa 

( §9l3-6§>eilQ Q§^§> ) I 
HoweHs-wa, Qgf ft 3IG9W «S»fSo 6^aHft o q« 

Fallon— QQ§ a^Q SlGWSf §QJl«!-®S>©l<3 \ 

Sir George Greierson— Linguistic Survey of India 

Grundy— ai% g§ siGOTS 6^s8-Q o q«Ei «&ai© I 

Parker- Elements of Astronomy- fl|$Q glWST 
Prothero— Short Primer of Indian History— 

GQ«rf983lGt Q£l9ft1— 9IQ60IO flMISW GGiiQSgg' I 

Q9© s «eteiia i 
%q«o§— 39000, 5s>$r %Qfr Qfifffli eioaio i 

QIGPSi — The Student's Bengali and English 

* Dictionary ( §. Clttffte 9Q°QI-Q°q«n aetaiO ) I 

gQsq#i— a ©scigQia G3Q qs<? parol 'gsio* SflU' I 
qa&ei^— q©i qawi$ cw?<}iq , §Qi3© 9cw 'sw# 
cpitf sew i 

A. T, Dev— aqgQIQ &>$$* Q°q£>-QGK»I SIQ8I© I 

6$so gw, 9G$$i — Q^qs? 9GQ$S 9m Qpm i 

Wilson— ^fi^ff SlGWR <j© 9\© ^IQ I 

a to; d®ei qsieoiseQ G}§>» S^geqiciQ ggoiQflift^Q ow d aiGQQ® ©% 

^iQ^Qg — 3Clq Q«} 9I915Q ^©^©0, QiSI I 

€i§g GS19P— ^«9S% a«»«« &® n %m%$ i 

GQiai^i — «aQ aiote Q^ i - 

GS1IGQQ — 2iQ9!?i9 WH QQ GQ«IIQ ^^^? Q§ ! 

4«aV9«fl— oqTOQQOi sww^ ^© ^glQiqsjr 

9fi>l (GQ)a 9iq— QGTO- WS Q9« 39» I 

( 1 ) 

9Q«G«IIQ — ^Qlq 99 9QSGSIQ 9& 1 

$€«■— 3^ Gciialora w$ 4$si slew I 

■ 9iqq«— ©9 9i^<fl 9is-(9Wa) 
si»Q4*-«fi «ri9«a QIS- i 
«q£I-9i93_QQ a?o ?ioaa9fii(Q^.iq,cflsiswrfl) 

aVSJO— 9S9..€S9€P 9$N6*Sf S9I&9 9^91 I 
8l©|5lQ--99 QlOiaQ W (<?3°9 W) I 

.-filoW&r-sflfl® atei^q G9S1 i 
soia.*-flio1 a§te g«iBo a£iG€i<ai i 
3191— 9S9 gioM© 091a© g&cusi i 

er«Q, toqgsw — geh^ sryQGaiw gsqisq i 

9»Q9— 9|gg!Q Qoq^iQ 9»99 w Q£l9»1 I 

9Q$jq— §i©1q 99 9«g« 9m (^9iq«) i 

9. G9. 5U-91 G9SS3 W I 

■QQiqQ— ago ifi 99i£(9 9s l 

Wffia— eiol© 99 e<WM «Sa (9©£>qsi£j<a) I 

98 G9aq gga —bioI g&fliai i 

5&9ISI — §99161 99GS?ffl£? §«flO W99Cf> i 

Q§9lg, QgOQtf— aio1o 99 9§©9« 9iq i 

^I9it— qq| al99 (9Q*ai«i) 

'■■v-S ,-*=* 


^eig — aiQl gg^iQiQ 99 $ae) §«ilo QQ$m\$p I 

WIGW— 0IO1«? 99 39IG99 9IS '(flltfcgq Wdl) I 
fltfg99 — 9g 99 ga lq 3^99 q6 I 
£lG€ll9g— 01019 99 SGS!9<$ 3°9 I 

(C9«9^ 9§q|9f) 

^©©GSIQ — ©l$Q til q99G€t!9 9Q I 

qyi99^— 9lgQ q&iQQ$ agi 
qyiQia — 999Q scfaq qyioia qsj i 

3!aiGSI99— ©9<§Q Q9I qaiSSI99 $G9<§ G9^ 

q^9ig— giol9 99 qwra (QitfiW^) i 

U^SSTQ — 31019 99 S^STQ (€JSI aQQIs) ! 

gosHfli«iQ— 9$9% fl9iS© 3191^9 wra§> I 

HSIIO— 9%Q^99l3® G9©9 qqjqa$> I 
WMQ— 9%9^ 39!lte> Sj§9 Wl 1 
glQfil— giQlQ 99 -«0QOI 919 (WtqQO) I 
q©» G99~9t^fQ SM'Salq §191 SIQ 9I$G99 

g©» G99 I 
GSI9£L9— G3ltt$LQ fl9lqei 93 ^199G§)J9^ 

§°9 G99 ! 



<§©SI1 CISQ 




% A 












" ft 

- ■«> 











* i 


















— t 





(§9Sa C99 




K • 









































C- v ) 

6$8D 8SQ 



. - — . 





































. 6©ai sis© 





bh •■ 



















«9Qh9 91 9 

W or V 

w oi*v 














o ggGQ qiqs>© aieqr©© aaQ <£ @%fliOQ qq©^ i 


«9[Q9— «QlQ©CQ49QiW>GQ9i9$©€l9 9J $SI 

VQ$ w. Qeil91QfGQ 91 ««ICQ 9««9$© flq$ €19, 

919^ 91 ^©103 I 

20-= 20931 §j<ai i 

■«QQ=B||Qft 91 ^ QSI%GQ 9 C I9§9 39 

^giql^TOiq £93© $31 I 

&©Q=-Q©Q$«» 9^9$© 99, q«l' 91 $©!€$ 1 

Q©i fti)-Q%ia1s[Q«ri 

9§£^=9©€l 289GQ 6 2l3§© QGfcte-GQOlie? 

9i9$© SQ 91 q<ai I 

+9^»9^ 9iQ<fG$ e©«^ 

«qi<m1 — GwgM® $ 9 $ al ' * 

§. 9^=ar§q| QGSM I 

SO. 3=31% «W* ew i 
ci3©=s!§i©aiSiG© 9i9$© a9 i 

CI|q=*q©qGW CteKCQ QIQGQ 9^9$© 3© 91 9I©1 

a=9©qrq<ai 1 

fll, gifli^SISW 9m99IQ; 91Q© 3lft©H6Q QWtiMe* 
Ofltfb $9©=a I9l© 4§>9 J6Rf W «W I 

€MQ9»C9il©KffiWQ 9h9J© a© I 

©CI, 9©ff, 99©Q=*QQte9 j}9QQ 9i 29I9 9 19s I 

a©— ©©g^g qqig | 

©i— ©i&* qsi i 

%Q=-aGi9^i 39 SGCT §?©! 99 I 

€©— G©GQg. q<ai i 

osb=oefo ai$,GQ 9i9$© as? ! 

sieiigiffGQ e«i© i 


f } 

( V ) 



...Sl.rfij^iWi w I 

Q« ©©== Q8 ©©J$%<9 3919 t ' 

©V. =©33* W I. 

'ff^^v. cw»qai% 9. G<?ag©o© ©5te$ 9©© 9f 

GQGQ MigqfllrGQ QW« €991 QISiSfQ Q§ I 
a<?M = G$9Q WGQ 9<<9§© 2H9IQ I 

a® c ( $ c )— a/cira £9aQ Si^i i 

et — §19© qsi t 

§iG9=aiG9lte «*ai©^ G9ai°a 9Ga t aGQ aoo© 

<f-§l3B as? 

[ oa^ Ga^ sisqgq gs§) ae? 9*i9§ © eg a*»a!QS 

Qlfl 9$£1 «fehGQ ?g>© G91Q»S 1 aai : — CIGQ 

(«w)»W ewes 9<i9§© aiG9Ss> m ] 
Qi=£riQ3l 91 qiqsih G9a 9Q»© §!Sf 1 
ecr = eens 9i eriQ G9a a©«© Q$J t 

Q»90Q ; ( W-<WO»; >9=<$Q 9©Q; 

9$ 9=9$QQQ f 

9$. ©.— 9$9©ft I 
§=§£€l<a QQ 1 

^ q ^^GasaiQ s>Ga<a<a 1 
96wao=aj3Q*l9 a«?Q 93<3©iaG9!a9 as * 
G9G9«"G9GQ£te q<ai ( aai-Q°qsn, ?m trfiql, 

w^Q^w?)— 93Q q©HQ QQ^ay gsi«sicq 
g$i§>« wis qSwa S<aQS Q?i© q«i 1 

>. §19 9IQMGQ V®h% 1 

aai— opwj aw, «sfo 91 acqi«Q $wq« i 
Qflflia' — as>Q 28G^§© aa I 

QQBO— qq,Q9Q 6 &©asiQ si^aGQ 9i9$© QQq^l l 
G9IQQ9I 91 4Jq«HW QOIW 90^? 91 99 I 

«r— «[© q«i 1 

qcflo, glolQ ^isrlQ — gMQ 69a qflflo 1 

+ 351,9= W»ia §©M^ I 

390Q=9ft €t9Q 399Q SO^GS ©§ 3GCf 91 aGQ 
3I9IOI *= qi^lfiWIMT $a« ^ gl ' 

+iiGa=as?Q eafoo staGQ qg 3©^ i 
8—SQl 9i ^ogra q<ai I 

^9==^ 9©g | 

v^1— ©§ai 9Q§ 
^1=^1 9Q^ I 

e9='4Q99Q [ 

tqi^gaai wg, I 

5^1=3931 99^ I 

+ (gg ©9)=ac$Q gg G99i %q sip 9i ai§_£ 

9©^ fl^SGGl q9» %g©9 I 
9lt ©^ G99! W 91 91QhQ Bief SHI *!$$ «a i 

— ( oie )^9QiQ 39^> ^Qf ■« 91 as? 6 aa 91 

S|Q? ^9 QXhQQ. q^WQQ ©9 I 
I (9^(99 9Q)=Q^9^1 9K?% «9 91 9^^ 

Etc; etc. - Please refer to the word preceding and 
its connected words in their proper places in 
alphabetical order in this Dictionary. 
See ss Please refer to the preceding word, 











=Techaical words used in 

the £&id sciences. 


?! 3! €€!I6QQQG> QajO 
9 I fill «TOI© 9Q 


Suiahat, Cuttask-L 


( A lexicon of the Oriya language ) 

Volume— V (Consonants, Pha— Ma) 

Compiler— G. C. Praharaj 


Advocate, Patna High Court, Cuttack, B- N. /?., Ortssa (India). 





Colleague— Srimati Pitambari Oebi, • 
with the help of a body of ass istant*. 

Printed end published by M, Kai-j 




Advance subscription 

for a complete set of 7 volumes— Rs. 115/-,. 
Cash price for each volume separately — Rs. 20/8 


jrDaCQ{>irt* l f.49Qn i .ii 'i^i*** D C5 4WH0O C l O CM f*fccB50on>i«*oQ(Jii: . 



■2« ae* "* 

did-: ■"■ 


The layer of the foundation-stone of the Lexicon, D *\ v 

$l€HG$mQ 9JQ^|S 9°gtOQ 

* ft 


m n 

■ I 


a E. Sir. J, A. Hnbtaek, K. C. S. I., L C & 
The fir it Cover nor of l he Province of Orissa. 



■Ave - i - - 1 * -■ - - ,tt. n% # , it 

a ■«■ *--■ • 

(P4f* r«'M ■"*- ■ ^Sf« §■•■ !!■**■ •.-«'-■■ •C_J- ****• 

n-raa+ Hg 

l!C ^..--- 

-r :::ao-a-i" 


c& D 

One of the Illustrious PATRONS of the Lexi 


* j* 

The Hon'ble Sir Courtney Terrell, Kt. Chief Justice, Patna High Court. 

.. * "■ 

■i-*^ = = *+" 

i*! 00 ^* 

L . r 



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£. Vom Otto Harrassowitz 

Querstrasse 1&, 

Leipzig, C. I. 




.-•■ r 

3. Librarie C. KHacksieck 

11 ,Rae-de.Lille 

Paris, 7E, 

France, . 


4. The Bhashakosha Office 

P, 0. Chandnicbank, 


(Orissa, India). 

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5. The Students' Store 

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W ' . * 'i 

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; :>i 

>:/ v: 







A. , ■' 



^ F / 






The illustrious PATRON of this volume 
and a staunch supporter of the lexicon from the start. 

Sahityasamrat Maharaja Sri Vikram Dev Yarma, D. Litt, 

Maharaja, Jtypore t Vizag. 


3f ^^ *Sf S*^. *-£ <s 













—,- '"' 







^ ' 


i* raj Kumar Sri Sri Sri Rutnkruihna Dev 
Htir apparent to the Maharaja of Joypore ( Viiag 
Taken in adoption by the Maharaja on 3-6-1935, 

»W I 

« i 9 I l** 1 * CIQ06Q QQ«%€^C9 

* l a r' 

-r t 

• - 


- - 




The fifth t«1um of the 





• _ - ■ 

is dedicated, with kind permission, to 

Captain, Maharaja 
Sri Sri Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo : M.L C 

Maharaja of Paralakimedi, District Ganjam, 

Wfio is a wjorefiy seion of £ fie adored Gajapafi race arxf justly regarded 6y 15 millions of 
Oriyas as tfie Rafter of toe <Pieu; Orissa <?rouinec, wSosc 6earf is ffie reeeptaelc 
of all toe manly uirtues wBiefi go to tfie mafiing of a ruler of men, wnbse 
6urning patriotism fias impelled fiim fo roaUe staggering saerifiees fortfie 
'flat ion, wfiose munifieenee for 4.6c eause of education ancf for €6e 
development of Oriya literature and Oriya language fias earriecf 
fiis name far 6eyoixf fne confines of ^fial, tfie milfi of 
fiuroan fundness in tufiose feart for Bis people fias made 
6im a unique figure among tfie rulers of £it£al 
. and tnrougfi u)6ose Ii6erali6y f he eoping 
stone is set .4,^ this national temple 
of learning^c'^^rnnaehandra 

^obroe^v^ "* " 

rf r ■ .1. , :■ ■ 


March, 1936 

in grateful regard 

his humble admirer, 


^O^^QQQ^, Q^GQISO^ q.fCK3igC!«Ki, fl9IQG©«> 9IQWS$9 

WafeQ saiflaoi S^iGSiQ WW « a a $WJWS9 Qiqqei ew 



6CI19IOOG Q9^f? 


r . -, 






Captain Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deb, 
Maharaja of Parlakemedi, District Can jam 

A9IQ9 €J1 di ^l $%&# £IBa ® Q| ^ ew 




^N- " 


oqoi oeosJ Qa?T 

qisq » pfeigo gaa ^§©9 o©0® oioqa sw, 

g«?$ 09* oai 69iqQ*i sw^sp, ©oigow «9«f© «wg$aQ 6 to©m 39^0 gow «e*t? 

aa"klQ G9GQG9 WTO Q©9 «9 6?1 3*9® QlfllSteJCQ «9Q fi€9 I OOfll eqgfc flrfwlQ «ICKa©QG«& 

sq«© ©h!« etqgq «a£ qt^CQit Q@a1sp $9q3*9W©M ae$9 G9IQ q*h Gfife«wq Q^flOGQ 
aei qiq«s§ i wo qw$8Q wfeflG agassG^ ass* GGQ s$ ^ioq qio ocrae), ««5»Q 
^apcy aaieateo G^feeit&s aisasilfliQ Qiafawa ea ^sjsgq 009099*19 G$iQag i 

qeoq $€ q9s© ( Royal Commission on Agrtcultut e )Q ©31 9\QJQ Qi93! QQWQ 
39*1 <tt GQiqis^Q $€G6R«>Q aqflflQl©! 6 a§9flQ%G3 «M<£ Q§«Q ©91 QQQQ qWWUQ QQ 

€QQ ^osei flsi<aiQ aqoi^i 990*9 Q€*aa§ ©I9i a»QHqiaiQ<n i q§Q3 aeiq 6aifi*G&9« sg$qsigq 
gg«Q 9QS>^Ga qqg $@Qq«1 a»»Q <«QW WMgw <9 6§>oi *h s>gq « q9*19 *>cfl<?© 
(Co-opted) wai^a aio$a$ 'aft%a B99^Qf flRieq 9W x aQQlQQr a*«GQ cjaaie© oq 6 

q^q aas* wiqq oai WaQ gqq acas Q8*<i$i aiao 9Qoa$ ©i9io a&i^Q ffiQ* i 99*- 
qq<^ 09 qio$9Q 9Q9S<a serai©** eeaieoajfo <» sals Q8» gG9S€> qoq6Q m£ gg$ 
9q#oi gftia* g<aaj©ag 6 aw© aaqS Qnq ©€*«£§, Gsgaici $$«© QQ9WGQ aa^TO 
flJGOwqiq MWflgo Qia o©ag ^«Q v?oq qw KhdfoWQ? ©ws>© eooio 9§is$gq c@99 

«Q 9iq<M19 9i)9 I 

«©09*«© ©9» QQ«iq ^llSaSOQ QQ©y%G3 Q9-9GQ fiflarf' ©49 x a«^ «St« gifls 
g9IO QQ q^SIQQ QQStfOIQ 9QO^ Q9IQ QQSfi§ I G90GQ S*SQ 6 9l^9iQ Q9IQ 6 Q990G4 

aia^ .«q ^Qw age eeifepft? i ©» Q©'«gq +9 flio^jwidl eomn, «k?qo, ^«^iiocj. 

§Cl£ G*«1q ( Second Grade ) qg\§ Q6Q», ei © QGR© f 6^n & €<SQft Q10P|fltO«?r aiQ *}9© 
9K>OI WlOq 6 W9 ^€©3? «IQ QOQ g©<|t©?«C» «q* *ft <^ G^ QflgQ ^Q^OOIGQ *fi?g «a 

GQ€IQ QW®G^ Mfl^Q a%4 © QiO < GQSQ ^©Q^OlQ a$© WTOrfq \ fll©q«IQ <S 

j»9flc?9© 9 q^oqqio oi9© qSQ l qiqoig«^9 scftcj ag© G«ia1oia ©Q^r QQro©^ &$** 

*ap®$GQId «Oatft ? Q ffttfli 9Q€l9^Q©q9^ #31919 OS <$ flffQ 9W fiS GSSQiei O^ 

oeo^Qid^aa fliggG9©» «9qq gqq flfT asoiwoi^ 09 «aaiQQ socai^ 6 woqioi 
^9 ^ <W Q€i«a^ i caiQio^a qqiiqw gQKW «a^ Q^oq ^ggiq Qtol© acrte 3iQ«i% 

j*^. -^* 

ji*r. ^*>- 

j*^. ■ **^ *■ 

^p,'. V** jf , jfiP* S^P -" ~^ S '~ 

^.i***, **~ -***>" **•* 


09SBQQ Q9I© QQ3fi§ I til ©a©$^9 a 9^ t /gi©1© Q$Q* M<XJZ W£% aiQiaiG© g©l3© G9IQ < €§?«JQ 

<S ©!©© £f% q<ai 4 qi§©«t© Q^fwflSl M ® aVMr QyiCQ QQgia© ©q©^ saa g<3>iqs§ l c©©» 
<qq QQ9i ©G<&©© cig©^! .»«*'<$ $?©$ Wlq fl$©© «©dlo© ^eoa^Q MflQeiftGct 09 $a 
^fe^i^o $©1© sqi a©i©© ©i© ©$«©$ t giq ©$a ©q e<*>© ©s©g© sq?© qwji;©*©© srgQigs 
pq«1«© 'g«^f%»V qw© aeiQW stfisiief ©£?© qq^qq 6 ©Sfcwi G<a^ 9101 aaWGQ 
09^*, siafl^a ©©I© .wi Q191QHQ .tf 90 6-^0 a©Q trff© q©i©w gskii©^ Qg 35r$% 

Q^IQ ©$#8$ 6 GQQ QIWK". ©QfiC ©&©G© aQ§j©©<3i© 6 ©$ C © ' '«WfllG©, ©31- aS^Gfffll 

©ia 39 gflflQ 1 ©ifl aiQei ©§ snaq© qiefcfflq 6 QQSflsq^© 6©ai £©©«© 3©l©si q©yisi ©s© 

©QSG© fliaajj? Q©l©<i©l© flOTlsTqpQ' §W I 

v «© Q^G^lsj 9<OT9©G© qfi»^% * ^ ,oe ^ ©€> $S ©3 WIQ WTI QlWfo ©Q, 
9S$jF dl© €9©© 6 3B© ?TG)9 6 G^Qtf ©Q 6 flGQIGQ ^* Gi&Q9QPQ «S§C©« ©Sfl© £|<g>S1 
C€J rfa^ 3I?J©*1GSI©I© Q® afffcf G©€l©is1sr fl*«6Q QQglflO' ©Q8£^ I <©| ©hSI© S^fc© 
£$n QStQ <§ £si©.C9!© 9 £ * *c o o< SIS ©&|© «QI 6 <$ 0$©^ <Sf^2|l Q|$|&©|$Q 3391 

CI#Q qqja ©iq aicf © *ooo< qiq §©iq ge^i ©i© ©§ Dlaq^q!©^ qi©qgr 6 ©i©d1©© 
go^ sqq ej©i$©$) d wra g©sb ©Q«a§) ©191 fl^'eii sa^rasj i dioq^iQ smct1© 

QTO©G«fc rfflajSTQ ©$C©lfl«1 ©I© 6 91919m ©I©19©GQ, ©|©iq©GQ <1 G©€l© 6 ©IQQ «€j€l€DC© 

q^l^Ql OQag i G$ g©»Q gfls© Qgffi aqqj?; o<$i g^9© 8«^' w^<i flw'j 

■ diaflorQ <^°€?y G9«i3i^©! 6 <3Wqg©igq 3l©G^tQ^taq^QiQ 9191^0 geiea fliafls. 9i^- 

«© q^GQ & 9GQ Q €?9Q°9Q$Gfl Q9I CJQI^GQ $8© «€i?lG©; <C9 q|f OQQ^QQQiSGQ '^KJ©* €J9|^GQ 
fla<JTO eotWIW ©ifl^L «©«J© ©WliflQ GQQ6QI? i^aQQ »^Qg©?ll 6 qeQifljlQGflfo 9iQ fifl 

a©g© 3©-qg© M^Qftio© ©Q ^?)««G3 iQ©9©iq©©''G9iQQfi§ i 

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as — 


V. J* 




or 53. 






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* <£, 


in t— 


Introduction to the Fifth Volume 



The^teason of delay in bringing out this volume. 

• Through the Grace of the Almighty Father and the 
blessings of my well- wishers, I am now able to place 
the fifth volume of the Orfya lexicon in the hands of 

the public. 

Though it had been con templated, while bringing 
out the fourth volume in June 1934, that the eatire 
work would be completed in 2 more volumes, the 5th 
and the 6tb» to be published at intervals of 10 months 
from each other, the fifth volume itself has been delay- 
ed by 11 months more than the estimated time, and 
out of the 12 remaining letters, 4 letters only— <r (pha), 
9 (ba), q (bha) and a, (tna), could be contained in this 
volume by lengthening it to even 1600 pages. There 
still remain 8 more letters of the alphabet to be dealt 
with. Had the fifth volume progressed to the letter 
q (la), it would have been possible to deal with the 
last 5 letters of the alphabet in the 6th and the last 
volume. But, as the fifth volume could not be pushed 
further than' fl (ma), the remaining 8 letters will 
require two more volumes, the 6th and the 7 th. 

After the publication of the 4th volume a great 
calamity overtook us by the unexpected death of its 
publisher, Sree Yisvanath Kar, in October 1934. 
His death disorganised the working of the press, and 
it took some months to reorganise the printing of this 


Each volume has , been costing, on the average, 

Rs. 16000/- (sixteen thousand rupees; for revision and 
fair-copying of the manuscripts for the press, paper, 
printing, proof-rea ding, preparation and printing of 
the half-tone blocks and binding. 

The patron of this volume, gahitya Samrat 
Maharaja Vikram Dev Varma, 0. Utt, of Jeypore, 
Vizag, to whom the 4th volume was dedicated, made 
a donation of Rs. 10,000/- which enabled me to begin 
the printing of this volume. When the printing 
advanced to about two-thirds, it was found out that 
this volume had to be pushed on to 1600 pages 
(instead of 1200 pages, as had' been the case with 
the first three volumes) to complete the letter q (ma), 
This increase of size necessitated a further expendi- 
ture. So, the progress of printing had to be put in 

abeyance, pending further receipt of help. The finan- 
cial difficulty was brought to the notice of Captain 
Maharaja Sree Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan 
Dev of Parlakimedi, through his Dewan Sreejut L. 
Patnaik, B. L. t M. B. B. The Maharaja Saheb paid a 
visit to the Bhashakosha office on 17-11-35 and made 
a donation of Rs. 5000/- which eaabled me to push on 

the printing , 

The balance of the incidental charges were met by 
donations received frotn the following gentlemen :— 

The Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of Athmallik 
State Rs. 500 (in addition to his previous donation of 

Rs, 1500), 

M, Rahim Khan, merchant, Cuttack, Rs. 200/-, 

Raja Saheb of Dharakota, Rs. 100/- 

Lal Sibnarayan Deb of Kharial Rs. 100/- 

Raja Saheb and Ruling Chief of Khandapara, 

State, Rs. 40/- 

Rai Saheb Nrusinga Charan Chowdhury of 

Jajpur, Rs. 100/- 

S. N. Suthoo Esq. Proprietor, Darpan Estate,. 

Cuttack, Rs. 25/- and 

Kumar Gokul Chandra. Laha 3 Proprietor, flaris- 

pur Estate, Cuttack, JRs* 25/- 

The last 3 donations were made in response to 
personal appeals'made by Mr. B. C. Mukherjee, I.C.S. 
late District Officer, Cuttack, who evinced a keen- 
interest in the progress of the work and made per- 
sonal appeals to some prospective donors of the 
districts of Cuttack and Balasore. The personal interest 
taken by this Indian District Officer in this national 
concern is a matter of supreme satisfaction to us all. 

The Contents of this volume. 

The 1st volume dealt with the vowels, 13 in 
number. The second volume dealt with six conso. 
nants, the third with twelve, the fourth with 4 and 
this volume with 4 more consonants. So, the five 
volumes tiave dealt with 39 letters of the alphabet. 
There remain still 8 more letters, of which the letter q 
(sa) alone will occupy the major part of one volume. 
So, it is apparent that two more volumes, the 6th 
and the 7 th, will bring the work to completion. 


( ii ) 

Thus, it will be seen that the entire work will occupy 
7 volumes, instead of two, as had been at first 
estimated by experts before the printing began. 

The space-saving devices. 

The space-saving devices followed in the 3rd and 
4th volumes have been rigorously adhered to. The 
explanatory head-lines appearing at -the top of every 
page in the first three volumes have been given at the 
beginning and at the end and at very rare intervals 
in this volume. The suggestion made in the 4th 
volume to save space, viz, the printing of the 
different meanings and quotations under every word 
in continuous lines, has been given effect to in this 
volume. By these devices it is calculated that the 
space of 300 pages has been saved for the dictionary 

The number or words in this volume. 

The number of words and phrases in the 1st four 
volumes is 96,000. This volume contains 39,000 
words and phrases, thus bringing the word collection 
to ]3%000 in these 5 volumes. It is hoped that the 
remaining S letters will bring the total word-collec- 
tion to 200,000 (two hundred thousands), in' compari- 
son with the number of Hindi words (93,000) 
collected by the Hindi Sabda Sagar s lexicon, in 8 
volumes, published by the Nagari Pracharini Sabha 
of Benares and 75,000 words collected in Jnanendra 
Mohan's Bengalee dictionary. 

Books of Reference. 

Besides the books of reference used in the previous 
volumes, the two following works have been used — 

1/ Scientific Terminology or Baijnanik Pari- 
bhasha, in English-Bengalee by Bangiya Bijnana 
Parishad and published by the Calcutta Engineering 
College, which book was kindly presented to me 
by the publishers , 

2. The handy Bengalee dictionary 'Chalantika' by 
Sreejut Rajsekhar Basu. 

The names of the two books are incorporated in 
the bibliography prefixed to this volume. 

The articles on 4 Mahima Gosain' and 'Mahima 
Dharma* in this volume have been contributed by 
Abadhuta Biswanath Baba. Maharaj Vikram Dev 
Varma, D. Litt, Babu Jagabandhu Sinha, Dr. Radha 
Cham Panda L. M. P., t'andit Baikoli Mahapatra 
Joyotistatwabinode, Patayet Balabhadra Dhir, Babu 
Manmohan Ghosh, Babu Lakshmi Narayan Sahu 
M. A, Professor Bepin Binary Roy and some other 

friends have agreed to contribute special articles for 
the coming volumes. 

Incompleteness of the vocabulary and 
the defects in this compilation. 

No one is more conscious than myself of the 
incompleteness of the word -collection, as many 
thousands of dialectical, scientific, technical, classical, 
colloquial, mythological, professional and other 
words could rpt be brought within this collection for 
reasons stated in the previous volumes. Whenever I 
am coming across a new word beginning with a letter 
not yet dealt with, I am incorporating it in my 
manuscript. In the case of words beginning with 
letters already published, I am noting them in a 
separate book, to be incorporated in the contemplated 
Supplement to this lexicon. 

As for many other defects in this compilation, my 
only consolation is that no human work is free from 
error. To friends who have been and will be pointing 
out mistakes and defects I shall always remain 
grateful. Whenever possible, 1 shall correct the 
mistakes pointed out to me if I am convinced that 
the mistakes are real and the suggested corrections 

My colleagues and assistants. 

I have suffered a grievous loss by the death of 
Sree Viswanath Kar ( my publisher. My valued 
coll e ague i Pandit Rama Chandra Rath Samant t who 
had worked with me with rare devotion in the revi- 
sion and fair-copying of the manuscripts for 5 years, 
met an early death in January 1935. This was 
another great loss to me. 

Though the Hon'ble C. L. Philip Esq. C. E. I., I.C. 
S., Member, Board of Revenue, Bihar and Orissa, who 
had been a very valuable colleague in the publication 
of the earlier volumes, is no longer with us, he has 
been watching the progress of the work with keen 
personal interest. 

My other co!leagues,Viz. Srimati Pitambari Devi 3 
Pandit Kulamoni Das Kabyatirtha, Babu Krushna 
Chandra Misra, M. A., B. L., Pandit Narasingha 
Mahapatra Samant, Babu Bhubaneswar Misra and 
Babu Golok Chandra Pradhan, have worked in their 
respective capacities as before. Srijut Satindra- 
narayan Ray, M. A. B. L., has been furnishing me with 
Bengalee synonyms. To the services of Babu Rame- 
swar Jha of Beheta, Dt. Darbhanga, Headmaster, 
Fawcus Vaiaya Bidyalaya, Cuttack, and Pandit 
TruptanarayanThakur of Janardanpur,Dt. Bhagalpur, 
Head Pandit, the assistance of Pandit Sures Chandra 


j. ■:. 







a & 


<3 © 


6 Gi' 

* 9, 

* Q 


p _ ■ . 

^ >'.•■" «3 

;^?^^.:fv^ ^e^^:f:^»vi:-^^*' 

*€g a 

















•: :: 








"'i I 

■ 7 P 



















Hi ) 

Jha of Beheta, Assistant Teacber of the above insti- 
tution, has been added in supplying Hindi synonyms. 

1 have, in the meantime, secured the services of 
my talented and versatile young friend, Sreeman 
Bichhanda Charan Patnaik B„, A. (Hons)ylate Secret- 
ary Prachi Samity, late Editor of the Pracfai 
Magazine and of the Vaitarini, Pandit Krusbna 
Cbandra Kar V. M. and Pandit Bhagaban Pati V. M. 
t two well known Oriya writers, have joined my staff. 

Babu Kulamani Kar, Manager CJ. S. Press, has 
been reading through the proof-sheets in the place of 
Babu Padmacharan Das, who left Cuttack. 

Babu Krushna Chandra Sen Gupta, M. A., B.Ed. 
Headmaster, Ctittack Traioiag School, has been 
rendering me occasional help in the revision of the 

Babu Dinabandhu Rath of At hgarh State has 
been of great help to me in finding out quotations 
from books of reference. 

My serious apprehension that on the death of 
Sreejut V. Kar ( the smooth passage of the work 
through the press would be handicapped , has been 
belied by the promptness and devotion of his son, 
Sreeman Mahananda Kar, now Editor of the Utkal 
Sahitya Magazine, who has spared no pains to uphold 
the high reputation of the Press. 

I have been kept supplied with dialectic*!, 
technical and colloquial words by Mr. H. C. Baral, 
P* Sc., I. S. R. S. Assistant Traffic Superintendent, G„ 
I. P. Ry, Bombay, Dr. R. C. Panda L. M. P, Sreemati 
Aparnna Debi, poetess of Puri, Babu Bamadeb Misra, 
B. A., Dewan, Athmallik State, Mr. A. B. Dey, M. A„ 
B. L., State Judge. Batnra State, Babu Achyutananda 
Purohitj Government pleader Sambalpnr, Babu 
Bioayak Das U. B. P., Teacher Bonai State, Kabi. 
chandra Kali Charan Pat nay a k of Banki, Pandit 
Baikoli Mohapatra, Astrologer, of Khali ikote ? L^l 
Sibnarayan Singh Deo of Khariar, Raja Durga 
Madhab Prasad Singh Deb of Rampnr Kalahandi 
State, Babu Jagabandhu Sinha of Puri and Babu 
Dinabandhu Rath of Athgarh State. Some of these 
friends have also been trying to enlist subscribers and 
financial helpers for the publication. 

My^ illustrious patrons and benefactors. 

To the Hon'ble Mr, J. A. Hubback, M. A. t C. S. I., 
I. c . S„ the Governor designate of the Orissa 
Province, the work owes Government patronage. 
His services have been gratefully acknowledged in 
the previous volumes. The first volume has been,with 
his kind permission, dedicated to him. For the last 

7 years he has always had a pa rental solicitude for 
the completion of the work. 

Sahitya Samrat, Utkal Bikramaditya, Maharaj 
Sri Sri Sri Vikram Dev Varum, D. Litt., of Jeypore 
Yizag, has been connected with this work since its 
inception, and his services have been gratefully 
acknowledged in the previous volumes. The fourth 
volume has been dedicated to him. He has agreed to 
be constituted the Patron of this volume. For the 
last 33 years the compiler has been connected with 
him by ties of intimate personal friendship and colla- 
boration in the^fields of politics and literature. As a 
momentous of the Maharaja's taking in adoption his 
daughter's son, Maharajkumar Ramkrushna Dev, the 
ceremonies of giving and taking, of Duttahoma and 
naming of whom were performed «n 3-6-35 in the 
presence of the Agent to the Governor of Madras and 
other distinguished guests and the deed of adoption 
in whose favour was duly executed and registered by 
the Maharaja, the Bhashakosha has got a fresh addi- 
tion of Rs. 2000/- to its funds. In memory of this 
momentous occasion the Maharaj Kumar's photo has, 
with the Maharaja's kind permission, been reproduced 
in this volume. 

Captain, Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Krushna Chandra 
Gajapati Narayan Dev, M. L. C. of Paralakimedi 
(Dt. Ganjam), whose name will go down to distant 
posterity as the progenitor of the Orissa Province, 
and to whose unremitting efforts and noble sacrifice 
the Orissa Province owes the inclusion of the Jeypore 
and Paraiakemidi areas, made a donation of 
Rs. 5000/- (five thousand) which enabled me to pushon 
the printing of this volume to completion. In 
acknowledgment of his help, this volume has, with 
his permission, been dedicated to the Maharaja Saheb. 

The Hon'ble Sir Courtney Terrell, St., Chief Justice, 
Patna High Court, has been taking a lively interest 
in the progress of the work. In the course of the 
progress of this volume through the press, His Lord- 
ship was pleased to pay visits to the Bhashakosha 
office on 9-1-35 and 17-1-36 and to the Utkal Sahitya 
Press on 17-1-36. His Lordship has laid me under a 
great obligation by permitting His Lordship's photo 
to be reproduced in this volume, as an illustrious 
patron of the lexicon. 

Mr. E.G. Gibson C.I. E., I. C. S f , late Agent to 
the Governor General, Eastern States Agency, who 
was constituted patron to the fourth volume, has — 
continued to take a personal interest in the comple- 
tion of the work and has been sending me his good 
wishes from Gwaliar. where he is now the Resident. 

( i v y 

Lt. Coloael A. S. Meek, C. M, G. Agent to the 
Governor General, Eastern States Agency, has always 
extended kind welcome to the work and its compiler. 
I am thankful for his sincere appreciation and good 

H.E. Sir H.I,. Stephenson, G. C. I. E„ K. C. S. I., 
K. C, I. E., I. C. S., Governor of Burma, was consti- 
tuted Patron of the first volume. While Governor of 
Bihar and Orissa, His Excellency made a liberal grant 
ofRs. 19200/- towards the publication of the work 
and the revision of the manuscripts. His Excellency 
is still solicitous for the smooth progress and com- 
pletion of the work. 

His Excellency Sir, J. D. Sifton, K. C, S. J. f K. C. I. 
E., I. C. S.j Governor of Bihar and Orissa, was con- 
stituted Patron of the 2nd volume. He has always 
been very gracious to me. Under His Excellency's 
Government the compiler was presented with The 
Kaiser-I-Hind medal. I am grateful to His Excellency 
for his personal interest in the work, 

I am giateful to Maharaja sir Pratap Chandra 
Bhanj Deo, Kt., K. C. I. E, Ruler, Mayurbhanj State, 
whose initial donation of Rs. 8000/- supplemented the 
Government grant and enabled me to go on with the 
publication of the 1st and 2nd volumes. I hope that 
the Bhashakosha willbe favoured with the Maharaja's 
further bounty. 

Raja Narayan Prasad Deb, Ruler Baudh State, 
Patron and Dedicatee of the 3rd volume, has continued 
his personal interest in the completion of the work. 

I am thankful to Maharaja Braj Mohan Dev, O. 
B. E. Ruler, Kalahandi State, for his donation of 
Rs. 1000/-, which enabled me to begin the revision of 
the manuscripts 8 years ago. He is the subscriber of 
25 sets of the work. I hope the work will be favour- 
ed with the Maharaja's further bounty* 

Raja Kishore ChandraDev, Ruling Chief, Athmalik 
State, has continued his patronage of the work. For 
this volume he contributed Rs. 500/- and paid a visit 
to the Bhashakosha office on 25-1 0-35. 

G. E. Fawcus Esqr, M. A., C. I. E., O. B. E., V. D., 
I. E. S., Director of Public Instruction, B. & O, has 
continued his watchful parental solicitude for the 
completion of the work. I am fully convinced that 
he has always a kind thought for the compiler and 
his work. He had a great share in securing me 
the patronage of the B & O Government and of the 
Patna University. Though shortly he will not be 
our D. P. I. his good wishes and benediction will 
always be with the work. 

E. S. Hoernle Esqr. I, C. S., Commissioner of the 
Orissa Division, has been taking a personal interest 

in the progress of t be compilation. He has very 
kindly gone through this introduction. 

H. Dippie Esqr. M. A., D. S, 0„ the Director 
designate of Orissa, to whom the work has been well- 
known for a pretty long time, was pleased to pay aj 
visit to tne Bhashakosha office on 17-12-35 during 
his' visit to Cut tack, and was glad at the pro. 
gress the work has been making, 

Prospective Patrons and Helpers. 

Recently I have been fortunate to cultivate 
the acquaintance of Maharaja Rajendranarayan Singh 
Deo, the enlightened young Ruler, Patna State, whom 
I had the privilege of visiting at Balangir on 
27-1-36. From what I saw of his administrative 
ability, suavity of manners, burning patriotism, 
patience, store of information and high idealsj I am 
happy that in him we have, amongst us, a Ruler of 
the type of the Raj arshis of yore. God granting him 
a long life, he will occupy a high place of honour and 
distinction amongst his compeers. I found a set of 
the Bhashakosha at his elbow near his office-table. 
He evinced a keen interest in the progress of the 
compilation and made enquires about the financial 
outlook of the undertaking. I hope the Maharaja 
will be one of my distinguished patrons. 

Maharaja Sir Biramitrodaya Singh Deb, Gyana- 
gunakar, Dharmanidi, K. C . S. I., M. R. A. S„ Ruler 
Sonepur State, a prominent patron of Oriya litera. 

Raja Ram Chandra Dev, the representative of 
ancient Gajapati Maharajas of Utkal, 

Raja Bhanuganga Tribhubana Dev, Ruler 
Bamra State, the scion of a line of rulers of literary 

Raja Balabhadra Narayan Bhanj Deo, Ruler 
Keonjhar State, who has already been one of my 

Raja Indra Deo, Ruling Chief, Bonai State, 
whom I had the privilege of meeting at Bhawank- 
patna in April 1935, 

Raja Kishore Chandra Deo, £ Ruling Chief, 
Daspalla State. 

Raja Kishore Chandra Birabar Harichandan 
Ruling Chief s Talcher State, a distinguished man of 

Raja Sir Rajendra Narayan Bhanj Deo, O. B, H. 
of Kanika, who had blessed the manuscripts with his 
appreciation and good wishes, 

The Calcutta University, 
The Patna University, 

Constant supporters of the work 
< £tfQ ©0$$ Q£LI$"?lQl 

®#^iMHl^*^ £ , ; ^^#^^; : , 

onble C + L Philip Esq., C- !. E., L C 
A true friend of Oris si. 



5, SOQ, Q s 3Q, 9. <q. | 

■"p- 1 


G. E. Fawcus Esq., Ml,, C -IE-, !, 
Director of Public Fns-ructjon. 


Rai Bah a. dor iaksmidhar Mahanti, 

B, L. M. L C, 
Advocate,. Cuttack- 

creejukla la ksmina ray an Pifnaik 

B, L. t M. B. E 
Dewan, Parlakimedi !?amasi:hanam. 

<3QiST , ei£Qi€«lC§ G^£ I 

Dswati Bahadur. S. K. Ma ha pat ra. 
Retired jipdt. of Police 

wi? $19190 «n tf ^f a^jm 










\L fc 



1^ J 




^ Rai Bahadur Bhuyan Bhaskar Chandra Maha- 

patra, Zamindar of Bhadrak, Balasore, 

have been approached for help. I hope they will 
extend tbeir help and patronage and enable me to 
I bring my labour of the last 20 years to a close. 

I hope that Raja Artatran Dev, Raja Saheb 
Khariar State, Raja Munipal, Ruling Chief, Pallahera 
State, and other doners will redeem their promises 

of help. 

I gratefully acknowledge the receipt of Rs. 
400/- ( four hundred rupees ) from the . Zamindar 
Saheb of Mahulpatna, Kalahandi State, towards 
his promised donation, after the printing of this 
volume was finished, the latereceipt of his photo 
did not enable me to reproduce it in this volume. 

My well-wishers. 

I am glad to find that after the late Sir Sayed 
Mohammad Fakhr-ud-din, I have secured the active 
sympathy and support of Khan Bahadoor Shaikh 
Abdul Majid B. A. f of Cuttack, who was one of 
the signatories in the printed appsil issued ia 1929. 
He has volunteered to bring the work prominently to 
the notice of his co-religionists. In the meantime, at 
his instance, M. Rahim Khan, merchant of Cuttack, 
visited the Bhashakosha office and has become one of 
its supporters. M. Rahim Khan has promised a 
donation of rupees one thousand and has already made 
part payment. * 

Lai Sibnarayan Deo, uncle of the Raja Saheb of 
Khariar, whom I met at Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi) 
in April 1935, has been supplying me with hundreds 
of dialectical words. He has secured me promises of 
help from the Raja Saheb of Khariar, the Ruling Chief 
of Pallahera and the Zamindar Saheb (Raja) of Mahul- 
patna. He has been trying to secure the patronage of 
the Ruler of Bamra State and of other prominent 
personages of his circle. Not being satisfied with this, 
he has recently sent me a donation of Rs 100/-. 

I have, in the meantime, been privileged to culti- 
vate the acquaintance of Prachya Vidya Maharnnaba 
Rai Saheb Nagendra Nath Yasu of Calcutta, the 
Editor of the Bengalee and Hindi Encyclopedias. He 
has helped me by getting the half-tone blocks for this 
volume executed by his artist and recommending the 
work to the patronage of the Vice Chancellor of the 
Calcutta University. 

Mr. S. C.Tripathi, 1. E. S., the Principal designate 
of the Rairenshaw College, Cuttack, first brought the 
work to the kind notice of Maharaja Sir Pratap 
Chandra and has been keeping the Maharaja informed 
of the progress and financial outlook of the work. 

Mr. K.C. Neogi, late M. L. A, Dewan, Mayurbhanj 
State, has expressed sincere sympathy for the work. 

Professor P. K. Parija, I. E. S., has been watching 
the progress of the work and -has been helping me 
in various ways 

Rai Bahadur Lakshmidhar Mohanty M. L. C, 
Advocate, Cuttack, has been as vigilant as before. 

Srijukta L. Patnaik, B.L., M.B.E., Dewan, Parala- 
kimedi (Ganjam); hid, as Secretary of the Oriya 
Sahitya Sangha, helped me to begin the fair-copying 
of the manuscripts, and as Dewan of the Estate, laid 
my financial outlook before the Maharaja of Parala- 
kimedi, the dedicatee of this volume. 

Kumar Bidyadhar Singh Deo, B. A., B. L., M. ^. 
A. S, of the Raj family of Icha (Chotanagpur) and 
son-in-law of Maharaja Vikram Dev # Verma, and O, 
Pulla Rcddi Esqr, I. C. S, late Dewan of Joypore 
Samasthanam, have been sincere well-wishers of thi& 


Professor B. C. MaZumdar M. A., B. L,. of the 
Calcutta University, who has done more for the Oriya 
literature than any other single individual in and 
outside Orissa, has been watching the progress of the 
work with keen interest. 

Srijukta Sashi Bhusaa Rath, Editor of the New 
Orissa and of the Asha, Berhampur, has been adver- 
tising the work aal no ticm? the gradual progress of 
the work in his papers; - * ■' 

Sri Sashi Bhusan' Rai, atUthor and writer, of 
Cuttack, who is known and respected throughout the 
Oriya-speaking area, has been bringing the work to- 
the notice of prominent personages of Utkal. 

Dewan Bahadur S. K- Mohapatra, retired Superin- 
tendent of Police, has been a well-wisher of the 
compilation and the compiler. 

Mr. B. Das, M. U A„ A. I. C. I., and his brother 
'Swami' B. N. Das, Advocate, have been speaking 
highly of "my humble labours before prospective 
helpers. . 

Rai Bahadur Uma Charau Das, Personal Assis- 

tant to the Commissioner, Orissa Division, 

Babu Baikuntha Nath Dutta B. L.,the seniormost 

Advocate, Cuttack, 

Rai Bahadur Jugal Kishor Tripathi, M, A. 

Dewan, Keonjhar State, 

Babu Batakrushna Mohanty, B. A., late Offg. 

Dewan, Baudh State, 

Sriman Chintamoni Acharya, M. A., B. L. f Advo* 

cate, Government Pleader, Cuttack, 

Rai Bahadur Loknath Misra B. L., Advocate,, 
Government Pleader, Puri who had help ed the pub- 
lication with Rs. 500/-, 




Babu Achyutanand Purohit B. L., Government 
Pleader, Sambalpur, 

Babu Jagabandhu Si nha Pleader, writer and 
author, Puri, 

Rai Saheb Nalini Kanta Ghosh, B. A., Duputy 
Magistrate and Duputy Collector, Sad a rSubdi visional 
Magistrate, Puri, 

Babu Satis Chandra Mitra, M. A., Deputy 
Magistrate and Deputy Collector, Puri, 

Babu Nagendra Nath Dutt, M. A., Deputy 
Magistrate and Deputy Collector, Banki, 

Kabichandra Kalicharan Patnaik, the famous 
musician, singer and playwright of Banki, 

Rai Saheb Bhikari Charan Patnaik, Pleader and 

the father of ericulture and cottage industries in 

Babu Durga Charan Rai, Sadar Subdivisional 

Officer, Patna State. 

Babu Lakshminarayan Sahu M. A., the indefati- 
gable Member of the Servants of India Society, 

Babu , Nityananda Sahu, Manager, Arunodaya 
Press, Cuttack, 

have been my sincere well-wishers. Sreeman 
Prabhat Kumar Mukherji M. A of Cuttack 
ias been a new acquisition to me as an active helper. 
He introduced me to Prachya Vidya Maharnava Sj. 
N. N. Vasu and to the authorities of the Bangiya 
Sahitya Parishad of Calcutta. 

Pandit Akula Misra Kabyatirtha, Manager of the 
Cuttack Trading Company, has kindly presented me 
with 2 costly fountain pens, one after the other, for 
use in connection with the dictionary — work, 

Babu Nidbiram Mishra,B.A., Managing Director of 
the Orissa Chemical and Pharmaceutical works, has 
been supplying the Bhashakosha office with writing 
ink for the last year. 

All these friends have, each in his way, been 
sincerely helping me, by securing patrons, and subs- 
cribers. They have not remained satisfied by express- 
ing their sincere appreciation of my humble labours 
but have demonstrated their sincerity by personally 
approaching prospective patrons, securing promises 
of help and, in some cases, actually securing financial 
help, publicity and subscribers for the work. 

Had the lexion not got such a galaxy of .active 
supporters, -helpers patrons, benefactors, associates, 
assistants and advertisers, it could not have advanced 
so far. *0f some of these benefactors I have reproduced 
the photos in this and in the previous volumes and 
will be doing sq in the Subsequent volumes, in acknow- 
ledgment of the disinterested services rendered by 
them in one shape or another. 

The be* towers of benediction on this work. 

His Holiness, Ma ban t Maharaj Gadadhara 
Ramanuja Das, Kaiser-I-Hind, of Emar Math, Puri, 
besides rendering financial help, has given his blessing 
for an early completion of the work. 

-'His Holiness, Jagadguru Satchinanda Saraswati 
of Sankaraaanda Math, Puri, has visited the Bhasha- 
kosha office more than a dozen times, whenever he has 
come here, and pronounced his benediction every time 
on the yet unpublished manuscripts. In the course of 
bis extensive tours through the Oriya-speaking areas 
for starting a Brahmacharya Bidyalaya at Bhubane- 
swar, he has been invariably < alluding to my humble 
labours, invoking God's blessings on the work 
and speaking very highly of it at every public meeting 
which he has addressed. 

Sree Biswanath Baba Abadhut, of the Mahima- 
Dharma persuation, has continued his personal felici- 
tations and prayers to the Almighty Brahma for the 
completion of the work. 

His Holiness, Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Swami 
Maharaj of the Gourdia Math, Baghbafcar, Calcutta, 
was pleased to pay a visit to the Bhashakosha office 
on J. 9. 1935 and pronounce his benediction on the 

Distinguished visitors 

Besides the Hon'ble Sir Courtney Terrell 
Kt., Sankar Satchidananda Swami, Biswanath 
Baba, Bhaktisidhanta Saraswati Swami Maharaj 
and Mr. Dippie^ as stated in the above paragraphs, 
the Hon'ble Sir Bijoy Prasad Sinh a Roy, Minister of 
Local Self-government, Bengal, paid a visit to the 
office on 27. 12. 35 and was greatly pleased with the 

My valuable subscribers. 

r Government of Bihar and Orissa have subscribed 

in advance for 130 copies, 

Maharaja Brajamohan^ev, O. B,B,Ruler, Kalahandi 
State, has subscribed for 26 sets, 

Learned scholars, societies and libraries in 

• England and Europe for 
The Ruler of Keonjhar, for 
The Ruler of Baudh, for 
Maharaja of Sonepur. for 
The Raja Saheb of Dharakote fpr 
The Raja Saheb of Madhupur for 
and The Ruling Chief of A thmallik for 

The mention of my subscribers will not be com- 
plete unless I refer to su bscriber No. 334, Moulvi 
Shaikk Abdul Rashid, Assistant Teacher, Madrassa 

20 sets, 
10 sets,' 
8 sets, 
6 sets, 
6 sets, 
6 sets, 
5 sets. 


*!> ; 

m a? 



5 Of 






« a 


9 np 







s cr 



la w 





J *1 •• * 

Sultania, Buxibazar, Cutfcack, who draws a monthly 
salary of Rs. 12/- and has to maintain a big family. 
He approached me and prayed to be enlisted- as a 
subscriber on a concession rate. In consideration of 
his circumstances and his longing to own a set, I 
accepted him as a subscriber on Rs. 45/- for a complete 
set, payable by monthly instalments of Rs. 2/-. This 
stipulation he scrupulously carried out and cleared 
the sum within 22 months. 

The best owe i a of ben diet 'on and good 
wishes, now in heaven. 

I had been cherishing the fond hope of laying 
-the lexicon after completion, in the hands of His 
Most Gracious Majesty, the late King Emperor, 
George V. Now that His Majesty is in heaven , I offer 
from the core of my heart my homage and tribute of 
loyalty and devotion as an humble subject of His 

late Majesty, " 

I tender my homage to my father, the late 
Narasingha Praharaj, who left us in 1914 and whose • 
literary taste, I imbibed from my child- hood. He had 
been feeling bitterly the want of a comprehensive 
Oriya Dictionary. He heartly approved of my idea of 
undertaking word-collection for a lexicon, in 1913-14. 
The fruit of the labour of bis unworthy son was not 
fated to be laid in his hands. I trust that from 
heaven he is showering his blessings on the work. 

My debt to my Guru, late Mr. M. S, Das, C. I. 
E., has been repeatedly acknowledged in the previous 
volumes. 1 trust that he is fondly watching the 
progress of the work from heaven. 

The late Srijukta V. Kar is, I believe, looking 
upon the progress of the work of his unworthy asso- 
cite with the same solicitude as when he was with us. 
The late Pandit Nilmoni Misra,the sage of Jajpur, 
who breathed his last on 1-12-35 at the age of 73, had 
been a c&nstant visitor and well-wisher of the work. 
He contributed an article for the word *Jajpur* 
for the dictionary. He did not live to see his contri- 
bution published. I trust he is watching the progress 
. and blessing the work from heaven. 

My thoughts turn to my departed daughter, 
Srimati Labanyabati Debi, the wife of Rai Bahadoor 
Loknath Misra M. L. C. Advocate, Government 
Pleader, Puri. She had collected for me some Oriya 
and Bengalee books of reference before her death. 
Reference has been made to her help in the introduc- 
tion to the first volume. 

Rai Bahadur A jay Chandra Das and Rai 
Bahadoor Ramsankar Roy are no'more in the land of 

the living to encourage me by constant suggestions 
and supply of words . They are still watching the 
progress of the work in heaven. » 


Number of copies sold and presented. 

Upto date 363 sets have been subscribed in advance 
and 04 sets presented to patrons, well-wishers and 
assistants. Since the publication of -the 4th volume 
in June 1934, 16 sets have been subscribed for and 14 
sets presented. 

It may be stated here that out of 360 sets sold, 
about 300 sets have t?een sold at the prepublication 
prices of &s_ 20/- to Rs. 30/- per set. 

Bestowal of honour and appreciation. 

The 'Revista Degli Studi Grien&li', the magazine 
of the Rome University, published a very appreciative 
article on this work, in the Italian language, in its 
volume XIV, Fasc 2, of August 1933, from the pen of 
Professor Giueseppe Tucci. I give the following 
extracts therefrom : — 

"X X The dictionary is, on account of its size and 
wealth of documentation, the most complete that 
could be desired. XXX Gopal Praharaj has highly 
xleserved.well of his country and the rebirth of verna- 
cular studies in India. X X X X This Tvork will 
greatly facilitate the study of a literature, which has 
also many-points of .contact with the literature of 
Bengal, and is not, by any means, one of the least 
interesting in India/' 

The Italian was very kindly translated for me 
into English by Professor Binoy Kumar Sircar, M. A., 
of the Calcutta University, to whom my thanks 
are due. 

The Cut tack Baisya Tili Jatiya Samiti, Associa- 
tion presented the compiler with an address of 
welcome and appreciation at a special gathering on 

The members of the club at Jeypore (Vizag) met 
the compiler in an evening party and presented him 
with an address of welcome and appreciation on 21st 
October 1934. 

The compiler was awarded a Silver Jubilee Medal 
on the occasion of the late King Emperor's Silver 
Jubilee on 6-5-35. 

At the 6th annual sitting of the Gangadhar 
Sahitya Parishad of Sambalpur on 29-1-36, over 
which the compiler was invited to preside, apprecia- 
ting allusions were made to his humble labours. 


( rm ) 

Financial out-look, 
receipts and requirement*. 

The size, and consequently the cost, of the work 
have fat outgrown the orginal and subsequent esti- 
mates . 

The cost for every volume has been Rs. 16,000/- 
on the average. Now the cost of publishing the 
entire 7 volumes, in more than 9000 pages, is esti- 
mated to come to Rs. 110,000/- in round numbers. 
Towards this requirement, a sum of Rs, 24,000/- was 
received from the Government of Bihar & Orissa and 
from the Patna University, Rs. 39,000f- from the 
generous doners, Rs. 10,000/ from advance subscrib- 
ers in and outside India and Rs. 10,000 as loan on 
the security of my residential house. So, provision ; 
has been made to* the extent of Rs. 83,000/-, and a 
further sum of Rs. 27,000/- will enable me to bring 
out the remaining two volumes, the 6th and the 7th # 
I depend upon the generosity of the patrons whom I 
have been approaching. 

The price of the work 

Before the printing was undertaken, the entire 
work had been calculated to occupy 2 volumes, of 
3600 pages, requiring an outlay of Rs. 40,000/-. 
As the printing advanced and the size and cost of 
the work were found to gradually increase, the price 
was gradually raised to Rs. 40/-, Rs. 50/-, Rs. 60/- 
and Rs. 80/- respectively^ per set. 

Now, on the publication of the 5th volume, it is 
found that the work will be completed in 2 more 
volumes, requiring a larger outlay. So, the advance 
price of a complete set of 7 volumes is now fixed at 
Rs,115/- (one hundred and fifteen rupees) and the cash 
price ibr each volume, purchased separately, Rs. 20/8 
(Rupees twenty and annas eight). 

The expected time-limit for the publication. 

Unless there is insurmountable financial or other 
difficulty, as befell the publication of this volume, 
the 6th and 7th volumes will be out at intervals of 

10 months each; and it is -hoped that the publication 
of the entire work will be completed by the end of 

A word to intendng subscribers of 
slender Income. 

Many friends have complained that the high price 
of the work makes its purchase beyond the reach of 
persons of moderate income. To meet this difficulty 
it is contemplated to introduce the system of payment 
by easy monthly instalments of Rs. 3/- (three) spread 
over 40 (forty) months or of Rs.2-8 ( two eight ) 
spread over 50 (fifty) months, on the 
subscribers furnishing security, to the satisfaction of 
the compiler or his book-sellers, about the regularity 
of the stipulated monthly payments. For those who 
cannot afford even this, it is contemplated to bring 
out much cheaper editions of the work (e, g. popular 
edition, students' edition, pocket edition ), the price 
of which will suit the pockets of persons of slender 



To all my colleagues, supporters, well-wishers, 
sympathisers, helpers, patrons, volunteers and critics I 
again tender my thanks. 

I tender my loyalty and homage to His Most 
Gracious Majesty, the King Emperor Edward VHI, and 
invoke God's choicest blessings on His Majesty. 1 
tend e r my homage to the Great Benevolent Being 
who has brought me and my dictionary safely up to 
this stage and pray that He may give me strength 
to see it through. 


It is hoped that the Grace of the Almighty Father 
which has brought the publication of the Oriya 
lexicon and the formation of the Orissa Province, 
pari passu, to their present stages, will bring out the 
completion of the former and the harmonious working 
of the latter, and that the Oriya language and the 
Oriya nation will occupy their legitimate places of 
honour in the eyes of the civilised world in the near 


God*s will be done. Amen ! 

Bhashakosha office. 
March, 1936. 


Ccmpiler x 




■ . . .;. .- ■ 


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T" - P, 




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gv«9?n» gqpr aais 9q«i 6 cai floowifl^- 
a«s$ gqal«?l<?gi 9|siG9l<39 aw 419 gQliis 

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G99I 6 aw 6 s$ «$ 9s 9a Gig 9H9al9G9 
g9i&9 G99i a9«i9 ©gaiQ w; «§ gw «$ 
g9is9 G9Q G9Q a*9» swq$ v* 9iq aw 
*8aq «9 < <*§Q 991Q 9$iQ W°° W 
sei^ 9G«4 w qi© qQi «fl3% V V, 

*Q* 6 C «P, <8 G^GOlf 919 8IS9 O «$GQ 
«3G9«9 €919 QIQQ 1 9flfl|9IQ 81 Q aOGGlt «9Q 

a9et^ 9§ag I o «§es G9?<a§aG9 V ass sq 
sq eistaia^ G©G9 9§3i9i9 wa% * cai? asq 

?q «I$SQ fl9ia« G99I *q? $ag| I 9<£ ew «£) V 

«sq% »8 alQQ 9;§; «ra©* ®w% not aa$ 

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«3Q<tI€Q$QGQ *^919<J «?2U% G9QSIJQ a^9|Q9i_ 

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6 3*199 9Q9I, STGfcl9l99r% 91^6*19 ?9 9§© 
9^991,9199 A «fll«e %QQ9I, g^ff G9§9l$ai G99l 
QGQ SQi ff<$9l9S S9IQ9I & 9@ 9SIQ9I 839 9IS%9 

q<aiG9iS9 sg«i9 fligeiQ 9WI9 & ^«o^ (gsis 

9919) fcSI «9 G9Q^9I G9«ll SH^ag I 

Q$g|Q©% 991^9 Si 31 3! Q$9G99 9^ 0. $t; 
9G9l9q«Ol^ Sig & ^»,»ooc QS9»IQ SSIGS 4 
«^Q ^ €IQ^ QQ31Q3Q I 9£Q 91Qa« S^ 
Q<5 G€t<a G9C3 G90q GQSIGQ G3 '«' ^^% G€I<S 
VQ9|^G9GSl ^ «^% ^# > °° W W% SQ9I «10|^ 
«t9^Q I q<3)G9l^ 35* S9l4iG> ^21^ d§? «fJO|^ 
4 $€)Q ^Q ««° q^l «W C9IQ3Q t a9l^<9 

9GGT 9*i^$i> a9€inqi9 G9Q i «§ «^L a&gig^ 

G«l^ ^1991 G93 q^ 9Q 9Q 9$ Qfl^ 
919 919 9^ «^9I^ G9Q 1 909199 9^11^ 


819»l q©1Si G9$|ff, < QffGI «OGl?l% ^^ ^*_ 
^^8 QSJ9lqq« 0|9tq9 9- <^., <9, 9. Q, 

g<aiG9i«^ <§ wqg ^i© 9^^g© aiQasakQ 

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G999 ^ SI9^ 9GR 6 93IQ9 09 
9G9H.Q V^ SiQSSQ ^^1691^ ?IS9G9 0919^1 9GQ 
6 qgiG9l<8Q afl39> <?9 9Q9I 9IQ" S *oo*^ 
N aiTO9IQ) *Qrl 919 9GS* I HPQ% ^9^G9 < 919 

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q^Q 091 9^9)9 g9!€t 9Q9I 9di G91 QQG^ 21^9 
G9IQ aiSl^l I <% %Q 9l€t«^ < «lfj g9l9GQ 

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9Qagi9 5 9*9 % ^*c 

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9GW9, aiqg 9. 9. %«i»1, aft. g. < a> 

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q<3iG9i<a 91^9 agog 9G% 3Ga<|| ^39 G93l$ 

gGfift <19 989 6 9IG3499 G9G»9 99l9i 
a999|9«^ q < aiG9) < aSfQ m\%i 919 9Q9!^ 
a9G$* 9Q Q9 G^^GSt I 6$ai9 0$ 91^1^ 

91^9 9G<t 9Gflq ©%iak^e?Q 0919a 9901 6 
ag9 G9^ G9i 99G9 aca% sIq 6 a90 
919 G9JQa§ 1 

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gafl ««JS9 9^9191% S99§ k* f o^ 99^ 
6 esq «igs9 981I«G9 #>? <S OS 9^89 94 G«g 
G91Q^«1 I ©SL*> *9€Q v 69lf 91p S>W 9§ 
QQQ 6 O «9S9 »RQ «19? 9««R9 9g G«*a 

■ 1- ' V\- ■ V 


» > 

G9Q I <§Q€l am *$G9 *d ? «IS9 GS<3 C9IQ fl~$ r 
G€U? SISQ 91 W Q^ag | «g^ <$| *V' as9f 

0J<5 f)iq *••© e^j CQ9I €99 C9I6* »§ai9 

9931$ sig 1 g9$l <f? 93 <S <J@ §£9 sw«9- 

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$Q «flQ 0QI3G9 91© aj§G39 9Q9 I Kt*t 

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3G9 €3 9Q «tgG9 g& go|§q9. 999 I 9§ 
9^91© 9S 1 * «tg^ 9© 9© 9 «§G9 a9tQa 1 1 

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q$ ^giq eiQ^o G9iQgQ, < «$€9 eg ^ 

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9«aia qsi sesr© <j «$9 ia9HG9, gi$G9 6 

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9§ 9§SJ SIGQCM 99 <0 «§G9 9191 91*1 G9IQ 
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sag c^«igG9 39G9S© a9 6 9lwafliQqrQ 

Mil * £9919 I «§ as« «€}G9 S9MiI • e9»ie>j €«<$ 

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9199 €19 Mil £*ooo G9Q39I 3G» 6$ei QSIGS) 

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€99 I 9ieil9 Qiagg^9«rt q§!9<$9 ggis© «bo- 

qciQii^ f ^Ql a9giQ9 > 91^9 ^ftl 3$G9i€l 9^9 
G«l* «9 ««1l <!* 9»I9 «>G* 6 @1G©5 Gfll9<?^ 
9Srfi| «Q2I|9G9 ^^* 39 Mil 5>»o«« 8€% | 
<H% <S9«» Q^IQ €19999 q9»G9 « §G^ I 

J9I3Q *$aiQ<? Q«fi9G9 919^0 «Q^Q 
«£'9IQ* Q9I O «f)9 Q9»9G9 9^^Q 9£9S 
919§9 G9IQ«8 I 

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SIQalQ ''oo^i" I 

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OI3QIC9 <3^ 9Q ^g99 Ol^ Q^G93q G9IQ- 

< «fJG9 39 G9S© *«l§fll GSimiQ' 6 c 3§fll a/ 
€(1^9 q099^ 9§ .QQijp Q^olO ©fl,Qia 9I9IQT 91^ 
Q^Q G9IQ«@ I 091^9 99^C99 9^1, 9IQ 909^ 
§°9, 9I§Q Q3IQ94 3^t, Q^Q 91QG9I9 ^9lQI^ 
GS^IQ^Q^GQIQ; 9|N© 999^ a)^ 91^ 3369199 
G9I9, 9. <I9, «(l «S5l9l^tfl Ql$ <35. <J, GgiG^Q 
9SQ99I<3 9^ ^19 9^ QQ9^1 $fJ3lQQr QIQ* 
G9G99 «WQ G9@9iq ^1919 9Q«IQ€) I 

6?ei q<3IG9 9^9^Q £19 g^iQ G9 a^QSQ <1 
9^69 eq<Sl9 G9IQ QIQ 9lf , <9I g" 9G© qspi^ 
G9a1 §9qspq g^agj 9I9«, 9J Q9Q g!«9«9 
&®m ? QIQq€9» 9IQ19 9^9919 §<$ 6 Gofq@9 
W Gfll 3Q9Q «t§^§ G9IQ QIQS>I§ G9ISI % 9^|9Q 
tf9t9 9Q »^g | Q3|@ C9^ 3K39^IO 391194 
g9l2s> G9IQQ1§j 9^9 €1^991 099 €I©S|W G91 
9^GQ Q^G9 9191 ai$ja@CQ 3SJIHI0GQ G3|Q 9%- 

s© 1 G3£$ ^9QqiQ9Q ^ gqig G9Q3 9^g> 

aS^S S951I9 ^^1691*99 aQ9<% 9 QQa^ «ig ©flG<5 
GQ|?4 ^9^ aj^QCQ f Q 9<^19 I 

«9ilGi ^Ifllff^r 9^G9 GfllQ <9© flW 9§91 
G3 «99^| G3 G9?«^ G9%t ^q gqjQ^ <9IG9»G9 
$$ 9G9 1 G^QfllGO Q£p 9Q <3 9^GQ 9^9 93- 
gfl!9 99 Gflt 9^* a9«tf 99 afi^ 6 99G9 GflfllGa 
Q^GJ G3I9 ^Q^OI99Q I S93Q Q3 39 g^9 

^a G9iQai<J 6 ggi^o eGQia® 99 quaere oeo 

§<I, G9G9 Q9 (JG9ia9 99«» 9Q 99991^1 G3I9 
93 9999^1 9^91^ q* 9JG9T $39 G99 9|| I 

eqi a§©qaa 

^90 ^i^«i cg^Q a^a 6 g&i 9^9 acaiq g«i^« 

tiiqg 9^9tei 999 ^G9 91^09 $9G9 G3(9 GSl^ 
S9 G9I9SIS 9191 Q9ti G91Q Q1Q9 Qlg i 

< 3^9 ?G€Ha»"6 C1W99G9 <9I99G3 Q19 9«9iQ 
€91(99 93% $9941 301191 fl§ 9 QflOQ^ 9dl 3!fl^ 


wisher i of the work. 

M. Rahim Khan, Merchant, Cut tack 

4iqg Gsral Qgn £l* ^^io^j Q * Q 

Babu Bamdeb M isra t B. A. 
Dewan, Athmallik State. 

Khan Bahadur Sayed Abdul Majid B r A. 



Rai Safaeb Naliirikanta Ghosh. B.Sc. B L 
Deputy Magistrate, Puri 

qsj aiew ©m-gig* ecus 

Sj. Amarhallabh Dey M. A, B, E. 
State Judge, Bamra State. 

fi|g§ 3AQ933 6Q <$£* <.j $• «ffi^ jj 

e<i* &$> wigi e^i* 

* "N. ■■■- *v, 

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9ff©l© ©IQ^Q-8^ G©?9«ia©© gig G9IQ«g / 
<3© €9 «69I9^ SG93I^©© g©§^ G9GSi 3^1 ^ 

The compiler and his assistants 







e Compiler, G. C. Pral 




I,-; =*» 


Srimati Pitambari Debi 
03Q QlQffltf GQS1 I 



Pundit Kulamani Das Kabyatirtha, 

kat>u LTianananda Kar 
Publisher df tfais volume,. 
Editor, the Utkal SabUya. 

g£@Q 9I§®H S?W 9^109 

Sreejukta S. N. Ray, M. A., B L 
Advocate, Cut tack. 

QQ9 QiqSJfl QSJ 4S), *ij P. 




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9IQ Wl ©GG$— <9£0 3Qa§ ©SIS9-W fl9l^« 

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6931 99JQ 999Q99T Q^!^ v 9^l^ ^ 9I9I9Q 
tiH QfllOQ^I 913/ 




QSQfl qh 

fiahu Krushna Chandra Misra, M. A,, B L 

Srimati Bichhanda Charati Patnailc, 6. A. 

$<a|Q $&Q©Q61 8|Q|£|Q, Q. < 

Babu Bhubaneswar Misra, 

& i 

Babu Golok Chandra Pradhan. 

Pandit Narasingh IVIabapatra Samant 

eg© di ©cje°9 swiaw sjggi 

( & ) 

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ec^Qqe^Q G9*ig>„ qqwi^awsqpo- 

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q<|Gai«$ S99G© 6 wm Qsi^g© ©& ©»Q a^ 

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qe© l <mg© G©©» Ga qsigsis Qiai G9§ 

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qsigqis ©ac$ qoi QioraiMr VQS G9IQ 

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©Q9I6© Q€i2ia§ I «39i©fi? 919WG© QSIG©!* 8 

Gaa& 9tal©sG© «^@® G9IQ*«, a©s 6jai£jG© 

G9a$ G9IQ Bid © ai§l GQI& C«IQ WW I 
9g©I <39Q 9Q<| 6 ©fo 9S&©, 99ISJ9SQ 6 99© l$- 
©q Gfll QSq «> HGQ ft < Sft9 ©l&G© 

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flai^ «SG©S 9©?© * «S63 * ^ 

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G99 I 4fllM SQ CAN ©^Q *KjQ© 5>®S©I \ 
W9$1 <S§ai©« «9©©39IGQ ^Q» 9Q»£ 6 < 


q«]§© qw, oiQgQ-Q-tQr< 9®^ s** Q s*9Q 
a^'© gi9ia e i g^is 9Q9! sqi <i fl^Q ©§g a^ 
aegflig ©9^ aa1?i9 9i© *©ks^ i 

gq atjqQQ Gg«W© olofala ^ gi «n ©aoq§ 

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aS§) I Q»©Gff^QGQ 9|orfl Q9^l«Siia9QGQat©€i 
©9^ ©Qt© 6 ! ©i^aiSSQ 9991 6 99iq©l 091 ©%; 

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©flGfij swq$i acM ©§^9ia©i ©%aa§ l 

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g©9«i v^i «9iq© fl© ^i«i«* ©iq«s© q«iG©i<g 

n$3Q<S) 99K^I ©q < 9£Q ©?<5 99, 9 © q 6Q 3^ 

Qfttfl 9IQG©»*© S«l«> ©C^QS) 9© L C9I*J9 

GiG©^, a©9S9i©Q «fl1,*a QWlaeiw, dia 

Q^g^!^ g^si gialor S9I ©fiTQCQa© ^1 fll©i9© 
9$ «©qg9l© ^°9 qq «© >9\ W°+ ©i©«G© 6 

©a©^a gG9S© Sflioqdlq ©iqg©©^ ^)q§ 

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( e ) 

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©§© (©*© 9© v § 9©iq qft ©lea sigigi© g9©i<3 
S9©)<3r© qsiG©is go acy a§q©© ©ai «oig© 
QGtaGSiai I €g a©iaq en aw $©ri G9©© ai«§<$ 
CQiq c«i'?<3 ©G>aet9i© gqisq i <ia§ eig © eiogiG© 
s$i eg qstG©is© gt9© G9©i©aG$ gai ©©%gq 
siefl G9GQ i «© gi© 99 ©iq if $ *«<sriG© G©9i 

OIQ* $© G9SI 6 ?!t§© ©|©^fc ^ ©Q G©9iq 699 

G^iq Wr gecr ©01 ©^ i eg «9i«q €©7<a§flG© 
©1* G9©©q g© Gigs© % -*; €R«l<T ©if G3I 

g§© C9IQ?|QI ©l©T9©©$ ©91 ©§«a§ I qsiecifl© 

gi9© g9©ig© gs gq^ ©iia s1©i© ©Qaa§, ©§c© 

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fl9lfl®a §!W 9SMfc ow C^fiJ, CQS91© 9ig©l a* 

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«<J <5»G©© SfllG© GS GSlQ©*»q 9$© ©GR f G©<^ 

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Q^aiG©^© <§ «$© gaig ©i©c© a*G$l© 

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©^a§ I m* Sfl%l©q G« 9©G©9 ©il© ©QSISQ 1 
©IQQ «H§€51© fl$$ S* Q^q$©ig ^JGQ ©IQTOl^ 
gig €9IQ«g I 695J qg|© <a§$ Q?icftQ$ 

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€©QSG©$ $«* ©SCfQ Gg©«l^ Q©^>© <3§ q3IG©l<3 

9ff 019 G§9^ ©©©39?© gae<a ©Q©l© ^c^iel 

G9I QGh6© 0$£f ©i§ I G^l© 99 Q3.I9, 03 
«© g^€Q aiQ G$ ©19© <^ ®i*g Q^Q $£ Q8G© 

^alSPiQ ©^ 9%fi§ 1 I 

Q§© ©ftfii^ Gaiw©?i ©£©$<i g.9 op^ai© ^t© 

qqGQ© flajJQQ ©ig, 9. CIQ. Q*(? ©©8G© q* G3 

39©^ 9©! C© 9JP ©Q83 I «© G^$ Sl©|^ 
aiSG© 21| Q C9 ©14 «afl S^Q f$Q Q8G© g©^ 

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3l©q©Q a§© fli©fl9 9fl 5>* ©<a ©qqs© 

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£3 9G9l©q C^9I© q<SiG©l<a «€)9GQ &©iadl ©Q- 

gG«i 1 ggiG©l« QiQ* eg ^IS-X©' aleb cai?^ sq©" 

GQ3 S3!QSQ^ I ©19 90ft <1 9£GQ 3©l§© G99| 9M 
Cdl©l ©iW Q9 a I3GQ Q^GSt ©l| I ^©GQ eilQ G9 

Q3l£©i<3© <§ e^^SJQ QQ?9I© ©1^6© G&I© 

giG^iasi ©o^il, ^g© «»9GQG©% 6 g©©ig iw 
qq ©191^ €q©ffia 9^9 q9afl«| ai^«i Q9«19SI 

GQS8Q ^O GfllG© G«I©G© *Q^© ©q»g | 
^QJL-WQ Q^ffl GSI ©flG^ G©G©9 «§ 6^a 6 

©cm ^G^i^ gff ga? $©33; ©§ g^i ^g ©iq 

eg Q$is©)3© geia «<g g^i g©^ 3iq qiq^j ©i| i 
ga^ «i§© ta9©©3©te© geii^i©G© ©i© ©ig^Ig«9 
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g^ai© GaiolQ Q«/swig ©i^Sq© ?igg© G99iatQ 

€9lC©gi9g G©9I^ gq ©1919@ «fi«j©Q©jg6 

qq 919199 ^a©r© qq a^p©aiflG© ©195 1 ea 
g«iq 99 wi9, < q>G9 ©9^)^^ q<aiG©i<a sjqg© 
a© 9?i©ig9 g^q 9©ai© «%sta§ \ 

<3 sqi<§ *^)$> g'Q gg ©qe^ sssigq gi©© 
aq<3l© G9IQSI2S) I qqGai<a©, «q©lo^1 6 g©©41^ 

9* gi« 9£ $891© ©a G9iQ«)g I 

vt«»T flg 1 ©! »© v fli«iG© oqaa^i goi^f© G©ca 
$©01$ e? gi© g^ ©^g^ 919© ^©89§<S e^ giQ 

g£ QQ9I© Q3I G9IQ&S I 

^OiGQ <J91 QGa«G«iici^ gsj, Gsa^ *f^ gi© s^ 

»5»G9 «9*fl fl^ 9©«lg,©9^q giq*oog|©gg9^» 

gqi^i «§gi gq s© Ggt v *^°;^ ^»% asfcc© 
gi99fli»«v ^ a al * H s* «'«*• GgG©G©s» g& 

9Q «^|G© g^lg G99 G9t$ ^9©G91Q9q I 

QitQQ 9«,9©ii^Q aeiape© flfl^g©© 
qiGga *©] »gei^© ^g© q^icoj^Q gfliG<ao©i 
9Q«se)i©i©r g^iQQ©©!^ g©g©© ai$ <oic© 

^Ql© ©q©Q J ©^©91 9<19©1|0^9 «^IQ© O^g ' 

Helpers of the work. 

qgQ qgiiqaQfl 


NN^ 64 




»i>f>"t f ^ir 









■■ ■ 






Sj. .lagabandhu Sinlia 
Pleader, Puri. 

6$% q<3 1 

eeman Chinlamoni Acharya. M. A., B. L. 
Advocate, Govt. Pleader, Cut tack. 

^©qisiSi nop*] <9. *., $ t <q. 

Sreemati A par una uei 
Poetea*, Pari 

snq^ aa& GQQi 

Sj. Sashibhu&an Rai 
Author and writer,, Cut tack. 

a© 3 signify QtQ 


Sreeman Krushna Chandra SongupU 

M. A., B Ed. ffi 

Headmaster, Training School, Cultack. W 

( « ) 

1 — umifciii 

99q%3IS 99919 «§99 99 Q&I91«J q«i9 Q°9«8 
3Q9I9 4§89 99 69Q «S$ I 
V * * X **69IS 9£ GS^QQ 6991 9li«Hq, 

eieiQ 6 gifli399i9 gi^si csiq a% gsiewi^ 

Q^GOIQQQ 8&a9l Q9 99 3211869 69§39 

XXX, "SCII9KS S999 91«9 ^9Q °W 

C9«G9 gi69ff9 qsiw?? Wi% g9%ste9 99 
aaiacQ 699919199 a9i9(9i9 69iQ«s§ i 

X X * "63$ (69 «) ^"9 9GTQSI 9§9 

ae99 G9f9l<jai 9§a© 6 QQ©q SIG9S9 Q«i- 
919? «ai69 63Q qsf9 fliaai scat «S9, 91919 
a§gl996Q < gff aea^i 991391 9Q9 i* 

*9*99 699i 0«PI«iq 99$ «9 V»l»l«* 9IQ« 
99 6«lf <1 9GS« a$lG9a9G9 ggQIQ^L «C*ffQ9 91 
9l90p 8919 9$ 93199 QQafig) I 

— ™ ^ 

9991QS 01% ©99 99S0 099 3l§ G9IQ«8 I 

TO ->«H!»? 9199 99 9£9I9 9*9^9 QCW9 
9l§«1 fl9$99 9% a*|6999G9 9Q9Q9# 9SM9 

999t^ sets 69iQg<a 6 q§€9 a^S 9$«ia« < W" 

SJJBG9 QS1GSIS9 9ta?l9 99^ ' 


gig aa (5 ^flte gesyGG 

gfi9 «§fl «9I9 6 9«^ 0?9 9% a *9o% 
voao 1 W69 q<9isiQ^ie 63, ge«i9 «$9 g9ia69 

9IQ9I9 £«?,•••< ( € * IQ wlft **> fle ' €9^«8 1 
Q^fliGci «*9» «i§9IG9 < 9ff ww V°° W" 
©3<$ 9 «§G9 s«ig 699 4 9«ig S£« S91969 

gsi* * *«.•,• ••<«© 9fl 99 9919 wi)9«*cj G99 1 

^'/»,ioi< (9Q9 9919 MM) 9919 6§>9IQ 
9919^ 99919 9191^9 6 QlStfl QA99M9q9 oiq 

9»ag> * *«,<>• e («^©g wis Mrt) $ei,39i99 

6 9l§9«t9 «M6ai999l99 01% 9»aS; * %;••• 

(9€l WW Ml) 9ff«i *9 « «a %« G 3«®9l * 9QQ 

9191% 8©«S 6 t *%»»K (93 WI9 WO 

9ff9l9 6>CQ 913^9 9*« C9Q q«9QS® I <@%G0 

9s9gl 9qaiQ QIQa© 1 «%Q ^ 59,*>°«»^ (QG9Q€l 
9©IQ %SI) 9 9l98h G9GQ f% 6 93 ««1 99l3o 
G99 I «KI%G9§ 99191 Qriq^fllPQr Olfl QGW 
9$«§>, <q©5»G^ Caftfllfffi? q99S©i QQG9 G3 G^IQ 
<9I<$ 99^1^ <I9I 9§9I 91^91 «W I 

?2* 9 4?*% * Wflft •^•* qV909 'f w 

0^69 QQig G91Q39 G91^ «%90 QqSHQQQ ^ 

g9lS9iq g^Gfli* ftv e> *«o (^q99?19 mi ) 

«II9 9ff9 «g fl ^ » «K ( ©6$ *«5I ) G9IQ 

GQftai wqaioqg 1 G98 9^^q troQQ gi^ 39^9 
<i@ ag fl gt9Q9l9Q9i% 9491 9t« 9 G9^ 3gag- 

99% ^19919 694IM' q^lG9!^ 35%9$ G9® 
fiQvGQf " CQfll9^9«aK)a8 I £)£ q9« 39«l QG9 
GQG9G9G9 g$Q .8919 3*9® aGQSI ^9^9 69913 
G9«I9Q 6 9£9 ^9*1 * Vo ; *\& 999Q« 9919 ^ 
6^91 99919 aal 919G9 ^° 919 9£Qi£> 9*99 
G9IQ 9GQ^G9^L 49 919 9^G9I&<1 $?l 9I9G9 ^' 
919 S^ 9919-6991 999l9C^9£ia!Q3Sf I 091 QG9 
GS1^IG9 6SIG9 G9G9G9G9 gi99 G9t««SS), G9fllG9 
Cft$ G9$ G99^ 9Qt99 «g fl 99S G9Q 9^g g£ 
8f$a8§ 6 Q1QG9 I G^I9C^«IQ ai)9t 9(a 6991^ 
&99l§ I 

S*fl «I99 9919 QG9 9^fll9 G9€l|SI9a8 63 

qag ga «q ^q «$gq 9^13 699 1 <Q9^G9 9®§- 

«€% 49 919 g&9 «g « «9i * ^^*< ( 4999 
QQ9 t9l ) 6 g6919 «99 9Q9 ^1 * ^»1 

( G9l?< %<?l «oa«i ) aidi eqag 1 q96>69 6 

Q99 919LC9 g@9C«9lfll99 glOi 9&9^ 4$ 919 
Q969 9Q«I8 I 

49 eifl 05 g«i9 G9Go GQ99 ^&n aej?ei 
6 aaqa9 9i»l at a^q, 39 cgaQ 93 9 9£*» 

69G9 99 99 fl|9 9i9»f969 9% & 9* «^l^ 
39(99 G99 6 99g g@9 9919 t(!*>9 QI99 G9€ 

Wi aj G99 I 
«G99 9^ aa$ 9% ag§ 63 q<3iG9l^9 

P9i *©^ a^9 6919^91% ^ **$ 99% 
GQ9? 8969 <9i9 9^ a9^9 69IQ $$%§ t %^\q 
6Q9AI99 1^1 9^6$ 9i%a^a a°99 «Q«| C9Q 9£ 

^[ 99919 9i?gl 99 aig$as > 3139 qq^ ^| 


( • ) 

Mi * i — -p* 

9^99 qCQ SQ9| 936$ Qff 9199 91 9g996«9WT 
3969 99^ 9<& 919 9i9£l $© 3IQS9 96^9/- 
91999 -09 9§69 3^9iq fc9Tl 69919 a W*1 »69? 
9«9 QJ§ I €*9l994 %$p, 3I§9 ©SWI 91969 v * 
9§69 91 3I§9 369QS9I 91969 X* 31369 339 
gg>9 «« 4*16 €991 ©36$ 9^3 6 Q$ 9QSIIQ 

3169 I 

6S)2>3i69 <1 313$ 0$ 9i9SI69 9£ ^J 9991% 

3*» «33,633|99r 936$ « 9£9 99§q j a6$l369l6il 
6 969\ 3$!9«ll9 W 3*9<S3I9 Q9I9 . 99919 
9I3QI «iS I 63§ q99 f 999 33Q3 9391 9I9IQ 

aeG$ e^Qtei 699 Qlff i 

€319 3991999, 39l^99«f, S9l9lfi*M, 39lg- 
qpdM, 3l9ISh9l99G, q^6QI«99« 6 9^3|Q <19 

9©<ai® 33I6Q999<^ q* W% aQ*9i9 ae«$T 

3I99T 391^91, 3l99»i, 3991, ««lW 6 601*3991 
QSI 9%«S I 


Q9«^ OQ(§l 

39l3ft3 0^ 3GI* ^99laK9 *.* «B«^3 

<^tl99T 8960S6Q % 91^369 19l9n99 $«fo»l * 

Slag Q99^Q ^!«0 a&3 9%«2 I 9CWM9 919 
Q869 6 9199 a$93®9*fia1 %\9\Qi $969 99^ 
9$tf 99$, 99$9 <1§ gf^9l 9%$S I 


G&£) 099 9i%^9 0963*199 3019 $91^ 
<$$* QSI69IS9 3919 6 "W 6^1 969Q9 
3CI09 09 3CT69 OWfltS 69IQ <J 09$ 21339 

69iQa§,6q $>%% <i99 Q§ 6 «399 999-63?9£f e i9 

9i9QI 9Q69 <9 9199 39q 9*931 ET969 3QV 
999 v 33S69 6f&a qSI 6 6$CI 9IQ 9969 99 
999 gttfl 6«?99I99 H<9 gif} 6969 1 

ca<a69, 69§> 3969ia<si^iff 3a»3q W9qQi 

6AIG9 6 6319 4§ QSI69IS4 < Osa«t$ 31939 9$Q 
«8«9§, *© 9149 3969369 9§9 ^<999 9Q £ 
^9991 CQ996a|9 «Q*1 ^JQtfl 99 $9$»i 69Q»S 1 
6919 4999169 63 6319 391 q $Ȥ 6 6319 @|d 
91^69 0^ 3«!9 99 <@ Q|^I69I^9 G^ 3ld9 
9^ I 9I9TQ Q«l 0$ €9Q I 

<sti§8 3191 ^151 

t#9tiW&> 919^313 

6913199^ g9$9 
99199 6 9&9I9 t 





Si. Haris Chandra Earal, B. Sc, I. S. R. 1 
AssL Traffic Supdl- G, I. P. Ry< Bombay. 

tfjq.9 9M© WIS, $♦ <TC§, 

Babu Dinabandhu Rath, AlhgarL 
©l^ QI099 QO, EEOQQ I 

Babu Rameswar Jha, 
Headmaster T Fawcus Vaisya Vidyalaya. 

Cut tack. 

Pandit Truptanaf ayan Thakur, 
Head Pandit, Fa wens Vaisya VUyalaya, 

lit Sures Chandra Jha 
Tea ebef, Fawcus Vaisya Vidyalaya, Cultack 

( / ) 

M*mmmmmmfm*^^^mmm **-*•■ 

g<Q@ <^ei qsigqis aQ®«GQ qhq^*© a§@i® 

M. w.— 0921$ 9 ^siqspr $© ^o-qq© a9G9i<3 i 

91^919 (Kirtikar) — ©9$ «I§9QQQ 'Indian Plants' 

*( ^JO^So ) ©l»©g& 1 
«€g (Apte) — eg'GSWS «€3«9 Practical Sanskrit- 
English Dictionary, (^©-©'qSI «$«!©) I 

$sfl (Beams) — Beams Comparative Grammar of 
" v four Indo-Aryan languages. ( S!5jgGf 

Q5Q9 ^9 QSIQ 9*<I99« ) 1 

a^g (Chambers)— Chambers's Twentieth Century 

N English Dictionary. 

G9IS8IGQ ( Pr other o ) — A short primer of Indian 

History by Mr. M. ProthBro^ 

Haines— 9M©g SJG999T Botany of Bihar and Oris3a 

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Sir George Greierson — Linguistic Survey of India. 

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practical English- Hindi Dictionary. 

@iG»G>— flC9QGai9© oi w serai ^*aiQ «q^iq i 
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9*S9I«, 3213 3^Qtfl I 

caicofg— qq 9i9i<?9 esnecy q% WHWW9 «$$«> 

f 9CTGI €I969!S , I 

"g^Q9iQ aaai©' i 
§© ssstsi©— 9is1 oiciq aq^l 9$? g9l£fo '§Gl 

Swigs' 91 gfi») Q^IQ $9© 6919 1 

$9©QQ — q^aog 3$? 39© 9a<ai aoai© i 

QIGFQ — T he Stundent'a Bengali and English 

Dictionary (9. aim)? OOOI-Q*q« a©ai©) t 

9G?QI '99^' I 

qgs€9i<a— q©i qai9i$ cwpyiq g9ia© f aflaG9itf 
*oai© i 

gi©1© Q@a— d ©si9<& §°99r *99© gi©1© sjg© I 

s©9%3> fl— 9Sris9GQ q9 © e$ © sietai© I 

©©§91— aqjg qasas© qw $© ©sp q<ai© srsg waia * 

siesp^ — 9«1q'^q 9191^9 a»q©§ 9W i 

aQfl^i— giol9 99 «qa$i qi5t^°9isi 1 

?j«^iq «Qfif«1— a§9 tjprg) Qias? 999® aa<?i9 

sjai-ai €€l^a€i 9e)or 5$-i9® aigi@9 6c<©w 

Q?9l I 

38(wig»i— y?Kl woia 99«? 9©^o ai^9 
a^9l / 

«Q^A— 3I©1© 99 99^ 9AQQ9 96) I 

^901; qsaiq.fli'a-^^ q§»iQfli<3a C9<3) i 

s}8§°9— age9i^Q gielwqei 1 
QGTiaQ— ^a'1q ©9 €iai«9 G9G99 I 

d9«09i9fl— oiaeoQ%g9ie© gigi§9ia99i * 
Gfliaio^j— fl«W9 gisl© 99 I 

Cfil(G«l9— *a©1 g«l«® «I9*» Q«GQ«I9 99 ! 
©9%— q©WIC99 99? I 

6€l<ftiai— <S©a QQ999I9 9g«9 0«^l«l 913 I 

( V ) 

999$— «$£} * c,9< ? §°9 ' 

§sna1-e«»q— ©qq99S9i9©i 9$gg99$ 99 $Qql 

9W9T §q1 gqiqo a99l§9 fl9i!§9!9 ' 

9i«9?i — gi©1p 99 cias^ Qia 1 

<3i9$a— 9599 <a©f§8 9is 1 

€*<5©o eoai— 9§a9% S9isi9 C$99 a$9l l 

9Q«Gai9 — qQlq 99 qqscsiq 9» i 

s>9Q9Q— aiqg <aQ9<39i«9r 99?© 6©« si$9 

oiq^— 99 ©iqq« qiq ( 9M ) l 

<3!Q93— «I99<3 9iS ( GQQr qSI^S ) I 

S)»9§i— qcfiq a§ o CHQ^a 9*1 I 

cwqo— 0*9 c'4©cr 9§frt©w g9lei9 3«.a$ei 1 

q1©IH9--99 81©i?vq Qiq ( g§»9 qg« ) 1 

olwsa— Asia ai©R*?a gqsi 1 

g©|a — gi©1 s9© 39ii© ascQ<ni 1 
§l©1— 9*9 £iQ]q9Q g9ia© gfffliai 1 
fiHiqicaiM— %$fty e«ii<3iGfli9© anc^s (QQ9I9) ( 
er^Sj er«]9G3!9©— ?cftq ersiSGW© GSQla© I 

9QQ9 — giOlO 99 QftQfl Q|q ( qQ|£j<21 ) I 

9. G9. qi— 98 es»a<S3 qga 1 

9IQG9IQ— 9IQ69I© «K?iaW G91l©« 9$9G9I9«T 

C91I9KUQ S£t9til I 

9»£[©g— Ggicerg® 01 9©q©§ 090919 i 

991^9— a$9 si 9ffiq9 9$ 1 

9<i©ia— gtoto 99 9*910 <s<£*b (9€>p^i^) 1 

9*©la qiqi — fl@a| atf g©aiQ9 «9 gg>$, q©^9| 

9§9i atf gqQ9 £1989 9*913 9191 i 

9991a— 99©ia 996991s s«1© ssQ9Qcr i „ •• 

9$QI9 f 9§©Q«a— gi©1© 99 99©Q<a W I 
9«— 99 QG8Q 98 I 

SPcqq— W9i« 9WI99 qosjoi «»ei qa 1 
qeii — qai a|99 (9a*aiai) i 

C*9I<3©9«I-9S 3IG99 41 a9l<3a©Qtf a|9|S}9 i 

$3©— gl©1 gg^iQi© 99 ^o gal© Ggsaiiq© 1 

A9ic99 — gi©1© 99 S9!C99 91a (si9 c G#e| qq^i) 1 
sa 399— 9§99 %^% w&® qd 1 
S)G«I9$— giolQ ©9 sacsiQ^ §•<? 1 

( G9fl9§ oqqIqi ) 
qeeeaiQ— ©1§Q sn 999GS19 ©q i 
qai©ia— 9999 *©'lq qai9ia qq 1 
QWJI99— WW qol .qatG9l9Q qc©<g C99 I 

^flflQQ— l^lq qqQI9IS!Q qfl«fiSr« qq I 

S^«Q9— giel© Q9 9«IQQ '(CJ«I OQQia) I 

aonqflicjQ— 9*9^ g9i9o g(gt$9 g^i^ap 1 
aai9— 9*9% g9ilte g%&9 g^i^ap 1 
«»9I9— so <?ift$8 9«or w«Q flite aSoi 1 

SI90I— gi©lQ 9« . QIQOI W (5191^99) I 
%p9 €99— 9KI9IQ Q9I ^ef 1^ qpl'a^ 9ISS99 

^00 C99I 
Cal9g€J— G«I9^9 A9iq9l q%q9969l9q 

§•9 G99 y^9^ 49WI99 J K. C. I. E, | 
9G9$£— 9939 9G9<$1 '$$ I 

q. a— 9ici9iflqgqMl e^g^WQ ^o ^9^109 1 




(S@a hqq 

Ca f 










































Well-wishers in heaven 

sd© 9GreGi9Q«i l 






^ i 




J> X 


-^ > fe ^3 i fr "^^> ** 



The late Visvamth Kar 

The late Pandit Nilamaiu Misra 

of Jajpur 

My daughter, ths ]ate Labanyabati Debi- 
£fl| qcfol OT^ SD9Q! QCtfhWl GQS1 




'■p \ 


<5©a sa$ 


~ Small 




° (agwd 



t (Q90) 




























-J . 


















© "'«4cJ 





«/ ) 












































• y 











' «9«h 9 91 $ 

















•**— . 


39l^£>«3QmQ8lQC0 9«l9$9 «9 I 
+ ag994~«Uj9Qd 9l9«lGQ S9iq I 

+8©*!^ — Qaa/19 «9Q 09$a I 
+aai9ia=aai9l9 9l«hCQ S©*^ ' 

2^—98191^9 91 G9«!I69 9M?$9 *>3$ 99 

91 $9!9« I 

«|Qg -*«$£; 91 C QSft£9 9<!9$© «9 I 

<Q99— Q999Q 919?» €19 9t QSi I 

««* «9fl|9 I 
.% g$9'-»€$9^«| I 

09ieb q9Q9— 8?* S9S€Cf <!9iaC9 91 saMSCQ 

919$9 419 91 «9I C « I 

9©Qa=9©€l 6 O^faiq 6 39ISWI §Qgl »9C9 <$ 
3££9 9Q9 6Q4llft9 9 C I9$© 39 91 3<Sli i 
9^ $Q=»9<&Sl|QGr 9<i9$9 Qj<3l I 
+9Q<S«99« 9|QiCQ 3WJ ' 
+9$~9(| 9IQ1C9 9©^ I 
+94—9$ 9IQiSQ flOi^ I 

9&*| — 9#H9qq9KI I 
€9Kfe=C9t<fc Q<SI I 
**=%I99 I 

$ , 9**=« £|i 9GS<a<a i 

Sfl=SflS|l9 I 

31. C-^ 93Q WI9 I 



(I) ) 

$$<*** q3w\%& 9i9?© 99 I 

Ql©-Q999©9r 9&IG9 9I9G9 9*9$9 «Q9I 9l9«t I 

gj, gisw - gisn 9H99I9$ ai©"© *ig©iG9 0Q9iai 9© • 
c©ii©s « ewniQiai^SQ 9i©$© 99 i 

91 - ©(99 q*i I 

%Q -WOO© #«qq « 99% flW^lW? 91 9© 

G© = G99^Q9li 

999 = 99 < ©.9IS£9 919$ © 99 I 

G9 - G999 9© I 

C9<S ■»■ < qSIC©l$9 99$flG9 0JP9$1 39% 

$aaiai©G9 g«i© ! 
5 = 3^9i i 

<3J = 01^19 9<3I I 

a91§©9«n " 8©«§!©9$1G9 ©§l© 91 €J©1Q© 

91 trfqpeiQKI 99 I 
H©%)©i<31 q©©9 - W 9©9 a© qg 3909 99 

' 91 9©l # 9 i 

g« «©— ©• ©©qq« sals I 

«»q*. = 9q°9Q QCC 1 

©lfc©, ©I$«1SJ - ©IS9G9 919$© $|SI ©I 99 I 

©13 * $1© 91 91$9€9«9f ©151 I 

9©e© *9©9 * ajp 9© gecr 91999 aa<a© 

S9©9 €19 I 
G©l& s s «€Q9© 99 9^€Q tflQI I 
©*!*J-= <*. ©iiqa«b >. G99g©«9 ©1|q 91 

H91 - G©9© 894GQ 919$© *I©I9 I 

SI - 3199 q«i l 

giol© =?gl©1© 9£fll9f?C9 919$© 99 f 

ert *» eriQ«fl 91 QIQ^ €99 g©»© qwf 

9 = 9©©; ( V9 = <J©9©©$ 59 s - $Q9Q©; 

9$ 9** 9$90© I ) 
9=9Cr»l qq| 

Q = 9G9Si 99 I 

MO aQ<W™9*©69 $*t9§3 9!§Q€3 99 t 

$$» $ca<a<a 9Q i - 

©39 9tfi-9S9S39 9G9S3 1 
9aqQ«a$¥lg 999 9Sq©laG9l»Q 99 I 
c3c9*=GQG9lf9 Q€l (S3QI — Q B q9fl, ttQfl, OT991,.. 

GjjJ* , ©$©)$_ «Cl© 91 q$© 99 I 
G99i©™G991© QQ 9| «WJG<P969 9i9$© 99 \ 
9©Qj9$1; 9©9=9§9 9©^© QQQa? G9I3G9 

C©l®« 99I9 $8M GQ9S '©^© ^> > 

4-Q9*=^' Q9iagQiq I 

?. Q9 9I©mG9 QS>m£) I 

WH&9 91 9Qg9/aq999«eq» 99 assf qa© v V) 

98^9 £ld£9 9i9§9 99 9! 991*9 I 

aeHcsf^i^ 3qq, wefe 91 gcgici^ ^9199^1 1 
0SM(<f»999 acq^ «l& I 

9Q*te3a9g$ 6 QQffc>9 %I1SQG9 9 < )9$9 QEtq<ai I 
G9I339I 91 S^I99T €}©l€t9 99Q 91 99 I 

wl©, 91919 gGfl9— gi9l© 69a qgH© i 

9999»9Q 999 39QQ 99%G9 9§ ^Ga 91 QG9 

9*i9$5> 99 I 

+*i€a— 999 Gflf»9 «ais9 ^@ g9tq I 

$=§Ql 9i ^Qjl^l q$l i 

C9^«C9S^Q < 3( I 
e9=^J9909 *fl1«- a«3il »9^ t 

esi - pafli 999 1 ?g1=ggfll 99^ i 

>^»9"909 I 9$9 - 9^99^ I 

jq«9*eq +(jg§)=a919q§ 99 9iai% 

^1-9 «S» 99^ I 39^9 q.§ G99I 09 ! 

99 3@ ©19 99 I 
*qi = ©«qi 99§ I — (OIQ)*9Q9 99 91 99 6 M 

91 ^Q Q9 9^1G9 ^H«^a© ©9 1 
"*a«*99S Etc. — The words following 

¥a1=i0^al 99§ I Law - Legal terra, 












■ ■■ 




2 as 


■ 1-* 








m <aq 


'Q^Qi^l^Q GQI0IQQO g$gS> Q. <IQ-, 9|§)QH§>§IIQQ (Kaiser-I-Hind) 

v i fin ^aog tf<u, <a. «., o <sl 
$> i snag si QQtf 9 aQiai^ 

tf I fill Q€l9!ft a© 


• r 


( A lexicon of the Oriya language ) 

Volume VI — (Consonants, Ja to Sha) 
Compiler— Rai Bahadur G.C. Praharaj, Sahityabisarada 


Advocate, Patna High Courts B. N.R., Orissa Undid). 

Colleague— Srim a ti Pitambari Debi, 

with the help of a body of assistants. 

Printed and published by M. Kar, 


gsw <W W «?w <jca— % -w; 

Price for a complete set of 7 volumes— R& 150/- 
Do. before the publication of Vol Yll — Re. 132/- 
Do, for each volume purchased separately Rs. 25/- 



Oriental and foreign booksellers 

46, Great Russell Street 

London.W, C # I. 


Querstrasse 14 # 

Leipzig, C. I. 




11 Rue-de-Lille 
Paris, 7E. 



Bhashakosha Lane 

P. O. Chandnichauk, Cuttack 

(Orissa, India). 


Nayasarak, P. 0« Chandnichauk, Cuttack 

(Orissa, India). 


Bankipur, Patna 

(Bihar, India), 


Laheria'serai, Dt. Darbhanga 

(Bihar, India). 


Berhampur,' Dt. Ganjam and its Cuttack Branch. 

(OriBBa, India ) 

Price Rs. 150/- lor a whole set of 7 volumes 

Advance price before the publication of the 7th volume Rs. 135/- 

Rs. 25-for each volume purchased separately. 

S& j v" 




■A<Jf ! 



^ I &iP 

-■-■■* I 


The Layer of the Foundation stone of this work 

Hi* Excellency Sir John Austen Hubbaek, M. A., K. C S. I., LG. S 

The first Governor of the Or i*»* Province. 

WlWt) ^W ©QsjjQ WIQ, <&< <* CQ. & <fl . «Q^ 2IQ, 




Omj^V^"" "^ 

i {ft C" M " 


*■ II 


64" l 

^ f t.:...' r i:- - '."¥■;■" i fc"V ( 


■ *<"' 





*t~. -■■■ ""'" 

. - y i. j>. 

[if a 

^iM - " 1 



Constant wellwishers of the work 


-'?+■*££ c :{t£-ft fi i r ■ ■ ic = : « re : = =-:< a , ; (jj;. , .-' *.isc««se££-e EJ*fcer.:*Xl£ 

w ^Oft hv . j "---,^ ! ® B ^ 






Lady Hubback & His Excellency Sir John Austen Hubback, M. A. i K„C S, 1.. I. 

Governor of Oriua. 

£§31$ flSfcS© \ 


* 8. <19 







i r i 

1 •** ;*,■* 

fc ,-V^v -i^V -V^l r ^£ ¥ 







L V 

The sixth volume of the 



is dedicated, with kind permission, to 

Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Rajendra Narayan Sing Deo, 

Maharaja and Ruler, Patna State, 
E stern States Agency, 

Wfio is tfic worthiest represent afiuc of the Gfiaufian royal family in Orissa, xufiosc enlig6tened 
rule extending ouer only four years fias pusfied fiis state to t fie front jranfi of Tncfian 
States, UDfiose zeal to promote t6e welfare of fiis su6jeets fias prompted fiim to 
strife a 6\ow to tne %etbi ancf tfie <55egari systems prevalent in the states 
for ages, tofiose otfier 6enefieent measures to furtfier tfie happiness of 
fiis su6jeets fias macfe fiim tSc idol of tfieirifiearts, wfiose li6erality 
for many tuortfiy eausea of Orissa fias raised fiigfi fiopes in t6e 
minds of his countrymen, whose ideal life governed 
Sy austere principles and approximating to that 
of the ^fajarshis of yore is a souree of unfail- 
ing inspiration to all Orissa and through 
whose munificence this volume is 
6rought to a sueecssful 

Bhashakosha Office , 

Bhasha kosha ' Lane, 
June, 1937 

in grateful regard 

his humble admirer ; 


Qag^qsiQatiiQ, $§« <ai9©%* 6 q«i$ aje^ gbiss, qiotisi, 
qoate, qaiGfije aisaiutaQ Q9iQi©iflflaQ€Oopiqq«itf9 

GQW a0Q©QIO9Q OC08SQ oqa QCQ 6 9910Q 

qgog ©f ^11 qigigqigq <t$ «a^ ci§> 




» N 


The bounteous PATRON of this Volume, 

aharaja Sri Rajendra Naray an Singh Deo, 
Ruler f Patna State, E a item States Agency, 

GQIQ&t SB $6G>QQl^£l ^ G^6> HlSQl G^Q atfjflfl 



y* 1 





QlfcSI QQHIdlSIQ fl$IQQ §I| QGOjgOigsqa 2°3 GQQ 

9 ©QQaeaa 


<wq© I 

f q©l S99Q9QIQ* <J Ql©1 GCtlQ G9§ 'Qf^QI QQOIg GO! Q9SQ 6QISIQ© OOO : G<S>!Q 

Q9?jq I <!§9Q a$ eai§8Qeo qoq (geii - *M9Si gqq©i gwi wgeag] ©%©') q&j qiqgq 
gir^^agi ag^Q^eq)§a^i Q^« <i©^eQ ecu aiQSgQQ^q; a* qjj q qq w&q- 
q$9R eoe© q9©i©q W9$ g>&iq ewag i g ga awi ©13© ea, 'aqggi 991 q$\? 
e«iQi°€i§ Ql^qiQ g$T q$i 3i$$gio q^qi gq€*6& <§ <]$ 6<3qq ©19GU6Q 
Q»giOQ q$i <3 <a§ qiQiweia^ ef <jQi<a© sagq ©weioeiwes sqchg cftiqag 1 ®§ 
aga 'gjTOSQ' i f Q3ggei1 q$si eQ?©i' ggg aqs) qig* &£qi gen ggi goqqgq as 
y° Q8 gasQ $q§ 31333 qi&.qSga 1 a gas giQotff qq qqqi qeaia a© <jq qs qmgq 

QR^aO^^OWSQS* £ aa$Q9«?t Q3GOQ ©TO QQ?)Gq QQ\ QQ8Q GQIfciq aQGgte 

Q§giQ aia$i 1 qei, qgiq© Q9GQQ* <ascr gpi q$ f ac#cigq woQia* gqqq ©aisp 

G^QGQGfi q^GQ GQIfclO Q^QOI ©$IQI<? £a 69l$ai<! I ©Gg) tfG|, $GK>ei!a>l 3 &Q®IM Q Q©_ 

t * 

GGQST gOQQ ©8$ SICjgQ^EI ©Q Q GQQ £a G9QGQ69, qqq Q g^| q^iqi© ^qqigigQ 9iq 

oeiigei 06q;.9§ a gap <aecr gaq gs&g^ gqig© gqicj e$q ea, o. gqiq m$ q$qqq 
qq©Q gciiQq© q@^ qgct gaiQiqaeQ Q§ QeiiQi^' g§a§ i <i qq q^qgq 33 qqgq aie 

98QQ I a€W1»OIQQ SflQQGQ G0IQ <Wfjf ©Giq QCJQQ I 

oiiS^ofiiiaGQ gqqq Q19© Q ^ag, <iag© 3 sg^Q sie ^ q??[Qi oeii q* gq^ i g gqc?- 
q «q^© G^iqag i e9*$ G9<?g2JiQ eqei giao, qq© $q§ ^i^q© 0€?qi eiiq* s©!^ayoiQ 








<jq n 6Q [QgQQefJ oaiQ,-9iqi §<gQQ°€iQ Q®Q\Q QQQ.g^i 6§qioiQ gig^QQ^ eejiQ esie^ 

qQIQ QgQ. QQQQ OG9€$l£ €J6glQ 6 'wnqQ QQO, GQI€!9Q Q©91Q ffQQ/ 9§©§> 
Q899g|l, 0013100 -<j Gai3©Q<3 9IQ QQIQ, €!©*) Q§qiQQ€ll9l fefQQ GTlflJ CIQQ 0191 9191 

gaisi q* ggiq gi%si aQgiQ <3 qwgasi op^gq @e© GQ^sig <S si^qq Q^ag, 0191 ecu 
gq6Q q$!6]Q§Q qcwncfc-QTO ^©5 QiogQ oqQag 1 uigq ci§> §|qs>q qQQ*ig$ftlGQ geiQ- 
G$<§)lq5> e^icjQQiff-a© flKWfr- g©i war s$© sag $§a«i# ?3G>GQi©er§ 1 

§€iq©i, s©ial© 5 -atfatgjjQi <S eieiq egciQ :Q$i9Q<spift eQeiiQQ&g, 491 33003 Qt§f$, 

QQ©GQ 39019 §Q9 *GOI^ &f£6^ 8^"®- G§9 «l^* I <!G© 1%fc Q^QGQ flS^TQ SIK$ Q§|Q 

eo* eaiQ oai w«K*e '- eaj ^a^ ; a€)GQ atoloQios? qeeTgeg $g>oei§0Q : g&i' 69G$> i 

€$$6Q <a&Qi gQ ciiqgo eqaQ' w^§ flS^L<J9 * HigsGQiSc! q$ a^Gsai^i m<$ <$ ao* 

^QQqiQQQGQ 69$ 8€}QQQQfl 6QQa8§*, GQ?I6Q OGIO 36g£| QQ8Q§ I CIS? Q*J QS^SI <$ 

giefl, < $q aasr aiS ago* §'9 $aQ s'$tf 903 goi og$cKr Qteil gfl^Q <i qiqgq 

Q«T G9 QI06Q QI9IQ 9I<3; ©§ OSIOI flldte £|ie©l OIQQIG^ Q€T @Qq QJUGQ 9IQ Q9©© 

ago <3Q qgq I <iqi§ # 6diQ goq acjg© se« i 

flflCg 1 SaiGjO^t GQI§Q6^ QQIGQI9Q Q^ 0$Q. goi€! qg»Q G9IQ Q 211*51 I flBRL 
Q9IG0I6Q 9% «1§Q 9QI€! Qltf M 91919** QQ GQ©§>6Q €!$ 69iq 0191$; Gg^Q ^q9€) §© 

offqg^efli qctgq gw aa^? s*Q* qi§>gq q©*»Q ^o, 5)§.qq $€T§ ©iggiojjoij qai^gg^ 

Q9 6AIG© QOiqSIQg I GfllQ Q© ftQQQ^Q Q€ll$ QQGQ QQCIIQQQ G9IQ Cflgo GfllG© GQ€f 
GQ9?,Q© Q^ GQ32199, ©191 CIGQ6] GQIQ Q^Q 69IQ Q@9 I 

qOfld^TOlBi^' WIS " flSffl^iO ""Q© 691 6Q$a <S 9©^©iq ©OTQgGg 

qeiGQieK)33£i$'na<L99$' ^ eaieQ $©ia «>Q§ i aa«? Qqi§ aQi«"© <3$ Qg§ 

ilS?RG599!Q GQC} QCTIQ QCTI9QGQ €191 OQQQ ''rf aflW Qq^QI Qgag Q|$ I q© I 


£HW GQ9^I© 











?rS fr^^fr^sS fe^S^E >^S &^\ fr^M*^^ ft 

^ il-'Xi 

Tbe Illustrious Dedicatee of the 6th Volume 

Maharja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo 
Ruler, Patna State. 

Ell S3) e«j|i Sfefl^ I 



fS^jZ^ ^^ 


k ^- *£ S^i- *4 ^L 


Introduction to the sixth volume 

of the 

Purnna Chandra Ordia 

Tite contents of the volume and delay 
in its publication. 

Through the Grace of tne Almighty Father, I am 
now able to lay the sixth volume in the hands of my 
patrons, subscribers and the public. 

This volume has brought the word collection to the 
letter q (Sha)„ The first five volumes dealt with forty 
six letters, leaving the last two letters ( q and g ) of 
the alphabet for the seventh and last volume . 

The number of words and phrases in this volume 
is 24 thousand, thus bringing the number of words and 
phrases in the Q volumes to 1 lakh and 59,000. It is 
expected that the last volume will contain about 25 
thousand words; and thus it is expected that the 
Oriya Lexicon, when complete, will have dealt with 
1 lakh and a4,QQ0 words, in all. 

The-" fifth volume was published by the end of 
March 1936, i. e. on the eve of the inauguration of 
the Orissa Province. At that time I hoped to bring 
out the sixth volume in the course of the next ten 
months. Owing to scarcity of paper in the market 
and the indifferent state of my health for some time, 
the regular progress of the sheets through the press 
was hampered; and so there has been an unavoidable 
delay of five months. I hope, that through the Grace 
of God and the generous help of patrons of learning 
the seventh and last volume will be out by March 

Financial patron of this volume. 

Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Sing Deo, Ruler, 
Patna State, Eastern States Agency, graciously 
promised to meet the cost of the publication of this 
volume. He has already made a munificent donation 
of Rupees ten thousand towards it. 

Contributors of articles. 

The following gentlemen have contributed special 
articles to this volume, and their names appear under 
their respective contributions in the body of the 

work «— 

(1) Sahitya Samrat, Maharaja Vikrama Dev 
Varma, D. T^itt, of Jeypore, 

(2) Babu Jagabandhu Singh of Puri, 

(3) Babu Kedarnath Mahapatra B. A,, D. Bd r 
of Bhubaneswar, 



Pandit Baikoli Jyotisha Bisarada of Khalli- 

Babu Chandra Sekhar Das of Jajpur, 

The late Pandit Nilamani Misra of Jajpur, 

Dr. Radha Charan Panda L. M # P„ 

Dr. Kailas Chandra Rao L, M. P., 

Babu Narayan Prasad Sathia, B. A. of 


(10) Babu Manmohan Ghosh B. I,, of Cuttack, 

(11) Mahamahopadeshak stmdarananda Bidya 
Binode B. A. of Saehcbidananda Math* Cuttack, 

(12) Kumar Bidyadhar Singa Deo B * L - Advocate, 


(13) Mr. N. Gantayet B. E„ Apprentice Engineer, 

(14) Babu Apurba Krushna Sarkar B. A., Cuttack, 

(15) Research Pandit Biswnath Rath Kabyatirtha 

of Puri, 

(16) Professor Bipin Behari Ray M. A., Cuttack. 

Books of reference. 

Besides the books .of reference aud authorities 
already mentioned in the previous volumes extracts 
have been taken from the following works and the 

books of the following authors :— 

The Bengalee Visvakosha ( Encyclopedia ) by 
Prachyavidyamaharnnaba Rai Saheb N. N. Vasu— 

(1st Edition,) 

History of Orissa in Oriya by the late Krupa- 

sindhu Misra M. A„ 

Arunodaya Press Oriya Almanac, 
Osiya Translation of Sankar Digbijaya by Reverend 
gwami Sachchidananda Saraswati of the Sankara- 

nanda Math, Puri, 

Konarke by Sj. Nilakantha Das M. A„ 
Dharmapada by the late Gopabandhu Das, 
The Daily Asha of Berhampur, 
The Statesman of Calcutta, 




The Nabeen of Berbampur, 
Prothero*s students' History of India, 
Babu Bhagabat Chandra Das Bidyabausan, B. A. 

of Midnapore, 

The late Pandit Rudranarayan Sarangi of 

Babu Prankrisbna Das B, X, m of Balasore. 

Number of pages. 

Owing to printer's error some words of the original 
copy were left out between pages 7624 to 7625 of thSs 
volume, which necessitated the insertion of the omitted 
matter in 13 pages between the pages 7624 and 7625; 
they are numbered 7 625 ka, kha, ga, gha, na, cha, 
chha, ja t jha s na, ta, tha and da. 
This volume covers 1174 pages. 

My Colleagues and Assistants. 

Of my colleagues and assistants mentioned in the 
previous volumes, Sreemati Pitarabari Debi (proof 
correction and revision ) 3 Pandit KuJamani Das 
Kabyatirtha (revision of the manuscripts), Babu 
Krushna Chandra Misra M. A., B. L. ( revision ), 
Pandit Narasingha Mahapatra, Babu Bhubaneswar 
Misra, Babu Bichhanda Charan Patnaik B, A., Babu 
Narasingha Samanta Sinhar, Babu Surjyamoni Kar, 
Pandit Bhagaban Pati, Babu Krushna Chandra Kar 
( faircopying of the manuscripts for the press ), Babu 
SatindraNarayanRay M.A., B.L. (supplying Bengalee 
synonyms) and Pandit Sures Chandra Jaa, Vyakaran 
Sastri, Kabya Smrutitirtha, (supplying Hindi 
synonyms) have collaborated with me in this volume. 

Babu Satindra Narayan Ray M. A,, E. L. has been 
connected with the work as supplier of Bengalee 
synonyms since the beginning. The death of his 
father, the late Rai Bahadur H. N. Rai Mahasaya 
M, A., has compelled Satindra Babu to leave Cuttack 
for good and stay at his residence at Lakshmannath 
in Balasore. Still, he has assured me that some 
arrangement will be made for the continuance of his 
labour in respect of the last volume # 

My publisher Babu Mahananda Kar t Proprietor of 
the Utkal sabitya Press, has continued his personal 
attention to the progress of this volume through the 
press. Babu Kulamoni Kar f Manager of the press, has 
been of great help to me in correcting the proofsheets. 
Shaikh Manir Khan, the Head compositor of the 
press, has rendered ungrudging service to the work, 
inspire of the repeated sinking and falling down of 

letters and niatras from the forms in the course of 

The binding of this volume as well as of the last 3 
volumes has been made by M, Azam AH Khan of 
Cuttack. Babu Ranglal Modi, M. L. A. of the firm 
of Messrs Ranglal Rameswarlal, agents to the 
Titaghur Paper Mills, has been supplying me with 
the paper, though on account of scarcity of paper 
in the market I had to indent for gome paper directly 
from Calcutta* 

Supply of dialectical and provincial words. 

Eabu Durgacharan Rai, Sadar Sub Divisional 
Officer of Patna state, and his wife Srimati Stunati 
Debi, Babu Ad wait Prasad Das M* A„ Education 
Officer, Patna s^te, Pandit Gobinda Chandra 
Patnaik, Teacher, Training School, patna State, 
Babu Dibyasingha Naik, Stenographer, Patna State, 
Babu Natbar Gartia B, L., Second Officer, Titlagarh, 
Patna State, Babu Trilochan Patnayak, News Agent* 
Patna State, Lai Sahib Sibnarayan Deb of Khariar, 
Pandit Binayak Das U. B. P., Personal Clerk to the 
Ruling Chief, Bonai State, Babu Achyutananda 
Purohit, B. L. GW t. Pleader, Sambalpur, Ashukabi 
Bishnu Prasad Das of Atabira, Sambalpur, Babu 
Biswaksen Bahidar of Sambalpur, Srimati Aparnna 
Debi, Poetess of Puri, ~ Swami Sacbchidananda Sara- 
swati, Head of the Sankarananda Math, Puri, Babu 
Bansidhar Mahanti, Office Superintendent, Keonjhar 
State, Dr. Kailas Chandra Rao of Cuttack, Raja 
Durgamadhab Prasad Sinha Deo of idadanpur- 
Rampur, Kalahandi State, Babu Barcdeb Misra 
B. A. have favoured me with several hundreds of 
dialectical and provincial words peculiar to their 
respective localities. 

Babu Bamdeb Misra B, A 4 , the energetic Dewan 
of the Athmalik r State, has been supplying hundreds 
of dialectical words peculiar to the Oriya states and 
to Jajpur, for this work since its inception. He has 
continued his supply of words and has visited the 
Bhashakosha Office whenever he has passed by 
Cuttack. His active sympathy and assistance have 
been valuable assets to me. 

In this connection I have great pleasure in mention- 
ing with thanks the service rendered to the work 
by the Patna State authorities and officials. At the 
suggestion of the Maharaja, Babu Adwait Prasad 
Das, Education Officer of the State, sent a circular to 
the teachers of the educatio nal institutions asking 
them to supply me with dialectical words prevalent 
in their respective localities; and as a result, hundreds 
of words have come from that source. I have con- 
veyed my thanks to the teachers through the 
Education Officer. 















- i 









C* 1 








































($ r 






Of 4 



















— ■=■ 



+ i — h 













( iii ) 

From Lala Rajktunar M. A., P. C, S.# Chief 
"Minister, Kumar Ranendra Pratap Singh Deo B. L B 
Household Comptroller, Mr. Srigopal Chandra B. A., 
L. L. B, M. R . A. .S. Judicial Minister and Rao 
Sdbib Dr. P,P. John, M. B., B. S., Medical Officer, Babu 
Satish Chandra Banerjee B. A. settlement Officer, 
Sardar Bishan Sin£b, Superintendent of Police, Babu 
Balabhadra Bahidar, S.D.O. Titlagarh, Babu Chinta- 
moni Misra S-D,0. Patnagarb, Babu Natabar Gartia, 
Second Officer, Titlagarh, Babu Banshidhar Chobdar, 
Maharaja's Peshker, Babu Dibyasingha Nayak Chief 
Minister's stenographer and almost all officers, high 
and low, and from the Zamindars and chief personages 
of the Patna State, I hare received nothing but 

In connection with my tour in the Patna States t 
record with gladness the voluntary service rendered by 
Sardar Amar singh, Superintendent of Land Records, 
Patna State, in whom I have found an energetic 
canvasser for patrons and subscribers for the work. 

I was the happy recipient of a long list of 
dialectical words peculiar to Sambalpur from the 
following students of Bargarh High English School, 
District Sambalpur, though I have not the privilege 
of personally knowing them, — sr een *a n Achyutananda 
Ratb, Dasarathy Majhi, Nabaktshore Mahapatra, 
Biswamitra Panda, Jogindra Prasad Panda, I highly 
.appreciate the spirit of service to the mother tongue 
by which they have been actuated to do this of their 
own accord. 

My Illustrious Patrons and Benefactors. 

The services & help rendered to this undertaking 
from time to time since the beginning by H. E. Sir 
John Austen Hubback, K. C, S. I., I. C. S. f the first 
Governor of the Orissa Province, have been gratefully 
acknowledged in the previous volumes. His Excellency 
is the foster-father of the lexicon. The first volume 
was dedicated to His Excellency, with his kind 

On the day of the His Excellency's assumption of 
-office, His Excellency was pleased to send me a very 
affectionate letter enclosing a cheque for Rupees one 
hundred and fifty. 

His Excellency was glad to hear that t he Patna 
University had made a further grant of Rs. 1500/ for 
the completion of the work. 

wfiile in London His Excellency had been to the 
London College of Oriental Studies to see what they 
had got there in the way of Oriya Books. Apart 
from the lexicon, which His Excellency found there, 
they had a very meagre collection, a defect which 
His Excellency hopes to rectify in the course of His 
Exllency's term of office. „ 

From this it will be seen how the dictionary and 
the Oriya language occupy a warm corner in 
His Excellency's heart. Since assumption of office, 
His Excellency and Lady Hubback have always 
made affectionate and anxious enquiries about the 
progress of the publication. The first New Year's 
Honour's list for the Orissa Province contained the 
title of Rai Bahadur for the compiler, I value the 
distinction as an honour done to Oriya Literature. 
It is a matter of supreme pleasure to me to think 
that the layer of the foundation stone of this national 
edifice of learning will be with us to put the coping 
stone to it in the course of the next year. With His 
Excellency's and Lady Hubback's kind permission, 
their photos have been reproduced in this volume, 

JJdaharaja Rajendra Narayana Singh Deo, Ruler, 
Patna State, is the patron and the financial prop of 
this volume. When I first paid my respects to him 
and laid the first five volumes in his hands, he enquir- 
ed of the financial requirement for bringing out the 
next (i. e. the 6th) volume and spontaneously promis- 
ed help for its publication. The Maharaja Saheb has 
redeemed his promise to a great extent and given 
practical demonstration of his appreciation of my 
humble labours. As a token of my sincere regard for 
his superb qualities of head and heart, this volume is, 
with the Maharaja's kind permission, dedicated to him. 

While at patna I had the honour of being introduc- 
ed to Tikayet S" Nrupendra Narayan Singh Deo 
B. A., B. L., Jubaraj Sahib of Seraikela,whom I found 
a promising young man of great literary talents. 
The Jubaraj reminded me of a Sanscrit Sloka to the 
effect ;— "From the mine of rubies nothing but rubies 
come out.'* 

Sanity a samrat Maharaja Vikram Dev Varma, 
Doctor of Literature, Maharaja of Jeypore (Koraput), 
to whom Volume IV was dedicated, has continued his 
keen interest in the progress of the work. Some of 
bis contributions find place in this volume. On learn- 
ing my financial difficulties and debts the Maharaja 
voluntarily xemitted a sum of two thousand rupees 
in addition to Rupees ten thousand which he had 




donated for the fifth volume. As Chancellor 5f the 
Andhra Research University the Maharaja has best- 
owed on me the title and diploma of 'Sahitya Visarada 7 , 

Maharaja Sir Pratap Chandra Bhanj Deo, 
Kt # K. C, I. E„ Ruler, .Maytu&bhanj State, at whose in- 
stance this work has borne the hallowed name of his late 
brother, Maharaja Eurnna Chandra, on being apprised 
of my indebted conditioa by Professor Parija and 
Principal Tripathi, helped me with a sum of Rupees 
five thousand in addition to Rupees eight thousand 
which he had donated when the printing of the work 
was first taken in hand. 

Captain, the Hon'ble Maharaja Sri Sri gri 
Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Dev of Par la. 
kimedi. Chief Minister, Orissa, to whom the fifth 
volume was dedicated has been watching the 
progress of the work with paternal concern, 

Raja Kishore Chandra Dev, Ruling Chief, Ath- 
mallik State, whose practical sympathy and repeated 
donations have never failed me, has contributed 
Rupees five hundred (in addition to Rs 2309/- donated 
in instalments) during the -progress of this volume^ 
His words of encouragement and appreciation after 
the publication of the first volume still ring in my 
ears. He has been a veritable bed of amaranth 
(GQsta Qaej) to the compiler, 

Lai Artatrah Dev, Raja Saheb of Khariar 
(Nawapara), has remitted his promised donation of 
Rupees one thousand. The Jubaraj of Khariar also 
takes great interest in the work. 

The Patna University, which had made a grant of 
Rupees five thousand three years ago, have augmented 
it by a further grant of Rupees one thousand and 
five hundred on the eve of the creation of -the. {few 
Orissa Province. 

Raja Bahadur Sir Rajendra Narayan Bhanj Deo, 
Kt„ O.B.E t9 whose long association with the work 
since the beginning has been mentioned in the previous 
; volumes, has donated Rupees five hundred. 

Raja Lai Rajendra Singh Banna, Raja Saheb of 
Borasambar, Sambalpur, has remitted Rupees three 
hundred towards his promised donation of Rupees one 

Raja Narayan Chandra Birabar Mangraj Maha- 
patra, Ruling Chief, Baramba State, has donated 
Rupees five hundred. 

Rai Bahadur Loknath Misra, Advocate Govern- 
ment Pleader, Puri, has paid Rupees five hundred, 
the balance of his promised donation of Rupees one 

iv ) * 

Raja Malayan Prasad Dev, Ruler, Baudh State, to 
whom the third volume was dedicated, continues 
to take a keen interest in the progress of the work. 

Sree Uma Prasad Singh Dev, Raja Saheb of Joypatna, 
Kalahanrfi State, has remitted Rupees one hundred, 
the balance of his promised donation of Rupees five 

Sti Kshirode Singh Majhi Mandhata, Zamindar of 
Atgaon, Patna State, has paid Rupees one hundred 
towards his promised donation of Rupees five 

Sit Badridas Goenka, Kt., B. -A., Rai Bahadur, 
Banker and Merchant, Calcutta ^ made a contribution 
of Rs 50/-fifty. 

Mr. G. E. Fawcus M. A., C- I. E„ I. E. s. has been 
helping the work as a very careful gardener watering 
and watching tender plants grown by him. His 
services have been gratefully recounted in the previous 
volumes. Though he is not now in our midst as the 
Director of Public Instruction, he is still in touch with 
us as Chairman of the Public Service Commission. I 
have got repeated indications that he watches the 
progress of the work with keen concern, 

The Hon*ble Sir Courtney Terrell, Kt. Chief Justice, 
Patna digh Court, Has continued his pate rnal solici- 
tude for the work, 

C. L. Philip Esqr. C.'I. E v I. C, s. sometime 
Commissioner of the Orissa Division, who helped me 
in the preparation of the first 3 volumes, is now ia 
England; and the compiler has got proof of his keen 
interest in the progress of the work- 

B. C. Gibson Esq. C % I. E., I. C. s., sometime Agent 
to the Governor General, Estern States Agency, Patron 
of the 4th volume, has been watching the progress 
of the work with solicitude. 

To these in particular and to the other patrons and 
financial supporters of the work whose services & help 
have enabled me to proceed so far, I tender my grati- 
tude. Had it not been for their generosity & 
patronage it would never have been possible^for a man 
of slender means like me to advance so far. 

DUtingtfUhed visitors. 

I forgot to mention in the last volume the surprise 
visit paid by Kaka Kalelkar of the Gujerat Bidya- 
pitha to the Bhashakosha Asram during his visit to 
Cuttack in 1935. He had seen the manuscripts in 
1928 when he came with Mahatma Gandhi and 
stayed with me. He was glad to see the progress of 
the publication and pronounced his opinion that the 


rJ Syi«-Jft5 

Sahitya-samrat Maharaja Sri Vikram Dev Varma, D, Litt. 

Maharaja, Jeypore, District Koraput, 

ww *n * sfl w^w to, $. ai> c«jqsi qfiw « 







Bbashakosha has bad a lion's share in popularising 
the Hindi language in Orissa, 

Mr. H. Dippie, M. A., C. I. E„ I. E. S Director 
of Public Instructions, Orissa, has paid more 
than one visit to the Bhashakosha Asram and 
has expressed his genuine appreciation of my 

Mr. P, T. Mansfield, C. I. E., I. C. S-, Chief 
Secretary to the Government of Orissa, visited 
the office and volunteered to help me in the correc- 
tion t>f the English portions of the proofsheets; 
but in consideration of the heavy pressure of 
his public duties I have not yet dared utilise his 

Mr. A. F. W. Dixon, M. A„ J. C. S. late 
Development Secretary to the Government of Orissa 
paid a visit to this office. 

Colonel G. Yerghese M. D„ C. H. B., D. P. H., 

• J>. T. M., D. T. H., I. M. S,, Director of Public Health, 

>, Orissa, paid a kind visit to the office with Dr. S, 

'>>3Miipra, Health Officer, Cuttack Municipality, and was 

^lavish in his praise of the work. 

f 1^, R. P. Ward^ M< C, D. F. O, I. C. S., District 
Officer, Cuttack, and Mrs. Ward visited the Asram 
?*&&■ expressed their anxiety to help the progress of 
t tl^ publication, —- 

: " itai Bahadur BHuy an Bhaskar Chandra Maha- 
patta visited the Asram several times, the last time 
with Rai Bahadur Umacharan Das, P. A. to the 
Revenue Commissioner of Orissa. 

Tikayet Sailendra Narayan Bhanj Deo, Tikayet 
gaheb of Kanika, Chairman of the Cuttack District 
Board, visited the Asram in May 1936 and assured me 
of his worthy father's and bis sympathy for the 
work. * 

Moulvi Enamur Raheman, Income Tax Officer, 
Cuttack, paid a visit of appreciation, to the Asrama 
with Babu Gopinath Mahapatra, Inspector, Income 
Tax, Cuttack, 

Wellwtiher s and Volunteers. 

Amongst the sincere well wishers and volunteers 
who are sparing no pains to bring the work to the 
notice of patrons, subscribers and the public, I count 
the following : — 

I^al Sibnarayan Deb Lai Saheb of Khariar, whose 
earnest endeavours have been mentioned in the last 
volume. He has still been securing financial help and 
subscribers for the work, He has succeeded in secu- 
ring donations and promises to the sum of Rupees 

three thousand. He has been from time to time 
supplying-me with hundreds of dialectical words pecu- 
liar to that area, which but, for him, would have been 
shut out from my notice, East year he undertook a 
tour to some of the states *to secure financial suppor- 
ters and subscribers for the work* 

Mr. S. C Tripathi I. E. S* 5 Principal, Ravenshaw 
College, Cuttack, through whose advocacy the work 
had secured the initial help from the Maharaja of 
Mayurbhanj and who had some hand in securing the 
Maharaja's further help received in the course of the 
progress of this volume. 

Mr. P. K, Parija M. A., I, E. S., Professor, Raven. 
shaw College, whose representation to the Maharaja 
of Mayurbhanj last year conjointly with that of 
Principal Tripathi secured the Maharaja's further 


Mr. k, C. Neogi, Dewan, and Chief Minister, 
Mayurbhanj State. 

M;r- D. P. Sarma I. C S., late District Officer, Puri. 

Rai Bahadur R. C. Das, Deputy Commissioner, 
Sambalpu r. * 

Babu Satis Chandra Mitra, Sadar Sub-Divisional 

Officer, Puri. 

Rai Bahadur Lakshmidhar Mahanty, Advocate. 

Rai Bahadur Umacharan Das, Personal Assistant 
to the Revenue Commissioner. 

Rai Sahib somenath Mahaptra, late Executive 
Officer, Cuttack Municipality. 

Babu Durgacharan Rai, Sadar S. D. O. and Assis- 
tant sessions Judge, Patna State, 

BabuBamdeb Misra B. K Dewan and sessions 

judge, AthmalHk State. 

Babu Batakrushna Mahanty. B. A„ Offg. Dewan, 
Khariar Estate. 

Mr. Amaraballabh Dey, M. A., B- l#. State Judge, 

Bamra State. 
. Rai Bahadur J. K. Tripathy, Dewan. Keonjhar 


Pandit Binayak Das, U. B. P, Personal Clerk to 

the Baling Chief of Bonai State. 

Babu Krishna Chandra Sen Gupta M* A., B. Ed. 
Headmaster, G attack Training School. 

Babu Chintamoni Acharyya M. A., B. L, Advocate, 
Government pleader, Cuttack 

Dr. Kailas Ch. .Rao, Medical Officer, Puri Police 


Babu Trilochana Patnayak, Jfews Agent, Patna 


Babu Biswaksen Bahidar t News Agent, sambalpu r, 
Babn Sashibhuaan Rath, Editor, the New Orissa, 

( vi ) 

Eabu Atianda Acha rya, Edi tor, Tae Oriya, 

Babu Sashibhusan Rai* Author and writer, 

Sreeman Prabfcat Kumar Uukherji, M. A., D. Bd, 


Pandit Lakshminarayana Misra, gambalpur. 
Sriman Purnacbandra Bose j Cuttack. 

Babu Umacharan Mahanti, Proprietor, Cuttack 
Publishing House, Cuttack. 

To the loving services of Vaidyaraj Balunkeswar 
Acharyya, Bhisa kratna of Cuttack, who has been the 
custodian of my health for the last fifteen years, have 
been added the ungrudging services of Dr. Kashinath 
Misra B # Sc, M. B„ D. T. M, who has very success- 
fully freed me from the unwelcome embrace of the 
friend of my younger days — filaria — which was trying 
to renew its association with me after a sojourn of 35 

r Pandit Baikoli Mabapatra Jyotis Bisarada of 
Khallikote, has been keeping watch over the move- 
ments of my natal planets and asterisms and has 
been appeasing them by his propitiatory arts. 

Tbe labours of the above have been labours of love, 
actuated by a genuine spirit of service to a national 

On the approach of my labours to their conclusion, I 
tender my homage to the spirit of my dep arted father, 
the late Narasingha Praharaj,who, I believe, has been 
keeping watch oyer the progress of the work. 

'The late Maharaja Sir Biramitrodaya Singh Deb, 
Dharmanidbi, Jnanagunakara, K. C* I. E., M. R. A. S. 
Ruler, sonepur- State, was my patron, friend and 
adviser for the last 32 years. We were of the same 
age. He has, by his multifarious acts of public and 
private munificence and by his literary activities, and 
specially by his princely donations made to th e 
Calcutta University for teaching the Oriya language 
upto the M. A, standard, left a name which will 
never die. Thong h this work was not fated to 
attract his liberality, his service to the Oriya nation 
entitle him to a front seat amongst the worthies of 
Orissa. He was always lavish in his praise of my 
labours and alluded to it before various prominent 
people. A few months a go he granted me a copy of 
his photo with kind permission to reproduce the 
same in this volume;" but he was not spared to see it. 
I give a prominent place to his photo in this 

r The late B^akti siddbanta Saraswati Maharaj 
•of Goudiya Math Calcutta } 

The late Visvanath Kar, my preceptor in the 
field of liter-atur e, 

The late Mr. M. S. Das C, I. EL to whom I owe a 
debt of gratitude, which has been referred to in the 
first volume, 

The late Rai Bahadur Ajay Chandra Das who?e 
contribution of words has been recorded in the first 

Swami Sankar Satchidananda Saraswati, Head of 
the Bhogabardhan Sankarananda Math, Puri, who 
never lets a single day pass without his invoking, the 
Grace of the Deity to bring the work to an early 

Brahma Abadhuta Sannyasi Btswanath Baba, 
Missionary, SatyamahimaJ Dharma, who makes a point 
of visiting the Bhashakosha Asram to pronounce'God's 
blessing on the work, whenever he visits Cuttack, 

Prachyavidya Maharnnaba Rai Sahib Nagendra 
Nath Vasu, the Compiler of the Bengalee and the 
Hindustbanie Visvakoshas (Encyclopedias), who often 
makes anxious enquiries about the progress of the 
work,and through whom the photos reproduced in this 
and in* the 5th volume ' have been made into blocks. 

To the abovementioned personages, both living 
and dead, and to my patrons, supporters,- helpers, 
benefactors, colleagues, sympathisers and propagan- 
dists I tender my thanks. Had the work not got so 
many devoted wellwishers, it would never have been 
possible for a man of slender means like me to under, 
take, continue and bring to the present stage of 
progress tbe herculean task. In grateful recognition 
of their help, I have reproduced their photos, with 
their permission, when available. 

Bestowal of Honours, Appreciations and 


Mr. R. P. Ward, District Magistrate of 
Cuttack, who is now in charge of the Cuttack 
Municipality, has been pleased, at the instance of 
some distinguished townsmen, to change the name of 
the late Normal School Lane of Cuttack (in which tbe 
office of the lexicon is situated) to 'Bhashakosha Lane' 
and this fact is indicated by conspicuous signboards 
at both the ends of the said lane, and has been pub- 
licly proclaimed. 

The Governor General and Viceroy has been pleased 
to confer on the compiler of the lexicon the title of 
Rai Bahadur amongst the first New Year's honours 
of the Orissa Province. 

( vii ) 

The Chancellor of t he Andhra Research University 
( Bharati Tirtha), Vizagapatam, has been pleased to 
<*rant to the compiler of the lexicon the diploma of 
•Sahitya Bisarada' ( Proficient in belles-letters ). 

Kabibara Cbintamoni Mahanty (poet) of Bbadrak 
has published an appreciate ry poem of the lexicon in 
his works which are now in the press. 

Pandit Ekadasi Bedi of Jajpur and Pandit Lakhmi 
Narayan Misra of Sambalpur have also each published 
an appreciative poem on the Bhashakosha. 

Dr. Suniti Kumar Cbatterji, ^. A„ D. Litt., 
Professor of the Calcutta University and a scholar of 
international repute, in his presidential address 
before the Indo Aryan languages section of the last 
All India Oriental Conference held at Mysore, made 
a reference to the lexicon. He writes to me in the 
following terms — 

1 had the pleasure of handling your great lexico- 
graphical work in the Calcutta University library and 
of admiring your great erudition and your stupendous 
labour. The work is of unique importance in the 
study of the modern Indo-aryan languages. The 
great work will remain a monumental testimony to 
the scholarship of Utkal, the publication of which so 
happily synchronises with the establishment of 
Utkala Mata as the Presiding Deity in her home 

Prachyabidya Maharnnaba Rai Sahib N. N, Vasu, 
the compiler of the Bengalee and the Hindi Encyclop- 
edias has included me amongst the contributors of 
articles on Orissa. in the Second Edition of the 
Bengalee Encyclopedia which is now in the press, and 
of which the 1st and the 2nd volumes have already 
come out. 

Chhotrai Laksmi Narayan Bhanja Deo, the 
younger brother of the Ruler of the Keonjhar State 
who is now in England for study, and the enlightened 
Ranee Saheb of KeoDJhar, contemplate presenting a 
set of the dictionary and some standard Oriya books 
to each of the libraries of the London, Oxford and 
Cambridge Universities and other public -libraries in 
Great Britain and in the Continent. 

It is a matter of supreme pleasure to learn from 
the Chhotrai Saheb that through the exertions of 
Kumar Sabeb Deo of Cbikati, Ganjam, who is now 
in England, the Oriya language has been recognised 
and is included in the curriculum of the Matriculation 
"Examination of the London University. 

Pandit Godabaris Misra M, A., B. T , M. L. A. of 
JBanpur, who has been touring some of the Oriya 

States in connection with the Banpur High English 
School, was kini enough to refer to the Maharaja of 
Mayurbhanja's generous help to this lexicon, in his 
presidential address at the last anniversery of the 
Baripada Sahitya samaja. 

The Editor of the Oriya, a weekly of Berhampur, in 
its issue of 14. 5. 37 has published an article on the 
lexicon and has reproduced the compiler's photo in the 

Copies sold and presented. 

Up-to-date 88o sets of the work have been subs- 
cribed for in advance, gince the publication of the 
5th volume, 15 sets have been subscribed for. Amogst 
the recent subscribers, mention may be made of the 
Rangoon University Library, Royal Asiatic Society 
of Bengal, Benares Hindu University, Nagpar Univer- 
sity, The Ramkrishna Math, Bhubaneswar, Sreemati 
Prabhas Kumari Debi^ minor Proprietress of Bara- 
palli wards estate, Sambalpur (for w hom the Deputy 
Commissioner of sambalpur sent a remittance of 
Rupees one hundred and fifty, instead of 5ts 115/- 
the then advance price for a whole set) , Superint- 
endent, Mission Press, Cuttack, Professor B. V. Roy 
M. A., Babu D. C. Ray, Sadar S. D. 0, Patna State, 
Secretary, George Club Patna State, Education 
Officer, Patna State, Dewan, Keonjhar State, (besides 
the 10 sets already subscribed for by the Ruler), 
Headmasters of the Titlagarh and Patnagarh M. E. 
Schools, Patna State. 

Up-to-date 70 sets have been presented to patrons, 
actual and prospective, eminent persons and workers, 
of which 6 have been presented since the publication 
of the last volume,, 

Financial otftlook 

Only 2 letters of the Oriya alphabet remain for 
the seventh and last volume. 

The cost of bringing out one volume including 
binding has worked at Rupees sixteen thousand on 
the average. Thus, the charges for bringing out the 
complete work of 7 volumes will be about Rs. 115000 1_ 
(one lakh and fifteen thousand rupees). Till now 
provision has been made for about a lakh of rupees 
from advance subscribers, loan and donations from the 
Government of Bihar and Orissa, the Patna University, 
the Maharajas of Mayurbhanja, Jeypore, Patna, Parla- 
kimedi, Kalahandi, the Rajas of Bond, Athmallik, 
Khallikote, Keonjhar, Cbikati, the Mahant of Emar 


* * * 


Math, and other generous donors. Now that the end is 
in sight, 1 hope that the balance required to bring put 
the last volume and settle and clear off the outstanding 
liabilities and loans incurred* for this work, will be 
forthcoming from donors who have not yet paid 
their promised quotas, from donors who have not 
contributed handsomely on account of the apprehen- 
sion that the undertaking may not be brought to its 
last volume, and from patrons of learning and 
literature who have not yet been pleased to extend 
their patronage to this work, as all of them may 
now be satisfied that the completion of the work 
T will be an accomplished fact by this time next year 
if they or any of them come forward to give the last 
push. J look with confidence to the following patrons 
of learning to put the coping stone on this national 
temple of learning: — 

The Government of Orissa (whose Governor laid 
the foundation stone of this work and is now in our 
midst to see the coping stone laid on the dome). 

R aj Jejemata srimati Dambarudtiar Priya Debi of 
Bamra, the grandmother of the Rajasaheb of Bamra 
State and the widow of the late Raja Sachidananda 
Tribhuban Deb (whose love for the Oriya literature & 
whose charity are well known throughout Orissa, 
and who has been approached with an appeal for help 
through her son, the Gajapati Rajasaheb of Puri, her 
Igrandsonthe Rajasaheb of Bamra, her brothers-in- 
law, the Eaja sahebs of Bonai and Talcher, 

Raja Bhanuganga Tribhubana Deb, Ruler,* Bamra 
State (with whose family the compiler has been 
connected by ties of literary pursuit for five genera*. 
tions, now that the compiler has seen the birth of 
his son and heir i and who at this you^g age has 
given sure indications that he will maintain the high 
literary tradition of the family), 

Maharaja Sudhansu Sekhar Singha Deo, Ruler, 
Sonepur State (to whom the compiler and his labours 
have been well known since his boyhood and who is 
sure to shed lustre on the illustrious house of 

Raja -Adity a Pratap Singh Deo, Ruler, geraikella 
State (whose grandfather, the late Maharaja Udit 
Narayan Singh Deo promised in 1930 to help the 
work, but was not spared to redeem his promise 
and whose Jubaraj is one of the most promising 

Maharaja Brajamohan Deb of Kalahandi (whose 
initial help of Rupees one thousand in 192S enabled 

me to begin the revision of the original manuscripts 
and who has subscribed for 25 sets of the work in 


Raja Balabhadra Narayan Bhanja Deo, Ruler, 
Keonjhar State (who has subscribed for 10 sets of the 
work besides having donated Rs 500/-) 

Raja Dharanidhar Inira Dso Deb, Raja Saheb ani 
Ruling Chief of Bonai State (who has promised to 
render help and who has been from time to time 
making enquiries about the progress of the work, 
and whose sincere appreciation of the wo rk the 
compiler came to know during his recent visit to the 
State, and who has voluntarily promised to bring the 
requirements of the work to the notice of the Raj, 
Grand mother of Bamra.) 

' Raja Kishore Chandra Bhanja Deo, Ruling Chief 
Dasapalla, (who has promised help.) 

Gajapati Raja Ramichandra Deb of Puri, 

Raja Bahadur Ramchandra Mardaraj Deb, Raja 
Saheb of Kballikote ( who has already donated 
Rs. 1000/-) 


Raja Kishore Chandra Birabara Harichandan, 
Ruling Chief of Talcher State ( the literary pursuits 
of whose family seem to run in the blood of every 
scion thereof includin t, even the young Tikayatt a 
Sabib Soubhagya Chandra Deb, and who has promised 
to reader help), 

Rai Bahadur Bhuyan Bhaskar Chandra Mohapatra 
of Balasore (with whom the compiler and his principal 
collaborator have been connected by ties of god- 
relationship and who has made handsome contributions 
for the revival of ancient Oriya literature and for 
many a noble cause). 

Mahant Gadahar Ramaauja Das, the Mahant of 
Emar Math (who has made a payment of rupees one 
thousand and promised to pay rupees one thousand 
more, the balance of his donation, and whose liberality 
has been extended to almost all movements of public 
utility and spread of knowledge in Orissa.) 

Any one of these favoured sons of Goddess Lakshmi 
is strong enough to shoulder the burden of bringing 
out the 7th Volume and thus to put the coping stone 
on the national edifice, which will one day be deemed 
as a landmark in the history of the Oriya language 
and literature. 


Captain Maharaja Sri Krushna Ch. Gajapati Narayan Deb, 
Maharaja of Pariakimedi, District CJanjam. 

fi|<G$6> ^QQ ClfiflQ 

ti?!Q& fii SI «i ^ 


a « 


( ix ) 

The Price of the work 

The advance price for a whole set has from time 
to time changed from Rs 30/. toRs 115/-, as the comp- 
lete set was found out to swell from 2 volumes to 7 
volumes. The subscribers who pay the then fixed 
advance price are being supplied with the whole set 
of 7 volumes without any further charge. It is for 
them and not for the compiler to decide if they can 
justly pay more than what they have already paid. 

I'he advance price fixed on the publication of the 
5th volume was Rs 1151— for a whole set. The sub- 
scribers who subscribed in advance and made pay- 
ment had to take my word on trust. Now that the 
6th volume is published and the publication of the las*: 
and seventh volume is witbia sight t the price of a 
whole set of 7 volumes is finally fixed at Rs 150/- 
(one hundred and fifty rupees), provided that subscri- 
bers registering their names and making payment 
before the 7 th volume is out will get a discount of 
12 per cent, i.e. they will have to pay Rs 132/- ( one 
hundred and thirty two rupees only ), 

Subscribers purchasing any volume separately 
will have to pay Rs 25/- per volume, With subscrL 
bers of slender income eg sy monthly instalments may 
be arraoged, as has been done in some cases already 

Expected completion of the work. 

The ma'erials and the copies for the press for the 
7th volume are now lying ready after faircopying. The 
last volume will contain words beginning with g 
(Dental sa) & 9 (Ha), the letter <a (ksha) having found 
place alphabetically after the letter 9 (ka) # A Supple- 
ment, containing words, notes and new informations 

Bhashakosha Asrama, 
Bhashakosha Lane 
Cuttack, Orissa. 
31 9t June, 1937 # 


available to me since the * earlier volumes were 
published, to-gether with errors which have been 
brought to my notice, has been- prepared. It is hoped 
to find place for the. above at the end of the last 

The last volume is expected to be be out by this 
time next year. 


To all my colleagues, supporters, correspondents, 
wellwishers, sympathisers, helpers and patrons and 
generous critics I tender my thanks. I tender my 
homage and loyalty to Their Most Gracious Majesties 
Kmg George VI and Queen Elizabeth and to the 
Viceroy & to His Majesty's representative in our New 
Province, Sir John Austen Hubback, who is the foste 
father of this undertaking and whose presence in our 
midst and whose paternal interest in the progress of 
the work have brightened the hope of its completion. 

Lastly* my grateful homag ■ is due to the Great 
Benevolent Father who has brought me so far and 
who, 1 hope, will grant me strength, patience and me. 
ans to bring the labours of 22 years of my life to a 
successful close. 

The Almighty Being has brought the publication of 
the successive volumes of the Oriya lexicon and the 
formation of the Orissa province, pari passu, to their 
present stages; and He in His Grace will bring about 
the unobstructed completion of the former and th 
harmonious working of the latter; and then the Oriya 
language and the Oriya nation will come to occupy 
their legitimate places of honour in the eyes of the 
civilized world a t no distant date. Amen. 

Gopal Chandra Pkahahaj 





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d f a' eaa G91Q3Q i < «§6Q 9Q©§}1 9 eais aac* 

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«©!«?q sail ? tf 9©i© i a©o© 9^«$$ 9aiq gag 

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©191 ot§,69 ssGS^iaiQGs 1 6qcl\q q©3a«iy 

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S199 O^GQ ^QIGQIQQ 9Q9^©| ^9^GQ WTQl 
SQg@IQ ©€)a&^ i Q©Q (3§>3i QSQS1Q QQ93Q 

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93IW9 ^^ 9191^?' ^^I^Q %i© QQsiq^ I a^q 
qgiQi^Q QS flG9iQ^QrQ aoj?Q©i§ d©a 9I^©h 

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Raja Bahadur Sir Rajendra Narayan Bbanj Deo. 0, R E., M. L. A. 

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et^GQ 99^ £T6^I qf 99 99 v £|9 69I9S© 1 

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9g9© G9^a@ ©I9i <l? @9Q Q9 ^9 ei^GQ 
9ft 69l© 9^aS I 


Sri Umasankar Prasad Singh, 
Zamindar Saheb, Mahulpatna, Joypatna* 

KaUhandi State. 

«i$#T £%* «9 c ^ ajwWi fr^iMQ g#q;q slew 


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q©Q ©Q8S$3 a$Q q2d 0? QiqQQQQO <a<?ai yiQS6Q 
g© v 6©!S© ©Q29§> t 

'qQ© qiqiQtQ a^jc^ g©©©©^ 6 qq^qq 

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©€IIW* 9©S) <S €>%©91 <9©Q) 3©l© ©Q 32$ I 

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6©l$<i gqiSo ga'si-q©© ©$©i g©i« ©Q as$ I, 

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9°91%1© 699 <l<? ($99 9QI ©ai (Sf a ©1© 99*199© 
<J*|6Q a^Q 999f©€9 ^9^9 q^|©Q 8$9iq G ^^ I 

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M- W.— q®a©^W«gf* 9® ^©-©•Q© a©G©ia I 

©§ ©IQ (Xirtikar)— .©QiQ^ Q$ ©I©?© "Indian 

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aoaio* l 
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e^eoia, Qaq g^©<a i 
( q>g©i— SfiflKMr ©is aeiiaiOGQ 9a aiqa§ ) 

GQiGct^©— qq ©i©i§© eaiea^o, ©q wiay© 3©a© 

£|<}©©|©— gq§ ©q©q© Q©i|©©!©© 9<al© <a©3 ©CTQt 

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Dictionary (©. ©iq«*© ©CT»i-© «|© a«^aiO) 

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©ctqi '©SHq^ i 
aqcifeora— qw qai©i$ 6© w$iq g?i9o Cassis* 

a€$yi© i 
^^9:0*1 ©©©iq— egieas© 316©Q© q©©© Q°q© 

©©© ©©913 1 
Q|©1© ©$©— a QW% tfw TOO» gi©1© $®3 I 

q|Q©<| ©96—©*© 13 ©$$©© TO&© I 

WQ oe\5©^"- fli €iS"Si ^o Qioo QQiQ Vte ^ 4 ® 

aSaiQ 1 

SWI9 «SUQ— a fllffl9« QI3 <S®^ 'QIGS^QQ- ««>Q© 

9S I 

$a1q a©H©iQo Q|q 1 
a©^©^— qa*1q qq ©I9i?^ a©^©^ ©ig i 

SQq§)*<— Qi©1© ©q aQq§i qiQ^^iQ 1 

a^gsai©^ 6gqc? g£?ft© d©a a® ©1 

a©©*IQ ©Qtfrf— 9^© Q©q8 ©ieic> ega© 

aQQ-IQ S8 1 
EIGI— g Qi^S^l Qei£? 99IIQ© 9!9I§© 4 Gq»S>© 

9^©l I 
g$§ft-fll$©i— ^©lq ^€!©t€J ©Q© S^^Q q|§© 

r af ©i i 

d©a— €i a©Q a^te 3^iQ© ^i^i^© a^©i I 

©§i9 di— Qt©1© ©Q ©§)9^ QQGQQ Qei I 

99©t 3 ^oi^gig— -^q© ^©i^qig g©si i 

^©qlt — 9^*© $«qU ©l€i ©i©iaa I 

^aiq ©^ gcflq 99i^«^^9 I 
^^^^©—biqG©!?© 8lo1© Q©i I 

QcridQ — qdT^ ©e> «criyQ GqG©© i 
a©©i©©i9*<a— ©!«g©q^ s©i£© 9191TO a^ ©i 

G<ai9©<8 — qa^q 6sia©@ ©la© Q€>© *wfe© 

.©001 f 

GQiaiQ$^ -Q®iqe}#l©1© o^> I 

GQIGQ©— aa©l Q©!^© ©K* Q€>eQ«l|Q-W I 

I J ] 

€)©£— Q©iafG©© 5 «OT I 

-©^wS— fl$9 ©$iqei n%& I 
©$iq<a (©©)— ©w© ©$ia£? q$i$ i 

©sHaiei- 6$n qc!©s>©i© $§©$ ©qq'ci ©is 1 
©«©©;— aq$ ®©©@ 3°© 1 

©l©Sl1— qQlq ©l©3l1©©Sl Q8I I 

$©g>©$q — ©qg©© q©iq©i ©$HG©©cr 9© $©ql 

QIQCT Q0] $qiqei £IQ©|$Q 9©i|©©|© I 
■QlflQfl— gi©1© ©P ©.«IQg ©Ifl 1 * 

<hI©^S -<$$©© <31©$$ ©|g 1 

% GQte© afli— ©§a©$ g©ief© g$@© g#©i [ 

©©©G€1I©— gcfjq ©© Q©©S«|© ©» I 

©©QQ©— tf]q9 <»©q Q|€i(? g©^© jpg qj^Q 

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©Q© — HI $ai3^9|s©©c? qeriQ© qigiQ© af ©1 j 
©igq<a-©© ©iqqsi ©iq (9Q©a) 1 

90©4— qOOq ©|€| ( §©<? Qgiq^i <$ g©I«I6© ) I 

Qaqft— gcflq a^© GiftflS 9§ 1 

agiqa-©*© GS.OQP ©flis*? g©i£© S^a^oi 1 

01©I*W— ©© ateia© Qig ( ©<f 9 gqsi ] 1 

al©lH^l— '§&<si alojsvg gqqj 1 
g©ig— giol $3© g©[|© eieteoai i 

qiqI — £%g gi©iq9© g©i$© g@9!Q| I 
avigeqis© - golq a<nqeqi$© aqg* (©©s>ig) i 

ffQl©; €fQiQ6q!^©— ^cfiq er«]QGq|©© 6q©la© I 
©©qq — g|©]Q q© Q fi ^g q q ( qq|^ ) ( 

©. g©. 0— ©s ecag acj^i j 

^>$q €©©— qig©iqqi& K fl9iq© ©$qG©©, ©qq& I 

©l©G©lft - ©|©S©|& P<3>|9IS Q©*)|©g talQQ 

(G©<t|©8qiQ ggi©©1) 1 

©©q©G — Ggi6erg© v a ©©q©^ q«jq©iQ i 

wiq© — a§ © si ©©iq© 9s 1 "** 

©$©iei -gtoi© ©© ©<*©ia e^ftj (©s^qqiq^i) j 

©ej©!a ©i©i— q^qi dtf g©ai©© 39 g©© ©©^©r, 

q^qi utf gejQ© a©y© ©$©ia ©191 1 
©9 G©eig qs«i— gl©1 Qgqioi 1 ^ 

©©©lei — ©,©©!£» ©9s©©!© 1 gsfl© gqQ©Qcr 1 

©9©ig> 09©©$! — Sl©1© ©0 S?9©©S Q|Q ! 

©& - ©© $6a© ©& 1 

<$q6<3Q— ©q©M ©©©iq© ©q^©i as©© qq 1 

qqi— qqi -wl©© [oajaiai] 1 

«i©i<3iQQ« -qq ©I9i<5© IB q©igoQ^ a^©iq© 1 

^a©— qi©1 sigqtaiQ ©9 ^9© 8«1© eaqaaiq© 1 
q<5>©Gqi9©— «^5 qQ©cqi9© 0|©iq©1(ci€fe»€i©)i 

g©IG©©— gi©1© ©0 q^iGQ© ©19 (q|©^q gq$) 1 

qyq©© — Q9©© qs^lq flyoo© qd 1 

QGQI©^— gi©1© ©© QG«I?^ 9 - © I 

( GQq^9 58©l©| ) 

Q©^G€llQ— ©I9Q 31 q©©G€!lQ ©0 J 

qaiQia— ©©©q gctiq ^fciioia Qq i 

qyiGqi©©— ©©fQ Q9I ^d!Gqi9© ^G©Q g©© I 

qaicQa— 019© Qtj|Q©tft agi i 
qa©ia— gi© £ 1© ©© qq©ig ( ©;©«<©|^ ) | 

QqsiQ'Q-SQlq Qq©l«I^Q gqei©© <ga * 
oSqjBwi — «n adqjSKi qq 

€Tq€i©Q— gi©1© ©© a 4WQ fesi a©Qia) j 
g&igqi^©— ©s©^g©l3© ai^if © qqj©a$ j 
gqi©^©^©^ g©!^© g§s>© gq,i©a^ | 

S9©i©— s ©i©9^ ©©or 9?r!^© qii© a^Qi \ 

q®» 6qq— ©ifl^iQ qei %a c iqjq©i 9Q ©i^g©© 

^ q©» g©© i 

GQIQ^Q— Gqioa©© g© 1q WIQ9I qQ 9]©^ e ^|©fl 

^°9G©© afey, ©oq^i©©, K. b I. E. 
Wflfli^— ©Q©©!6© g©il© 6©©© q-q© q^qj j 

©gq^^— ©§iq© ©G©<$| §A i 

9409 ^ei QsisoisQ $)Q o$gq qqi eoeeo w §)^ecj so^QiaeaaQ on i 

£S SiS©'9^ g©©iQ. ©. <!.— ©i© 

$q!Q W^lfcJQ rf* 9 e©«, ©.<«*— O^g© 

a G©©i©©ia q^iai^ ©.<i v $. <©^^e©«i,© 
€H 6'Sow©^ q<S ? 919©— ©W 
"* ^Safii© ©ig — qi©^© 

H! ©©©©^ ?© <3$q - ^ 

* oiqq« ggj© gida ©• «.—©&© 

^Qiq 9^© $n QQqlf 9a — Qi©g,© 

SI ©IQG©I© q©[9|^ G©*il©g ©€ll©©— eiftG©!^ 

m ©i© sw qq, egi^ggQ— ©^© 

fll fl©€fll©0 e©ia d©©— ©$© 

g Qai©a«a a^ ©19©—©^ <$ ^ 

i! gi^©*t g«i^ q^jqg ©^qGQ©©5S-9-^s^-«Qqgi_Q 

® l©q©G> W)t©G©i© q©iq6©i9G©«© .©* «. 

g^©icwsio— ©%© 


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94QQ d@a SJQIS9I9SQ Wft© glGQ©« sisq 6 ©sfltoqr 0QQS} I 

^=89*^ 9Q I 

SQ|St© = aQlQ©aQ6Q 9t9$© ilQ I 
-f agQQ<a = a3QQ*3 9l© f l6Gi Q&\Q I 

a©ig9 = Q9d^§ flQQ qq^q I 

+S8|<9IQ=»a9!Q!© 9i©tGQ erei^ I 

-«iq<gi =■ QaiQi4(ieQ 91 6s*aiGQ 9^9$© aw w 

Ciq» v =ClQ«> v S>l « 4 Q€1I^,€Q W$© 39 | 
Q©Q>=^©€1©0 9*«9$ © €10 91 Q91 I 

43913© 99QQ— 9 <? W SGGr <WI^6Q 91 

a«T s© 003 ecfcsiiaa- gig 9*<9g© «© 91 qai 1 
q©, qG)a-©tiqiQ? 9i9f© qai i 

+q^ — ©§ 9IQ*«gq 9©««q 1 

4. g# =©tf 9l©tSQ a©iq I 
Qtfai=*©follQq S9I3 I 

^- 9^| = ^q| 9C€19S1 I 

i I ) 

ciSt© « 9ff©€ii%69 919$® w i V 

qi® ^QQQeQQ* qwea qi«gq 9i9g © $q 91 9l9f I 

si, giqi—giqi 9^9iQ;gi®Q qi$©i69 9391$ S9 i 

gi 3 gto—gtoqa; | * . 
e#l9— ©*© v qsi | 

©!=*©i99 $si i 

$Q^?SGQ©© 9aq$ 91 39% 8Q9®1 99^ 91 €19 

q6cr $Q9I 99 I 
GQ=G©9qL99l I 
Q3Q — Q€IQ €I|$G9 9i9f © €t9 I 
GQ=GQ€I9 €lfi? i 

siai£i96Q eeiis i 

aj^§9Q<s===a9a§9Q<a69 93® 91 3019© ; 

9i aekoQieioi w t 

MO^ORI S9©Q — ejr $9Q fc@ 9fl% S9©9 €19 

91 €19l°€l t 
98 ©© v =98 ®®%§.9 qqiQ I 
Qg o =Qi°«9 RCT I 
91*9, Qfc«iq=9te©69 9i9f O $9! 91 £9 I 

Qiq— §IQ96€)99 91 9*»99€«93' 913 I 
flQafc WQ=9J? €19 3GCT 9*i9f© aaga 

Q99Q 99 I 
691£ v =ai6Q€>© €19 99^SQ *1q| | 
Qi|(^««.. 9Miq«i%; 5. GQSIQOQ^Wq 91 

9a!« Q3@9i giqiif© $9 I 

8Q»i = €99« 8Q1GQ 9*<9g© 3919 I 

ai=9i9l qsi i 
gi«-gi9© $91 l 

giQlQ=gi©1<3> 9gfl|QC?69 9 4 )9$Q €19 I 
£N— EriQ<al 91 9I9«h GQ€I £9^9 9Q| | 
q=qq© ( ^9 — <9999 i> ^9=<5iQ9QQ; 

9-$ 9~"9 ( $9©9 I ) 
^ = 9CTOI Q9j 
9 = 0G€19i 89 I 

9*9 99991 —Q^QGQ 9"19g© 9S€)9§9 39 I 

9^J=9S€! < 3^ 09 I 

9S1Q 9S="9€aS«9 9G€]9«fl I 

99<3g©=* 96<?lg €I9Q 9aqoiae9id9 €19. I 

e3©9— e'§S9*9 qei (Qa i— 9'^ aoqyriQSl, 

e'§9 e 19«=e?9 , t© 3$ 91 3^6^969 9<t9$ 9 €19 I 

99Q, 9^1, 9©$«-*?§Q q9lQ $4Q8 <y 69laiCQ 

691© <I 9919 S>«W3I SQ99 9?J© q$l I 

5. 99 9IQ16Q goi^ i 

9ftief9 91 9aq©ia* 3999 = 99* €19 96CT qa© 9! 

99<31© arfGQ 9«t9$© €19 91 €19l°€1 I 
qcaqQ^|| qsi | 

q. 9. 6g=»q^a9G99l 9$dlQ^ I 

031 — 8^91$ €199, CiejQ 91 QSqiQQ Q9l99fl | 

Qfl^ia 1 ^ $9 €199 «€9§© aeT i 
Q€ja=aq9g9 <S 9©^q§i ag»e9 9i9f© ^aqai i 
f 49©o, f^Qlo, 9%9So=9qqioQ> qGQlMoief 

GQIQ89I 91 lfqqi99T €$0|Q© «>©Q Q| gp | 

«cfl©, Qieto qcplQ—giQte <5©2i qq1© i 

q<?=q^Qiq qq t 

q^99— q« €199 Q99Q €19^69 o$ qecr 91 9©q 

qi^lfi^qt^i^giQC? 9510 991 1 
£1 =^1^cr 1 

-f-giceT=€iQ9 €flla9 aa^SQ qg g©^q | 

@=§55l 91 9^glfli 991 i 
G9Q=G99 ^9i 1 

Jt — 1^- 

*fl1«93ql^)Q9 I 

9fl1=ggql 9^9 I 

9^9 — 9^909 I 
-KSg)-a9$Q3$ «9 9tdl^ 
S^iqQ q^ G99I $% I 

=<a«iio)=af5 a©^ qi <£q 

99 ^^ ^^9 €19 i 

*qi««J«qH 999 I — 91^— <§jG|t gp qaiGQ qi ao 

<S aa qajGQ 91 59 ^9 qy esi 
w^o^a' qq,^@95 ®% 1 Etc— The words 

vefl-Q©el9©9 I following. Law = Legal term. 

t9 = <!©$»©« 


*qi — gaqi 9Q9 

59=<^9©9 f 

&0£&€3£» &*^t^^?36&g2^<S2)m'> 






<c2ssa <£2S!^t!2a^£25Z3i £22!^<s2SEa i£2^C3&<25S5i'£a£5 t *S£n**!35£>& 

I he Late Maharaja Sir Bframilrodaya Singh Deb 
ar man id hi Gyanafunakara K. C. [. E.> M* R. A. S-, Spnepur, 

eeicss qcq <^q a<?i^s tq $o§e$ra^ a? gw, 











Of v 



■-- J-" 







« _ 


10 f.r 

■C ^3 


■ ■■ 




tr 5? 


^2 f V 

V'" 1 


n I 



ri 3" 

*. b e & 

















i. i 








— ■ 


p. ■ 









D ■• 







SSM^fl > M MO J E<«g »«<i,»g<W 







G* 3 



-V s 





Constant wellwishe»*$ of the work 

. - ■ . 

c., , 


- A. 















. * 



a 1 * * t. 



Prachyabidyamaharnnaba Rai Sahib Nagendra Nath Vasu, 
Editor, The Bengalee & Hindi Viswakoshas. 

Rat Bahadur laksmidhar Mahanti. 

B. L , 
Advocate, Cultack. 

G. E. Faweua Esq., M.A,, C„l,E. t I.E-S. 
Director of Public !nsl ruction H&Q 

: i$1$*dQ&l eteu$Q€$9 QtR6Q^9 

•flag) $* «* :TQ? I 

Sreeman Chintamoni Aebarya, M.A,.B.L. 
At! vocate, Govt, i J leader, Cut lack. 

-^ . 









1 j ■ ■ p , 

«*£££$&£ <iis^^s3«i^<^^«ss$ 


The Compiler, G. C. Prahar 
4 3£Q tffliTO, SefllH&OQ, g$Qft 

Srimati PiUmbari Debi (Associate) 

Pandit Kubmoni ftas. Kavyatirlha. 

Babu Ma h ma nth Kar, 

Publisher of this volume, 

Editor, the IMal Sahilja, 

©$C ^Igcn a?9IQ 9SITO 

maci Bichhanda Charan Fatnuik, B.A. 





Sreejukld 3. N- Ray, M. A., B. L 
Zamindar & Advocate, Lakhannath, Bala sore 

Pandit SuiTCS Chandra Jha 

Vyukaran Sastri 

Teacher j Fawcus Vai&ya Vidyalaya, CuttacV 

Krishna Chandra Misra. M t A., B. L. 

tj_ 9<jcg sfs, ■aa, <u, £• -.-.. 



a§Q 41 

sinha Ma ha pat ra Satnant. 

*9 v 

riman Rhubaneswar Misra 




_ ■ 




Sriman Kulamani Kar 
Manager, Utkal Sahilya Preai, CutLac 



'i- ^i pi 


Pandit Bhagaban Pati 

Off© qsiQitt sq yjfli 

riman Krushna Chandra Kar 

Pandit Baiboli Mahapatra 

Jyoti&ha Yisarada, Khallikott 


Sriman Nrusingha Cliaran Sam mEasIngkara 

ctal* ^*9 GQsi SiflgsHlQ iV ( ,V.) 











4 a 

* ■ 



Sffl«^£Sft»«K3 «*s^; ^S^tfjSj^&sQ «^ 49K8PC 








Rai Bahadur R + C. Da.*, B. A. 

Deputy Commissioner, Sambalpur, 

$H913$ cog $tti< Q4 .;i'::, c-. <> 
9<VW99 cog? qSqqs, 

D. I J . Sinb* Sbarma Esq. 1. C. S. 
Sometime District Magistrate & Collector, Purl 
£<9 S3IQ &SW •■ fa fll*-S a* & QG.^,Q 


I-: C e 3 

, *, <*'< Ig^W) 

fiabu AmarbalUv ftp. M, A.. B, L, 
State Judge, Bamra State. 

Babu Bamdeb Mijra, B. A„ 
Dewan. Athmallik State, 

*9# ) 

Babu Batakrmbna Mabanti, 6. A. 

* + 

Sj. Saaliibhnsha n Rai 

Author and writer, Cutta 

3?5f ***** 

it Binayaka Das. U B. P. 
Personal Clerk to the 
Ruling Chief of Bonai State 

Miff og g toi^9 cig 


iabu Durga Clmran Rai 

Sadar 5* D. O. & Asst- Sessions Judge, 

Patna State* 

Dr. Radhacharan Panda, L, M. P. 

i§q m\Q qiii^Q^i 851, «^ <«« 6" 

■?- -s.""' 

--vr - - 



■'.■> ;.,*.-" 

.- ■ .' 


%QQ (QiqQQ 3 ) <3£J (9i«Q Q€ 9-9) 


• • 


( A lexicon of the Oriya language ) 

Volume VII— (The last two letters— Sa & Ha) 

Compiler— Rai Bahadur G. C. Praharaj, B. L, 

Sahitya bhushana (A* R. £/.), Kaiser~I-Hind f 
Advocate, Patna High Court, Cuttack, B. N* Ry. Orissa, (India). 

Principal Colleague and Publisher— Srimatl PitaiXlbari Debi 

Printed by P. Kar, 




The August Dedicatee of the 7th Volume of the Oriy^ Lexicon, 

His Excellency The Right Hon'ble Marquis of Lirijithgbw, 

Viceroy and Governor Genera) of India- 





ooftoOO 00 *" ^ Oo°**S^ 

' iTffffi* * ■ 3tr**f4*ft jtttAfij.- 



His Excellency, The Right Honourable 



whose keen personal solicitude for the welfare and progress of His Majesty's Indian subjects, 

expressed in multifarious ways, even before His Excellency assumed the reins of 

Viceroyalty, supplemented by the most unselfish labour of love of 


in redressing and retarding the progress of tuberculosis in India, 
has made Their Excellencies dear to the Princes and the people of India and has marked 
His Excellency's rule as one of the very few golden periods in the history of Modern India, and 

whose sincere and spontaneous appreciation of the mother-tongue of 15 millions of 
His Majesty's most loyal and law abiding Oriya subjects has prompted His Excellency to make liberal 
personal contribution towards th« completion of this national monument, and but for whose generosity 
and personal interest it would not have been^possible for the stranded poor compiler to bring the 
labours of 27 years of his humble life to successful termination and put the coping stone on this 
National Temple of Learing, 

The Seventh (and the last) volume 



• • 


(Quadrilingual dictionary of the Oriya language) is, 

with His Excellency's most gracious permission, 


as an humble mark of affectionate regard, by one who is proud to count 

His Excellency and Her Excellency as the pre-eminent 

Patrons of the Oriya Lexicon, and who subscribes 

himself to be His Majesty's most humble 

and loyal subject and Their 

Excellencies' humble 

G C. Praharaj, 


al al «1 agi* ,-gS8^« glgigea 

QPid €1Q© 

QQogigt©*tQ, strawy g9« QQ9I a ^6 aGQ sqis^ ^Q£i^ geig&Sr *iW9* scpo 6 gw- 
saiftiei Jarow <?i§ao qq^ 9$gss>gq gst© 6 sfliS© C9iQ«s, QSflQ pgoeora^ 
qwrita^«a« g^I9!Q Q^t^iaiQ siwr flg<al qglfliatflCjJ qiq&es^ 2l€f N (G^) ^^CjGaior 

gqi? csis goft aQasfiwatsisil ^Ga aiw aiqwia aw? §jqqq qqwgq 9t% glgci saGQaQGigj© 
gw, ^ft99ift©i^%q©Q§i 6 aisjg'q g9qg$is i^sa^ 9i©qi<ai $acQ aiWQ ^ geeiiw aftqsi-QiQ 

^9 ft qGR 6 aiwr s^gq scwii '6 $are ss G9IQ ft sigq flicfo <Se« ow ^8 siqsq «©$- 

ffaQGQ siqq§ 93 Gft*> sjf) ai§ ft asjl 6 < «t«r 9fi9ftQ 3GQQa 9«aWil 5©9 sera qosuqq G91Q 
aj§ ft eiffi)) 

31 SO SO WO© aqiss? g€©y, ^iQocjq,, <§ §iq§>€) oq^ ggggq^ 
q. Ofl. am. q. or sn$99 ^©sgs a^oa, ©f w\ qisigsisq ei$q (sigq) a$> w 

«QQC1G>GG1 3^9 qTO§ 6 GgSWIGQ Q& % 6 BflfQ G§Q t 

§|<3lG$l«a, QSIGQlS G^P, 



&<*• i£>K»» iJJ**'!, ,£ty'<>L i/XSt. t£8S»* ij 


The Illustrious Patroness of the 7th Volume of the Oriya Bhasha. 

Her Excellency, Marchioness Linlithgow. 


#%#%??' '*£Sf>^ 

f 6 sqc«lflis©aac 
6* qewi «|9qc # «gq i* 

q4©s> <^©ei §pGQi9 qg,fl (Sieger) <3#<sj 

'Gees £tg«© § wd©©r saG^'— ©i©©ig i 

9G;9 ©|^£© QQ634QQQ «QIQ ©$<ffl$ ft q%6^9^ 

ccaes^Wa^ («ti^d 9i©6Q) 2§Tq QI^9q 

9GTQ© 8IQCJ ©Q^Qj ftf>9 QSIQ 69§ €^Q$© aQfcl!© 
*9j©g ftf £1 Q<3(6©|<a J el© Oj G9Q I 

«d59Ql«€Q 0I$JR9919<? ©O! G3«l 9Q©1 SGQ 

^eas^aioQ^iq. «&©« ©qqiq^si ea^ g©« 9S 1 *$>° ° 

q^l 8^919 £Q9 ft<3Q<S$G9 9919 G99 <i<? O^Q W^9 

6 g©«i$€i Q«tq giq q,©ei ©qiq SQ1 W I ft^fll ©QOQ 
«>q>iG)$9 ©99G>S)^ s^aio «9g©C© ft?«H 3GQ3© 

«!^G^g|«1QQSQ v ©Q^9Ql9«' %®\§^ a§9!6Q ©9tQ 

6©gq I ©9IQ ftfai asi^qaQ ©©i«i$© cog? 
eiQSQ9»Q x ft 9^91© (Seal geoaQ aei ©QOQ 
QtQ6QQ&Q N , 6S| G9l©Q©q aq§ aliases q aioi ao, 

O. <39 c » 3$I3 $G9 9|©©®iakQ fl$igc 9© x gOlBQQ 
©ft GQft €9. 9. 2IQ. Q qpJU® 'Ottf «0 9^13 «l 

9I<3>igh ©e^ SQS,© 69IQ « ©$q wyiiQq© aa qa<a 
©gq i a©i©eqr g^Qisea ©i© ^© e»^ $j©i qsv 

Ggi© 99IQ© a^ocyj ow o 9S^ OW6Q s°6Sie© 

g@gi i 

< ggQ «£«! ©fc aggQ G9©g©l »©SISQ 

GQSIQQ €9, < 9£© ©Sft©© 8»fl ©<?© ©€Q©9 aGflSI 

G©sT G9© I 9QGe<3SQ 99gj s# «*oo q<sy a^giQ 

©9 3>«$GQ 931^ G9Q ft «SISI «Q© * Q^QflW ©^ 
Q!Q 98|9 ©G« &©l QGK3 [ Q*iq q^ G<@>9t 9<3^ 99tQ© 
gftiaQQ^ Q4 G€)I©Q G^l% 69 « Q*? 9I«6Q «IQ 9|9 
$$l€l ^t^l 919191 <*G^ I Q^CIIQ 921 fl9IQ»CrOig_ 36$ 
9g %m& §*^IQ 331 «t§ I $<$!<) (^©31 GIQ4G949® 6 

Qi?!?Q GCI30QG- <3I9I3^ Q9t ai^tfll ^^OIlQ^ Q^OQ 
99iQ®l, ^»l 39 Q«3lg^°1 ««*! G3§ <5|9!9I»«* «ef- 
^l^iai^Q 8^H?§[1«§qt© QQ\Q O G9IQ«f, G99IQff SSSJ 

G<$lQa& I 

Gg^lSQ <! 9^««§3 QOlQQiCj ©^1913^ M*" 
919'^ 9Qa8$ G93I99Q OI9 Qafil9GQ 9^9 G9? I 

e*94 OGO 6©«l «^3Gl ©^9Q^ gQIGQ60 9IQ*15>Q 
9Q^©Q ©QIQ^^fl. <!•, GQ # 9. <39^. «Q,, aQ.9. -C9^ <t 
£>1C1£j 9 ©POQQ ^Q G^Q^S^ I ©qGQ ^IQT 9Q^^" 

9Gd» 96cr <qQ sKaqpi af^ 1 , ^ag 9a «!£ qoqIj 

1993 9Q G9©!, @G) flWt 6 Q<tQ^Q Q99I CQ^6Q 
©1^ g!93M ®GSi@9 €93 ft 633CQ Q9§€)<| 9 d©al 
3G93Q 3S19 QQ^Q^GC ©|«TQ ^9m9 3QGQ O 9$>QG9 
Q309 ©9 Q I 0^919 939CI9Q gg)€ ^.9 9QQ g«^|S© 
G9 ft ©1^ 9§d^1 2*1$ 3Qe«ig Q^8Q^ I ©lW c 9$ aqe- 
9^' S99 9"o O ^IGQ <l 9IQ^O fl©Q *Q§1 G9€^Q J 69IQ 
^03IGQ S99&Q ^^ G9tQ Q^aia^l I 919 QIS6Q 

gas *^ Qaj» 6©iQ«g i 

QCIfl€l€J— ( Q» ^<«t 9f^6Q ©©io © ) 
^aa'a© ©qwi— qiwoQ q©^9©9©Kji 

aogQO— ^§IQ ft^Sl^ OQIQ^Q QqIq v 9IQh9Q 
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§ ©lq€t<fj>— (90^<«>5 9IQSQ g©ia ©) 

QaQ c a«OT©i— ©*©© S?9? «l©Gji^ v ft 

©Gfi£;*Q % $ 3GQ ©9IQ SG©OQ Q© ^99^91 ^g <©,; 
<£T , GQ©^, 9 . «Q. Q., ttO. €. <39^ 

[ V ] 

8QQ©© — §©fQ 6©€1I© ©©$!$© a©SQ % 9IGW© 
9© G©9 9 ®l€i© 9^ $© , G©. 9 . «9 • OCK 6©. 9 . 

aq- Q., ££©■ «\ «9J 

$> 6 $)l£^t<£l>— (a© ee*i*9i©6Q g©ieT©) 

Qga'ggg^Qi — 6©te qe^idlOiQ q»i tf ©i©^«i 
gei© e©©j 

«o©w— ©©iaiG9© ?y 

o^efcl4k— (9© «w 91©cq g©i?©) 

Qgafaflggdl — ©SJ3.© Q©iQ «fcJI*Q 9l<5>©*i- 

99J% x 99IQ® «H OT3IS99 ©S, «. ft^ I 

«QWQ— QQOQS^a^OiOgjI (Eastern States 
Agency )Q «©$S^C©G©S:Q ©© ©QIQI^© <6©Qi v (Agent 
to the Governor General) €fi^ ©. 3. 8© v 3©^ 3.^8©. 

©, EIQ, «\ <I9 I 

Qa«i c ^fflqi©i— ai«Qlc«flf Q»i© aak© 
«Q.q© & $|«® «©a© ©l©q«» 6©© I 

«Q^©Q — QqSLQla1<lQ 9l§©w;t$ 99IQI© 

<a^,C1§»— (9© ^e** SI©G© gold ©) 

es qe©©,©!^ 9 c s> sq6 i 

«©$©©— gq° S©l$© I 

q^flCIdJ?— (to *>«*• ai©s© goiff©) 
qQ9©%, 6 q«©q a©4© v 6©eoq» v fl9Kiiw9Q ai^\ 

sqw©i— ^Qaaq-^gl $©IQ0Q©|, $©©- 
€9©|©©l WWICQ^I fllS'aSQfl ( GQ©1 ) fiiOpG G©l I 

3fl© ci^fliQqr ©«q i 

gaa <s$6© — 9flg $©©&©h s©gi© I 

$ Siq «$GQ — © Oi% 9 ©1STC fig* €!£?fllO I 

qciq <a§G©— © oi$ a ©{i©* a©qi© I 
©^ef «§g© — © oi§, a e£i©i €i©9i© i 
W\ 3§GQ— cr 01^9 9Jm a©aia I 

<3<| «$GQ — SI Ol^ g ©&©<1 S©9I© <§ 
q^fl «$G©— 9<g9!ft|©,6SS6© QQ| 9 <S § ©£|©1 
£Q9I© t 

9lbl©tf$8 ©IQSSI&ffllG© 9 »9© 8G© SIS© 6 96CT 

ac©©.$a$ I «<§ aj&s© 9 v4*q§ 6Qlto qgia© 
<©-M) S©l$ a©W© <jCg© < »sq© 31© © 9gQ6Q 

Wl ^©» I <»e 9^6Q 6Q6©$ QCTQI 6 i°i 9 «Qai» 
$ «SQQt ClOHiM f 9* B6S 9 6*5Q V ag^ 9SQ gi© 

q^lOI^ err© qq| q^ q^c^eT© G9IQ«9 I 

9^0© *> «§ Sfi'GQ fltf G^€T© SQ 6 Q|QHl°«- 

Q|Q£? V«11 gi^ <3© Q9 ^IC^ 99IQ I S§9 «10£Q 

* .Gfll s°qqi© «Q9I©QQ «@Q^gGQ q^fii Q3Q Ql«- 
giw 6 6© ^i©q «q eoi 9§«© G^ioa© 6 Ga^ Gag 

SiaqQI ^SIOQ 1 ^« 9919 6<3>1Q51QI$ G93IP Q^f- 
GQl'SGQ 31© QIQ fltQ ©I© 1 G9 TOQIW <f «aQ^6Q 
© ©Q GQ^IQ Q^Og I 60) 99QQ€1^I C^g) OdJcQ 

q^qq «Q© 6 %© * c i*« »« eag ©^e? 9°% «a9©- 
©Q9 g&j ?99 ©Q £($$ I «@!©©©^iQ ^aiy©^ gseQ 

S§ ^9I6Q €>©^Q Qf O ©J9 €l© g69€l ©^«S I % 9^©t 

99©ie© ©^ qigq" cflj Gia6© ©cr, ^©IQ, s»o 1©, fl&- 
qsqsi 6 <!@a qqqi© siwgci ^qj q$©^1 sisqgj ©q 

9©QG«il©l S$, G©G©«l^©S«IQ 93 TOIQ giG©^ 

6©ai°a g©«© gw^ ei©|©^ e^w© 6 ©**i©©iq© a© 

q°q«© G9IQ 9IQ© I 

ijqi©©«i Siqa e©eiiaifi| ca, 9' ji» an Q6^ 
Q€iG©i<a qiqT «a ^g^!a c ©fe© ©$iq ao q^%sai©?iQi 

8^G©*69 QOT ©191© *fl^ GQI© C^Q© 6 9lfl^©© 

©ili© 6 )© €Qi£<i e©Q qq i eq gq^eQ ©hq$© ©9 a© 
€iq 9^ai® ^aitj 1 ^i^s| aa q©iiata$ G9is© 

©191© 6 6©1^QQ qflwa*q*«i «© G9€ft- 63 a©qi© 
Q^ieQI^GQ Q\Q I G9 ©§C© GO, 91©i© *^i^, ©191©- 

^©©,GeI©i^Q©,Qi© aieaq 9^©^© f S gi©1© ©i©g© 

sia 9§© €^ g©q ai©G© 1 <3 apq@© «i§©^ g©iq © 
©§6© aa q«i% <3 q@©si ai§^ q^ g$© 1 rf «$ai© 
©i© G9, a©aa 5 fls^tfij ©qi 6 szaQgiq ^9©ieQ q©a 
©£o 6 ©©^t©^ ^4? q» ©g© GafliGu ess© €© rg^ 

©Q6© 6 G«l ^IQ 9°^© GagT© ©Q €)©5||Q ^Q|6Q|€IG© 
9IO £»t© ©l|, Ga^lQ© 1 9°«l*tl SIQ 1 !© Z$ 9©IQ G9© I 
©8IG9I3GQ ®Q® I ©3 r# QSiQ f g 9G© 9 G9 €t©qi© 
9a G© 6#0 ©^15© €1© 9°3<1l ^©©a G9© 6 39 9I®©<SII, 
G©9© QQ©Q ©1^9, ^g© a©i Q«© 9^191©© 96CT 


* - 1 

.'- .f J 




The Layer of the Foundation of the Bha shako sha^ ,yjv 

His Excellency Sir John Austen Hubback, M, A., K. C. S. L, 1. C, S, 


[ «/ ] 

a©9©©6© m 8©|Q 81©© I g$>69&© « <L©© eflico 

©I Gfll acasa] Q$o 6 ©siqi©^ ©£©*© €©*© 6 ©S © 
g»iaiej c ao* gsis©©i S©©, 6©cs « $<aie©ia© sea <j 
«$6© <i e©ai© gi© aicp 

qgq ci^q gsisieQ a©<ty©> ©oq, 

< ggQ e^©*©^! «§qt© Gq rt Q#© gqej sea a ©,© 
gaa «§- g? *t^« siq 6?8 s g%H© % sis, 

a?g ei§ — M^gi©^ 

91 «§ — *«*5> *L©J 

<0?[%G©5i3© cg,G©aQ ass* «§ g^i n% q§ 
ei0 ce^e^sii-c' Qf?dc?G© g©ia© r 69Q$!Q i ©5 
«§ a$g &§q g©ia 01c (ecitfo g/^ csq^gsh© «I9) 

£« ©<b% a$|©©iQ ©&Q© I 

<a<i «$© s©ie asQ g§© g©» qq©©ii«I9 g$Q ; 
cs§ ©©11 caitf eflic, ga csjq a© ©$q 1 G^ as>a^ 

©$J© a!Q©l G©«^ 9*> ©«f 69Q <I €J£ $°©»©6© <$ 

S©i«e© cai s<s©dVI 6 a* q!9q 6©%; ©§§ g§ 
<$Gt©i<$ >i« fl!9 aQ9i§©*"e9Q i-oqsQ si<a©©$Q 
«r§©g© erftSQ 6 ©°€gg 9©©ig;© cjiq geis^, g^i©© 

€©6©H$© «© £!QQ v Q goj©, Qfi^Q© 4 g©§*© G5©f 

&©6Q6 a?© i© <S ©3191© q©<£i©QGQ f g©i-q$© } <k 

fllQC? Qie© gsy© q©G€) g©©© G©0; <JC1 9^© 

q8©q asi©q§QQ ©i© gsj© 6a$ c©©gq ©9 ©%3<3, 
gs 6©g g&© 6©i©a<a I ©qG© c$ «#" qwiialw 

W <3©©SI 69$ ©Q©© Q©ffl&©, GS><sq©6 ©iioqjq© 

■©JSpg© <$g©©©iqsj 6 a© ^igaG9IQGi«3 GG€%©°G©Q 

aQ,1fl^ft Cj^ffJ GQ6Q I 

$$©Q €9!©Q$QQ d ©Q©I©Q <9 $Q[0 ©QCri- 

%», aaQ gg^GQ goi ©©si «§©ai© (a&QQi) qqi 

©l$Q 5^9^ 9^9 QQQ eeflGQ QGSQ t?9Q G9Qi 

q^q ©cri © ©g© ao" ©€©i g^% ©$ ©©as© *©©© 

<i§ gfl^jGw ^iq* ©itiiQf g© ©qq ©ctig© 3^«i 
eiQ G9©i$ qS^qi G©ia|9i©© ^©i©© eei© Gqi »©GQ 

©i©i©q° a©»fl ©ci©a c g©$$ 
©siig qj©9 © flg $Geii©q$ii° 

(«afi©— «gp G^iateiG© ©3§T ©^q; ©ctig©, «fl «t 
©£} a© aqQ, eoiG© ©9*8 a^ a^a© 6 a§Q©l© q^ 

5^ii G9i©^ ©IQ^ £ia« ^S° ^s%l a^i «t9t© sGpeia i 
a©c© aa ©QQ 9crJ 9?% ©)C t) 

W ©,G© «3 a^Q^ G3^ 9l©f©3 ^Q ©© $©I©QT ^5 $93 ?P 
©iaiQ (qfir^i©) < ©sri© i©i© aQeiia§, 591 aii?i9^ 

QQ© €11<aQGaiQ© CiJfl, <3£>©aiQ9j Ql^^lft^Qlj q«€)©g 

©giQi fl^i^t© 4 *©© «)©r 3 a£ f €i©QaGsii ©sea© 
« ©qg©; ©cr^a© aet$9©i ©lo^i ©» a ©)^ q«1 ^«o 
©«%d© gqiG©g <S ©m^ial^g g©i ^©^Qcr 9 ^©o g©© 
©cfl© flo>i© (ai©) d©G© 6 ©GN m f ©gq'©« © ©^GQ 

Q©"©l 9J?^ O^IQ9© »^1^© ©&l tf ^i©g3 °1? fl)9fcll©| 

©i© as ©ciri ^as© 6a g©g© i <m©© ©Q^goi, 
€q ©§©»,, qrafos©!, ^©^3©i^ 2i5j^9^©i 6 aQG«rae© 

q (^©g©l ©O-lt! »St 9©»9^ ©l$G© Q©|© G©© I ©l©l 
©jQ«§ G9€f ©I© 6^1©© «©" «Ta© G9I©S© ©l©l 9S 

©i©iqi©# qai% a^Q 6©a ai©«i ©© 1 

QSJflCli&Q §S^QS* 0,9*©! (Oedicatee) 
@ a^QI^QI (Patroness) ey Q^| £}|Q :— 

^©^ d^si gc©s© g®ii© ^1©© ^ ^^a ©i&© 
Q9Q$© ©o^O^ea a9isi$q q©© 351^© swq ©wg© 
<i ©a© a^qi^ €$a«* ©Q^ 6©lft % ^^** <ai©G© 
©«i©l ©Q^e ( © A ©q «§© «©©©a©IG© Gfll© ^d^Q 
9o rt ©ai ©G«« G9ipog ) 1 « g£© ©s^i ©^ qsoral 
ai^«i 9l©G©it© «cr ©^ga'o «Q^e©i* «6S6©© w© 
aiQ g©© gajs^* ©©©©©i3§ < 9€^q ©9 a©9^i© ©Q 
GfllG® e^lQG© G©, o^©^1 gfiqi© gfli&e 1 asaa! ©^ 

' fr^ ^^ ^ 

Q©I^C° ^SfllW ©l 9e Q W^ €9iQ^©i% £i§q»^ 

gfl <&©* ©151GQ ©a 6 ^6«©i a Si© OT© € ©©'© ««i sa©- 

9Q<9© i <i<$i a©©© G91Q ©iq^© ©w a wi aai a© ^ 

<J W3IGQ aQ©il ©»(S©'G©^ 1 (©%ef «t^© a©©©£?©l£Q 

<j ©^q© ^g^Q a§ t) 

g^«S aH^ti^Mial^Q q©iq© si qe©©,©i^€°$ 

G©©©^€^a^ 69tQ^q I ^9 «$© ^©,^1 ^^«*9 qj© x 

qi9G©%fli§ g?© 6 ©©Q oi^ g^i cg$ ^#Q ©91^ a© ^ig 

[ I ] 

€9Q t Q33 9&9€I®I<? 9§S© »3Q G G9GQ ©3^ 

g3©Q siaiQ«G© gq# <g©w$© aGfc I s©«© £ e, * tfl 
<3©^q saiQ fl9iq»Q Qg€Q g$© ao a ©©©t §Q ©s*; 

©%aa§ 6 ©IQ© qdarciQ. Gff©a§©iqi aq©8 ? $ia 
v^a €99 I aewii £ tflQl 8©i gQ Oft i <i§ qgqGQ 

<39I«H©1 QQg ©^ (©©Q*)«^<©aiQ QJ<3|69;^ §a«IOIGQ 
6$S 6©©l© ©%»I 6S» 3©6Q $9© 693 I % 3IQ ^1 
G"*©l% ^GOIS© «©Q aa^QlQI 9QJ»9Q1W 

age© Qsaia© ©& i G<a6©G©ftQ. sai© §aai <3©i$ qp 
©© q|p aio d eg siasjsq Qpa.G^ §qQi6Q © ei!^ I 

«i«? giflQ© coMGfrcftarOKfc as 6©& i 6€g©*iQ sgq 

€3, £ 9|Q §qQI6Q SQ|©I G©©9 $QG Q£| §q©IQ ©l§§> 
a§G© <* *°nec!*9QIQGI ©Q «S*lQ© «Wq6Q CQ^©" 
<SW«giSI9GQ G31 950" QIQQ £©&€9©l QIQ CflG©3 €©6© 1 
€^'l©© SS^GQ Q<aiC9iaQ S©|8© S^«|l qg© GQQ 
©?Q$sr ©©©G© 9v$ ©lor 3)$96© 633!© aefo ©St I 
69 Gsfll© a© a«19. SQ99 6 6^9 H9©I3Q £19$! ©SQ 

<S Gflic© ©iff a»^6Q ©<ai© gciioi^ <$©a q«i, d^a 

q|§©% <§f £1© Q©9iSt, Qi3'G«|g 3©Q©Q S$© Q©Q^ 

aef 6 ©tf qieisn 6 ©a % swswwios o©Q<a oeoi- 

€313 999I6Q 3©<f! ©G© I gaG|»$Gg £©» Q^l© «©©©©, 

aa'©©©^ aroiMQ; siete©! <? qsiG©i<s6© wfwff© 
g©iSg©6© sqq6 #^iQaa c 6 $1©i £ ©t© 4«iq<* i G9 
^° q$9© «$qi©©r q^M© go$&iq ©§Tg© Gs^qi©©- 
g©9©qi© 9 o^© G^SQ^g, got©©- qi9isa%$ angles 6 

g^O GSlO|££ ^SG«1 I < 93$ «9Q© €9IQ 69 SQfl 

^g©<3» ©q— "a^flei^j m$Q oifl6Q ^aa^ WQ©|^ 
aedl9 a§fl© 9l2i c «l ( Ql«©Q o^^yq^l ®|q»i otiq ) 

q<3« gto oi(f e^iQGsiQ aw I G99t%eg^aiQ* aagio- 

q!fl99 aff?Q Qia oi 9Q9iq» p* qq9 ai^Q|§ | W 091 

4ff«H «IG« G^ O^S« — ^aSI^QGGl <9Q Vs'qi Qg QGCT 
691 9W ag"qi G9GQ ?[ 9QflK?©2 GQ?> t G«l QlflGQ < 

§Q6qiqi9«> g&Gi a^««5 ^©j^^i 699! @flG$ q* gg«5 

@9^GG! «G£© Q9K? «^«9 l" 

«©a©a^ qero©i 695T |,«aQ QeMMiQaee^ G9iQaQ 
Gsa, QQ9Q^<? fliq«^<i9f ^lS^kiim £ agwaQQiia ©q 

Ql^ 9% $GQ «ffQ£Q 9Ggf€^|Q9a5'© 9 ©*t©€l 6 Ql? 

^S^ agqQ G9!Q ««■ ^laCfSQ 9Q ^ W $>%$: — 

*fl9Wi« qQ« 9iiw «*9«tq g©©« 919 G9^> 

«Q^©9^19IQ 6§€llQ QQ9IQ6Q €>QQIQ Qt^Q^IQ 
G9IQ ^Q©9 I QQQtQ^ ^i*QQ ©ai OIQr ^09 Q^p 

9Gro QidQ qq^ i gs! qi»^9 qg'sj©©^ ©easQ 

941s Q ^ISQ ©^as** 1 <39i 3.8 QQ^^J^ qg*99QOG© 
QQ^QGQt<a g©ia ©esi I 

aoKfl ©g^ ^Q ©<3GQ Ga 4@ai «a r Q ©q©^ 

QIQQI ©%«9^ GQia G««e© Q9, QQ9 Gtq S^» ?0q6Q 
QfllG© 69910©!©^ ©$ ©©iq GQGQ I QiQ-OI^ ©©^ 
99^) ©€) Q5 ©9Q^Q©OSQ QQQ Qq©- gl«C©% 

G^G^Gfeg ^iq^ '60. ©. e«0J5« N , C a^. Q, «o. C. 

-oqc? eQt^ <$ ©ic?0!§ a©a© G9^Ga ; GfeefteEri©^6sa!GQ 

9Q©fi» H 9QI© v e«l ^G® 6qSIG©l9 3^6® ©3 ^©^ 
©<3q Gfll G€^S 9 9% QQ^q©' ©#6QIG)Q ©QQ^6© I 

Ktltop €>G9^ W9SQ €511® €;©^ia' ©&©<?IS© 

©$^©l q^iqGQ qqg x Qq©^© G9019 ©c© ©g© i ^Q«Q^- 
^«1 qq®g© g^gi^l q©a@£i eg^© ^qqq^i mz$ 

€S3^ «ql, *8?d£Q©l 6 ©II© G©«lQ»fi^, ©191 Q©© 

QS9IQ6© qfii«Q6© si8©^ e9i^Qe© ; a©<]© 6@21©i©q 
s5©t©ig^isQ ©q%gb ©w^qgiscia egga^Q aQ^©( ■ 

SfiQ ©S^l ©Q©)$ G^I efl^G© f SQflQ gi£9l ©Q I ®§Q 
^^©G© 36Cr 9GCT *W© 3I©99 a«J»© gi§ G'^Q I 

09WI© , » 9Q9^q B^fl«^ t©i9Q ©•q^^l^ia^ 
©@aQ ©a % aa^ 5t9!£n «si ©Qaa§ i 

<*f>aq«IQ <! ?iQ1© 5»0Q SGCT ^©SQ fl9lfll©H9Q 

QQg Qq -9#ee otfl" aeai©© G9*i 6@a ©i© as;© 
a©5i 6«1q©© ©<aq l <3$jaiQ < 9^©g|2©Q ©^© ©©^<a 
q£$® q ©q gqi© G9i© QQ aiQ£i © v i 

<]9 a-^^l^Q Q©i3G© ag©«i^ aq©a^ %q© 6 
«©4j ay© ©©>a qf©i^«iG© <i©iy©a© gfisjs <?iei, 

^9 Q^ia^dN <^ WG9IWAW ^©i^i QQieiQ* ©l©| 

^1© m^) ©Q©t9 G9Q $ €©gq© si®9 q^ <tsi^©a© 
£T©!% Sig; g©£©© ^[9% qcr©©iq 6 g©g«© gi©^ 

©ffO©(fl G9IQ GSTQSl t q$ 6i3|^ ©!Q©Q q^i, a^ 

6aa© q fl©^ ©© ©a«5© q oi, ©^?©«i ^a©Q«fltff©* 

©t^Q atq G©eq^t ©*«q ©Q©t$ m% t 

©^6180 991 ©1©©* aa^i^isn © qiq?is© <i 
€£Q 3©ia ©^qi© fly G9IQ9IQ © ai$L t 









The constant well-widhcra of the Lexicon 

His Excellency Sir John Au*ten Hub back and Lady Hu 

*m m\ 











*%*? & 


*P". * 

'"7 <^ *^ *i^i *? 


[ <' J 

$9i fliOH^Q fli$ »;q a^QP^ajSQi qq©9 9qs v q$ 

<JCK3$Q G9GQQ9, 9(9199 $3 QQ 9QIQ, 6©9IQ «i9§a , 

6991 ci^ssqi, 9ia$i g©a Qioqi si moi ©flqyQ- 

g ^l£99 6 9lft§lalqQ 99! QQ^CIGf G9G>, ^Pl til 9§Q0 

3*9 fllpais! oqiQQ sia]<i9, G9Qj?9 aske 991 
319939, eiq^s cw, 3S©Q99i ayfaQ gsi 
s1 aoQigeia §°9G9S> ? aoaf © ayl^Q 931 si scats©© 
€99$ e§6CI^, «osi9 4 9%©Q asiaa 991 9i9l$Q 

J9S9Q, 99*99 6^ ©I9GQ9Q «*kQ 9©l 
#9€S!99Q 9999 9§QQQ. «1©BQQ q$99 fll 5IQG§ ft 9 
G9^, <3$»Q 9$ 91^9$ @1 3991 qqs G999T $$>a#<a1 

.files! 69G9S!$gi<3] G99, saosi© atilqQ 991 gl Qajgja 
■ G999$i, 9«iq «a!$9 991 *1 UQ«1a9 30^96 €99 3 
si siG9$lQl sq.q G99 (Q&a©), $1 al ©9333 G99 
991 sicw £«©; oaeaial^Q 9»i g1 ©Gens)©<g G9S.9&* 
«a9iq $qi$© 9ig cciiqisl 6©» «o q^ 9IG93.Q 
999iQG<|fc q£qI9 til 9QB9 ^qaq Gi^qs ggsge 
fll^ioi, -eatQ«^Qlot eges q$%!9iq si 939^19 9 

COW I/ 9%99 999IG} ©1$gGSI999 9dfs> 9. <I % 
SH93Q ©fl9I9 9q SIG99 6©ldJ3| 9§°9©QS) SI9IBI9, 

GQG$Qt 9G9£Q egiGergQ v 41 989W3 Qi£j, ©iqsqQq 

9&l<!0 til gGfll9©9 J -699, 9*3$lfc!l$9 9M fil <31399 
$1©^ § c 9 9§aQ QGQQ, fl9l8i^, 9IG9$S}Q S9I910 
9SIQ QiqQW^Q q^9Qia G9«>, 9I99GH ®i§!Q Q6<3Q*I 
QQ1Q9 £$9 ^^IQQ g^9l<3) 0<§f 9 til Qf^GC^Q 9 S^,, 

go) 9319 91910* gas>i9 al 91$ ©Qftiei goad, d) 91$ 

S9H9IS1 6©l QlsfGGUGlQ, Si Q$09 G99 QI99IGi>9 MQ7, 

§1^18 ©c«wa qs>fl§i $969? qi©i 9IG99 fl8ji, goo 

Ql^ 9I9RQ <8S' ^W©S S9I9I$S ^9a3ii1 slflSI ^St- 
%9I<33 G9?,i9fc9Q «$!©Q «!^?IIG9^ S^diq^^ 631^1 | 

@9I^§0 9IOIQIGW Ql^lGQt^S} 3 W^1a$g|»Q' 

S»l€tia* g«fl« aei^ti© flaiesi aJ%GQ 91 ta a"9 &qi» 

9Q6iS^ 1 

&IM »iil^Q «9IQ'9I fl1 QIS90 9IQI^ 3 0< 5 €9?», 
8IQQ99! afclt^Q 9I9I jfl «9©», fl^Qp, g« r « GilQI 

caQQieoo, 9*9^g^ slfll ot-R toioq §°9(qi&i 

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9l€898 (5 919198 91918*1 9Q»fi$, G^fll©©* ©ifl 

-tft"* 1 


Rja Sri Bhanuganga Tribhubana Deb, 

The promising Young Ruler of the Bamra State. 

( See page 8571 to 8S74 of this Volume ). 

(<!^IGT QSg" <3$ Q§Q Gl£Q r$*>i %^IOlQ r#9* ^£1G3 Q^Q G$IQag)l 





[ u ] 

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QOIQ^GQ I d^fil© ©Q&^ G9I0 «§©! 8 S^ Gq $Qa 
aiOQG© 6 6«0jG© 31©^ ©9*«a^© Wf|©q(College of 
Oriental studies) Q ga©lQl©GQ Q^IG©!^© g©l£T© 
C16J9iQ G©^ G©^©$»© G9Gfit I G3Q* ©© G^ 

( I.,") 

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Q9©^G©63^ 9$«©I3 fi|§ 631© ©|©' | ©^ 
?9IS©Q a^)dl3H G9©1© ©<5 8^§, a©^ vo ©^ 
69©, flT 39IQ©<? ©©©! Q© ©©ag I 63 33^6© <S 

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got <§ as^ 63 a§Q£Q 6»a ©isi^©i (5 ©la©^^ ^siq* 

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«*§> ! ©q^LQ Q©m d^9i g6©aq»§ 69©i fl9iq©i©> 
6g©eii, s6Qo©i 6 ^©*i9© a©s©g go «65 i ©<5i6©i<a© 
ai^Qflici©" ga «9i© d©ai 3©©i©©<j^ wjiQQ^aw 
d©@^i ©©^6© i 39IQ® aa© a©©°© ©q 63 ^ig^i^ 
9.995 G91Q aa*3i9ia*i ©6© I aef«i9iai ©91 ©^^q 6 
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^^16©I<3^ GssiQi© aa§ (S q<ai6Qi<a ai©* ^ 3©^ 
G^fas^ 1 ©w 6©^$6© a^© a^ ©3Q £ ^^g©©©- 

Ol§ G3I© Q3G3 { 3|§^5«ll©© ; 6 86© *8|@© t 1^ ? €$ai^| 
3t$ ^©6Q 9913j©9 3^QQt ^©H3]© I 

1**9 ©63^@6© ^©IGQIQ 3©J©© <S 39!Q«1 633 
8I3 1 ® ©!^£? G€jf ©(StcT- 9$l§© ©aiW!^|OI6Q §g^ 


tftU 1 

Raja Sri Bhamiganga Tribhubana Deb t Ruler, Bamra 
(Of the Bamra House, which ha* contributed most 
liberally tn th« 7th Volume of the Bhashakoslm). 


ggq GlgJQ QfcJIQ 0^G9f€lQ 



( v ) 

qi«raeftflQ 999369 eqg% eaie© swa ©q G«i6© 
cgq « 9IG9-iq 9919© 6 qsiqsfte 96cr age© ©qQ9i 
m»6Q Q9IG9I9 69 ^gs aaq99Q Q9 oqqi^, gga 

6QIQ«9 I £]6SQ9! ^9^9^ $99 Q^O" $©*% 9AIGI9 
9©<§0 9Q*ll$qe1 QQ, 92^19 3913$© ©^ S|©*19Q 
dq$ 6Ql^1ftQ v 6 Ol« ©v 9g©$i Q^'^l* S6SP 

QQ^NQOICQ «§§© «<^ Q99^ Q^QQttlfil 99© 
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^aojp ©a«©© N a! 9. <© v §aa^§. a© # 0, a©, if, <i>; 

?\ The Late Raja Satchidanaiida 

Js Tribhubana Deb of Banira, 

-'■£"S£W - 

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V-'9 91 $|i -■,. ->'i " 3 %\QQ 


The Late Raja 
Dihyftnanliar Sudlinl Deb,. Bamra 

^ft] H WH9QQ <L9ȣW 

^ c*^«*^e^^!cas» ss«»es£» «»s»e» 

Raja Sri Sri Sri Ramachandra Deb 
Gajapali of Utka! 

The Late Raja Sri Basudeh 
Sudhak Dcv, K. C 1. E., Bamra 

qW 99 9fit€0Q ^^GQQj 
69* E, fcQ, v.-, 9tttjg| 

Qgaq effitiiQ QPI d a gi q«0§ GW 

Sriraan Pradipta Conga Dtb r 
Jubaraj Saheb. Bamra 

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Q919; ©m«M g^sq gsw we^s© sig!j©OT©Qsi93 

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One: of Lhc Leading Financial supporters of this volume. 
Raja Sri Krushna Chandra Singh Mandhata. Ruler, Nayagarh State 

Q ©3q, SJeffll®liaH9l€l1 Q^IGI® QQHI&llgp 






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<J^ ©8IQ CMutual Admiration Society) d©f Q Sfl^ 

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9«S31Q 9I6Q I Sir Walter Scot 9* 9Q 69 Wizard of 
Orissa— 6f»€llQ B9JP Sl<599 ! 63 6gfo#9 Q9|g9 1 63 
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99 <3<^ CI9I969 691991 I QQOIQ 3dlO q^l <]? S-2J?t 
g6^l 99, 39Q9I 6 3<$9J I G9Q 9991 £19lOQ^9®Ql 

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69I9QQ $930 9a §9^ 9^)9 ^€1^9,69 9$0 9Q 
0910,6960 «9I 99Q999 9^9 9)99^ €^^Q1« 

Q9l3lo 91^1 99 q99$99 ciq^iQQ* gi«q 9QSI99 8^9 - 

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919*1 9<^% a2s!393 & $9^919 9Q89 — 4§ 9^1 I «^>9 > 
3!®3flgG9 O 999 9H.I S0"9«S eil9CQ69; 9§ 317999 
^9169^ Q £J|<3;<3^0 330,01 9H< <90CS®90 99^, 9^1 
9 etl<l I 0936^16169 63 6Q|?<3 8^819 Qfll 9^91— 
99f?<] ^$319 ^19910 9@M 9Q9! ^QO^ 39999 
g© 91919 Sl^9lq 99Q O I 63 flW, 63 5Jfll-99IQ , 
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Qa^ 399SQ 3i^9M aeio gq6;o,oi9i9 aQo^ affi9ai9 j . 

31^919 q03Sl9fll 'WV l< % 9i0la 653^ 9IQ 3«l00,. 


Sincere wellwisher of the work 
E. C, Ansurge Esq, C. I. E. r 1. C. 5. 
isor to H. ti, the Governor of QrU*ft 

4 §QQ QQ% 

§©«icfl, d®«l€)i fll^HQQ Q«^«S? 'a^QQQQ. 




^>&Vr W>e^* s^S» «sjsv 








[ «/ ] 

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a$si£Q 3©js©m© g$i© gsi ©i© s>©© y©<* 6 $©ia 

<f©£8 ©<3!G© €«lt<J 39© 9i©*l ag ' f £ll©l ©i§ 

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©l§ ? §£©IQ©© $«® 59 ©S Qiial SCI© 6800, 

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9G?ia© 3)©l$© ©f^alQOi <igqs 99 -£3919 ©29 aiwt 
r§© gQBg^e S3GQG9I Ol § I 9$36Qlf 019 <?© agisiffs 

$&^ G©S 99Gg «9fl «£9© ©©0 I ©9QS© 9©9I©S© 
J3I9I©© 9131©, Ql©l©OlGQ«©fl® d 91© gQ© 9QQ© 

g©$ qi^sq ©a 91 gq3 90 s>g © «ai q«l©Q © G©9 ? 
©cr 699GQ ggi$<i ©a 1 sig c '6£il©i §©©01% 

©§19 £$$ I" S)©W© 69©©© ©itfgeiiQl G©#G© 

G*§ ©aiG© eg ©s ©9$, <3®( %sT C9©©I§T I qsi 

Q$ 0©6©Q«? $©G© ai%$ 91$ ©QQI, ©I9©9le©l, 
a^ QgQ ©6©© ©K& ©$©|, aiQ ©C?9IOiqf ©Q £!© 
QQV9 ©£©!, SI© © ©V S9gC© €JOi©G©0l, ©©Q ©0, 

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€9 <a$G©G» 9W§ I <gs 9J§G«I©© ©4 ©AoU© 

G3 y^Q I 8©, 9S^ ©l»1, ^l, ©Gdfl, £€$$?© fQI© 

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©32 ©§s© «ft^ 6©© ©If* I q^WflQ 91001$ ©9 

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fll©9©9l 6 GQ93©$M6© 8Qq$ i fll©9Q ©,l©8 
©191© ©9S6Q G©9© GGII? < 9|G$i©l©© ©I© 6 ! <J69— 

9©1© 6 $©1 a©a c %€«* ©QMfliQ 1 ag^ s>a c Q, q©, si©^ 

99© HQiliQ 6©©© ^9 G9 9«l© QI9GQ 9& 1f\ 5 
g«GGi ^eil G^tQ 4 ^1*1© SL8H6© ©q» 313^9 ©Q ©Qii 

fl«© N g©q© a^oq G©©l$i$ <asi3©^fl^!d ©Qaia^ 1 

W a<3 69©J ^©|G€1 G©G^GQ* «I©I°9I ©Q ©1^1^ 

©I9I4* fl©GQ aej^i.4 ©qj ©*t©q|^ ©iS©*iGQ 9©©|di©l 
gc^ €$© wt ©HI aq©aqoq©e© I qqTO© qgioifl© 
^©m^ g^ eQqiqaj ©g G©l«^ flG© ©©§ ©if* I G©©© 

gigigiQ© «©(6€i 6 aeqe©iQBicf s€^i©9iq aei'G© G<a 
9«r©i 95^ t ac$Q©!Q g©tG«i ©191©© qs^iaiq^i aq^ 
Ga »©{©Q ©^ ©&©iq. ©©is q£© ©©^ 1 <9i 

©191©© Sl©^© ©l^3^l©1 I 

©i©l©Q ^q^ffl sa^9 6 q©%)^©®» fl^ 9WI eai 

G©$ eiae© 9©^© i wi©$ gag ©g^ «eidiQ« e©ii©- 

q«fl9Q© G«I^ ©<9'© ©%«S 1 ©!©I©Q ^lb©©©€o 

sajiq ©!©i ?©© aqiai©« e^Q 3 g^qftfl©^© bq©^ 

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€J@<aiQ 31© 99« ©6Q frl^* I 6©ftfl9 g©l© 3I9IQ© ©IQ 
©l©!© 1 G©G^> ^©«© «Q©! C ^ S OT©!«* I €Q W©i@ 

Sl©©^ ; C|^G©G© Q9g©© «l©©©^© ^ ©^©3 9 %;9 
?)G©€)Q I ©l©!^Q qQQilB© qa«n ^©^fl©l©; ylfli©^ 6 

esq3§;© *^©tfl© aq«gcr© ©o 1 ©i©w w© 4 q«t- 

fl^©SQ ©IS*©*!© €»© qqqi q©6© q^© G©G©G§ q.©©©- 

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©I© oig© aq a©ia ©©»a i J? 

©IQG©QQ ^©10^)©^ ( ©l§H3iG© $ti ©G€!Q^©© 

©dc©i»q) qet # ©eaiQ©^ ©qs©© ©eie©© a©^ 

t* ©4 ©G^: aifJ.fiSfllOQ SIQ* ££l^ qO,o'©eiQf 6^@©© 

qigaiio^dl Qs1^iQqf©©Oi<j €30© G©i©qq ©8*€Q 

ga^9l gi@Q OQ^jS© I ©@® flli©M QOT© ^d«c!6Q 

g©©i ©i§© qa©© SSW© «©^gts© g« ■ qs;e©i«© ■ 

U^o q|^ g^^a qjQQi qctiQQ ©1?© €J^Q 
q£©d! ©Q«©l ©^©©iia^pj aq^.- flaiia© gfl §q©&© 
G3© <ifl v . <i a. £lQ v . -^ ©i^aeT'©!!? 1 aa©9«!6© 
^1691^ ^as© ©i©q ga°^i 6 ^©ifl©i «iflQS© 

©SIGQ «a^i ©Q^LG© I 

<f ©^fll© g«!GQ EIQ^I?ll©«rQ G©fs^© ©©©I© ©gq 

G si3 s©i^© ©^d^i^t©Qr Q©ag) Qi^iq^ ©^^19© 

€©191 2©§ 99QM© 9?^ SM9 a-^3g|9 ^IG©!^ 

9£ 1 9iQfli©i9 Qis^d a^oQ Q-aiGW <©i©oie© 

<©^ ^©eiiQg 9©$19Q§©*I 6 €!!©©©• aiC© 6 ! I <J$l* 

^^«Go< ©$?f$ ©g© eiq ©a© si ©9G€ifit© ©i© ©ai as© 
969, S3I9I«" ©^©91 6 ©©^©1 0$ ^9? aiq^ ^ ©3 
3& t G^ <i©io©as© «%_$a G9G© qj^f <S 99© v 

SQdlft ©QQt ©Q d€»3!© €1©9?t©^ g^ 9G© I <}©l 
qaa G9 G©«l© «Q§ G9 ; 6f>3]G© G©3 q©©© 3^1©- 
©^l©9iq «qiSJaia©G© 9«T q^© 6©l©aiGQ I 0©l©© 
91391 ©$9|G ©Q© q©©© 9 fc ©l 69^© 9^^9*1 
QOtQ© G9ISI ft 9G© ©G©* I* 

<i ggQ ai€il<griooaa 

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^©Gft^Qg €!©©»© ©0|al€J 89*191© 90©Ji% ^1* 

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zia$iQ g©"©©© ©,© ©€ia©^ I 

9£<ta§aia£© aq.Q^ © § Q©&© ^1 ©$,©13 ©i©l 
<S ©©I© 9181901% ©e 6 qqq ail atfig aw ©9©i©GGt 

^3©©© ©iqi©l©l ^ 8l©91©i9lfllG© ©^IG©l€!^tGQ 91© 

991Q q9fll© c |© ©Q «S§ 1 

qs) ©91© 90Q 9$^ '991^1© Hi ©9)^^ $q!§®©l3 

6©«g|^ a§© d9$9!9©' 3aio1j G©«!«iG©ig 

ste^, ©8© I 

€lCG©[$© G© 1 )!©^^ 31 ©!©;©© 9?IQ!3 G^'HQS 
©aiQ© i 

gLQ si©©ft©3 0.Q© a^© flM^ra" ©a 

[ V ] 

<i gjqq ^€fei<a1 aa1qriooa« 

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§©9«fc 3©*© fl&q©© ©19 §. *IQ, Q. Q OIGQ 

€31© €$$ 2£Go16}Q SI9© ©£i©f6© Q^© 6<5?IQ«g I 

39© sigQi 633© qgitpiq 6 $$© a!@©i ap ©!© 
g©V gi©<iWiiq?i49 9600,910 q^ 9Q©i & 
6$t a©ai«q si©q©© vfo af© qhqqH 5a 

( 09I9" q§) ©q qtS9© 9ISG99 QSI69IS© 9©fl 

©9 6 33 $1699 9$q© (5 ©SilQQ <5$© $9©tSll 8S§> ) 

«fll9 9*f ©I© 3©$)©! Gfll© SlSSf©© 9* 9©*© 

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'afjgiw a^jl 5 «1eo a&Kwq q<a©G© $sig©I3q 
9i^8flio«' 6©«n© $fli§ 6W31I ©§ Bi^ame© 

g%l©'©l6$ 9©,© <S 29I49 G99IQ.IGT ©TOl©* ©%<ni 

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69I fcisfe©! 9I6©*,© Q?QI 99Q© Q^S© ©99i© 

q& eeiaq qq©iqqsi g?g© gipaioiqr© <ra$ 3&^? gg 

g©iaai§ 9119091 9s$ o^'agc© q$o 69i©38 i ©is 

w Gofcifa *wsq <?wq* 99W 9K?yi©i < «&© ©e« 

q$© 9i$ei eg a© $9!$i9ig ©ai Qeatugei 

a«T ©I© 99HQ9 $«'© 39IQQ 9© I 

eMi 9i©G©i?f© 9cf© gui© $^©e© g§ 69i^fl 

e %C©©J 

<J €)£© 96S ©<|I9© S99#l 9I3$I Q©i© 6%* 8© v 
yfe 33993© 69, <fl. «., 9. «©. I 

deal© e^y©© ©6©q*$-gi©G<|i^d9$fli© iffifl 

*©©!©©© ©6ff© 6Q6$$3 89. 9 • #19^ qi69W g^©l 

q^y^l si«© ©i€aQ© N <$iQj 

Gfli q^offfll floo alomq 69fl^ agl^Qi 6 4 
^iwraQ «cr«)©ig1 ^a'e q^qi^i^q ^gfi ^qqo 

aaa's, »fafc/^*> ( <^f? «p*lq *^^» arc? <^'^ 
g$a6%1 eiifla AoiQ ^iq gqsi c«is gigT «ef arcigq 

M qQlQQ t 3 Q GS^lQq f © 4 e©*i e|Q© ©€i €£Q^) 

$qm$ i ) 


<i gg ^f>Qi ©i©ig^ ^©€Q, ^gewG©, ^sqaGQ 

<S aG9€5©l€Q g^€l© G9IQ9© t 9ff Qqig QGQ <9I <a$ H 
9€)©e© QQO ^9SQ g^Q© £99 69I& % «f«l ©%«© • 

aaiQi^ £ <j eg© q©«^gq gl©i© qq sji^bis i g^ 

9Q S§f§!©j 9©<3©, @IQ^© ©G^i 9i9 © €9%I€Q 9^09 
<I ^Q* 9&GQ 9$ 9^, gojQ^ $j Q^ag l $ G©G9^©0 
399^19? qi9U3*t Q$ ©Q§- 9g6Q 9€!R?9 'Qgg ©Q 
G^IG© y^9IQ!9' I «§ O^GQ S€l©9 © ^JQ|Q(?g|Q" 

q[ <39| ©t^l I 44© 9Q§, eoi asasi ©gaifll, ^ 

9©€li©1^ 9^1© Qgffl«|©l9 ©flk^OQ' G©<||tG© €)g>3 

{ <©© gi9 a«n 9S© Gsa^ g^ gqg© cgie© €1§ ^ 
aef d 9© 9a$ ©t9lG@G© egi^iq g c g<gi©> 9§ g^ a© 
6 96Q oiei as©§ a°^© ewi aQq.© 9191 <3 g^s© 
gi© aiQ aiaoitf cgq^© <S cfli «993af©'9iq 
©&qa*iS9 ©<$ ejQ«tflGQ g°g^© €!©[^^ qioq 6 ^g© 
9eT<% Qe©1qgi©9 Q90©aocii© acj«% et^G©g©isT© 

G9© 6 Qg*©Q ^91591^6^ aa^«T© ^qil©* q^fi||y© 
»IQ9I fla 6 ! q«Tc9fl © «€?9I 

0991 G©q©99 flto G©©M iff'; €fli^ Q|g© G9I9 GQ 
991 09 3IQ9&Q a^l <© €19 ©Q€) %Q\ 6 aQ§| <^ 
3tQ© fl^fifl * ^ ? 8 ^ I 63 G©9© «Sf| qg© 9S69 ©|Q 
eiG^99l9§ aiQ ^9*C <S 0!fl© 691^991 9Q fllfi^ 
t-3° ^ <S «©«I9§ 9Q % «* ^G99.^|G99 I 

asiea^G© ca&* ©%^itqq aQGg«i© i q§G©9^ 

9qi% 6 a©a©qi©qr aa q;9ia*i 6 $©9tf lai^e- «9ia9i^ 

q^sq ^g_9 Qq^ as*gq|ef ©ft, Gq qq§Q g«Qyg89© 

6* ©Gfll 9^q©G© l 
?ie«p G© qt©8 q^ 

qG9 tf ©giii qsh§ 

© 94Q8SIQQ ©699 I 
$$31© 634 Wflltf 'a*S|9fii€© W« 9© a G9QSS 

€«?J^ Q°3© ^1^(9*1 6 $9© sq 6 q^Q q^' fljsJQQ 

9^6 6©tt9i©"afi>afie9 aG^t©©6Q ^1q ©^isjs hi© 

a^9!9 9% I ©© I 

GQIdlQOQj g^Q© 





■M r J 










An illustrious wellwisher of the Lexicon, Her Highness 
Sri Sri Sri Maharanee Sethu Parvati Bai> D, Litt, Travancore 

EMQCsq) r a esq <MMfl1 got e»*r$i 9^ « • Q*i «fai«i9 1 


J 1 * 







}i» «V£s_ ai^v <S*.ssi. Bia -Jt=i. -v^^as. ; *V^St ^Vx^^\#^«*£^*»SE»i.H>£4v *•«!*• 

e4©0 <£^ei sisisqiq qqqqgq q<iq®© eiq@iQ gg (^ 

M» W.^ fl^ao^ ^qs w? 99 9*3, «-£°qe sQG©i<a 1 

«§©IQ 'Kirtikar) — ©£$$ g^felWQ Indian 

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3G§ (Apte)— egiGffgQ^aS^Q Practical Sanscrit- 
English Dictionary (g^Q-^'qsfl aoaio) I 
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of four Indo-Aryan languages^ (qsq 

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Q5»»l^q^ Q^-Q o gsn-©^ SQG9IS — The Student's 

practical English-Hindi Dictionary. 

9G»g— ei6»Q cfliw Qieor Qcr«i qs q siq^iq i 
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©<i6©is, saa q c %»a i 
q90« — a*K>!&cr© &9 © 6$a e$ ©i 1 
eaieci^— g^ ^i^i^q GiaieQ^ggq wi©^ ss«© 

*©cr«i eoeei^ 1 

2$©9i©— l£g§ qfl©«i» ©q.»i©©i©© sal© q©e ©aoj 

'g$£©l© «$ai©' 1 
flieifl^oiQ^a— ggooti ( ?ja©eP ) §sq© Q**W 9£ 1 

§© a©g|©S} — Old) ©laq 3q,Q*1 sqo 1 g©iS© tf §ol 

3©q©q,— 3©«©g 8«s? qqq qctqi eoai© i 

dlCT 61 — The Student's Bet gali and English 

Dictionary (©. flier a©- 9Gr©l-£°Q© aoao) |> 

g^s^i — ©sq© C9e©0©la 6 Q68©Qia 69© v g9<? 

scr©i c o 9h^' 1 

»©ai© 1 
« § c© ©^ w« 
%©aio« c©9iq— esicasQ aiswr w»« R e 9© 

Q©'© QS919 I 

gi©1© q§©^si ©a©»^ §°9© q°©£© gi©1© $$© 1 
aiQQi Qa*— Q«ioi3 ©$9©$ s°©a© i 

grated©^ q^i^qiq 1 

9^««« wi©q qqsiq— *'? q«i«s)o^ Qi^ efiwqa» 

^°©Q» 9STQI 3g I 

©q* ©«Q tf goicoei— W*"H «f « ^g©iQq« «9ato 
^ai© 9*qiQ— a gi^Sl ° 19 ^*QQr 9°©»o gg* 1 

QIQOChaQ ©ft* — QQ9Q Ql«| Sl$!3<t 1 

Q^QQ d©ei QQI60I9Q QMQS>© ?q, gsqiQfllQQ ClgOIQfllOQ Olfl 6 <3IGQ€)© ©9 fl 

«ChQ^ si^iqioq^q^© ©siq eoqi« qqq 9199 
«©^©g— ^©1^ qej 9l9i^a «©q©<^ 913 1 

«©W!Q ©QCf^il — 9^0 %©£§ Q!€19 «°©a« 

«rai— a aS§<asi ctcc «8t9Q 9ig§© d €9 ©© 

B9 ©1 1 

^©-^igQi— ^^1q woia w seq© fli9© 

9« ©I I 

6^a— qqq aqffa q^i9© *9i«® ^f^ 1 1 

( -rf ) 

«?>s <S— g ©1« «9 «9fl €B 906Q© sia I 

©IQ©| %$& I 

-q$oi f q$3|$sisi— gsa q^aiqiSiq ©9qi l 

1400®— aeT© qpaSt ©la ©|©W 1 

qai§» — gQ c 1q .<Jfll9«^8fl I 

%1§°9 — age©i» gi©1© qs>i 1 
Si©©, «« 1 

OTlaQ- ^Cl'lq ©$ ©Crt&© G9S.9Q I - 

ci©©i©qj§<3i — ©sqsoq^ geisT o aigig© aa©i I 
■Gaise© — flsflq .6«ifi©«^©iq©Q€>© e<fa© 

©§©l I 

-GaialQ^?— QftictQ gi©1© ©9 I 

GCIlGQ©— a<W06*W 2919© Qltf QG6©«|© ©$ I 
©Q,G€1fil© Q$ 

e©3 — q©iai6ro, ©©« 1 

d »Q«ta *aio1 x q- <f. 9, § 

©c.©ia ©!a— dm qoooqiq ©§©q ©a^iei ©iq 1 

©a©*^— soqg ©qq© q°© I 

©IQffll— q©!^ Ql§tf|]©©$l Q£l I 

$&«1-Q#2— S^IQQ 3©I3© ©^96©©? q© $©a1 

©la© §©1 qqiq^j bkj©i$© a©ii©s>i© i 

©ia©g— giol© ©§ ©l«Qg Q|9 1 
<SO$!— €$§©© Q|©sj§ ©|q i 

ws>5 aai— o^q% g©i£te g<$©© af ©1 1 

0©©6€1I© - SQlq «» ©<35>GalQ ©© I 

wq©«— «gg aoM Qia* g&C© (Sfei aiq © 

9* ©I I 

«w— a qaite^ Q|€OT« q&*© aigi§© af©] 1 
<ziq©$— to©$j ©ia (g<a^ q«|^ g 6 ©une©) 1 

fflftfllf— a©1q Q«f © QKKlS gg 1 

Q^SJQ — ©$© e^9Cr N ©5H9* flQIa Q « €L9f©| 1 

a!©ms — 9© elei^Q ©|q (gf 9 g_Q«) 1 
stew— dwi aloi^g 6©© 1 
fl©ia— gi©1 a9© g©ia © as ca«i 1 
giel — ©ss gielgfe g©ifiT© g§gM 1 

erg©, 6ra©wi?o— ^ci^ roqoiiM 6a»ia© 1 
©»qa— ai©l© ©© ©aqa ©ia (qgiagi) 1 
«IO?|8|©l^©— «©i©€© Qe ffQ woew i 

$©W 1 

«>. €©. 9.— $1 e©«© 999 1 

9$5i 6W*~ei§>©i 301* a©i©? ©$a;©© ©S 

©!©G*I£>— ©iQG©|Q «9!3I^ SSII^S QSIS© 

(e©<ii©8g!3 eg©) 

qqi^© -a§ © fji §©is ( © a $ 1 ■ 
^^iffia— qiqIq ©9 ^©ia ctf a (ceeqfli^ei) 
§«ioia9i9i — fl^Qia^aaai©© asg^Q ©o^©i 

fl©fli ^ gsjQ© a ay© s^iei 919 1 1 

§©©l6i— £«©ia ©© Gfioie- gd© gaGi«Qcr 1 

Q%®\% Q^Oi^l — 3i©1^ ©^ €$9©Q^t ©19 I 

Q8— ©© QC3Q ©3 

qfiSQi — @q©!4 QSQIQ3 Q©^©l a<&©9 *g^ I 

ciQiqos;^ — gq ©;©i<jq d QQigOQSI 8|©iq© I 
^9© — ©$ ^g© g^il© gi©1 s^qiqiq e^^anq© I 
«©oe«ll©»— tfq§ q©©s«i©© Qi^jq© (©^©4a) 
fl©!6©9— gi©1© ©© q©is©© ©iq ^l©^q q©«i) 
flya^QQ— ©5©© ^a)q flsiq^©© q6 i 

( cga©9 §§ol«i ) 

©©©6€l|© — ©I^Q IE ^©©SSIiSJ ©Q | 

qai©iej— ©w© gdlq ©ai©ia qq 1 

©^169119©— ©9tQ ^Q! qai€fll©© ©S©Q, 6©© I 
Qai©©« — ©l§© QfcJJOQtfl 9^1 I 

©q©ia— go!© ©© ©fl©ia (©i©S©i ©9) 1 

qaaTO— a«flq ^ 9i©i^q ^fl«©Q ©^ 1 

^^90*© — gi©1© ©9 «"^©Q (Q^| SQQ|g) 1 

9©*i g«l^Q— ©%©5 9i©?g r ©i© goi9© qig^© 

a«i!©a« 1 
aflie— ©^©s^ goia© s$©© aa,'Q a? 1 
q©5(Q— a Qioqs ©Q(? a^l©» ciiQ© a^ ! 
QtQ«i—gto1© ©9 qiQ©i ©ia 1 

q$Q G©9— ©|3^|© g©^ q©| g^ ©ige©© 

^ <!©£> G©9 K. C. I. E. 

€aioqa— sai©q©Q gci^ q©iq©i q© ©©?G9*©q 

9°S(e©9 «^S>«ii 9© qeii©©, K, C. I. E 

egi^aig— ©€*©©ig© 39l« © G^»9 ©°g«i a^©i 

<a>6Q$8 —©«q» ©o©^i ff s 1 

3, a— ©ldl©iaqg^^1 aq q^©© qq qq%\q$ 
©4Q aiG«?o^— qQoq Q&9ia 1 

&4 &<*& ii ■ <-*Sk £i%k i*8St *£3& j^S^ 




An illustrious wellwisher of the Lexicon, His Highness, Maharaja 
Sri Sri Sir Bala Rama Varma, D, Lilt, G. C. L E„ Ruler, Travancore State- 



{ S?f' *«* 













>■ s 



( «A" ) 

e$o© <$©& siqigqisq <ag,q <si$gq 491 eoe©o §q ®aq6Q g©Q6Q<siOQ€iQ oifl i 

H eoQtQQia CRISIS, Q. <I„ ©, <I9 qWWW 

£0 ?&|<13 Q»3<3 alQ — was 

ill flergo©, 9|Q)^— «^6Q»HQ^ 

3 fl&e<ai$$ 6<3I<9, 6$Q— •«%«! 

a qaiQ^ei 8411, 919s— Gfr© 6 qg 

si ai§©i eflfo^iqe *otsq©9# f-ft^-©^M 

e«ia & aid), © <3. 9§, 



60a aaQ 




8 (sssf) 













































+«a!9l©"=«QI9*» WIGS* 2®^ l 









































8$$ QP 
01 Q&IQ3 I 

( I ) 

C)9Q=Q©Q9Q ^QQ© 99 91 qfll I 

Q9l($0=q©l($i)Q^ qqi i 

Q®<t|9=9q>9$l «Q j 6*§ 99 QCa 919$9 91 

6S£©IGUj «©1 €IQfllQ I 

«9I&9 q^OS — Q^ 99 a60> <Qiei6Q 91 

QQlOlfitigQ 9<*9$ © ?Q 91 «91°« i 

9©€)a=9©Q 6 ©99iq] 6 39l©<a 3«g,| 3QGQ <j 

»3§9 9«3$ 693I99* $1$ 9«I9$» «9 9i ^1 I 
9fi^ <}£;=9<»S|QQ* 9m9$© Q^l 1 

+QQti==OQtil 910*169 g©iq I 

+csf— p# 9i©%9 wq I 

9*il=9tfaiQq qqia 1 
691Sj=G9i<fe QSi I 

$. 9«=$qi9e9S« ! 

50. 9 ^Sfl^Sr ©59 BffW I 
oS9=Qa» 91^69 9«19§S> «9 I 

Q16>=QvQW? S&G9 eilQGQ 9<i9$© ©991 919*1 I 

51 , giflt — filfli 9«!99l9.fllC r 9 3l§9iGQ 9Q9I& «9 1 

g|, fite v =g1©js«ai i 
©<to— ©div^ai i 

©s=c©q§,e saiq 1 

^ft = aSQ©9 9*aq^ 9I «Q^ 9Q9$i ©9^ 9! S9 

eecr $sgi ©§ i 
69=6©«iq§<al i 

6<3»-=£©89 99 I 

69fl = <3 QflilCOI^eQ 9Q$96Q 0JJP9$1 ©9$ 


at, «i^=9°^a ai§ 1 

^OiCOIC.1 q<509e=9^ «9Q y © 9G% $9©Q 99 

Ql €I9I°« I 

q« e© =c* 995.^ qgis i 

91*9, QISSISJ— ©IS9GQ <Wt© ^1 91 Q9 I 
Otfl «=§l«969$9 9! 9«f§©S9S9 Qlfl I 

3$©9 9Q 

9«t|q«=<.9*i:^€!l^ K C99g©99 9<»iq9l Q^i« 

93S9I gi3i@9 €^9 

09i=6©9© 9Qi/6Q 9 t, 9?9 «9I9 ! 

31=0*91 Q3i t 

gi=gi$9qsi | 

gidl9=giolQ if a 9£«tl9«eQ 9m9§9 sq i 

en=€TlQa1 91 6IQ«t G9fl QOOO q<ai I 

9=*9©9 (e9==<39909, J9=9Q99Q; 

9^9«95900 I) 

$=$639*1 09 I 

©3— scass a9 1 

9^lS 9^i=9€€)®^Q 9G€l€d t 
93919=0^1^ «99 9SI9l0!ef69id9 as? I 

659^ 9^9^ )§ «Ci3 91 $<g© «9 I 
6^Q m 9=G9Qh9 Q£ 9| aJJG^96Q 9M9f 9 €19 I 
999 ; ^§)\ 9©f — 9§,Q g©ta Q^Q3^ G9I«!€9 

+ ^Q=e. q9ia9 go*«q i 

>. ^9 9I©*1SQ Q©i^ I 
Q9I&9 91 ^9^©|& c q^QQ^a^ 99 9GCP qaq 91 

93<33© «a r oQ 9i9f © €!9 91 99l°'a I 

q. c, GQ=Pa99GQ6l 95faisq I 

saai=9^ig €Q3, aefei 91 aeqisiQ Q9i99«i i 
^€ja=9HSig.Q ^©9Q? «««6© 9^9?© qa^u-- 

§€|900, §Q€)l9, 3qQi©=*S^IQS? «69IQS9ie| C 
G9tQ^9i 91 %9iff(? QQIQ© 939 9) 99 I 

*acrl9, Siol© gol©=»gi©lQ d^a qarl© i 
+3@i^ a: =3^ia t q©^ i 

? 9QQ«ig^S $Q3 qQ©9 «9^G9 0§* ?6CT 91 9G9 
^ 9*»9? » 99 I 

9l$!© = el9iQqi9? 9^}© ^l I 

q3=4locr i 

+g»6a =«:q9 €«fe© «a€9 qg goiq i 

§— sol 9) §©aiqi ^<ai i 
vq=gafl I $>$=<ai1 «9§ i^ 

t«i=aeiqi «^§ i ^di— qgq| 9^9 i 

^=^?«q 1 +(q§)=*aQ33 q§ €19 91 

^qi=g <siqi $9§ 1 ai^g©^Q 39 9391 ©9 1 

*q— ©ci£j 1 = (Qqi9) «ai^ g©^ qi 

4 99 ff^ swa e9 t 

(sn^|=©Siqt 9^§ I — ®|9 = <$Q? «9qaSQ 91 «9 6 

«a c 92aGQ 91 99 Q9 ?!aJS9 
* a^ € §a'—etcefc ra Etc. 
*a*|— ©%a f 1 %$%, I La^= Legal term 
? — J^qOQ ©©. 1^ 9W89 91 9qqq©9 99 

Raja Sri Aditya Pratap Singh Deo, Screaikclzi Tik&yet Sri Nrupendra Narayan Singh Deo, B.A., B.L. 

Sfraikcla + 


qgoc^Qii<iq qg\ di gfteigeia 8*9 G9tS 

?qi<o di frsa^i^i 8^? cod <m., Q< «£j_ 

Raja Sri Balabliadra Narayan Bhanj Deo r K. eon j bar Chliotrai Laksminarayan Bhanj Deo* Keonjbar, 


€OQ.^^Q Q9t 31 9$0§®Wt^l §& GQ& 

eaiqq 4 RslciQSJd Q& e^6j GS?Gfl*Q 






Completion at last ; — 

My lifelong devotion to the Oriya language — 
a language noted for its hoary age, its rich store of 
vocabulary, its precious . gems of classical literature, 
its melodious metres, its correct pronunciation — which is 
spoken by no less than 15 millions of people living in 
five Provinces (Orissa, Bihar* Bengal, Central Provinces 
and Madras) and the Eastern States Agency and has 
earned the admiration of many a foreign scholar, made 
me dream* of compiling an encyclopaedic dictionary^ the 
absence of which was, to . my mind, not a slight 
reproach on it," Having resolved to'fill up the want 
I began collecting materials from various sources and 
localities in 1913,, arranging them alphabetically in 1917 
and compiling the manuscripts in 1919. in my sister- 
in-law Srimati Pitambari Debi I got an energetic and 
devoted colleague/ but for whom I could not have 
succeeded in my endeavours. With her help I finished 
the manuscripts in 1927. 

The quadrilingual Oriya lexicon in 7 volumes 
covers 9250 (nine thousand two hundred and fifty) 
pages of dictionary matter, Royal Quarto* which 
deal with 1,85 jOOO (one lakh and eighty five thousand) 
words and phrases used in the Oriya language in the 
Oriya' speaking areas of India and gives the English 
transliteration of every word and the derivation or root, 
Oriya and English meanings and Bengalee and Hindi 
synonyms in those scripts respectively. 

The manuscripts were, at the instance of th 
Government of Bihar and Orissa, examined by the 
Director of Public Instruction and by experts who 
estimated that they would, when printed, occupy 
3600 Pages in 2 Volumes and would cost about 
Bs 40,000/% The matter came up before the Legis- 
lative Council of Bihar and Orissa. My esteemed friend 
and class mate, Dewan Bahadur Srikrushna Mahapatra, 
then M.LC, strongly urged that in view of its usefulness 
the work should receive liberal financial help from the 
Government. The Government of Bihar and Orissa 
made a grant of Jialf the amount, leaving me to raise 

the other half from other sources. - But when the work 
of printing progressed it was gradually found that the 
bulk and consequently the cost, of publication' would 
swell, till at last the work has covered seven volumes 
in 9250 pages of dictionary matter and about 250 pages 
of other matters and has cost about one lakh and fifty 
thousand rupees. 

This was not a small performance, I am now 
nearing my seventieth year; but I have never felt myself 
unequal to the task laid on mej and during these long 
27 years I have never wavered in my devotion" to the 
work. For this strength of mind 1 again bow to the 

t ... . ■.;-■- Y 

The word collection began in 1913. 
The printing of the first volume was begun in 1929, 
and through the Grace of the Almighty Father and 
the Master the printing of the last word of the last 
volume was finished in 1940 (August). It will there^ 
fore be' seen that, this has been "the product of twenty 
seven years' labour. 

As the work progressed I felt that I : would not b e 
able to do justice to it unless I concent rated all * my 
attention and energy on it; and this induced me to give 
up a tolerably lucrative practice in the Bar and toil day 
and night. Colleagues 1 had, but the burden lay on 
my head. What was most embarassing to me was the 
huge sum of money required for its production. 
Fortunately I succeeded,,., through the strong recommen- 
dation.of His Excellency Sir John Austen Hubbaek, 
M. A., K. C S, I, I. C. S. (who was in 1927-28 the 
Commissioner of. the Orissa Division and at the instance 
of Mr. N. F. Peck, C. B. E, I. C» S, then Collector of 
Cuttack, kindly inspected the manuscripts and was 
greatly pleased with them), in enlisting . the t sympathy 
and financial support of. the Government and the 
princes and noblemen, patrons of learning and literature 
of Orissa of whom mention will be made- later ; but 
great was my distress when the contributions ran short, 
and at one stage in the middle of the work 1 had to 

( 8 ) 

part with my residential house in the town. I have now 
earned the satisfaction of seeing my labours brought to 
successful termination and feeling that, humble as I 
am, I am leaving to my countrymen an heirloom of 

which they will justifiably feel proud and have rendered 
some service to my mother- tongue which I hold sacred. 
1 bow to the Lord* 


The following list gives detailed information about the successive volumes. 

Volume. Date of 




No. of 





September, 1931 

The 13 vowels 







August, 1932 

May, 1933 

June, 1934 

March, 1936 

June, 1937 

Sept , 1940 

Total 7 


6 consonants 
(Ka to Na) 



12 consonants 
(Cha to Tha) 

4 consonants 
(Da to Pa) 

4 consonants 
(Pha to Ma) 

6 consonants 
(Ja to Sha) 



H. E. Sir J. A. 
Hubback, M. A., 
Ki Ct S. I., I. C* b. 

N. F. Peck Esq. 

H. E. Sir H. L. 
Stephenson, K.C. S. I., 

K. C; 1* t., I* V^* b*| 

Governor of B §* O. 

Raja Sri N.P. Deb 
Ruler, Baudh State. 

H. E, Sir James 

David Sifton, K,C.S,L, 

Governor of B &■ O. 

Sahitya Samrat, 
Maharaja Vikrama 
Dev Varma, D. [jtu 
Maharaja of Jeypore. 



2 consonants 
(Sa and Ha) 


13 vowels and 
34 consonants 


Captain Maharaja 
K. C. Gajapati Narayan 
Dev, ParalakimedL 

Maharaja R, N. 
Singh Deo, Ruler, Patna 

H, E. Marquis of 
Linlithgow, Viceroy 
and Governor General 
of India. 

The Dedicatee. 

E. C. Gibson Esq, 
C. I.E^I C.S. Agent 
to G. G., Eastern 
States Agency, 

Sahitya Samarat 
Maharaja V, D. Varma 
of Jeypore. 

Extra 23 
pages of 
printed matter. 

Extra 19 

Extra 23 

Extra 31 

. Extra 23 

The Dedicatee • 

H. E» Marchioness 

__ _. -* H ■ ■ 

Extra 51 





Extra 250 


This last volume deals with the 2 last letters of 
the alphabet, namely g (Sa) and <? (Ha). Words 
beginning with the letter (Sa) occupy 991 pages of this 
volume, this being the letter with the largest number of 
words. The compound letter 9 (Ksha) is learnt by 
beginners at the end of the alphabet, but phonetically 
it comes after the first consonant (Ka); and so words 
beginning with that letter have been given after the 
words beginning with (Ka) (Vide pages 1843 to 1880 of 
volume- II). 

The 6th volume had brought the collection of 
words and phrases to one lakh and 60 thousand. The 
last volume contains about 25000 words and phrases, 
thus bringing the total number to one lakh and 
85 thousand. 

It will not be out of place to mention here that 

while the successive volumes were going through the 

Press, about 5000 (five thousand) provincial(dialectical) , 

technical, scientific and popular words to which I had 

no access before, came to my notice, I have 

compiled them alphabeticallyt I am sure that a thorough 

search throughout the Oriya-speaking areas, now lying 

scattered in four Provinces (Bengal, Bihar, Madras and 

the Central Provinces) and the Oriya'speaking States, 

and an overhauling of technical, popular, modern and 

scientific words, coined in the sister languages to cope 

with the advance of science and knowledge, will bring 

to light a number of new words to the tune of another 

ten thousand. 

If God and the Master be pleased to vouchsafe to 

me strength, health, help and resource's, I or some one 



fl r- .=.r 

Raja Ki shore Chandra Birabara Harichandan, 


Patayet Pram ode Chandra De 1 
of Talcher 

Sfcl^Qi ge^rVTO, GW, Ol»GfiQ 



Sri Sri Sri Braja Sunder Deb, Raja Saheb, Aul Estate, 
The Proprietor of the famous late Aul -Raj Circus. 

ft Q&iiyO© til dl 31 gG^QQ gqo 

qcri qigsq, sift 

KSPGQ 'SBft QG? flrftfQ GtfS! 6 OQGLW 





i ;i 



younger and more energetic than myself may bring out 
a supplementary volume which will bring up the total 
number of words to 2,00,000 (two lakhs), a vocabulary 
of which any Indian language— nay, any language on 
the face of the earth — may feel proud. 

For instance, during my visit to the headquarters 
of the Aul Estate (Dt. Cuttack) last June (1940), Sri Sri 
Brajasundar Dev, the versatile and accomplished Raja 
Saheb of the Estate gave me a list of fifty nautical terms 
which were in vogue when Aul was one of the centres 
of the building of sea-going vessels, but which were not 
available to me when 1 compiled the work. The Raja 
Saheb said he could supply several hundreds of Oriya 
words relating to shipping, boats and ships, fishing, nets 
and heraldry, which were current when the above 
occupations were thriving in our country and which are 
gradually losing currency and will soon disappear if not 

The Title :— 

The title of the work has the name of 
'Purnnachandra 3 in memory of the late Maharaja 
Purnna Chandra Bhanja Deo of Mayurbhanj State, in 
deference to the wish of his younger brother, Maharaja 
Sir Pratap Chandra Bhanja Deo, K.C.I.E., Ruler, Mayur- 
bhanj State, who came forward 10 years ago to supple- 
ment the original Bihar and Orissa Government grant 
with a liberal donation followed by another liberal 
donation four* years ago. 

Dedicatees : — 

The 1st volume has been dedicated. to H, E. Sir 
John Austen Hubback, M. A., K. C S. I., I. C, S , the 
first Governor of the Orissa Province, who has been 
the foster-father of this undertaking and who virtually 
laid the foundation-stone of this national temple of 
learning 13 years ago when he, while Commissioner of 
the Orissa Division, first paid a visit to the Bhashakosha 
Lodge, by recommending to the Government of Bihar 
&• Orissa a grant of half the then requirement. His 
services to the Bhashakosha will be referred to later 

The 2nd volume was dedicated to Mr. N. F. 
Peck, C B. E, L C. S, who was for some time Collector 
of Cuttack and then Commissioner of the Orissa 
Division. After the creation of the Orissa Province he 
has adorned a high official position in Bihar. It was 


he, who had brought the manuscripts to the notice of 
Sir John. 

The 3rd volume was dedicated to Raja Narayan 
Prasad Deb, Ruler, Baudh State, who had liberally 
contributed towards the cost of publication of that 

When the time came for the dedication of the 
4th volume I had ambitiously thought of His Most 
Gracious Majesty, the King Emperor, but was sorely 
disappointed to learn from the late Sir Courtney Terrel, 
Chief Justice of the Patna High Court, who was one 
of the illustrious patrons of the work and who enquired 
about the feasibility of my proposal in England, that 
this proposal had no chance of being entertained, 
owing to the fact that the earlier volumes had been 
dedicated to persons of lesser status. 

The 4th volume was dedicated to Sahitya Samrat 
Maharaja Vikrama Dev Varma D. Litt. of Jeypore, Dt. 
Koraput, who has been my friend for the last 40 years. 
He has not only very liberally rendered financial 
assistance but has supplied words and written articles 
for the Bhashakosha. He is a great patron of learning 
and a great personality in the field of Oriya and Telegu 
Literature. His services will be referred to later 

The 5th volume was dedicated to Maharaja 
Krushnachandra Gajapati Narayan Dev, Maharaja 
of Paralakimidi, who will be remembered in the history 
of modern Orissa as the proposer of a separate Orissa 
Province in the First Round Table Conference in 

The 6th volume was dedicated to Maharaja 
Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo, Ruler, Patna State, who 
very generously came forward to meet the major 
portion of the cost of bringing out that volume. 

This last volume has the unique privilege of 
being dedicated to His Excellency, the Right Honour* 
able Marquis of Linlithgow, P. C, K. T., G, M. S. !.» 
G. M. I. E., Viceroy and Governor-General of India. 
This privilege, as far as I know, has not fallen to the 
lot of any other Indian vernacular. Later on I shall 
relate how the work has been able to secure the 
patronage of H. E., the Viceroy. This last volume has 
also the unique distinction of securing the patronage of 
Her Excellency, Marchioness Linlithgow, which has 
fallen to the lot of few works of this class. 

t *v ] 

Tbe bestowal of patronage on this national monument 

by His Majesty's August Representative, 

H» £. Marquis Linlithgow and 

H. £. Marchioness 


It would be interesting to the people of 
Orissa to know how the work was able to secure this 
unique privilege* When after the publication of the 
6th volume I decided to go to Simla personally to place 
the same in the hands of its dedicatee, Maharaja 
Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo, Ruler, Patna State, who 
was then passing the summer there, the idea of present- 
ing a set of the work personally to H. E, the Viceroy 
occurred to me. I approached H. Et Sir John Hubback 
and solicited his advice. H, E. was not sure that 
an interview could be arranged at such short notice, 
but advised me to apply to the Military Secretary and 
take my chance, I followed his advice* I arrived at 
Simla and waited for a reply. On enquiry at Simla 
I learnt that the Viceroy had been out on tour and no 
one there knew when H. E. would return; but, as good 
luck would have it, H. E* returned on the 8th August 
1937 and the interview was graciously fixed for the 10th. 
I went to the Viceregal Lodge at the appointed time 
with the 6 volumes already published. His Excellency 
received me very warmly and granted me a long 
audience^ I handed over the volumes, one by one, 
after reading out the presentation inscriptions therein* 
H. E. took the volumes one by one and kept them 
arranged on the desk in front of him and bade me sit 
down. H. E. scanned the volumes and said in a very 
affectionate manner i — "Well, now let me hear some- 
thing about your famous Dictionary, your Oriya 
language and yourself 1 . I pulled up my resources and 
went on telling H. E. the age and peculiarities of the 
Oriya language, the extent of its use as a mother tongue, 
the richness of its vocabulary and its metres and the 
fullness of its phonetic pronunciation. In support of 
my submissions I read out passages from the Introduc- 
tions and the body of the different volumes and the 
illustrations of the different meanings of some Oriya 
verbs and their idiomatic usages. H, E. continued to 
turn over the pages of the different volumes and 
scan the photographs reproduced therein, while 1 went 
on explaining to him what the individual originals of 
the photographs had done for the dictionary. H. E, 
then graciously enquired about the history of the 
undertaking, the duration of my labour and the 

financial and other resources and the patronage 
of the Local Government and specially of H. E. Sir 
John Hubback, which had enabled me to come so 
far. "I had ho idea of the richness and melodiousness 
of your language and its age" remarked His Excellency, 
Then carne the question of dedication of the last 
volume which would bring my labour of 25 years to 
its conclusion. I said that it would be presumptious on 
my part to aspire to dedicate it to His Excellency, *l 
would deem it a matter of great pleasure to be so 
associated with this wonderful production of which, I 
am sure, your nation will feel proud" was the gracious 
reply of H. E», I was so overjoyed on hearing this, that 
I sprang on my legs and, forgetting myself, actually 
danced before H. E., and laying my hands on the 
person of H* E., exclaimed "Today is a red letter day 
in the history of the Oriya nation when the August 
Representative of His Most Gracious Majesty graces iis 
national monument of learning with H. E/s patronage. 
May God shower His choicest blessings on Your 
Excellency and on His Majesty, whose Viceroy you 
are*** H. E. said "The Viceroy has never lent his 
name to any such undertaking^ but considering the 
excellence of the work and the herculean labour the 
compilation has involved, I lend my name unhesiia- 
tingly to this marvellous production of yours/* 

I expressed my gratefulness to H. E. and offered 
my homage to His Majesty, by reciting the Sanskrit 
Sloka from Manu, which means that the King exists as 
the human embodiment of the Great God : — 
•flM GW>! GWI <X*q&EWI Q%Q f 

His Excellency then bade me a most cordial 
'Au Revoir', hoping to meet me again in Orissa which 
H. E. was proposing to visit the following year. Thus 
ended the memorable interview which secured for the 
Oriya language the patronage and good wishes of 
His Majesty's August Representative in India, 

During the interview I heard a tiny bell ring 
more than once. When after the interview I went to 
the room of the Private Secretary Mr. J. G. Laithwaite, 
C- I. E., I. C. S„ to pay him my respects, he naively 
and humorously remarked that I had monopolised more 
than half an hour of H. E.'s time. I told him that I 
was only answering H. E.'s questions. He told me 
that H» E. the Viceroy had been so gracious to me not 
only because I deserved it but also because Sir John 
Hubback had spoken very highly of me over the 

*t> jr ^>^ ■*^j»- # *- 


_ ■ 



Soon after my return from Simla I received a 
communication from the Private Secretary acknowledge 
J ng with thanks the receipt of the 6 volumes of the work 
presented toH.Ei and intimating that H. EL was pleased 
to accept the dedication of the seventh volume to him, 

I. may mention here that H. E* has since then 
evinced a keen personal interest in the progress of the 
7thj/olume,by more than once sending his good wishe 
for its early completion and making liberal personal 
donation thrice, H. E. visited Cuttack at the end of 
July, 1939, only one month before the . outbreak of the 
VYar; and though the visit was very brief and though 
H. E, had a very busy time here, I was granted an 
interview, at which H. E, enquired regarding the 
progress of the work and wished its speedy completion , 

Besides the Dedicatee, each volume of the work 
has a Patron of it own. The first six volumes had 
different Patrons, In grateful recognition of the 
memorable service Her Excellency has been rendering 
to the people of India in retarding the progress of 
Tuberculosis in India, 1 cherished the idea of constitut- 
ing Her Excellency Marchioness Linlithgow the 
Patroness to this volume. I happened to be in Calcutta 
during the visit of Their Excellencies in December, 1937. 
1 then applied for an interview with 9 Their Excellencies 
for soliciting. Her Excellency's patronage for the 7th 
volume, Though an interview could not be arranged, 
all engagements having been drawn up long before 
Their Excellencies^ visit to Calcutta, Her Excellency 
promptly permitted me to constitute her the Patroness, 
for this volume and favoured me with H» E'-s photo- 
graph, which is reproduced in this volume. 

My Colleagues and assistants in this volume •**- 

The following have been my colleagues and 
assistants in thepudlication of this volume : — 

Srimati Pitambari Debi who has been my 
colleague and helped me since the beginning and has 
never grudged any assistance required of her during the 
last 22 years. 

Pandit Kulamani Das Kavaytirtha, Retired 
Headpandit, Ravenshaw Collegiate School, (reviser). 

Sri Satindra N. Rai, MA , B. L,D. Litt, Zamindar 
of Lakhannath (supplier of Bengalee synonyms). 

Sri Krushna Chandra Mishra, MA, B. L Pleader 
Cuttack, (reviser) . 

Pandit Suresh Chandra Jha, Assistant Teacher, 
Fawcus Baisya Bidyalaya, Cuttack, (supplier of Hindi 

Sri Bhubaneswar Misra of the Ambika book- 
shop, (fair copyist). , 

Sri Jagannath Tripathi B. A./ B, T, Retired 
Headmaster, Training School , Cuttack, (reviser). 

Sri Krushna Chandra Kar, Reader, Government 
Press, Cuttack. (fair copyist). 

Pandit Satyakinkar Mukherjee, Assistant Teacher 
P, M, Academy, (supplier of ^Bengalee synonyms). 

Lai Saheb Sibanarayan Deo of Khariar (supplier 
of dialectical words). 

Pandit Narasingha Mahapatra, Samenta, Assistant 
Teacher, P. M. Academy, (fair copyist). 

Sj, Sashibhusan Rai, Secretary, Utkala ,Sahitya 
Samaja, (supplier of words) •. 

Sri Bichhanda Charan Patnaik B. A,* B,,L, 
(reviser and faircopyist). 

Sri Kabichandra Kali Charan Rattnaik (supplier 
of words). 

Sri Biswaksen Bahidar, Newspaper Represent 
tative, Sambalpur, (supplier of dialectical words). 

Sri Trilochan Patnaik, Newspaper Reporter, 
Patna State, (supplier of dialectical words). 

Sj Durga Charan Rai B. A, Sadar S. D. O.. Patna 
State, (supplier of dialectical words). 

Srimati Sumati Debi ( wife pf Sj. D.C. Rai ), 
(supplier of dialectical words). 

Sj. Jagannath Rao, Civil Court Commissioner, 
Judge's Court, Cuttack, (supplier of words). 

Master Jagabandhu Praharaj, foster-son jrf 
Pitambari Debi and as well as mine, aged 10 years. 
(When he finds an Oriya word new to him in the 
playground or class, he runs to me and asks me to 
find out if the word finds place in the dictionary. 
Through his inquisitiveness I have added serp.e doyens. 
of words to this volume), 

Sj. Narayan Sathia, B. A., Head Reader, Qrissa 
Government Press, (supplier of words). 

Sj Dhaneswar Satpathi of Sahakar Press, Cuttack, 
(supplier of words). 

Mr. C, R. Battersby, M. B. E„ Superintendent, 
Orissa Government Press, (adviser as to the printing 
of blocks and binding). 

Sj. Nandakishore Patel of Laida* Sambalpuri 
(supplier of dialectical words). 


Srimatj Rornoia^ Kar, Proprietressi U* S. Press, 
Cuttack* (Printer) 

Rai Saheb Bamadeb Misra, B. A*, Dewan, 
Athmallik State, (supplier of dialectical words) 

Sj. Kulamoni Kar, Manager, U. S. Press, Cuttack 
(Proof corrector) 

Babu Parikhit Khandual of Sambalpur, (supplier 

of dialectical words)* 

Srimati Aparnna Debi, Poetess, Puri* (supplier of 

Babu Batakrushna Praharaj, B. A., my younger 
brother (supplier of words)* 

Sj, Balakrushna Kar B. A., Proprietor, Saraswata 
Press (maker of halftone blocks) . 

S. Ziaullah, Photographer, Photo House, 

Choudhury Bazar, Cuttack (photographer for this 


Manir Khan, Head' compositor, U# S, Press, 

Gtfttack. (Supervisor of composing) 

Azam Ali Khan, Daftry, Circuit Court, Cuttack 

(supervisor of binding). 

Sj. Rangalal Modi M. L. A» (supplier of paper) 
Mr. E C. Ansorge C. I. E., I. C. S« Advisor to 

H. E. The Governor of Orissa, has very kindly gone 

through this Introduction and revised it. 

era of articles for this volume. 

Sahitya oamrat Maharaja Vikrama Dev Varma, 

D. Litt, of Jeypore Samasthanam. 

Professor B. V. Ray, Ravenshaw College, 

Pandit Kulamani Das Kabyatirtha, Government 

Poet Chandra Sekhar Das of Jajpur. 

Sj. L. N. Sahu M. A, of the Servants of India 
Society, Cuttack. 

Abadhut Biswanath Baba, Missionary Satya 

Mahima Dharma. 

Professor Baikoli Mahaptra, Jyotisha Visarada of 

Dr. Natabara Mahanti, Principal, College o^ 

Homeopathy, Cuttack. 

Sj. J. Tripathi B, A. B. T, Govt, Pensioner. 

Sj« Bichhanda Charan Patnaiki B. A» 9 B. L, 

Dr. Kailash Chandra Rao, Cuttack. 

Patayet Balabhadra Dhir of Madhupur Estate. 

Kabichandra Kalicharan Patnaik, Cuttack. 

Sj. Jagabandhu Singh, M« L- A of Puri. 

vi J 

Mahamohopadesaka Sri Sundranand Bidyabinod 
B. A of Satehidananda Math, Cuttack. 

Sj, Manmohan dhosh B. L M Pleader, Cuttack. 

Sj. Prafuila Chandra Patnaik, Sub Registrar 

Sj. Banshidhara Mahanty, Office Superintendent 
Keonjhar State, 

Pandit Ramchandra Misra, Head Pandit, Rama 
Krushna Tol, Puri. 

Sj* Kedar Nath Mahapatra, B. A., Dip. Ed. 

Sj, Jogendra Nath Das, Cuttack, 

Distinguished Visitors. 

Hon 5 ble Justice §, P. Varma, Patna High Court, 

Sj. Priyaranjan Sen M» A, P« R. S. Kabyatirtha of 
the Calcutta University. 

Maharaja Rajendra N. Singh Deo, Ruler, Patna 
State, accompanied by Raja Sankar Pratap Mahindra 
Bahadur, Ruler, Dhenkanal State. 

Sri Ramachandra Gajapati Deb, M. L. A. ftaja 
Saheb of Badakhemindi Estate. 

Lai Artatran Deb M. L. A., Raja Saheb of 
Khariar State. 

Raja Kishore Chandra Birabara Harichandan, 
Ruler, Talcher State. 

Srijukta Thakkar Bapa, 

Raja Dharanidhar Indra Deo Deb, Ruler, Bonai 

Lt, Colonel G* Verghese, D. P» H» and I. G. of 
Prisons, Orissa. 

Rai Saheb M. N. Basu, Late Du Magistrate, 

Sj. Biswanath Das B. A„ B. L., Ex. Prime- 
Minister, Orissa. 

Sj. Harendra Nath Dutta M. A., B. L.» Vedanta 
Ratna, Vice President, Theosophical Society, Calcutta. 

Sj. G. N. Gokhale, I. E. S. (retired), General 
Secretary Indian Section of Theosophical Society, 

Sj. Radhakanta Saran, Assistant Commissioner of 
Income-tax, Patna. 

Sri Gopal Chandra De B. L., Assistant Sessions' 
Judge, Orissa, 

C, R. Battersby Mt B. E, Superintendent, Orissa 
Government Press, 


Lai Si ban a ray an Deb, Kb aria r 

Sre email Baidehi Kumari Debl, 
wife of Bara Lai Saheb, Khariar 

I*al Sri Artatran Dev. M. L. A. Raja Saheb of Kharior 

Jubaraj Sri Art up Sin^ha Dev, Khariar 

q«$ *n a^sji^i cWj Wi siiCWjfllM&j 

q^Qff til 219a 9°9 GQ* j fl9«Q 





( vii ) 

Financial supporters of this volume ■ 

The financial assistance of the under mentioned 
contributors enabled me to bring out this volume, which, 
owing to various reasons, was delayed by 3£ years and 
consequently cost about 50% more than the previous 
volumes. ' 

H. E. the Right Hon'ble Marquis of Linlithgow, 
Viceroy and Governor-Genera! of India; H, E, Sir John 
Austen Hubback, Governor of Orissa; Ranee 
Damarudhara Priya Devi, grandmother of the Ruler and 
her grandson Raja Bhanuganga Tribhubana Dev, Bamra 
State; Raja Sri Krushna Chandra Singh Mandhata, 
Ruler Nayagarh State; Raja Aditya Pratap Singh Deo, 
Ruler Seraikela State; Raja Balabhadra Narayan Bhanj 
Deo, Ruler Keonjhar State (who had also contributed 
for. the previous volumes); the Ex— Congress Ministry 
of Orissa; Sri mati Baidehi Kurnari Debi (wife of Lai 
Sibanarayan Deb, Bara Lai Saheb, Khariar Estate 
who had contributed liberally towards the 6th 
volume); Jubaraj Anup Singh Deo of Khariar Estate 
(whose father, Lai Artatran. Singh Deo M. L. A,, Raja 
Saheb of Khariar Estate had contributed for the sixth 
volume); Raja Kishore Chandra Birabar Harichandan, 
Ruler Talcher State; Raja Kishore Chandra Deb, Ruler 
Athmallik State ( who, since the publication of the 
1st volume has been rendering financial help almost 
every year); Raja Radhanath Dev Varma, Ruler, 
Athgarh State; Raja Ramachandra Mardaraj Dev 
Bahadur M. L. A, Raja Saheb of Khallikote, • Athgarh 
and Biruli Estates C who had also contributed for 
volume'3); Raja Dharanidhar Indra Deo Dev, Ruler, Bona! 
State; Raja Kishore Chandra Deo Bhanj, Ruler Dasapalla 
State; Sri Sri Sri Braja Sunder Dev, Raja Saheb 
of Aul Estate; Sri Maheswari Prasad Dev, Raja 
Saheb Lanjigarh Estate; Adhikari Brundaban Das 
Goswami> Mahanta of Oriya Math, Puri; Sri 
Chowdhury Mrutyunjaya Narayan Praharaj Mandahta, 
Zamindar, Irda Praharaj Estate Baiasore; Rai Saheb 
Chowdhury Nrusingha Charan Mahapatra of Jajpur; 
Rai Saheb Giridhari Lai Moda, Merchant, Cuttack; 
Professor Bipin Binary Ray, M. A, Ravenshaw College. 
Cuttack; Raja Birabara Krushna Chandra Singh 
Bajradhara Narendra Mahapatra, Ruler, Ranpur 
State, Patayet Pramode Chandra Dev of Talcher; Sj. 
Joyadyalji Goenka, Proprietor, Gita Press, Gorakhpur^ 
U, P; Sri Motilal Pandit Zamindar, Cuttackj Sri Ram 
Lochan Saran, Proprietor Pustak^Bhandar, Laheria Serai, 
Darbhanga; Sri Jagannath Satpathi of Nakuapara, Dt. 

Puri; Sri Satyabadi Hota, Landholder of Sakhigopal; 
Rai Bahadur Manmathanatha Dev of Baiasore; 
Sree Ramachandra Gajapati Dev Mt L. C. Rajasaheb 
of Bodokhemidi; Sri Purnna Chandra Harichandan 
Jagadeb, Raja Saheb of Surangi; Sri Jubaraj Jagannath 
Dev of Sukinda Estate, Sri Jagannath Rajamani 
Rajdeo, Raja Saheb of Mandasa State, Srimati Suniti 
Kurnari Debi (widow of the late Rai Bahadur Bhuyan 
Bhaskar Chandra Mahapatra of Ertal, Bhadrak ) 
who has made a decent donation in commemoration of 
her husband. 

The following have made payments of sums 
promised by them towards the cost of publication of 
volume 6th : — 

Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo, Ruler 
Patna State; U marsh i Haridas, Contractor, Patha 
State; Sri Khandapati Achhutananda Panda of Patna 
State; Lai Raghuraj Singh and Sadanand Singh Bhoi 
of Patna State; Rai Saheb Sankarsan Gartia of Kolabira 
Estate; Lai Sadananda Singh, Raja Saheb of Bora* 
sambar Padampur Estate (who has paid the balance of 
his late father's promised donation); Mahanta Gadadhara 
Ramanuja Das of Emar Math, Puri; Raja Sarat Chandra 
Munipd, Ruler Pallahara State. 

The other patrons of the work;— 

H. E Sir John Austen Hubback, M. A, K. C. S. 
I., I. C S. the first Governor of the Orissa Province, 
has been connected with the work since the begin ning^ 
when H. E. was the Commissioner of the Orissa 
Division 14 years ago. It was due to his strong 
recommendation after examination of the manuscripts 
hat the work secured the initial financial support of the 
B 6- O Government. 

As Chairman of the Banking Enquiry Committee, 

as Chairman of the Orissa Administration Committee, 

as Executive Councillor and Vice-President of the Execu^ 

tive Council B & O and finally as Governor of the 

Orissa Province, wherever he has been, H, E has 

bestowed his fostering care on it and has watched its 

progress with paternal solicitude. To H. E. I owe the 

introduction of this work to the most gracious notice of 

H. E. the Viceroy and H. E. Marchioness Linlithgow, 

It was due to H. E's recommendation that I was 

presented with the Kaiser- 1- Hind medal and I secured 

recognition by the bestowal of the title of Rai Bahadur. 

The following words addressed to me by H °E. on 20, 

1. 38 at a Public Durbar at Cuttack always ring in my 
ears; — 

( viii : ) 

"Rai Bahadur Gopi! Chandra Praharaj. 

It is my confident hope that you will be able to 
crown many years of service to education and literature 
by the completion of the monumental dictionary which 
has already made you known to scholars far beyond 
the Province. You have made a notable contribution 
to the study of language and paved the way for 
a revival of Oriya culture. It is fitting that the energy, 
enthusiasm and intellectual ability, which has added 
lustre to the name of Utkal, should be recognised. 
It gives me particular pleasure to invest with the title 
of: Rai Bahadur, one whose friendship I made 12 
years ago and have greatly valued ever since 5 ' 

Naturally Lady Hubback has been the foster- 
mother of the undertaking. She was pleased to grant 
an interview to my colleague Srimati Pitambari Debi 
and appreciated the valuable assistance rendered by 
her to this work for the last 20 years. 

Mr. E. C. Ansorge, CLE, I. C. S, Adviser to 
H. E, the Governor of Orissa, but for whose keen 
solicitude for the completion of the work it would not 
have been possible for me to finish the printing. He 
had some hand, as Education Secretary to the Govern- 
ment of Bihar and Orissa, in my securing a liberal 
government grant 13 years ago; and now as Adviser 
to H. E, the Governor of Orissa it was he who enabled 
me to secure the wherwithal to finish the printing of 
this volume. 

While Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore was presented 
with the title of Kabi-$amrat by the Andhra Research 
University, Vizianagram, I, as a Fellow of the University, 
presented a set of the work to the Poet. His apprecia^ 
tion couched in the following terms has made me 
grateful to him : — 

20th July, 1938. 
The Purnnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha is an 
encyclopaedic dictionary which has 'been found extre- 
mely useful for the work of our Research Department 
in the Viswabharati. The compiler Mr. G. C. Praharaj 
and his collaborators deserve our sincere thanks for the 
excellent work they have done. 

Lt, Colonel Robson, Late Resident, Eastern 
States Agency. 

Sahitya Samrat, Maharaja Sri Vikram 
Dev Varma, D. Litt., Maharaja of Jeypore. 
The 4th volume was dedicated to the Maharaja. 
His liberality enabled me to bring out the 5th volume. 
The Maharaja has been connected with the work for 

about 20 years. As a member of the Vernacula r 
Development Committee, B & O, he first brought the 
manuscripts to the notice of the Government. To him 
the work owes its introduction to H. H. the Maharaja 
of Travancore, H. H. the Maharani* Sethu Parba t! 
Bai of Travancore and H. E, the Hon'ble Dr. Post 
Wheeler, M. A, D. Litt«, Envoy of the United StateS 
Government to the Government of India. To his 
influence also I owe the successive titles of Sahitya 
Bisarada and Sahitya Bhushana awarded by the Andhra 
Research University of which the Maharaja is the 

Ranee Damarudhara Priya Debi, the accomplished 
Senior Dowager Rani (Raj Jejemaja) Bamra State. Her 
attainments and |the life of her consort the late Raja 
Satchidananda Tribhubana Deb as well as of 3 other 
Rulers of the Bamra House have been dealt with 
under the words Satchidananda Deb and Sudhala Deb 
of this volume. The Bamra House is the biggest 
financial contributor to this volume, 

Sj. Biswanath Das B. A., B. L, Ex-Prime 
Minister 'and Sj. |Bodhram Dubey M. A., B. L. Ex- 
Education Minister of Orissa were sympathetic "towards 
this work, and it was in their tenure of office that the 
Bhashakosha secured a Government grant. 

Two successive Governors B. & O., successive 
Agents to the Governor General and Residents, 
Eastern States Agency, Commissioners, Political Agents, 
Deputy Commissioners, Collectors, Directors of Public 
Instruction and Secretaries to the Government of Bihar 
and Orissa and of Orissa have extended their patronage 
and good wishes to this as well as the previous 
volumes of the work. 

Bes towers of blessings and good wishes. 

Swami Satchidananda Saraswati, Mahant of 
Sankaracharya Math, Puri and Bhubaneswar. 

Abadhut Biswanath Baba, Satyamahima Dharma 

Pagla Baba and Baya Baba of the Orissa States 
who visit the Asrarha unannounced and leave in the 
same way. 

Professor Baikoli Mahapatra, Jyotisha Visarada 
Astronomer, Khallikote. 

Pandit Jagannath Rath, Jyotishiratna, Bira- 
balabhadrapur, Puri. 

Sri Benjamin Mahanty of Peyton Sahi, 





t ** 









































r * ST 



»&« *»*>w>*3£*«»«# 















m <% 



•— . 





1 Bl 












( ix ) 

Bestowers of blessing in heaven ;— 

My father, the late Narasingha Praharaj, who, I 
am sure j is blessing the work from heaven. 

The late Mr. M. S. Das CLE, whose connec- 
tion with this work has been alluded to in the 1st 

The late Viswanath Kar, Proprietor of the U. S- 
Press (in which this work has been printed) and Edito r 
of the Utkal Sahitya (Magazine). 

The late Pandit Nilamani Misra of Jajpur* 

The late Utkalamani Pandit Gopabandhu Das, the 
Founder of the Samaja paper, published an editorial in 
his paper on 27' 8*27 when the manuscripts had just 
been completed,, and solicited God's blessings on the 
work. He must be feeling very happy in heaven on 
seeing the completion, 

My God-brother the late Chowdhury Ram 
Narayan Praharaj Mandhata, Proprietor; Irda Estate, 
District Balasore (who had been urging me to undertake 
the compilation of a comprehensive Oriya Dictionary 
(Vide-Introduction to Vol. 2), the want of which he was 
keenly feeling, must now be happy in heaven on find- 
ing that his unworthy elder brother has at last succeeded 
in carrying out his wish. 

Bestowal of honours, recognition, appreciation: — 

Allusion has been made to the speech of His 
Excellency Sir J. A* Hubback at the Durbar held on 
20-1 '38 and to the appreciation of Poet Tagore. 

The Cuttack Municipality, with Rai Saheb 
Somanath Mahapatra as Executive Officer and Mr. R, 
P. Ward I. C. S, as Dt. Magistrate in charge, honoured 
the Bhasakosha by naming the former Normal School 
Lane, in Ward No. 2 of the Cuttack Municipality, on 
which the Bhasakosh Asrama stands, as the Bhasakosha 

The Andhra Research University, Vizianagram, 
which had bestowed on me the title of Sahitya Bisarada 
in 1936 has augmented the title by changing it to 
Sahitya Bhusana at its Convocation held on 11-3-40. 
The Andhra Research University has published my 
article *The Oriya Language and Lexicon*' as a 
University publication and presented a set of the work 
to the California University. 

The Principal, Raipur Rajkumar College did me 
the honour by inviting me to deliver lectures to the 
College on "History of Orissa and the Oriya 
Language *\ 

Pandit Laxminarayan Misra of Sambalpur 
published a poem in Oriya, appreciating my humble 
work, in the Utkal Sahitya Magazine (Vol. 4 Nc. 3) 
in July, 1937, The poem is quoted in the Oriya 

Poet Ghintarmni Mahanty has honoured me by 
publishing a poem appreciating my labours and has in- 
cluded it in his Complete Work, This has also been 
printed in the Oriya Introduction. 

The "Indian Theosophist" (Editor Mr, G- 
N. Gokhale) had the following appreciating article 
about myself and the dictionary in its issue of March, 

"Whatever time Orissa takes to come to its 
own, it certainly has put its house in order, as far as 
the language is concerned. Thanks to the herculean 
labours of one man possessed with an idea, the Oriya 
language can now boast of a Lexicon in 7 volumes. It 
is altogether a very labourious undertaking; and it is 
very interesting to remember that the original manuscript 
was practically the unaided work of the compiler, 
helped by his 'uneducated' Sister-in-law Srimati 
Pitambari Debi, who, moving amongst illiterate villagers, 
collected hundreds of new words* It took 14 years 
from 1913 to 1927 to get the draft ready. This was then 
thoroughly revised by a number of Pandits and publica* 
tion was started in 1931, with the result given above* 
I have left over the name of the compiler to be 
mentioned last, as I do not want to make him blush, 
but as it is already on the lexicon, I shall add that he 
calls himself in this life Gopal Chandra Praharaj, 
with a Rai Bahadur in the beginning and a -Sahitya 
Bisarada at the end. The very street on which he lives 
is called 'the Bhasakosha Lane'. 

"The whole work has involved so much labour 
not to speak of monetary sacrifice, that 1 wonde/ why 
he did it at all* The only explanation I can suggest^ 
that he must have been an old Oriya grammarian 
who felt pained at what his lingua had come to, or a 
tyrannical conquerer who destroyed all the books of 
the Oriya language centuries ago, and now wants to 
pay off that debt. Whatever the reason, I know he 
has achieved what I would never have attempted and 
never got through. It reminds me of the bird which 
set about emptying the ocean with its beak; and if I 
ever build a temple to Patience, I shall not fail to put 
tn it a statue of the Rai Bahadur. 



('x ) 

It is interesting to rerord that: this Father of the 
©riya language and his sister-in-law have joined the 
Theosophical, Society only 4 months ago"." ■•••Madam 
Sophia Wadia; Editor of the Indian P. E, N. Magazine, 
Bombay, has published an appreciative notice of my 
work in the; Magazine (Vol. IL No. 6). ' 

The Raja -Saheb of Talcher and Professor 
Priyaranjan Sen M. A., P. R. S of the Calcutta 
University very appreciatlngly alluded to my labours 
in the Presidential addresses, delivered in the annual- 
gatherings of the Utkal Sahitya Samaja in the years 
t938^&* 1 940, Professor Sen's appreciation has been 
reproduced in the Oriya Introduction. 

",/Sj. S. B. Rath, Editor of the ' New Orissa' and 
the *Asha* of; Cuttack; Sri A. Acharya, Editor of 'the 
Oriya' of Berhampur;~Sj. LMisraM. A, Editor of the 
'Samaja' of Cuttack; Sj. fy S. Patta Deo, Editor, of the 
'Nabina' of Berharnpur; Lala N. K. Rai, Editor of the 
'Desakatha' of Cuttack; the 'Statesman' of Calcutta, 
and the 'Gardajat' Basini* of Talcher have taken appre-^ 
ciatiye notice of my labours. 

Loss of my patrons, weliwishers 
and colleagues :— 

f. The late Mahananda Kar, Proprietor of 
U. S. Press, Cuttack, in which this work has been 
printed (who used to take a keen interest in the printing 
like his late father V» Kar). 

2. Tl>e later Sir Courtney Terrel, 'Chief Justice,: 
Patria High Court, 

3. The late Raja Rajendra Singh Barihaof 
Bcrasambar Estate, Sambalpur. 

4. The late Sri Khi rod Singh, Zamindar of 
Atgaon, Patna State. 

% The late *Amar Ballav Dey M. A., B. L, 
State Judge, Bamra State. 

6; The late Mrs. K. Ward, who, when she was 
at Cuttack with Mr, R. P. Ward as Collector, visited 
the Asrama and took a keen personal interest in the 
progress of the work. 

7. The late Rai Bahadur Bhuyan Bhaskar 
Chandra Mahapatra, Labour Contractor and Zamindar 
of Bhadrak District Balasore. 

8. The late Prachya Vidya Maharnaba N.. NL, 
Basu, Compiler of the Bengalee and Hindi 

Presentation copies^— 

H. E. the Viceroy. 

H. H. the Maharaja of Travancore, to whom 
I .was introduced at Waltair by ', Sahitya - Samrat 
Maharaja Bikram Dev Varma, D. Litt, in December 
1937, honoured me by accepting a set of .the, work as 
a present, 

Poet R, N. Tagore. 

The California University, U- S. A. 

The Andhra Research University,- Vizianagram. 

The Library of the Theosophical Society, Adyar, 

The authorities of the Ravenshaw College 
Museum have accepted the manuscripts ( about 10Q 
volumes ) of the Bhasakosha and have given, them a 
place in the Museum. 

Subscribers ;— 

The work has got subscribers in some of the 1 
Provinces of India, outside Orissa, as well as in Burma v 
England, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, 

The Support of the undertaking. 

The support and blessing and help the work 
has received from persons holding opposite 
views : — 

From a study of the progress of this work 
through the successive volumes and the list of patrons,- 
financial supporters, colleagues, assistants, .advocates, 
appreciators, bestowers of blessing and volunteers 
of this national work, it will be seen that persons 
professing ; different views, political/ and religious 
occupying different grades, social and educational, 
rich and poor, high and low, old and young, Congress- 
men, officials and non ^officials, persons 1 of > die world 
and anchorites, Rajas and' subjects, Zarnindars and 
raiyats, quarreling and litigating brothers, ladies, and 
gentlemen, the Bench and the Bar, Swarajists and 
Loyalists Rulers and Dewans, Title holders, arid plain 
person^ Hindus, Muslims and:. Christians, Mahatma 7 
Gandhi and the Viceroy, Residents arid ^Governors/ 
Adviser to the Governor and Ministers, Secretaries to the 
Congress Ministry and to die Government, Executive 
Councillors and members of the Assembly (Local 
and Central ) teachers and students, graduates and 

I ,JJ 



^t^^^^k^rr^^. Catf^ 

Raja Sri Radhanath Dev Vurma 
Ruler, Afligarh State 




Rajn Sri Ki shore Chandra Dev 
Ruler, Alhnnllik State 

«Jl Q&LQI0 CW $£, aoaa qS^fl^Q 

Rat Snheb Choudhiiry Nrtisingha 
Charan Mahapatra. Jajpur 

§@l si &3 ft s^iqm 6$9 

Raja Sri Saratchandra Muntpal, 
Ruler, Pal Labara State 



Raj Sahcb Stfth 
Gisidhiri Lai Mada. Cultack 

( xi ) 

noivgraduates, Officers of the I. C. S. and of the P.C S, 
Political! Agents and Divisional Commissioners have laid 
aside their differences and personal equations in rendering 
me help in the raising of this national temple of learning, 
in every conceivable way, some by patronage, some by 
propaganda, some by money, some by advocacy before 
prospective helpers, some by contribution of articles, 
some by appreciation and criticisim, some by advice 
and some by blessing and good wishes, some by supply 
of words and some by actual work. 

Mahatma Gandhi had laid, his blessing hands on 
the manuscripts; the late Utkalamani Gopabandhu 
pronounced his benediction on the manuscripts; His 
Excellency, the Governor of Orissa ( the dedicatee of 
the 1st volume ) had laid the foundation-stone; H. E's 
Adviser has put the coping stone on this edifice; H # E, 
the Viceroy ( the dedicatee of the last volume ) has 
put the finishing touch to it. 

Two of the premier Oriya Rulers (Kalahandi and 
Mayurbhanj) had made the initial contribution which 
enabled me to begin the publication. Two of the 
premier Ruling Houses of Orissa, namely Bamra and 
Nayagarh, made the concluding contributions which 
enabled me to bring out this volume. 

Sympathisers wellwishers and volunteers. 

The following gentlemen as sympathisers, 
well wishers and volunteers have rendered me invaluable 
help in doing propaganda work^ advocating and 
defending the cause of the Bhasakosha, watching with 
great interest the progress of the work through the press 
and bringing it to the notice of prospective patrons and 
securing subscribers But for the host of these sincere 
wel 1 wishers I would not have succeeded in bringing 
this costly undertaking to completion : — (alphabetically). 

Rai Bahadur A^K.^Bose, Retired Distirct Magistrate,; 
Dewan Bamra State. 

Sj. Adwait Ch # Mahanty, B. A, S. KO, Bamra 


Sj. Akshyayakumar Ghose Tr # Officer, F^ayagarh 


Sj. Aniruddha Mishra M. A, B. L, Dewan 
Borasambar Estate. 

Rai«Saheb Arta Ballav Mahanty M. A, Professor 
Ravenshaw College, Guttack. 

,Sj. A jit Kumar Das B* A, Professor, Rajkumar : 
College, Raipur. 

Rai Saheb Biswarhbhar Misra, P. A, to D.- P* L 

Rai Saheb Bamdeb Misra B. A, Dewan, 
Athmallik State (the most energetic helper). 

Sj. Bansidhar Mahanty, Office Supdt., Keonjhar 


Sj. Bhagirathi Mahapatra M. A M B. L. Chairman, 
Cuttack Municipality. 

Sj. Batakrishna Mahanty, B. A., late Dewan, 

Baudh State. 

Sj. Batakrishna Praharaj B. A, Cuttack (my 

younger brother). 

Sj. Biswanath Mishra, Head^clerk, Judge's 

Court, Cuttack. 

Baidyaratna Balunkeswar Acharya, Cuttack. 

Sj, Biswaksen Bahidar, News-Agent, Sambal^ur. J 

Sj. Kumar Bidyadhar Singh Deo B. A., B. L, of 


Rai Bahadur Bhikari Charan Patnaik, Cuttack. 

Rai Bahadur Chintamani Acharya, M. A., B. L> 
Advocate, Cuttack. 

Sj* Churamani Naik of Gangpur* 

W. V, Qakfr&* fc E S, late D. P, I, Orissa. 

Baidyaraja Dayanidhi Misra, Cuttack. 

Sj. DurgaCru RaiB.A, Sadar S. D. O, Patna 
State and his wife Sm. Sumati Debi. 

M» Enamur Rahaman, I. T. O, Berhampur. 

G. E* Fawcus Esq. C. I. E., L E. S, late D. P. I, 


Mr. Forbes, Assistant Principal, Rajkumar College, 


Sj. Gajendra Prasad Das M. A. B. L, Advocate, 


Sj. Gobinda Prasad Singh, Dewan, Aul Estate. 
I. C. Griffith Esq. L C. S, Political Agenf, Orissa 


Sj. Gopinath Satpathi, Laida, Sambalpyr. 

Sj. Harekrishna Mahatap, Zamindar, Balasore. 

Sj. Hari Prasad Deb, Dewan, Pallahara State. 

Sj. Janardan Nanda, Dewan, Nayagarh State. 

Sj, Jagamohan Patnaik, Dewan, Khallikote, 
Athgarh and Biruli Estates. 

Sj. Jaganmohan Misra, Secretary to Ruler; 

Talcher State. 

Sj.Jagannath Rao, Civl Court Commissioner, 

Judge's Court, Cuttack. 

Sj. Khitish Ch. Neogi Bar-at-Law, Late Dewan 

and now Adviser Mayurbhanj State. 

Sj. Krtishna Chandra Lala, Debottar Manager^ 

Nayagarh State. 

( xii ) 

Sj. Krushna Chandra Kar, Reader, Government 
Press, Orissa. 

Sj, Krishna Chandra Sen r Gupta M. A, B. Ed., 
Headmaster, Zilla School, Sambalpur. 

Dr. Krushna Chandra Tripathi, Cuttack Jail. 

Dr. ^asinath Misra M. B., B. S., D.T. M., Cuttack 

Pandit Krushna Chandra Achaiya of Singhbhum. 

Rai Bahadur Laksmidhar Mahanty, Advocate, 

(Chhotrai) Lax mi Narayan Bhanj Deo, Keonjhar. 

Sj. Lalmohan Patnaik B. L., Ganjam. 

Sj, Lakshmidhar Garabaru, Radharamano^; - 
shop t Cuttack. 

Sj. Laksmi Narayan Sahu, M. A, of the Servants 
of India Society, 

Sj, Laksmi Narayan Misra, Sambalpur. 

Chawdhuri Madhusudan Mahapatra, Manager, 
Arunodaya Press, Cuttack. 

Sj. Madan Mohan Misra, Vice-President, 
Sakhigopal Union Board. 

Rai Saheb Manmathnath Basu, Dt, Magistrate 

Tikayet Nrupendra Narayan Singh Deo B. A, 
B. L. Jubaraj Seraikela State* 

Sj. Nityananda Kanongo B. L., Ex. Minister 

Sj, Nityananda Sahu, Supdt. of Police, Bamra 

Lala Nagendra N, Rai, Editor, the 'Desakatha. 

Sri Nityananda Misra, Seristadar, Judge's Court, 

S> Parikhit Khandual, Sambalpur, 

P. fcParija Esq,, M. A, Principal, Ravenshaw 
College, Cuttack, 

Rai Saheb Pratibha Ranjan Dutta, Supdt. Office 
of the Secretary to H. E. the Governor of Orissa, 

Pandit Parikhit Das, Editor, the Sudarsana, 

S;« Padmacharan Patnaik, M. A., B. Ed., District 
nspecior of Schools, Cuttack. 

Sj. Padmacharan Rai, Crganiser Kalinga 
Gymnasium, Cuttack. 

Sj. Purnna Chandra Bose, Kathgada SahSe, 

S> Prahlad Bisi, Baudh State. 

Raja Sri Sri Ramachandra Deb, Gajapati Raja 
Saheb, Pur, 

Sj. Ratnakar Garabaru, Bhu banes war. 

Sj. Rupnarayan Upadhyaya, Treasurer, Imperia 
Bank of India, Cuttack. 

Sj. Ramlochan Saran, Proprietor Pustak-Bhandar 
& Publisher, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga. 

Sj. Rameswar Jha (Pustak^Bhandar),Darbhanga. 

Dr. Radha Charan Panda (my 1st advance 
subscriber in 1927) 

E. B. Samuel Esq., Hd, Assistant, Home Depart- 
ment, Orissa Government* 

Lai Saheb Sri Sibnarayan Deb of Khariar, 

S, C Tripathi Esq. I, E. S, D. P. I, Orissa. 

Rai Bahadur Samuel Das M. A, Secretary of 
Education, Orissa Government. 

' Rai Saheb Somnath Mahapatra, Assistant Secre- 
tary of Education, Orissa Government. 

Srimati Sarala Debi, M. L. A, Cuttack. 

Sj. Sashi Bhusan Rai, Author and writer, 
C uttack* 

Sj. Sashi Bhusan Rath, Editor, 'New Orissa 7 &• 
*Asha', Cuttack. 

Mr, T. L. H, Smith Pearse, Principal Rajkumar 
College, Raipur. 

- Sj. Syamapada Sarangi of Seraikela State. 

Dewan Bahadur Srikrishna Mahapatra, Retired 
Superintendent of Police, Cuttack. 

. Pandit Trupti Narayan Thakur, Headpandit, 
Fawcus Vaisya Bidyalaya, Cuttack. 

Sj, Trilochan Patnaik, News-agent, Patna State. 

Rai Bahadur Umacharan Das, Special Officer, 
Orissa Government. 

Sj. Urai Charan Mahanty, Proprietor, Cuttack 
Publishing House. 

R. P.Ward Esq. I. C. S, Secretary, Government of 

Major W. F. Webb, late Political Agent, Orissa 

Defects a mistakes :— 

As I have admttted in the previous volumes, none 
is more conscious than myself of the defects, mistakes, 
omissions and mis-statements which have crept into 
the work. I plead guilty to the charge. 

I had the good fortune to secure a dozen or 
more of assistants in the work of fair-copying and 
r evision; my thanks are due to them for what they 
haVe done; but for the shortcomings I only am respon- 
sible. My only excuse is the adage 'To err is human'- 
The defects are unintentional. I am grateful to those 
who have pointed out the mistakes. 

If God spares me to bring out a supplement 
giving thousands of words which have escaped inclu- 

S. C. Tripathi Esq. L £. S-, D. P. I. 

Rai Bahadur Samuel Das, M. A- 
Education Secretary, Orfsjsa Govt, 

P T Parija Esq. M.A, I. E. S. 
Principal, Ravcnshaw College 

H. Dippie Esq, L E. 5., Late D. P. I, OrUsa. 


ejpoQ sei ^q$ ©iqgq^® 

Wl&€) 9[g<Q 91% <3v', <j, 

i n« a«i Gge.f?e^ : -:" 

Rai Saheb Br«wambharaMi&ra B.A., B 
P. A. to D, P, I. Orissa. 




sion in these volumes I intend giving an Addendum 
and Corrigendum to the work also. 

Delay in bringing out this volume : — 

The publication of this last volume has taken 
more than 3 years, 'due to circumstances over which 
I had no control. The drying up of the spring of 
liberality of the patrons, the political and administrative 
crisis through which Orissa passed during these 3 years 
my sickness and the sickness of my constant colleague 
Srimati Pitambari Debi, necessitating our absence from 
Cuttack for a pretty long time, the resignation of the 
Congress Ministry, and lastly the war, all contributed 
their respective shares to the delay. 

Still it would not have been possible for me, 
even now, to bring out this volume, were it not for th e 
fact that Providence had beforehand ( foreseeing the 
present impediments ) given the work a very watchful 
foster-father in fi\e person of H. E. Sir John Austen 
Hubback, a never-failing patron in the person of 
H. E. Lord Linlithgow, an earnest sympathiser in the 
person of Mr. E, C. Ansorge and the bounteous Senior 
Dowager Ranee (Raj-grandmother) of Bamra State and 
the Raja Saheb of Nayagarh State, 

I am thankful to Providence that the clouds 

which had gathered over it have cleared and the frail 

bark has at last reached its port of destination with 

H. E. the Viceroy at the helm, H. E. Sir John 

Hubback at the sails, Mr. E.C. Ansorge at the oars and 

the Bamra and Nayagarh Raj families watching on the 

deck to steer the ship clear of many a submerged sand' 
bank and rock. 

Price of the work : — 

The cash price of the whole set of 7 volumes, 
calico and leather bound,, is Rs. 1 50/-, that for stiff 
board bound set Rs. 130/-, and the price of each 
volume, purchased separately is' Rs. 25/-. 


This undertaking has cost me the sale of my self- 
aquired Cuttack residence for repaying the loan incurred 
by me to meet the expenses of the previous volumes 
when donations and subscriptions ran short and the 
work could not be stopped. From a' worldly point of 
vie^v the undertaking has not been a bed of roses to 
me. Still, 1 have the consolation of knowing that I 
leave an heir-loom to my countrymen, for which my 

Bhashakosha Lane, 
Po* Chandnichauk, 
Cuttack B. N- R- (Orissa) 
September, 1940. 


nation will feel pride one da^ and which has brought 

the Oriya language to the notice of linguists in the Old 

and the New worlds. 

I began the work while I was comparatively 

young. While I had advanced to about half, I was 

involved in a serious lorry-Madras Mail accident in 

1924, from which 1 was miraculously saved, though 

3 of my companions succumbed to it. Since God had 

saved me from it, I consecrated my life solely to this 

work, and it leaves meol d (My present age is 68 years). 

However, while concluding my labours and bidding 

good-bye to my companion for the last 27 years, I am 

reminded of the famous ! ines of the Poet to the Muse : — 

"And though for her sake I am crost 

Though my best hopes I have lost 

And know she woujd make my trouble 

Ten times more than ten ti mes double, 

I should love and keep her too 

spite of all the world can do. 
She doth tell me where to borrow 

Comfort in the midst of sorrow, 

Makes the desolatest place 

To her presence be a grace.' ' 

( Whitier's Lines to the Muse" 1 
I gave up a fairly lucrative practice in the Bar 
and the Government Pleadership at Puri and am now, 
from a wordly point of view, far worse off than when 
I undertook the work. I have been living on a subsis- 
tence allowance of Rs. 100/- per month from the 
donations and subscriptions received, which will now 
cease. 1 shall have to depend on the sale of the work# 
Anyhow, it is not given to all to see their life's 
work completed; and I am grateful to the Almighty 
Father and to my Gurudev Who have so far been 
gracious to me, that I have been able to conclude a task 
of which 1 had not imagined the immensity when 1 
began it, and that 1 have not been, during these long 
27 years, attacked with any serious illness, which would 
have marred its progress and completion. I now 
consign it to the custody of my nation- 

"Oh Lord 1 

Let all be happy 

Let all be healthy 

Let all look upon the Noble 

Let none be miserable"- 

Amen ! 

G. C. Praharaj* 




4 gg<Sl €|€} Q\QQ® 
Well wishers of the work. 

"j : J t /'J/ 

j_ ^£^p ^jlui 


ILt : " 

Sri Han Prasad Deb, Dcwen Pal Lalun 


Sri Janarddan Nardil, B. A, 
Dewan, Nayagarh State 

ij sq gf$& g«, cwic\ sswsi 

Sri BaTiBh'd W M-ifcan*/ 
Keonjha^ Stale 

iSQIQ'Q QQ, 9 3,, GWIfy G^jlfl^i (£%$ 

HI QttlaQ q^lfe), €^^Q Q%$ 



ri Adwail Charan Mihanly 
S H D. O, Bamra State 

£1 &S5pS> QQtf ftQlfi 

f?l A 

< r -[ 9 t G. QI3€}| £^s. 

Sri Syamapada Sara n ri, 
Seraikela State 







j v 

WFjJF 1 

7 til 

g; fliifiitt? soq i, see;Qv«i e^* 


I MMgB ■- f^ m lB 










m 2 

£^$^»#3c )^4Nt 

^#^^3^^^ t3 ^^<< ^^;^^-^^^ ^f5^<:^ 

Late R* N» Prahafaj Mandhata 






The late. Visvanath Kar 










The compiler Rai Bahadur, G.C. Praharaj. 



The Colleague in the work since the 
beginning Srimati Pifcsmbari Debi. 

aster Jagabandhu Praharaj 

m$ aqQ 

ms\ GQiqq eQQi 

Q6IGQ1QQ 9q^<n £9 TOQ© QWR 

Kfr ,j>*h tt ,5U' 

The Late Mahananda Kar, 
Proprietor U* S* Press, Cuttack. 

^£ «« r-O Q Cr re rH Sii Cf! 2 :***»p.E>: c r tcccz-cv* r. 

fl * h44-it<anfM4i«4**Ecr':^ : . ' ' 


Sri Kulamani Kax 
ana£er ? U* S. Press, Cuttack. 

^1 %QflI? QQ 

*, sjgffl ^«g^ eg^, ^*$ 

^^^^%^%^%^'^j^^ 1 ' 

Srimati Komola Kar> 
Proprietress t LL S. Press, Cuttack. 

fl!B©1 QflQI QQ, 

d r oi^^ii, ^e@ giesn sa$j 

.* lifiUnCf'l' **ii PCnC'4l M 

1 **e£Oti t5 ' 

;::::cc:rci ■ *e l *. . £ £'C ' "' ** ■ « - 'L ■ , " 1 ' J 

Manir Khan 
Head Compositor, U. S. Press, Cuttack ^ 


fl@SJ €1 

S?S GGfl-IG$9 t R$3 ^l©^4 C9fl, QS 








Utkalmanl Late Gnpahandhll Das 

Sri Biawannt h Das B. L. 
Ex-Prime Minister* Orb&a 

Sri Bodhram Diibe, NiA. t BX. 
Ex-Education Minister, Orissa 

di CQ|2iqa ^SQj ^^j 3.4ft. 

Mahatma Gandhi 





p i j 


Sri Nityanandg Kammgo, B.L 
Ex"M master, Orissa 

1 1> 


fill $Q<d0Q QIW^ 9 -3Q 



Jv v 


■ft- -^ 


$l£(0HQi£l— Helpers 

■ji Sri Dharinidhar 
Indri Deo Dev. 
Ruler, Bonai Stile. 


Raja Sri Kisfaarcchandri D«o BUflnj, 
Ruling Chief, Dagpalla State, 

i Sri Sri Ramaehandra Gajapati 

M* L. A. 

Rajasahcb of Badiklicrnedi 

dl til QflSig CQOQ GW> <$• ^Q . <J; 

gQQcfl— Co-workers 

Azam AM Khan, Daftry, 
Circuit Court, Cuftack. 
(Supervisor of binding) 


Sree Jagannath Trtpathi, 

B. A., B. T. 

< 9ff WWI<fy TO3 

©awia Joldl $. «L 9. t. 

S, Ziaulla, Photo Haute, CutUek 




Rai Bahadur 
Sri Manniatbnath Dev,Balasore- 

Sri J a gam oh an Fatnaik 
Dewan.Khallikote, A& B Estate 

§q® q^% swiff 

■i } 

Rai Saheb Manmathnath Baau, 
District Magistrate & Collector 


Sri Hare Krishna Mahatap 

Si $£$$! ftW 

Sri Sutyabadi Ota. Zamindar, 

^ q©«tffti 6^1 £Sfol€k 

Sri AchyutEnanda Phi id a 
Patna State 

*gSlQ!PQ€1j WeUwiabers. 

Uewan Bahadur S. Ki Maliapatra 

?P 91W§ 31 #$i <ftlEH£> I 

Dr, Radhacharan Panda 

tdur Lakshmidbar Malianty 
Advocate. CuLlack 

Sri Bamadeb Misra B* A 
Dp wan. Athniallik. 

Prof, Bipirc Bihpri Ray. M. A. 
Rfivenshaw College Cut tack., 

#0*2$ £$Q\® $ $]$Gft® 8&, $. 4. 


?|C;f ; ■.■ ^yjQQsi a$l 

si ^S9 wwa or 


*W*^ *?fc^" -=tiH? ^ffci? 

Uf itfWtt* -^-k. ^Utf- ijf*fcJk- 

**"n^ *w^ ^-mp a *iP *w 




4 £}QQ €J€kQIAQ£l 

Rai Salieb P. R> Dutta 
Supdt, Office of Secretary lo 
the Governor of Orissa 

Q^ICW 0Q«1^8iQ ®ty 

Sri Ramlachan SariMi 
Lfthariaxerai, Darbhanga, 

Sri Mrutyunjay N, Praharaj 
Mandhata* Z>rmindar Irda Estate 

9\& W 



Rai Saheb Somnath Mohapatra 
Assistant Education Secretary 


Lai RaghuraJ Singh Deo 
Fatna Stale. 

Helpers & Wellwlshera 



Sri Laksminarayan Mi«hr&, 

Sri Jagabandhu Singh M. L A 

$ «59jgiqsjdj 3^ sfi^sq I 

Pandit Sure* Chaodra Jha 
Teacher, Fawcu$ M,E, School, CuUack, 

fijflp, tfOT 6§€h QQWq, $$$ l 

Sri Lak sin* Narayan Sahti M. A. 
Servants of India Society. 

qqs> 69w a'riQj 9*$ i 

ri Ajit Kumar Das B. A. 
Kajkumfli- College, Raipur 

q^g_Q $»qqi^ ^K'Q WisiWji 







* % 





Sl©Qa1— Cc-workers 

■"^kb" 9 *^*: 







Pandit Ktilamani Das* Kjbyatirtba 

U§® &\ %GrtS ^ QWiCSfit 

Sri Satindra NaCayan Ray r 
M, A. B, L., D. Li LI 

Sri Kruihna Chandra Misra 
M. A. B. L. 

Sri Sashibiuhaii Rat, Cuttack 

i &&$*& ^Q, Q£9 

SlSl^Ql^ ^ ? 4a <■ ft, «Kj. 

Sri Biehhanda Char an Patmik 
B. A. B, L. 




«T 9»Q O^el 9|^l^>\ fl, <S, ?, <£;, f 


^ 1=s, *afiE 


■ B - -i ' [* 

^•»tf i "^ s s?^SC*«a e^ 


. .■ .' 

a©s s 



TO 1 


Pandit Sri Nanism R ha Mfthapatra 
Teflcher, P. M, Academy. Cuttaek* 

flag, a 4& «raicstil, QS$ 

Sri KTiishna Chandra Kax 
Oris so Government Press. 

Sri Bilak ushna Kar, B, A, 

Safaw.i' Press. 

ft?^W fir" 




Sri Bhwhaneswar MUra 
Amnika Book Store, Ciittark. 

f ri Balakr usbna. Patnaik, Athgarh. 

g| W^J EHtfff^ 003$ I 



r- .r ^ 

« .' 

j r r* 





GQQ§\- Co-workers 

Sri Biswaktea Baliidar* 

$ri Dhaneswar Satpalhi 
Sahakar Press, Cuttack. 

Sri Parikhit Khan dual. 

, V- 

' ? 

Sri Chiiramani 

SH JagannaLh Rao. 

Civil Court Com mini oner 

Judge Court Cutiack. 

q*q KGQft 9QAQ9Q ^9*99 

ell ygMQ €IQ8£il 

Sri Gopioath Be h era. 
Laida, Simbalpur, 

g GQ|E)Kie* G9S?q QQQL Q$|$4S 

Sri Frahlad t isi. Baudh State 

a c^tsd ai£p t ciictgs i 

99, 9Gtf? tfjft 

— Wellwishers of the Work 

Swlmi Sac lie h Ida ti and a. Sarasweiti, 
iri & Bhubaneswar, 

Adhikari Sri Brundaban Dai Goswami, 
Oriya Math, PurL 

693 soiald, 33 

wqoQ ssoteflei qia'l ^<j*t#Q gqsci, gfa, qps<fa3 

Profeaior Baikoli Mahapalra. 
Jyotisbavisarada of Khallikole* 

Sri Benjamin Natality,. Cut tack. 

Sri Kabieh&Qhra 
Kalicharan Patnaik 


j^-i ii-4i nJ—S.1 l"S #"< ^V I i-Kl-^t 




ks^^^s^s^^^^^aAj,^!^^ AjA **V- 


Q rf 





**+•+** Mt-ftO QitlK H)fl-Q '3-k« ■ = : =t mu i i«f m a 5 jo r?0 IHffia at? Q C3 I i-P " «0 Q □ I tt triicdd jaacaaa*a ; 

■ ^Lh-I)'- ****-"oaa=aJiflf fr-IO^II 




















* rm 

















/^piT/i'/r J" J^j rf&p*zfft7f!(7'rt£ 

■tt*w%^s^%i^s» ^^f^